ed after that?

I remembered hearing a faint voice in the darkness.


I was lying on the bed like a corpse when I was startled awake by a memory that came to mind.

That’s right, after falling asleep while reading a novel, I had a dream!

A strange woman’s voice spoke to me in a dream.

‘You’re a strong-willed woman who will change fate.
May this power bring you blessings on your journey forward.’

The woman gave me something while putting her forehead together on mine in the darkness, where I couldn’t even see her face, and then disappeared.

​​That’s the last memory I have of my previous life, and I’ve been living as Alioth Riel since then.

What if I received Milter’s power then? Was that Milter?

But why me?

She referred to me as ‘a person with a strong desire to change fate.’

Then, what the woman called as the person with strong will to change the fate, was here.

Was she referring to my wish to rip the novel’s ending and fix it if I could?

Was it really Milter’s reason for bringing me into this world? Was she willing to give up her life for it?

If I could go back in time, I’d delete all related apps so I wouldn’t be able to read novels in my previous life.

No, I wouldn’t even install it in the first place! I said that I would shut myself off from novels for the rest of my life!

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I went somewhere and cried because I couldn’t speak, and then I realized that the time I promised to the Duke of Cassiar had passed.

He knew I was from the Alioth family, so he’d find me if I didn’t show up for the meeting.

“What if you just go away, Milter? You won’t even be able to see Hassen, whom you love, if you go this way! I’m not going to let you go in this condition!”

Feeling stuck, I cried out into the air.

I was afraid that my head would explode if I didn’t cry.

I had no choice but to accept Milter’s death now that everything had come together.

I was too stunned, as if my world had come crashing down around me, and I kicked the bed down.

I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing and become entangled with Duke Cassiar instead of the heroine and him ruin me!

There was still a chance.

Let’s get on any boat now and leave this empire, living as if I were dead, and then doing long-term business with the money I had amassed over the years.

Since I also had funds I had saved up from my time working at the merchant organization, I think I would be able to survive for a while.

I began packing my belongings into a large bag, as if I were a thief escaping at night.

“That’s good enough! Let’s go!”

With a lot of extra money in the safe, I hurriedly opened the door and rushed out to the living room at a frantic pace. 

“Oh my goodness, Riel.
Did you just get out of bed?”

I saw my mother smiling softly at the end of the hallway.


Even if I want to leave, I suppose I should say my goodbyes.
With tears in my eyes, I ran to my mother and hugged her.

“Oh my, what’s wrong with you? Did you have a nightmare?”

I wish this were a nightmare.

It was a dream that cameto an end when you woke up.
I thought I’d be able to live happily as the Marquis’s daughter, Young Lady Alioth, but tears welled up as I realized I might never see my family again.

I would have spent more time with my family instead of working if I had known this would happen.

Because my family was always in the mansion, I thought I could meet and talk with them whenever I pleased.

I hadn’t even gone on a typical family trip since the company started, so I postponed and waited until the next time.

“Mother, thank you for raising me until now.”

“You are, really! What are you talking about out of the blue? What’s with all the luggage you’ve got on your hands? Are you going to leave the house right now?”

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How did you know?

Of course, my behavior was akin to that of a fugitive who always wants to flee, but my mother seemed to have figured out why I was leaving the house.

“Did you already know that?”

“Of course.
I had a rough idea of what was going on.
A guest came while you were sleeping.”

A guest came?

Come to think of it, my mother was dressed up in a glamorous dress that was different from usual.
When a special guest came, she took out her favorite ruby necklace and hung it, but now it was hanging around her neck.

Looking at the ruby necklace around her neck, it appears that a formal guest had arrived.
Was there anyone who was willing to come and see me?

When I was younger, I learned to work at a company that organized a merchant’s private army.
And, as I grew older, I took over the management of the company, so I had no close acquaintances with whom I could personally visit the mansion.

Butte took over the company’s work, so it was most likely not because of work.

Even if I used my brain, there was no one to guess.

“No one is coming, who…”

My gaze was drawn to the sofa in the living room.

And I went there.

Then I noticed his face, sitting on the sofa with his back completely relaxed.
I stifled a scream that was about to erupt.

Why are you here?

“They are right; a beautiful woman is a sleepyhead.”

The Duke of Cassiar was there, tilting his teacup and staring at me while sitting confidently in front of my father.

Why are you staring at me like that?

I was taken aback by the Duke of Cassiar’s presence at first, but his stare at me had grown seriously vexing.

“When I see you as beautiful as you are, I notice that you sleep a lot.”

The Duke of Cassiar gave me a warm smile.

As if he were talking with his lover, he looked at me with a loving expression.


Cluthing at straws means to be willing to try anything to improve a difficult or unsatisfactory situation, even if it has little chance of success.
Source: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/clutch-grasp-at-straws]


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