I was looking at a page on my phone that said, <>

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To be honest, it was embarrassing.


I wanted to give Kanako-san a beautiful kiss.


If you had not experienced such a thing, it would probably be your first time kissing … right?


For a girl, the first kiss was a very important memory.
You wouldn’t want to bump your front teeth or anything like that.


I was just a little kid who couldn’t kiss like adults.
I’d like to thank Kanako-san for her support at …


“Yo, Fuyuma.”


I was startled by a sudden tap on the shoulder from behind.


“…Is that you, Michisaburo?”


“What are you looking at?”




I quickly hid my phone.


“What, are you secretly watching porn?”


“No, I wasn’t.
I’m not you.”


“Shut up.
And I’ve told youto call me Michi, haven’t I?”


“What part of you is Michi? MichiSaburo is good enough for me.”


“But Michi is easier for you to call, right?”


“No, not at all.”


“That’s cold for a best friend.


Michisaburo walked back to his seat, his shoulders slumping slightly.


That guy/He had probably never kissed anyone either.


I couldn’t discuss it with him.


I mean, I didn’t want to discuss this with anyone else.



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“Kanako-san, thank you for dinner.”


I said after dinner was finished.


“Thank you for the meal.”


Kanako said with a smile.


“I’ll take care of the dishes.”


I’ll go to my room to rest.”




I left Kanako-san nodding with a smile and headed upstairs to my room.


I sat down on the bed and grabbed my phone.
Then I started watching a video.
It started with a kissing scene.


No, I had stopped playing it there.


By the way, it was not an erotic movie.
I was watching a romantic movie on a video streaming site.
The kissing scene was not too intense, but not too mild either.


I thought it would be helpful to get the right feeling.


“Hmmm, Naruhodo.


After watching the video for a while, I felt like putting it into practice.


“Oh, by the way, ….”


[You know what, Fuyuma? If you extend your thumb straight out like this and make a little fist, you’ll get a bump.
That’s the same softness as a person’s lips.]


I remember Michisaburo telling me about it.


I said at the time that it sounded stupid.


“… like this?”


I look at the bulge that formed around my thumb.


Of course, it was uncomfortable to do it like this.


But if I thought that these were the lips of my dear Kanako-san, …


The other day, she showed me her lovely kissing face, so I have the perfect image.

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“… Kanako-san.”


I called her name and kissed her to make the image more vivid.


This felt better than I thought it would …


From the side, it seemed sort of gross.


This was all for the sake of giving Kanako-san a good kiss.


That was what I told myself as I put aside my shame and worked hard on my kissing technique.


Oh, if these were really Kanako-san’s lips.


Touma-kun, you are so good.”


I couldn’t believe it.


So, was I a pervert!?


At that moment, I heard a knock on my door.


“Fuyuma-kun, I’m coming in.”




All of a sudden, I was so flustered that my phone flew off and fell off the bed.


It just slid by Kanako-san’s feet as she walked into the room.




“Oh, …”


The kissing scene was still playing on my phone.


I looked at Kanako-san with rolled eyes, but she suddenly came back to herself and picked up my phone, “Here you go.”


“Oh, thank you.”


She handed me the phone, and we smiled at each other awkwardly.


There was an awkward silence.


Kanako-san sat down on the bed.

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We spoke out at the same time, once again making me a little nervous.


“‘… Were you practicing kissing, by any chance?”


“Uh, yeah … sorry, that’s weird, right?”


I said with a bitter smile.


“Not at all.
I’m a little surprised, but … I’m happy.”


“Oh, really?”


Fuyuma-kun, you worked so hard to make this happen.”


“K-Kanako-san …, because I want to make it a good memory for you.
It’s your first time too …, right?”


… I’ve never kissed before.”


“I-I see.


We were both a little fidgety again.


“… Hey, Fuyuma-kun.”




“It hasn’t been the promised week yet, but …”


Gently, Kanako-san touches my hand.


“… Kiss me.”


“What …?”


“I can’t wait to … give my first kiss to Fuyuma-kun.”


Oh, no.
… She was too cute.


What was up with this overly cute Onee-San?


No, she was my girlfriend and … my future wife.


When I thought about it, I naturally grabbed her shoulder.

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“K-Kanako-san, I’m going to …?”




She looked a little nervous, and as a man, I felt a strong desire to protect her.
I thought I might be able to kiss her gently thanks to all the imagining I did.
Gently and tenderly, I placed my lips over Kanako-san’s beautiful, soft lips.



I heard a squeak, and Kanako-san’s faint breath spilled out.


Eventually, she pulled away.


I really wanted to do more.


But since it was the first time, I refrained.


“… Are you okay?”


“Y-Yeah …, but it’s amazing … kissing.”


“Yeah, it is.
I feel like my heart is going to explode.”


“I’m going to ….
you, too, but you can mess me up even more, okay?”


“K-Kanako-san …”


Her mannerism was a little/slightly flirtatious, and I felt my heart picking up speed again.


“T-that’s going to need a little more practice … “


“So, do you want to practice now?”



Kanako-san said, touching her lips.


“… G-Give me a break.”


“E~~, why?”


“You are too cute to not resist you.”


I told her, terribly embarrassed.


“… T-thank you.”


Kanako-san was just as embarrassed as I was.

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