LOOKING AT THE signboard in front of me, I sighed in relief. Eastwood High School, it said. After more than seven years of wait, I was finally attending a high school.

Being a 12 year old boy, I was pretty excited for my first day of high school. The high school that I was about to enter was a well known institution in the Eastwood City. I would also spend the next five years of my life here before attending a college.

Though it might not be the best in the State of Faletan, it was an undisputed number one in the Eastwood City. Rather it would have been strange and surprising for a high school that was named after the city to not be the number one of that particular city.

But this wasn the reason why I choose Eastwood High School. The main factors that affected my decisions were not only because both of my parents studied here but also because this was the only school in the nearby cities that had almost all of the extracurricular subjects as well clubs.

In fact, the reason why I was here was because I wanted to join the volleyball club and the one of the Eastwood High School was the best of all in the nearby cities.

At the entrance of the Eastwood High School, I found myself in a sea of people, including students as well as the parents of the new first years. A rough guess would leave me with a number in thousands.

I turned back to my parents who smiled at me. My father gave me piece of paper which mentioned my name, my age, the class allocated to me, some other relevant information about me and also a set of the most basic rules that all the students have to follow.

I took the piece of paper that my father handed me. After which they hugged me one after another.

”Best of luck, son. ”

”Have a nice day, dear. ”

But when it came to my mother, she not only gave me a hug but also kissed my forehead in the public which left me embarrassed.

Fortunately, in this huge sea of students and parents, not one looked to be paying any attention to me.

After saying goodbye to my parents, I walked through the gates.

The Eastwood high School was mainly divided into three major areas. One area for the first, second and third year students. The second area was for the fourth and fifth year students. And the last area accommodated different grounds for outdoor sports as well as arenas for indoor games.

Just as I walked through the gates, a huge map engraved on stone stele that of the Eastwood High School campus appeared in my sight. But currently it was crowed by a lot of students.

Luckily the creator made the map so big that it was even somewhat readable from my position which was about a dozen meters away.

I quickly glanced through the map and found the location of the building housing the class, I – A, which was the one I was assigned to.

And just like what I knew, the school campus was divided into three areas. In the north was the Area A which grouped the facilities of first, second and third year students. The Area B housing the facilities of fourth and fifth year students was to the east. And last but not the least, and also the students favourite of all three, the Area C was to the west.

Among the three areas, Area C took almost fifty percent of the entire school campus. It wasn surprising in the least as there were more than a dozen fields including but not limited to soccer, football, cricket, and many more. And let me remind ou, that these took a lot of surface area.

Taking my eyes of the huge map, I made my way towards the first year building. Since it was not far from the gate, only about two hundred or so meters, I arrived at the place in a few minutes.

I checked the piece of paper and found that class I – A was on the first floor. Looking around, I found the stairs and climbed to the first floor.

After a few minutes of searching, I was at the door the class I – A.

I took a step in and found countless pairs of eyes fall onto me but in the next moment they disappeared as the mutterings and the noises regained back their former glory. I glanced at my soon-to-be classmates and my failure to find even a single familiar face left me disappointed.

Even though I already knew that none of my junior high classmates would be attending the Eastwood High School. But the thought of being alone left me quite sad and downcast.

The only thing I could do now was to pray that I could quickly get along with some of the first year students.

I searched for an empty seat and found one at the end of the class which was also next to the window. I walked over and booked the place as my home ground.

Peeking through the window was a beautiful forest on which the sun would set every day.

The benches here were quite comfortable unlike the ones in my junior high school. They were in the form of eight columns and five rows, able to house a total of forty students. Two columns were joined so that it would make a student have a bench mate. And since I took the one next to the window, the one on my left was still empty.

At the head of the classroom was a smart board that was at least as big as my double bed. Since there was a central air conditioning facility in the entire building, there were none in the classroom. Though there was a heater.

There was also a wall clock at the front which I found quite helpful. It displayed 7:50 which meant that there were still ten minutes left before the class would begin officially. Excluding the previously mentioned things, there wasn much that was note worthy.

So the only thing that I could do for the remaining ten minutes was to gaze out of the class at the beautiful forest, hearing the chirping of birds and to get lost in my thoughts.

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