The Hero Who Returned From The War Has Changed.

This Is (Not) Going In The Direction I Thought

Lets summarize this situation.

In the middle of a criminal altercation in the center of the capital, I find a couple of sisters being kidnapped by a group of suspicious men.

So far all good.

No, wait.

That does not sound good.

A kidnapping in broad daylight is never a good thing!

But I mean its a not uncommon type of event at least in this world.

Which is not at all common…

It is that the leader of the group is an unknown archmage and on top of that the subordinates are a non-human species!!!

Leaving aside the reasons that an Archmage may have to start committing crimes such as kidnapping two defenseless girls in broad daylight.

The infiltration of a non-human species into the capital to commit crimes is a big problem.

In this world called Hortana, there are several hostile creatures against humanity such as goblins, orcs, trolls, undead, etc.

So their appearance in the kingdom is not strange at all.

A large part of the problems that affect this kingdom is due to the constant attack of this type of monster in fact.

Monster attacks not only directly affect the lives of the kingdoms citizens, but by preventing businesses from operating normally, they end up negatively affecting the economy.

Because of this, at least 40% of the kingdoms inhabitants live in poverty and are forced to commit crimes.

Of course, the fault that this situation escalated to something like this is due to the useless nobles of this Kingdom…

The royalty and the rest of the kingdoms nobles preferred to spend the defense budget on the Great Demon War, so no adventurers, knights, or guards could be hired to protect the cities and villages in the kingdom.

Except for the capital obviously.

Going back to the main focus of the problem…

The monsters that usually appear in the Kingdom are entirely non-human species of low intelligence like the ones mentioned above.

But clearly these guys Im fighting have high intelligence right?

I know of various intelligent non-human species from fantasy stories on Earth from elves to dwarves.

The problem here…

It is that in the 4 years since I was summoned I have been able to confirm through all kinds of official records that humanity is the ONLY intelligent species that has existed in this world.

Not including the goddess and the ”demons ” of course.

If there are other non-human species with intelligence different from us, wouldn that make it even more ridiculous that there are world wars between humans claiming that the opponent is a demon?

But who are these guys?

Although I hadn explained it until now, they all wear black robes that completely cover their appearance.

”AAAHHhggg! ” Exclaimed one of the men that Franz had just cut with his sword.

Well, the situation has changed anyway Franz said as his characteristic smile disappeared.

Non-lethal capture is no longer a priority

Suddenly Franzs expression becomes much colder and an aura incomparable to the one previously displayed appears.

Franz has released his bloodlust.

The pressure is so strong that the unknown group goes on high alert.

The men quickly try to take a defensive stance in formation.

But they fail to react to the next attack that Franz makes.

Franz moves at such a fast speed that no one was able to notice when his attack started.

The next second at least twenty bodies fall to the ground decapitated and with their hearts destroyed.

When facing a non-human species, cutting off the head may not be enough…

But it doesn matter who you are… if your heart or core is destroyed you won be able to continue living.

Franz swings his sword in the air to remove the blood while glaring at the Archmage with annoyance.

Franz has never really taken his attention off the Archmage.

Doing that would be absurd considering the dangers of magic…especially against an Archmage.

But what bothers Franz now is that the Archmage just stood by and did nothing while he killed his subordinates.

”Now I understand… you are Franz Alexander the Hero of Herssian ” The Archmage said with an indifferent look on his face.

”If you know who I am I advise you to surrender immediately. ”

”I don know what an unknown Archmage is doing in the capital but from what I can see it is unreasonable if he is involved in kidnapping girls like a degenerate. ”

The Archmage frowns at being called a degenerate by Franz.

”Ive heard rumors about your strength as the Hero but I think they are… ”

”…overestimates. ”

The Archmage extends his staff in the direction of Franz

”High-Level Magic – Inferno. ”

A huge wave of fire similar to a tsunami is shot toward where Franz is.

I could simply cut through the magic with my sword… but the remnants of the attack could harm the girls!. Franz thought with concern.


”High-Level Magic – Earthen Fortress. ” Franz said as he released a large amount of mana.

The giant wave of fire abruptly impacts a wall more than 10 meters high that appears out of nowhere.

Although the attack is stopped, the power was so high that the entire affected street was charred.

What a powerful magical attack… if I hadn covered it the girls would have been burned to ashes. Franz thought.

”I thought you were trying to kidnap them… aren you aware that with that attack you could have killed them? ” Franz said with an annoyed look.

”Who are you and what is your goal here? ”

But the opponent does not respond.

Damn… I tried to get more information out of him but he seems to be reluctant to speak now.

