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It was then that Eve came to her senses.
Embarrassed, she stuttered and blinked her eyes.

The apple in her hand was badly crushed.


Eve screamed and threw the apple away.

“Oh, the children…?”

She quickly looked around.
Zion and Rachel were looking at her almost in a crazy way.

In particular, Rachel seemed to have forgotten what had happened to her.
She was just staring at Eve as if possessed.

Eve turned pale.

“What did I just do…”

Noelier said with a warm smile on his face.

“Are you coming to your senses now?”


Eve nodded silently.

She, who had been as dazed like a man who had lost his soul, suddenly shivered.

It was because of Noelier’s large hand wrapped around her cheek.

His face was too close.

When their eyes met, the smile that was building had faded.

“…I'm sorry.
Can you get up?”

Noelier cautiously reached out his hand.
Eve hesitated, but placed her hand over his.

Heat penetrated her body.

​Noelier helped her up.
He strained his grip a few times, slowly loosening it.
The index fingers of each other's hand, which had been entangled until the very end, fell off.
As though his fingertips were itchy, Noelier clenched his fist involuntarily.

It was the same for Eve.


Rachel murmured, looking at it quietly.


At Rachel’s call, Zion turned his head.

Rachel was looking at Eve like a man possessed.

“Do I really need to be the sister in law?”


“Can't she be my bride?”

Zion looked around with a question mark on his face.

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Rachel's cheeks were as red as Eve.

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What have I done now?

I stared blankly at the crushed frozen apple on one side.
It was covered with thick ice, so it was probably stronger than a shotgun.

Besides, I’ve said this before, in my previous life, I was a record holder for shot put in high school.
Even after I reincarnated, that intutition was clear.

I glanced at the junkie lying next to me as if dead.

You’re not dead, are you?

Should I start a bounty before you run away to the human world?

I cautiously put my hand under the junkie’s nose.

It was faint, but I could feel him breathing.

I let out a sigh of relief.


Then a watery voice reached my ears.
I jumped up from where I was.


My cute little brother was looking at me in tears.

When I saw his face, the tension and guilt that gripped my heart were relieved.


I sat down with my knees bent and grabbed Zion’s shoulder.
His little shoulder swung helplessly in my hands.

A frightened, but a relieved face looked at me.

“Who told you to leave? I was afraid something like this would happen.”

“I’m sorry, Sister…”

“For whom am I living like this for…..Why do you keep making me feel upset? Huh?”

My anger turned into weeping.

I thought of my late mother and father.

My one and only brother.

The reason for my life.

Suddenly, I could understand why Eve in the novel was burned to death.

Had I not also used up all my ice magic just to save Zion?

“I’m sorry…”

Zion sobbed after me.

The only word that came out of his little mouth was sorry.

“…..It’s okay.
It’s alright as long as you’re not hurt.”

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I shook my head as if no words were needed and embraced Zion.


Then Rachel approached me.
I got up and looked at her.
There didn’t seem to be any serious injuries.
I licked my lips to say something, but I just gave up.

Nothing big happened, so it was alright.

“…I’m sorry I left you guys alone.”

Then Rachel shook her head fiercely.

Sister, you didn’t do anything…I, for no reason, I, all of it….”

Rachel, who had been rambling, finally bit her mouth shut.
The edge of the child’s voice was watery.

“It’s all my fault.”

“No, I told Ruby first.”

“It’s not Zion’s fault.
I said Sister's ideal type is weird first.”

“No! Ruby didn’t say it was weird.
Sure, she said it was unusual.”

“…These mouse drops…What an interesting conversation you had.”

Thanks to that, the tears that were about to spill withdrew.

The children sobbed, their shoulders trembling as if they were about to cry for me.

“Zion, I’m sorry.
From now on, I will respect Sister’s ideal type.”

“No, I’m more sorry.
Her ideal type is weird.”

“I’ll tell my brother to cry well…”

“Who even has an ideal type of a man who cries prettily…”


I hurriedly hugged the children.

The children, who buried their faces in my arms, sobbed and confessed each other’s faults, but I desperately wanted them to stop.

Suddenly I heard a faint laugh.


I turned my head stiffly.

Noelier was looking at us with a smile.

When our eyes met, his laughter slowly stopped.


As expected, he heard everything.

Looking at his amused face, I was even more embarrassed.
My face became hot.
If there was a rat hole, I would hide there.

Seeing my reaction, Noelier hesitated a little and swept his mouth.

“…I’m sorry.
It’s a little strange.”

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My taste is a little strange…

I turned my head without answering.

The thought of dying filled my head.

In matters like this, it was best to change the topic of the conversation.

I patted the children on the head.

“Come now, let’s stop.
Let’s go back home.”

The sobbing children nodded slowly.

“You should say thank you to Brother, too.”

The children approached Noelier as if waiting on my words.
Noelier flinched.

Zion, with a Crucian carp’s eye*, said with a smile.

(TL/N: See cursed images below.)

“Thank you, Brother.
We would have been in big trouble without you.”

Noelier’s eyes trembled slightly.
He licked his lips for a moment, then he smiled faintly.

“…No, I’m more thankful,” he said and stroked Zion’s hair.

Zion sniffled and clung to Noelier’s leg.
Rachel dug into Noelier’s arms and hid her face.

She seemed to like him more now, seeing as she hugged him well unlike before.

“Shall we go back now?”

Noelier nodded at my words. He held Rachel lightly.
No matter how small she is, it’s hard to lift a 10-year-old kid like that.
He didn’t even bat an eye.
Rachel also comfortably cuddled up to him.


He stopped walking at my call.

The two red eyes met me.

I approached them.

To put on the cloak and the hood.


The hood sloped down, vaguely caught at the crown of his head.
It was because his physique was too large.

Down down.

Noelier, who was looking at me, heard Rachel’s whisper and said, ‘Ah,’ then bent his knees.
Only then did we meet eye level.

Our faces were at lengths again.

“Pardon me.”

He trembled a bit, but I didn’t mind and put the hood on him securely.

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“This is the North, and I still want to live.”


I said that and smiled a little.

It meant that I wanted him to hide his identity even if he saw me as human.
Noelier seemed to understand what I meant.

He nodded slowly.

“Our mouse drops, too.”

The dragon siblings were looking at me with blushing cheeks and slight blank faces.
I even put Rachel’s hood on properly.

“Now, let’s go.”

So, I left the alley with a wolf and two dragons.

Then Noelier stopped walking.

“What’s wrong?”

I turned to look at him.

“There’s something Rachel left there.”

“Did you leave something behind?”

“Didn’t you, Rachel?”

At Noelier’s words, Rachel silently nodded.
She seemed fine being called Rachel now.

“What is it?”

“It’s a secret.
I won’t tell you.”

Rachel shook her head shyly like a girl hiding a secret.
I smiled and nodded as if I understood.

So, they went into the alley where the man was lying, and came back immediately.

“Did you find it?”

“No, I didn’t.
I must have lost it.”

Rachel looked sad as she said it.

“Shall we find it together?”

As I was about to enter the alley again, Noelier quickly blocked my way.

“There was nothing.”

“Maybe you couldn’t find it.
Maybe together…”

“Eve, let’s go back for now.
It has gotten dark.
There are children.”


It was then that I realized our situation.

The children could not have been able to escape the shock from the junkie incident.

I nodded and followed him out of the alley.

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