He immediately told Yu Ning what Pei Yuan had said to him yesterday.


Bao Guangyuan stood to the side and listened with ears pricked up.
When he finished listening, he looked at Yu Ning with wide eyes.


He felt that Yu Ning was a dangerous person from the first moment he saw him.


After spending so many days together, he gradually accepted Yu Ning’s abilities and even found him cool and handsome, only to find out that he was now possibly contaminated?


Sure enough, superpowers were not something that ordinary people could afford to consume.


Either they would be contaminated and die early, or like Pei Yuan, be fine in the short term, but would not live long.


Earlier, he thought that it was very cool to be able to use mysterious items, but at this moment, Bao Guangyuan could not help but be glad that he was an ordinary person.


He had managed to survive the forest and he just wanted to live a long and healthy life, never to deal with ghosts and monsters again!


In contrast to Bao Guangyuan, whose emotions were all written on his face, Yu Ning, as the person in question, was very calm after listening to Ji Mingxia’s words.


However, the calmer Yu Ning was, the more worried Ji Mingxia became and on seeing Yu Ning look at him in silence, Ji Mingxia guiltily lowered his head and apologized, “I’m sorry ……”


Everything Yu Ning knew about mysterious items came from him.


If he had known that mysterious items would bring so much trouble, he would not have told Yu Ning about them.
As long as the two had not gone to the classroom to lure the ghost to appear, the first ring would not have fallen into Yu Ning’s hands, causing the plot to drift and everything to develop in an unforeseen direction.


The more he thought about it, the more guilty he felt, and Ji Mingxia simply couldn’t imagine how Yu Ning was feeling at this moment.


Yu Ning said, “So, you dismissed my suspicions and chose to believe him because of this matter?”


“Yes.” Ji Mingxia replied with his head bowed, not daring to face Yu Ning.


“You kept talking to him last night because you were discussing this matter?” Yu Ning asked again.


“Mm.” Ji Mingxia nodded his head, already prepared for Yu Ning’s blame.


However, instead of blame, Ji Mingxia heard Yu Ning say, “Fine, I’ll go back with him to do the test.”


Ji Mingxia was stunned, almost thinking he had heard wrong.
He jerked his head up only to see Yu Ning looking at him with slightly downcast eyes.
The look in his eyes was calm and gentle.


The tuft of hair that had been blown up by the wind was still gently swaying and Yu Ning’s entire person looked very calm, completely devoid of the resentment and anger that Ji Mingxia had expected.


“Yu Ning ……” Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but remind, “Pei Yuan said that people with serious contamination could die.”


“I’ll die even if I don’t go.” Yu Ning said, surprisingly calm in the face of his own life and death.


“No, not necessarily.” Ji Mingxia could barely resist warning, “In case you’re more special, as someone who is heavily contaminated but can’t die, then…“


Ji Mingxia was just halfway through his sentence when Yan Guang’s voice suddenly interjected, “Hey hey, what are you two getting at? There’s no need to make our department sound so horrible.”


Ji Mingxia’s words were interrupted and he couldn’t help but look at Yan Guang.


Yan Guang felt everyone’s eyes on him and he looked at Yu Ning and said, “Yu Ning, right? I see that you are fine, there is no sign of contamination.”


Everyone was shocked, and Ji Mingxia was wide-eyed as he turned to Pei Yuan.

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