ave a room already?”

“Yes, of course! The Duke instructed me to get ready to meet the madam as soon as possible.”

I had no idea.

I would not have taken the Duke’s bed and slept there if I had known I had a room.

Then I wouldn’t have to show the Duke my embarrassment like I did this morning.

“The Duke is stiff as an old tree, so he appears unconcerned, but the people he considers valuable aren’t delicate, so he looks after them.”

What was precious to the Duke was not me, but the power I had.

If I were a truly precious person to him, I might have been a little touched.

“Madam, are there any uncomfortable places because of last night’s work?”

Fanny approached me as I sat at the table, whispering, and asked.

“If you ever feel any pain or aching somewhere, please tell me.
I’ll take care of everything.”

If it was last night, was she talking about taking care of Duke Cassiar?

“It’s all right.
I didn’t stay awake all night, and when I fell asleep, the Duke moved me to the bed, where I slept soundly.” 

“Ah, I see.
Until the Duke, exhausted from his illness, fell asleep.
The Duke has now acted like a man.”

When I only told her that Duke Cassiar had brought me to bed while I was sleeping, Fanny’s face lit up.

Why is there a story about a Duke pretending to be a gentleman here?

Looking back on my conversation with her, I quickly realized that she had misrepresented the situation.

I thought Fanny had a big misunderstanding.

“Fanny, that’s not what I’m talking about.”

“Is the meal ready?”

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The Duke of Cassiar came in when I was about to clear up Fanny’s huge misunderstanding.

“All that’s left is for me to put the soup on the plate.
Please be patient.

Fanny, who was delighted, gave the Duke of Cassiar a happy smile before disappearing into the kitchen to get some soup.

Fanny appears to have gone too far when I was trying to solve the misunderstanding.

I shifted my gaze to the table, observing her back, which exudes happiness just by looking at her gentle steps.

First, let’s eat and think.

My mind felt as if it had been stopped by hunger.

“That’s a whole lot of stuff.
The Duke finished his breakfast.
Isn’t it all because of Madam?”

Instead of looking at the tableware, Kyle, who was following Duke Cassiar, looked at the Duke sitting across from me.

“Why is the Duke having breakfast?”

Isn’t it obvious that if you want to live, you should eat breakfast?

Kyle finished organizing the dishes after I asked him as if I didn’t understand.

“Because he has an upset stomach, the Duke doesn’t eat breakfast.
But, since Madam is here, isn’t he eating breakfast to get a better look at Madam’s face?”

“Oh, did you really? The Duke?”

“Someone just fed me a lot of romaine, and I quickly became hungry.”

Duke Cassiar’s piercing gaze fell on me.

Come to think of it, did I only feed the Duke vegetables yesterday?

The words he said as a light joke stabbed my conscience.

“Even the Duke is shy.”

“Kyle, you must be very free, aren’t you?”

You two have a nice breakfast.
I need to get down to business.”

It was no surprise Kyle was excited.

When he heard Duke Cassiar bark, he disappeared as if running away.

I turned to look at Duke Cassar, who was eating quietly.

To be honest, I thought he was a little skinny.
I was not going to feed him romaine anymore because it didn’t work.

I suddenly remembered that the Duke liked meat while I was slicing meat.

“Here you go, Duke.”

I used a fork to pick up the meat and bring it to Duke Cassiar’s mouth.

The Duke was staring at the meat that had come to his mouth.

“I heard you like meat.
I’m sorry I forced you to eat only bland vegetables the other day.
Please accept my apologies and eat it.”

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“Never mind.
I am not a kid.
I’ll handle it on my own.”

I knew the Duke would reject it, so I naturally grabbed my arm by the other arm with a fork.

“Are you going to let my hand continue like this? My arm is starting to hurt.”

It was the moment the Duke of Cassiar, who had failed to win in my eyes, opened his mouth.

“Damn, I didn’t see anything.
Finish what you were doing!”

Fanny, who had just brought the soup, bolted blindfolded, clutching the plate she was holding.

“Oh, no,”

Fanny and I’s misunderstanding only grew worse.


“So, what are your plans for me today?”

Having finished eating, Duke Cassiar looked worn out even before he started.

In a nutshell, he felt desperate.
Well, the sooner the Duke surrendered, the better.

“Today we’re going to meditate.”

“Meditation? It’s the first I’ve heard of it, so it can’t be harmful to my health, right?”

The Duke asked me a serious question.

Romaine and Chamomile seemed to have knocked the Duke of Cassiar’s faith in me off the cliff.

“Is it really necessary for me to inflict pain on the Duke?”

“It’s impossible to say.”

“You have to concentrate.

I steadfastly went my way, ignoring Duke Cassiar’s reasonable reservations.

“Meditation is a mental exercise that helps to calm the mind and body.
First, focus your mind.”

With terrifyingly focused eyes, the Duke of Cassiar stared intently at me in front of my eyes as I spoke.

“Duke, don’t focus on me; close your eyes and concentrate on yourself.”

“It’s difficult.”

I closed my eyes and continued meditating after confirming that the Duke had closed his eyes.

“Now slowly let go of your tense body’s strength.
Let go of all your worries and relax.”

Perhaps the Duke of Cassir’s meditation was going well, but he was quiet.

Was meditation effective?

I opened my eyes slightly, curious about the Duke’s condition.

Finally, in a brighter field of view, the Duke of Cassiar sat in front of me, gently looking at me.

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