Before I went home, I bought a few things to eat.
Among them was my best friend, the apple.
After purchasing food that Rachel and Zion would like, I went into the forest entrance.

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‘What did our mouse drops do today?’

I saw my haven in the snowy forest.

However, something was strange.


The door, which had not been closed, was swaying helplessly in the wind.

No way.

Anxiety ran coldly down my spine.

I hurriedly opened the wooden door.
It weakly creaked open.

A blizzard came.
Snow poured into the empty room.

I stared blankly at the firewood, which was gradually being extinguished by the wind.


​As if denying the situation, a fleeting sound leaked out of my mouth.


The basket I was carrying fell helplessly to the floor.

I hadn't seen anyone's footprints all the way through the forest.
That means it's been a while since the kids left.

My heart sank.

I hurried out of the house.

“Zion! Rachel!”

I screamed like my throat would burst, but no response came back.

My heart was beating faster.

Even if Zion could somehow blend in, Rachel couldn’t.
She looked different from the Northerners in some way.

If they were to run into other wolves…

Anxiety gnawed my whole body.

‘I need to find them quickly.’

I forcefully wracked my panicking brain.

Where would the children go?

Suddenly, I recalled the time when I took Rachel to the doctor’s.

Zion had never been out of the woods, but Rachel had followed me out.

So there was a possibility.

‘Please…you mouse drops.’

I bit my lips and hurriedly ran.

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I was oblivious to the fact that my hood had peeled off.
I bumped into people passing by.
Some of them cursed at me, but I couldn’t care less and just ran.

In the North, the sun sets early.

I had to find the children quickly before complete darkness fell.

“Zion! Rachel!”

I was out of breath.

Eventually, I even took the mask I was wearing and threw it away.

A familiar snow storm raged.

The last place I headed for was outside the square where I took Rachel to do business.

Of course, they weren’t there.

“Where did you go…? I told you not to go out…” I muttered in a trembling voice.

My eyes got hot.

Why don’t you listen to me?

Why are you rotting my insides like this?*

(TL/N: Along the lines of why are you bothering me like this? Making me worried like this.)


Tears welled up without me realizing.

Bad thoughts kept haunting me.

I just wanted to sit down and cry.


But I couldn’t be like this.

Because I didn’t know where the kids could end up in.

It was very painful because of the cold win, but I didn’t care and started running again.

It was when I was just entering an alley.


I slammed my face into someone’s arms.
Focusing on the idea of finding the children, I forgot to slow down.


“Are you okay?”

“Okay, I’m okay…”

I hurriedly put my hood back on and waved my hand dismissively.
It was so painful that it made me tear up, but I couldn’t stop here.

It was time to bow and bid farewell to the person who I bumped into and then run again.


A familiar voice called my name.

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I stopped walking and turned around.


It was Noelier who I bumped into.

I looked up at him blankly, even forgetting that my hood was slipping.


Noelier was also wearing a cloak like me.

He looked puzzled, as if he had never expected we’d meet in a place like this.

I was reflected in his red eyes.

His face slightly flushed red.

“It’s not the promised date, but I missed the children.
I'm sorry for coming suddenly.

He paused for a moment as if perplexed.

“···What’s wrong?”

He approached me with a worried look.



Noelier asked anxiously, but I couldn't answer.

How can I tell him that I lost his sister, who he had a hard time finding? I even got paid to take good care of her, but I was thinking of running away to another place…

Tears welled up again.

Biting my lips, I slowly opened my mouth.

“…The kids, they're gone.”


“It’s all my fault.
I’m going to find…”

My words did not come to an end.

It was because the tears came back.

“Calm down for now, okay?” Noelier said consolingly, but I could not easily cease my crying.

This was the result of my poor ability to take good care of the children.
So, I had to find the children even when I was crying and sad.

I looked at him, wiping the corners of my eyes with the back of my hand.

“I’m sorry.
I’ll look for them again.”


“I’ll come to you no matter what.”

“Eve, wait a minute….!”

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I said that and ran again.

I heard Noelier shout something, but I couldn’t stop.

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“Ruby, is this the right place?”


“I don’t think it is…”

Zion clung to Rachel’s side with a frightened face.

He had gone out of the forest without his sister, but it was his first time in the square.
He didn’t think it would be scary to be with Rachel, but it was more frightening than he thought.

Large people strode past them.
Some of them were chattering and laughing with sharp knives.

His eyes met a man with a scythe.

He remembered the ‘Tales of the Outside People’ that his sister told him about.


A frightened sound came out of Zion’s mouth.

“Ru, Ruby.
Let’s go back.

Zion pulled Rachel’s sleeves again.


Rachel let out a small sigh and stopped walking.
Zion, who stopped at the same time, eagerly looked at Rachel’s back.

Rachel turned around.

Zion, who was about 5cm smaller than her, was crying.

“Why did we come out? We’re here to find your sister.”

“Yeah, but I’m too scared, Ruby…”

Zion’s eyes began to redden.

Rachel sighed and said firmly, clenching Zion’s cloak tightly.

“Don’t cry.
If you cry, then you’re not a man.”

“But my sister said she liked crying men…”

“That’s your sister’s taste, not mine.”


At Rachel’s words, Zion wept with tears threatening to spill.

Rachel frowned even more.

“Because your sister likes a man who cries, you would do it too?”

“My sister isn’t weird!”

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“I never said she’s weird.
I just thought it was a bit unusual!”

“What’s wrong with my sister’s taste?”

“There’s no woman who likes crying men!”

“Don’t ignore my sister!”

“When did I ignore her?”

Somehow the conversation began to flow in a strange way.
The little ones who stepped out to find Eve, suddenly began to argue about her ideal type.

“…What are those kids talking about?”

The problem was that this was happening in the middle of the square.
People's eyes were drawn to the little children wearing cloaks as they fought with strange remarks.

Rachel, who had been questioning Zion’s claims one by one, felt the gazes and hurriedly shut her mouth.

‘I was too careless.’

She was going to get caught before she found Eve.

Rachel lowered her gaze and glanced at Zion.
It was heartbreaking to see him sniffle sullenly.

“…..Let’s go for now.”


Rachel led Zion.
But he shook off the hand with a sulky face.
Rachel’s hand hovered in mid-air.

“I’m not going with Ruby.”


“Go away!”

She didn’t say anything bad about his older sister, but Zion seemed stingy.
He was angry as he ran somewhere.

Even if he hides his identity well, they won’t know.

Zion’s hood kept trying to come off because of the wind blowing.


Rachel urgently followed Zion.

As she wasn’t a wolf, one step from Zion was too quick for her.

“Hey, Zion!”

Rachel looked around, taking in her breath, which reached the tip of her chin.

Before they knew it, they had reached an alley at the end of the square.

There was no one in the alley.

It seems to be fine now.

Rachel hurriedly stretched out her hand.

“There, stop, look…!”

It was when she had just let out a fire that was hovering around her fingertips.

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