Chapter 1

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It was a day ago.

Until then, I had only known myself as Alioth Riel, Marquis of Alioth’s eldest daughter.

I went for a walk in the downtown area to pass the time after finishing my family business.
After that, I sat down on a bench to rest for a while, and then I ran into a man who was there earlier.

I tapped his shoulder lightly.

“Oh, I apologize.”

Even at first glance, I already knew that man had a good-looking appearance.
I even thought he was an escaped statue from a nearby art museum.

Was it true that I fell in love at first sight? No.

The man who collided with me rested his head on my shoulder as if about to pass out.

Was this the start of a sweet relationship with that man? Sadly, it wasn’t that either.

The genre of this story with a man leaning against me and drooping like a piece of paper, was not a romance with fluttering petals.

Because of how much of an emergency the situation was, I thought that he was dead. 

In my previous life, this would have happened due to medical complications.

“Excuse me? Are you okay? Please wake up!”

Could you take him to the hospital with me, man in a hat over there?

Just before I made the remark, I noticed he had a calm face and was breathing evenly; he didn’t appear to be a patient.

“Are you sleeping now? If you sleep here, you will be sick.”

I was frustrated, so I shook the body of the man who was sleeping like he was dead on the bench without fear in the middle of the day, and the weather was still too cold for a homeless person.

He didn’t appear to have been drunk because his smell was soft and pleasant.
And, because he was dressed so nicely, he didn’t even seem to be a beggar.

But whoever he was, he must have been insane to droop and sleep on a bench in the downtown area.

Was I going to leave him? Yes.  Being involved with a crazy person wasn’t a good idea.
I was in a panic so I tried to get up and run away.

“Fanny, Hurry up, it’s cold.
Give me a blanket, five more minutes.”

The man who was sleep talking yanked at my clothes with all his might, attempting to make himself a blanket.

That’s my dress, not a blanket!

I tried to shake the man’s hand off, but he had such a strong grip on me that I couldn’t even get my collar out.

You punk.

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Now that it turned out like this, I’ll find a way to wake you up.

“Wake up right now!”

I grabbed the man’s neck and shook it ferociously.
He slowly opened his eyes and woke up, shaken by the strength of my arms, which had been trained over a long period of time through working at the company.

“Did I just fall asleep?”

“Yes, you are dead to the world.[1] I would have assumed you were a homeless person if it weren’t for the color and style of your attire.
Now that you have woken up, then could you please let this go?”

I pointed to the man’s grip on the hem of my dress.
But he kept staring at me, as if he didn’t want to let go.

“Was it you who passed by me before I went to sleep?”

“Yes, why?”

“It’s the first time.”


I couldn’t understand what the man was saying, so I asked him again, squinting one eye.

“You are the first person to put me to sleep simply by touching me.”

Wait a minute, I believe I’ve heard this sentence before.

The memories of the unfamiliar woman’s life came flooding back as soon as I heard the man’s words, along with a headache that felt like it was going to break my head.

Those memories of the woman’s entire life flashed through my mind as quickly as a flashlight just before she died, and it seeped into me.

I remembered.
I originally lived in Korea and worked as an ordinary cosmetic store employee.
My previous life’s last memory was of reading a novel after work, feeling tired, and falling asleep.

And the words this man uttered were the lines spoken by the villain when he first met the heroine in the novel , which I was reading at the time.

That was ridiculous.
Was it possible that I got into a novel? That was exactly what commonly happened in fantasy novels.

I tried slapping my cheek with my palm to see if this was a dream, but the reality in front of me was so vivid.

Get a hold of yourself.
You can check to see if this place is really in a novel.

As far as I recall, the character of Alioth Riel was never mentioned in the novel at all.

The reason I could make a definitive conclusion was because the novel was narrated by focusing solely on the male lead and heroine, as well as the villain’s story, and even the extras were counted with my hands.

What was the name of the villain in that novel?  I remembered him as the strongest villain in the world.

“Duke Kissen Cassiar!”

I recalled the villain’s name and spit it out unconsciously.

“Do you know who I am? You just didn’t recognize my face.”

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Of course, I don’t remember! I only saw your name in the novel!

[The Duke of Cassiar’s black hair was reminiscent of the night sky, and his golden eyes, as fierce as a beast hunting for prey, were as beautiful as if they were filled with stars.]

I took a closer look at Duke Cassiar as I remembered the sentence about his appearance.
Black hair that looked like the night sky.

The man in front of me had golden eyes that were terrifying but also beautiful, as if they were filled with stars, and he satisfied all of the descriptions but had superiority beyond them.

This was undeniable, he was Duke Kissen.

So, who exactly am I? Isn’t it the heroine’s role to put The Duke of Cassiar to sleep?

I decided to actually review the novel’s contents.
It was strange to suddenly recall my previous life, as well as the contents of the novel I had been reading at the time.

was an anticlimactic novel.

And the villain in the novel was Duke Kissen Cassiar.

The respected and famous Duke of Cassiar, who had produced Archmages from generations to generations, with a handsome appearance that was difficult to replicate even with a sculpture, had abundant wealth, the ability to rise to the position of Archmage, and had been referred to as a genius mage since childhood.

There was only one fatal flaw in him, who was nothing in lacking, and it was that he was suffering from madness.

His madness manifested itself in the form of overflowing mana.
His power was transcendent, so if he lost control and ran wild, the entire mansion would be blown away.

The Duke of Cassiar suffered from severe insomnia so relied on

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