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Even from the unusual title, it was immediately appealing to me.
It's a devastative novel.
Why is this here? What would happen if the kids saw this! 


So, I’ll have to buy it and get rid of it myself. 


Yes, of course.


This is all part of my big picture to change this genre into a fairytale. 


I took the book, concealing the excitement in my heart. 


That's when I heard the sound of someone running over.




I quickly hid the red book among the other books. 


“Sister, I’m done choosing! Buy me this!” 


“…You can’t ask your sister like that.”


“Ruby, too!”


The children, who had brought their favorite objects, looked at me with their eyes shining.
I quickly pulled the pile of books into my arms and spoke naturally. 


“Let's pick just one of them.
That’s too many.” 


“I want them all!” 


Only one.” 


“Eee, you're holding a lot, too!”


Zion pointed to the book I was holding with a sulky face.


My heart was pounding.
Zion, who noticed the change in my expression like a ghost, approached me and glanced at the book. 


By all means, Zion's wits only work at such times! 


“What book is that? Show me.” 


“Ah, this is, so…” 


“Did you buy something weird again?” 




Okay, be honest.
You’ve only been acting like you don’t know anything, huh?


I looked at Zion with a frosty look.
However, Zion just held the things in his arms with a sullen face. 


I lost! 


I ended up having to buy everything the kids were carrying.

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Of, of course, with those books. 


A sudden sense of shame came over me. 


I don’t think he gave me money for this. 


I vaguely remembered Noelier's beautiful face. 




But I felt a persistent gaze from somewhere.
When I turned my head, my gaze landed on Rachel, who was looking at me with strange eyes.


Don't tell me you saw the book I was holding?


I smiled awkwardly and shook my head. 




Rachel, who smiled broadly at my question, shook her head.


Nothing!” Rachel ran to Zion's side in a flash. 




I sighed in relief and followed the children.



* * *



When I got home, the first thing I did was hide the red book on the highest shelf. 


Well, I'm sure the kids wouldn't understand it yet. 


But you never know. 


When should I read it? 


Without realizing it, a snort leaked out. 


At that time, when I was very excited, I felt a piercing gaze on the back of my head.
I turned my head sharply. 




Rachel, whose eyes met mine, blinked as pretty as jewels.
When I saw her innocent face, I felt like a person caught stealing. 


“Sister? What’s wrong?” 


Rachel looked up at me and tilted her head. 


“Oh, nothing!” 


I shook my head vigorously and stepped back. 

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At first glance, there seemed to be a glimmer of curiosity in the red eyes, but it was okay since she can’t even reach the shelf anyway. 


I hummed and focused on the children’s meals. 



* * * 



Even at dawn, the snow continued to fall. 


Rachel slowly opened her eyes at the sound of colorful, regular breathing.
Her red eyes reflected the moonlight streaming through the window. 




Rachel rose quietly.
Zion and Eve were asleep while hugging each other.
Rachel slipped out of bed carefully, so as not to make as much noise as possible. 


The book that Eve had bought was up there.
Eve had barely placed it there, so perhaps the only person who could easily do that was her tall brother. 


Rachel glanced at the wolf siblings.
There were no signs of waking up.
She slowly spread her hand out.




A small spark blazed in her hand. 


The fire grew bigger and bigger, and turned into a little bird and landed on Rachel's hand. 


It was a phoenix, which only red-eyed dragons could summon.




When she greeted it, it pecked Rachel’s palms like how a firebird would say hello. 


‘I have a favor.’


Rachel glanced at the books that were placed up there. 


The smart firebird understood the words and began flapping its wings.
A small flame flickered along the movement.
It flew lightly and snatched up the easily lifted books. 




Rachel picked up the pile of books. 


The firebird shook her head as if asking for praise. 


'Well done.' 


Tickling the nape of its neck, the firebird made a pleasant gurgling sound.
Then it flew lightly and landed gently on Rachel's shoulder. 


Rachel glanced at the wolf brothers and sisters again, and carefully checked the book.
Of the four books in her hand, three stood out.




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(TL/N: Su-in 수인 translates to beast in English)




Her eyes widened.
Then she looked back at Eve, who was sleeping soundly with her face in great shock. 


'This is what you meant by moving?' 


Her eyes grew hot and her nose wrinkled.
As her emotions faltered, her mana began to surge. (TL/N: I will use the term mana for anything magic related from here on out.
Mana seems more apt especially since it’s their innate abilities as su-in.) 


A small flame flared from Rachel's body. 


Her frightened firebird! She flew away with a sound. 


'How can you leave me!' 


Leave me and my brother alone! 


Rachel, who quickly corrected her thoughts, bit her lip. 


'…You promised' 


She said that there would be no more nightmares. 


My heart ached with sorrow.


Rachel pouted her lips. 


Let's be patient.
This is not the time.' 


Rachel let out a small sniff and shook her head vigorously.
The flame faded as she repeated breathing a couple of times to maintain her usual feelings. 


The reassured firebird landed again on Rachel's shoulder.


You’re going to the human world, we have to stop it somehow.
Because it is absolutely illegal for beasts to enter the human world. 


'By the way, what is this?'


The other book caught her attention.




'Is this related to humans?' 


As if a forbidden book was sealed, the front cover was marked with a red X.
Rachel looked at her firebird, which sat on her shoulder.
The firebird looked over her head as if it had no idea.


Rachel carefully opened the book. 




Oh, my! 

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In her shock, Rachel shut her mouth. 


····She did not have time to be like this. 


Rachel stepped out of the cabin with urgent but careful steps. 


Still, the snow was pouring down from the sky.


Rachel showed her firebird a scene from the book.
Her firebird caught the scene in its eyes and nodded its head as if it knew it. 




The fire bird that read the determination in her red eyes flew with all its might. 


The bird disappeared with a sagrade of flames. 



* * *



Noelier's brows furrowed in the sweltering heat. 


After meeting Eve, his body heat was getting worse.
He clamored for the cold, but his daily life permitted that to be difficult.
As the Chief, he could not be absent for a long time. 


Noelier sighed and looked at the books piled up on his desk. 


His work was over and it was time for him to study. 


Noelier picked up the book on top. 




It was a rare book that he barely found in a bookstore that was collapsing with the attendants. 


Noelier opened the book again after completing two complete readings.
Obviously, when he read it, his heart warmed and his eyes became hot…He felt that the sentences were touching. 


Strangely, no tears came out at the end. 


Noelier touched his eyes with a sombre face. 


You have to cry. 


You must cry…!


He kept casting spells on himself. 


But tears didn't come out. 


'Why the hell!' 


He smashed the desk. 


Then the desk split with a thud.

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