shock and was still holding on to Bao Guangyuan, so he didn’t even notice Yu Ning’s expression.


It was not until a gust of wind blew in, slightly blowing Yu Ning’s hair up and revealing his clear eyes.


Although he did not speak, Yu Ning’s eyes were extraordinarily luminous as he looked at him.


Ji Mingxia inexplicably thought of the expression on Yu Ning’s face when he asked him about his ears before he went to sleep last night.
It was somewhat similar to the one he had now.


He didn’t know what was wrong after his answer, causing Yu Ning to stay in low spirits until now.


Ji Mingxia immediately seized the opportunity to brighten Yu Ning’s mood and he said loudly, “Yu Ning is the best.”


After saying this, Ji Mingxia hurriedly observed Yu Ning’s expression secretly.


He saw Yu Ning withdrew his gaze happily, and after looking around to make sure that the surroundings were safe, he haughtily turned around and said, “Let’s go.”


Of the four, only Yu Ning knew the way.
He was the equivalent of a humanoid navigator, and everyone followed him.


Because of the disappearance of the boundary and the frequent presence of wild animals, the final formation became that Yu Ning walked at the front to open the way, Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan walked in the middle, and Pei Yuan walked at the end in case of an unexpected situation.


After leaving the commercial vehicle, the further out they walked, the smaller the trees became, and they could vaguely make out a road ahead.


Ji Mingxia was behind Yu Ning and he noticed that the wind-blown hair on his head, which was slow to fall, swayed with him as he walked.
He watched it bounce around and he could not help but secretly smile.


Although they had left the forest, the surroundings were still quiet.
There was no sound except for the four people’s footsteps.


The four had reached the road closest to the forest when they heard a subtle vibration sound.


The sound sounded very familiar, and it was only after Ji Mingxia had listened to it for two or three seconds that he realised that it was the sound of a vibrating mobile phone.


Because of the lack of signal in the forest, everyone had not touched their mobile phones for many days, and most of their phones had long since run out of battery.


At this moment, everyone froze for a moment at the first movement of their mobile phones.


Ji Mingxia looked at the front and back, and finally saw Pei Yuan taking out his mobile phone from his backpack.


He was the last of the four to enter the forest so his phone still had battery left.
Now that he was out of the forest and in an area with a signal, he immediately received a call.


Pei Yuan took out his phone, glanced at the screen and then accepted the call.


The person on the other end said something unknown, and Pei Yuan raised his head in surprise and looked around, “Where are you?”


Five minutes later, a figure gradually appeared before Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia and the others.


There was only one path into the forest, and the man came on foot.
It was obvious that he had been waiting outside the forest for a long time.


When he saw Ji Mingxia and his group, the man immediately quickened his pace and came up to them.


He was a young man of about thirty years, wearing simple casual clothes and he had the same tanned skin tone as Pei Yuan.


His hair was short, and his facial features were handsome.


His eyes were unusually bright, and he looked very spirited.


Ji Mingxia looked at him and inexplicably associated him with a school physical education teacher, or a hiker.
The man seemed to radiate with energy.


“Where did you go? We agreed to meet at night, but we have been waiting for days and no one is here.
I couldn’t get to you on the phone, and the headquarters keeps asking me about you.” The man started spouting off as soon as he finished looking Pei Yuan over and confirming that Pei Yuan was healthy and his body was intact.


As he complained, the man looked at Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan, and when he noticed that all three had young faces and looked like boys who had just come of age, the man immediately greeted them, “Hello, I’m Pei Yuan’s big brother.”


Pei Yuan glanced at Ji Mingxia and corrected him, “He’s my senior uncle from the same department, Yan Guang.”


Yan Guang stopped talking for a moment and gave Pei Yuan a somewhat surprised look.


When facing outsiders, they consistently referred to themselves as relatives, and only when facing those in the know would they speak frankly.


With this short sentence, Pei Yuan not only named Yan Guang, but also mentioned the words “senior uncle” and “department” so it could be seen that these three people knew quite a lot of things.


Thinking of this, Yan Guang turned his head and once again looked at Ji Mingxia’s group.


Compared to the casual greeting before, Yan Guang’s eyes took on a bit of scrutiny.


After all, Pei Yuan had been missing for two days.
They couldn’t expose too much if these three people were ordinary people.


But if all three were characters related to mysterious items, there should be no room for sloppiness.


Because Pei Yuan’s eyes fell on Ji Mingxia when he introduced him, Yan Guang first took a closer look at Ji Mingxia.


The more he looked, the more Yan Guang became puzzled and he frowned slightly.


At that moment, Yu Ning took a step forward and came in front of Ji Mingxia.
Yu Ning looked at Pei Yuan and Yan Guang and said, “Department? Senior Uncle?”

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