”Do you think they exist? ”

”I am not sure, but it will be so cool if I marry one of them ”, the girl said excitedly.

”Are you mad? They will eat you alive. ”

”Shut your mouth, Ill make him fall in love with me ”

Two girls, sitting on a bus stand, were talking to each other. And another girl, on the opposite side of the road, sipping her Ice Caramel Machito, was listening to all their gossip.

The Girl has beautiful Dark Red Eyes, which were focused on the drink in her hand, with her black braided hair. With her head down, her face was completely hidden by the black cap she was wearing.

She snickered at the words of these young girls. ”Love doesn exist in their world ”, she said to herself. She said this from her past experiences with werewolves and vampires, being a hybrid she knows about both the clans.

Yes, She is a hybrid of vampire and werewolf. She possesses both characteristics and powers of both the creatures. She was abandoned as her biological parents do not want her to live with them and can kill her as they wanted.

Neither her parents love her nor the people from both the clans want her to live beside them.

It was natural for a kid who received so much hatred to not believe in love.

This Girl, named Natalia, was following them for two days.

”Ha! As if they will come in search for you and also I don believe Vampire or werewolves exist ”

”I am telling you, I saw a shadow jumping over the buildings. ”

”It must be an illusion or something else which you thought to be a vampire ”

”Maybe you are right ”, the two girls left from there on a bus.

After the two girls left, Natalia pulled out her mobile from her pocket and called someone. Without even a word said, the person on the opposite side of the call told her to leave from there.

Following the instructions given to her, she stood up and left. She didn take her drink with her and left it on the table.

She was walking down the road and turned into an alley after she turned there was no one there. As if she got disappeared into thin air.


Natalia now was in front of her home, which was located in the middle of the city. The door was without a knob, She touched the door in the center, and the door opened, she stepped in.

The home was something one could dream of, a fully furnished home with modern technology, beautifully decorated with artifacts and paintings hung on the walls, the house was filled with all the luxuries a person would need.

As Natalia entered, she put her cap on the entryway table before going further in. Natalia always puts a black cap on the entryway table, so as to pick it up whenever she has to leave to follow someone.

She went further into the home, in the drawin

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