Who the hell are you?

I have personally met the Archmages who work for the 3 great kingdoms and this guy is none of them!

Still I…

”Girls, youd better go and take refuge in a safe place. Right now the Herssian army is retreating throughout the entire capital so they can keep you safe ” Franz said as he kept looking at his opponent.

”I-Its useless we
e under the effect of Un-Unbreakable chain… we can move from this area even if we want to ” the older sister replies.

”Don worry about us and fight with everything against him, even if some attack comes our way I will use my body to protect- ”

A loud sound of something breaking is heard.

A second later the girl sees a long sword with a blue handle breaking the unbreakable chains…

The girls look shocked at the unrealistic situation. Even the Archmage seems to be quite surprised right now.

The chains should not be broken unless the magic caster allows it or he dies.

They have been broken with a single sword strike.

Still I…

Theres no way Im losing to someone like him.

Indeed Franz has not felt any sense of real danger throughout this fight.

Not for nothing is he known as the strongest hero that ever existed.

After all, Franz has been through a lot of battles, gaining experience and abilities of all kinds.


Among what he has obtained, is one of his greatest weapons.

Anti-Defense Sword – Merlina.

Its effect is simple.

Allows you to cut ignoring anythings magic defense or ability.

In short, it allows you to be able to cut things that shouldn be able to be cut.

Of course, the level of mana control must be proportional to what you intend to cut…

But for Franz cutting the Unbreakable Chain is not difficult at all.

”Now quickly get out of here ” Franz says without changing his expression.

”Ill hold him here while you- ”

But suddenly the Archmage teleports to their side.

For a moment this takes Franz by surprise.

Mages specialize in ranged battles…

He would clearly be at an absolute disadvantage at close range.

But that moment of surprise was enough for Franz to miss an unknown cube-shaped object that the Archmage holds in his right hand.

Suddenly Franz with his highly trained senses, after having gone through many life and death situations, feels that some kind of intangible and invisible energy is heading towards him.

Unable to dodge it at such close range, he tries to block it with his sword.

But without being able to accurately detect it, the attack hits his arm.

From the impact area, something similar to a black spot begins to spread all over his arm and the rest of his body.

Franz quickly puts some distance from the Archmage so that he can take preemptive measures against the attack of unknown origin.

”High-level magic – Total Cure ” Franz quickly recites.

From Franzs heart, he began to spread his mana to his entire body.

But the moment it comes into contact with the affected area.

The magic disappears.

A sense of urgency arises within Franz.

Seeing that the Archmage does not move, Franz takes out an Elixir that he kept in his dimensional storage and begins to drink it.

The Archmage simply stands still as he watches Franz drink the elixir.

A smile covers his face.

Because the elixir that Franz just took doesn have any effect either…

”Hahaha Its useless Hero. ”

”Your body is rotting right now, soon you won be able to move and you will die- ”

But he is unable to continue the sentence.

Because his body is already cut in half vertically.

Blood drips down Geronimos blade.

Staying at close range against a swordsman just because he is weakened is a stupid mistake that one could take advantage of!

I exchange glances with the younger sister for a moment but soon my gaze blurs.

Finally, Franzs legs give way and he begins to lose his balance.


Looks like Im going to die.

Franz quickly accepts the situation.

Affected by an attack of unknown origin, his body begins to rot, losing the ability to feel and move his body.

To think that I would die from such a foolish oversight…

But who would have expected to be affected by such an attack?

Franz had never seen or heard of an attack, be it black magic or curses, that couldn be removed using high-level healing magic and even an Elixir.

On the verge of losing consciousness, Franz begins to remember all his adventures in this world…

”Excuse me… sir hero please hold on ” A female voice sounds

Sshh. Silence, girl, let me remember my good times in this world before I leave Franz thought, waiting for his imminent end.

But contrary to his expectations.

Soon Franz slowly begins to come to his senses and can notice…

That her body is lying down with her head resting on the legs of the older girl.

But what really shocks Franz enormously here…

”Sister! Mr. Hero will be alright? Asked the youngest of the sisters.

”Don worry, it seems hell be fine ” The older sister answered calmly.

A beautiful and warm white light, almost divine, comes out of the hands of the eldest of the sisters.

And in this way… Franzs body that was almost completely rotten and on the verge of death…

He fully recovers as if nothing had happened.

No. Actually, his body was in a better state than before eliminating even the physical and mental fatigue he had been gathering up until now.

With that, Fran, who was now lying with her head on the older sisters legs, raised her head towards her and asked.

”Who are you? ”

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