eek the other day.

The Duke of Cassiar, on the other hand, did not fall asleep today, despite numerous small and large contacts.

Even now, he looked energetic.

I leapt from my seat and put both hands over Duke Cassiar’s face.

Duke Cassiar’s eyes widened even more than they had previously.

“I had no idea you were so rushed.”

His tone was a little stiff when he spoke to me.

“Right now, that’s not what matters.
Duke, you don’t fall asleep even if you touch my hand.”

For a brief moment, my voice grew louder in the hope that my abilities were only temporary.

The Duke of Cassiar, who had been lost in thought for a few moments, spoke up.

“Perhaps your power works better the more tired I am.
When I fell asleep with your hands touching my cheek the night before, I stayed up all night.”

“However, you couldn’t sleep last night, did you?”

Because I was not at the Duke’s residence yesterday, the Duke of Cassiar was unable to sleep.

When my hand touched him, he should have fallen asleep immediately.

“I had a good night’s sleep the night before.
I took sleeping medication to help me sleep.”

Duke Cassiar reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small glass bottle.

A clear liquid was contained in the bottle.

The Duke had most likely taken sleeping medication.

“You said sleeping medication didn’t work the other day.”

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“Yesterday was successful.
It was most likely due to your touch that the sleeping pills which did not work before, had an effect.
Your hand touched me again yesterday, even if it was only for a brief moment.”

What a shame.

The spark of hope was quickly snuffed out.

Did that mean that if sleeping medicine came into contact with me, they’d start working again? Wasn’t that a viable option?

I rolled my head a little because I couldn’t put out the small ember of hope.

Even if I made contact with the Duke every day and rehabilitated him to the point where he could take the sleeping pills again, it would only be a temporary situation, as tolerance would naturally return over time.

“Perhaps I have truly lost my power!”

I made a strong case for the possibility of what-if.

I was more serious than the rest of you, but Duke Cassar was unfazed.

“You’ll have to try it again when I’m tired.”

“When do you get tired?”

“The usual.
When it’s time to go to bed, just like everyone else.”

So let’s take a look tonight.”

For some reason, Duke Cassiar didn’t appear to be greedy.

“You’re not afraid, but you’re not too shy either, aren’t you supposed to be that vigilant in the first place?”

Did you mean when I provoked the Duke a while back?

“What exactly are you afraid of? If you touched my hand, the Duke would fall asleep.”

I poked Duke Cassiar’s arm playfully.

“What if the power doesn’t work as you said?”

I never imagined a situation where my power would be ineffective for Duke Cassiar.

In the first place, the only thing the Duke needs from me is ‘to make him sleep’.

“Duke, do you have bad intentions for me?”

I wrapped my arms around Duke Cassiar and I was on my guard against the Duke of Cassiar.

He looked at me with eyes that didn’t even deserve an answer.

No, you don’t have to be so serious.

“Aside from that, what are you asking for?”

Embarrassed, I grunted.

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“Externally, you are the hostess of the Duke of Cassiar, even if this relationship is by contract.
Not being watchful of anyone other than myself can be dangerous.”

Is it dangerous? Why?

“There are many times when I can’t see them.”

Was it true that the Duke of Cassiar ever had an enemy?

Duke Cassiar was a villain in the original work who gets in the way of Milter and Hassen’s relationship.

There was no mention of the darkness’s sworn enemies.

Perhaps it was just to scare me into being more cautious in my duties as Duchess.

“Anyway, you and I don’t have any issues, do we? It will continue to happen in the future if my power is effective.”

“I won’t stop you from seeing it with your own eyes.
I’d rather sleep for another night.”

Duke Cassiar had been convinced of my strength, but he had lost faith in me.

Indeed, the fact that he has resumed his use of sleeping pills was proof that my power was working.

Still, because there was an ‘if,’ I decided to leave hope as a consolation.

“Can you fall asleep without me for a while with sleep medication, if the Duke is guessing?”

“Perhaps, if this is the case.”

“Give me three days before the wedding.
Before entering the Duke’s residence, I’d like to spend some time with my family.
Because of my work, I haven’t been able to think of taking care of my family, so I guess they will be worried all the time if it isn’t now.”

Will you say no if you only want to sleep comfortably for one day?

Perhaps three days was too much.

“Let’s do that.
After that, you should choose the day you will enter the Duke’s residence.”

“The tea has gone cold.
Drink it while it’s still warm to get the most benefit.
Drink it right away.”

In a good mood, I picked up a teacup, thinking that I could go on a trip with my family, even if it was only for a short time.

The Duke of Cassiar, who was watching me, hummed it out and drank silently.

Where should we go on our vacation?

I wish there was a sea nearby.

It was a time when I was having difficulty remembering all of the places I wanted to visit.


Duke Cassiar inhaled deeply, and the teacup he was holding shattered on the floor.

His hands were covered in a dark red bloodstain.


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