After dinner, I soaked myself in the bath.

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“Touma-kun, after you.”


“What, you don’t mind? You even made dinner for me.”


“It’s okay.
Because Touma-kun is my future husband~.”


“… A-Arigato.”


I was having a warm bath right now, savoring the bliss.


Really, I was too happy … to have a woman as wonderful as Kanako as my girlfriend, or rather, as my wife.




By the way … Kanako-san’s breasts were amazing.


When she tried the dress, they were emphasized more and … were really big.


She was 96cm with I-cups.
… That was amazing.


I couldn’t wait to have someone like … by my side.


I bet she had a lot of fans and recurring customers for her housekeeping job.


Because, for 10,000 yen, she would stay with me for three hours.


I thought it was expensive at first, but it was rather undervalued.


I felt sorry for the people who were Kanako-san’s fans.


 It looked like her job as a housekeeper would be over soon.


Then Kanako-san would be …


…She will be yours and only yours.
So …… what do you want?


I didn’t know what I was thinking.


Kanako-san was a cute and lovely woman.


I must be gentle with her.


But sometimes she gave off a bit of an erotic vibe.





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My voice trailed off in a panic.


“Oh, I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to surprise you like that.”


“No, no, no, it’s okay.
What’s wrong?”


“Well, I wanted to ask you a favor.
I was going to tell you after my bath, but I couldn’t wait.


“No, not at all.
What’s the matter?”


“Well, you see, ….
we’ve been sleeping in separate rooms, haven’t we?


“Yeah, we have.
Oh, are you having trouble using the bed?”


“No, it’s fine, but it feels … lonely.”




“I want to sleep with … Touma-kun starting tonight.”


一For a moment, my soul almost escaped my body.


“As expected, you don’t like it?”


“Ha~…N-No, not at all.
I’m more than happy and excited about it,… but it’s different!”


“The bed will be too small for one person.
Can I sleep in … it with you?”


“Uh, yeah.
… If it’s okay with Kanako-san.”


“I’m too fat.
I’m sorry if it’s too small.”


“I don’t mean you are fat.
I mean, the bulge in a certain part … is …”




“I-I’m sorry.”


…  have a nice soak in the bath.”


Kanako-san said gently and left the bathroom.


I was in a state of complete confusion for a while, but I washed my face in the warm water.




In bed.

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I was pulling the covers over my head, feeling nervous.


Then, with a squeak, the door opened.


“…, Sorry to disturb you.”


Kanako-san came in quietly.




I said with a boner.


After the bath, Kanako-san was moist and her sex appeal was increased by fifty percent.


In other words, It was extremely dangerous.


“So, this bed is where Touma-kun always sleeps.”


I’m sorry if it stinks.”


“It’s okay.”


Once I laid down on the bed, Kanako-san gently slipped under the covers.


“Oh, …, It smells like Touma-kun.”


“On second thought, I think I’ll go out after all.”




“No, it’s just that I can’t stop my … heart from pounding.”


“I’m nervous too, you know?”


We found ourselves lying on the bed, staring at each other.


The chest area of Kanako-san’s negligee was slightly exposed, revealing a barely-seen cleavage.


They were still huge.


“Do you care about …?”


“He? Oh, no, it’s …”


“These are only for you, Touma-kun.
You can touch them as much as you want.”



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In exchange, … kiss me first?”


My heart skipped a beat.


Even though I was younger than her, I was still a man.


So I wanted to lead her properly.


“Ka, Kanako-san.


I touched her shoulder.


“Ah, …”


“I-I’m sorry.
Did it hurt?”


… makes me very nervous.”


That’s my line.


Kanako-san’s lips looked really soft.


Am I really going to be kissing a beautiful, big-breasted woman like her now?




N-No… she’s just too cute.


“… Kanako-san, I have one question for you.”


“What’s up?”


“You know, I don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, so … I need some time.”


“How long?”


“… a-about a week.”


“So, in the meantime, you’re not going to kiss …?”


“I’m sorry I’m such a slob.”


“No, it’s okay.
I’ve never done it before and I’m a little scared.”


“Are you sure?”


Okay, that’s it for now.

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And then Kanako-san closed her eyes quickly.


Her lips pouted slightly and she made a chuckling sound.


“… My kissing face, like this.
What do you think?”


Y-You’re too cute, I’ll die.
I mean, can I go die for once?”


“Fufu, why do you say that?”


“No, because Kanako-san is just too cute.
I think I need to die and achieve enlightenment to reason with you.”


“You don’t have to be rational about it, okay?”


“Hey, Kanako-san.


“Fufu, I’m sorry.
I was a little mean to Touma-kun, who was making his Onee-San nervous.”


“G-Give me a break.
I’m just an ordinary high school boy against the super beautiful and big breasted Kanako-san.”


“That’s not true.
Touma-kun is a very nice … handsome man who is my husband.”


Kanako-san hugged me.
I was stunned when I felt her breasts.


“Do you want to rub my tits?”


“M-maybe some other time.


“Sissy handsome ♡.”




“I’m kidding.”


“Don’t tease me too much.”


“But Touma-kun, you’re the one who’s so cute.
… I can’t stop.”


“You’re such a pervert, Kanako-san.”


“You don’t like it?”


“No … I like you too much.”




For a while after that, Kanako-san and I were checking the warmth of each other’s bodies.

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