It was my day off, but I woke up earlier than usual.

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“Kanako-san, you had a lot to drink yesterday.
Today I’ll make you breakfast.”

I walked down the stairs, a little excited, imagining how happy she would be.

Just then, I heard a sizzling sound coming from the kitchen.


I hurried over to the kitchen.

“Ah, Touma-kun.
Good morning.”

Kanako-san was already standing there in her apron.

“Good morning … Kanako-san, you’re up early.”

“Yeah? As usual.”

“No, you drank last night.
So I thought I’d make you breakfast today.”

“Thank you.
That’s so sweet of you.”

” ”

“No, no.”

I walked over to Kanako-san’s side.

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“What do you prefer, fried eggs, half-boiled or hard-boiled eggs?”

“I prefer … soft-boiled.”

“Oh, I see.
I like hard-boiled eggs.”

“Is that so?”

I like the hard ones.
They are easier to eat.”

“Then, just hard-boiled it.”

“No, I’ll make it soft-boiled today.
Touma-kun, you like it soft, don’t you?”

“Well, yes.
But I’ll feel bad for Kanako-san.”

“Don’t be shy~.
A wife is always happy to serve her beloved husband~.”

“Ka-Kanako-san, … I’m very excited about this morning.”

” ”


“Really? You’re older than me, you can handle it, right?”

“Well, let’s find out.”

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“What? How?”

“You can touch my breasts.”  (T/N: Got it)


“I’m cooking right now and I’m defenseless, so … please~?”

Kanako-san smiled at me with a hint of mischievousness on her face.

I, on the other hand, had gone stiff.

I glanced at Kanako-san’s ample breasts as she pushed up her apron.

Oh boy, if I touch them in the morning, … surely my rationality will explode.


“I can’t stop now, Kanako-san!”

“Yeah, sure, … rub them a lot?”

What the hell was I … thinking? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

“Ha~, it’s burned.”

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While I was struggling with myself, Kanako-san said smoothly.


“I’m sorry to hear that.
Your chance to rub my breasts is over.”

“Oh, chance at breasts.
… I don’t want to be that perverted.”

“It’s okay to be a pervert~.
A woman is happy no matter what a man does to her, if he likes her.”

“W-Wait a little longer …, please.
It’s hard for a kid like me to deal with a grown woman like Kanako-san.”

“But, as I’ve said many times, I’m not experienced either, so it’s …… fine~, okay?”

Kanako-san said while blushing.

“Then, if that’s the case … I want to cherish it.”

I said, and Kanako-san tightened her lips.

“Oh gosh, I am really excited now.”

“Are you serious?”

I’m sorry, I know I’m an old lady, but it made my heart race.”

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“So, Kanako-san is only 24 years old, and she’s a beautiful, cute and fit woman.”

“I’m glad.
Then, I’ll do my best to … keep up with the cute high school girls around Touma-kun.”

“You’re cute as you are, Kanako-san.
And ….
your style is overwhelmingly superior.”

“Hey~, let’s get naughty and have sex.”


“It’s okay.
Adolescent boys are like that.
You can always use your Onee-San~, you know?”

“H-Hey Kanako-san.”

Let’s have breakfast, shall we?”

Kanako-san gave me a wonderful smile.

I was so happy when I was with her; however, sooner or later, the sugar overload might kill me.

When I do, I want her to hold me in her lovely breasts.
… I thought I might be a pervert after all.

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