Smart Dragon

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I heard a knock on the door early in the morning.
I checked the children as I got up.
Their sleepy eyes were still closed tightly.

I got out of bed quietly.

“Who is it?”

With a soft whisper, a man’s voice was heard from the other side of the door.

“It's Noelier.”

It was a nice voice to hear again.

I carefully opened the door.

He stood at the door, dressed in a uniform.
His fair skin and half-turned hair shone on his beauty.
He still had a terrifyingly handsome face.

“It’s been a while.
I apologize for coming so early,” Noelier said politely.

I shook my head with an exhilarated face.

“It’s all right.”

I stepped aside, implying that he could come in.

Noelier, who had bowed his head as if to excuse himself, came into the house.
The tiny space of the house was filled.

“The children still seem to be sleeping.”

They played to their heart’s content.
Once they fell asleep, they slept well without a care in the world.”

He settled down at the edge of the bed and carefully swept Rachel’s hair.
It was a very friendly touch.
It was the exact opposite of the face he showed when he attacked me.

Just by looking at his eyes, I could tell how he thought of Rachel.

“Did Rachel cause any trouble?”

“Oh, no.
She has been nice,” I said and sat down next to him.

He glanced at me as I did so, and continued, “I’ve never seen my sister follow other people so well.”

“Is that so? But she’s so cute and lovely.”


Noelier furrowed his eyebrows in surprise.
His lips, which seemed to want to add more, closed for a moment.


Rachel had woken up.

She looked at me and Noelier alternately with hazy eyes as if she was still half asleep.

“You two…”

Rachel slowly muffled her words.
Her eyes blinked sleepily.

I moved closer to her so I could listen better.
Noelier did the same.

“As expected…”


“You suit each ot…” Rachel said that much and fell asleep again.

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The sound of breathing mingled with the sound of the burning firewood.

I shifted my gaze.
My blue eyes met Noelier’s red ones.
Our faces were so close to each other.

In an instant, the atmosphere became awkward.

I hurriedly moved a little away from him.

​“It seems Rachel is still dreaming.”

I tried to laugh, and said that.

If I didn’t, it’d be too awkward and I would fall crazy.
Contrary to my efforts, Noelier did not respond.
Whatever he was thinking, he just looked at me with a strange expression on his face.

His red eyes gleamed like jewels.

He opened his mouth cautiously.

“…Is this the first time we’ve met?”


“I mean…”

Noelier blurred out the end of his words.

It was a random question.

Somehow, he was tense.

“It’s not unfamiliar for some reason.”


I looked at him with a puzzled face.

I think I’ve heard of this before.

‘Where have we seen each other? You don’t know? But I think I’ve met you before.’

Isn’t this a pick-up line?*

(TL/N: The MTL said a working comment, but that didn’t sound right.)

But there was no reason for Noelier to say this to me.

Those old-fashioned lines were even worse.

I shook my head lightly.

“Well, I've been living in the North.
Unless you’ve been here before, then I don’t think we’ve ever met.”

“…I see.”

Noelier slightly nodded.

It was that moment.

The low sound of a tongue clicking was heard.


Noelier and I turned to the source of the noise.

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“What an old line!”

Rachel muttered with a hazy face, as if she had just woken up.

“Really, why are you like this…”


Rachel stopped rubbing her sleepy eyes at my call.
Her drowsy eyes slowly recovered their original hue.
Having been frozen momentarily, Rachel looked at me and smiled.

“…Sister, good morning.”

Then she reached out to me.

​I hugged Rachel with familiarity.
She hung on like a baby koala.

Rachel whined a little while rubbing her face as she couldn’t get rid of her sleepiness.

“Brother, no, that man is here again.”

Today is the day he visits.”

“What did you two talk about?” Rachel whispered with a voice only I can hear.

I shook my head lightly.

“Nothing much.”

“…I see,” Rachel said, glaring at Noelier.

She didn’t really seem to like him.

Anyway, what if you spend the whole day with your brother?

I deliberately turned to Noelier.
So that Rachel and Noelier can face each other.



Their eyes met each other.
Rachel looked at Noelier the opposite of how she looked at me.


Rachel, who was narrowing her eyes, suddenly opened her arms.

As if asking for a hug.


I was thrilled with the tremendous change.
In this way, the child’s whims brought a little pleasure.

I glanced at Noelier.

Go on, hug your sister.


But Noelier didn’t move.

​ He had a face where embarrassment and surprise coexisted.

Thanks to this, I was bewildered.

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I couldn’t believe that he didn’t move even though his sister asked for a hug.
That cautious Rachel opened her arms to hug him herself.

I looked at Rachel as if I had sinned again.

“Go on, hold her.”


“She doesn’t mind?”

But my concerned words were more useless than the dust hovering in the room.

Rachel clenched her hand as if to come closer.
The feisty cat seemed to be gracious to its owner, saying, ‘I’m letting it go.’

Noelier and I looked at Rachel like fools.


As we stood still, Rachel slipped into his arms with frustration.

Then Rachel, sitting between Noelier's legs, looked up at him and shrugged.


His red eyes were shaking violently in disbelief.
Noelier, who was trembling out of reluctance, hugged Rachel carefully.

I had to suppress my desire to applaud.

Brother and sister miraculously reunited.
Even though she lost her memories and might not be able to remember each other again.

Where else could there be a meaningful reunion such as this?

I nodded, full of emotion.

Now that everything’s settled, Rachel would be able to go back soon.

Goodbye to the waving death flag.

“Ugh, hot…”

Rachel freed herself from Noelier’s arms and came to me.
She clung to me with a tearful face.

“It’s too hot.
You’re the best.”


Rachel, you’re a dragon.

There’s no such thing as a dragon who’s sensitive to heat…

(TL/N: That’s true.
Daenerys approves of this message.)

Rachel had apparently grown used to the coldness of the North and my ice magic.

​ What should I do?

A good idea came to me as I was thinking.

“Wait a minute.”

I removed Rachel from my arms, and I placed her between me and Noelier.


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When I reached out my hand to Rachel, she looked at it in a daze.
I took one of her hands in silence and placed her other hand over Noelier’s.

“What do you think? Isn't this better?”

My hand for ice magic, and Noelier’s hand for fire magic.
In this case, wouldn’t it feel nice since the temperature was mixed?

I looked at Rachel with an expectant look.


Rachel furrowed her eyebrows like she found something unappealing about the arrangement.

“This isn't it.”

Rachel said so and took Noelier's hand.
His big hand was placed on top of my vacant one.
I shuddered at the warmth that was incomparable to Rachel’s.

It was the same with Noelier.

“I like this.”

This is what makes you happy.

Rachel said that and smiled brightly.

Thanks to this, we sat in a circle holding each other's hands.

I smiled and gave strength to my clasped hands.
It was to match Rachel’s rhythm.

Then, Noelier shuddered.
His red eyes trembled violently.

“Is it that you don’t like it?”

I relaxed my grip.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, no.”

He shook his head like a child denying a wrongdoing, and said with a serious face, “I’ve never felt this cool before.
I got nervous without realizing it.”

“So, you’re all right?”

Noelier nodded without answering.

He kept his mouth shut, but it didn’t look like he was lying.

It’ll be fine.

I gave strength to my grip once again.

Rachel looked at us with such a proud face.

“Do you like it like this?”

“Yes! I love it!”

“That’s good.”

I have the cold water, and Noelier has the hot water.
So, we had to keep holding hands for Rachel’s game.

“…..What are you doing?”

Until Zion, who woke up late, asked a question.

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