ways felt that food was a passport to socialising.


If they all got together, ate, drank and chatted, everyone would become familiar with each other after the meal and soon become good friends.


However, this formula did not work with Yu Ning and Pei Yuan at all.


The four of them sat and dined together, and it was only him and Bao Guangyuan who were talking.


Yu Ning was naturally withdrawn and did not even look up except when Ji Mingxia was talking.


Pei Yuan was a little better, but he would listen to Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan, and when he was not cued, he would not say much.


So, thanks to Bao Guangyuan’s presence, the meal was a little more harmonious.


After he had eaten and drunk enough, Bao Guangyuan became a little sleepy and got up to start tidying up his things and prepare to sleep.


As soon as he left, the atmosphere instantly cooled.


Yu Ning and Pei Yuan sat across from each other, and when Ji Mingxia talked to either one of them, the other would watch him silently, causing Ji Mingxia to feel uncomfortable in everything he did.


Ji Mingxia felt envious of Bao Guangyuan who was happily making his bed after eating and drinking to his fill.


At a time like this, it would be better to be a passerby.
Being a supporting role with a mission was  too unsuitable for him!


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia inexplicably remembered the original owner’s unknown ex-boyfriend.
He looked at Pei Yuan who was looking at him gently and a thought flashed in his mind.
The idea that he had let go before was finally caught at this moment.


He suddenly understood what Pei Yuan meant when he said that paragraph.


 —“I should have said sorry to you for the way I handled that incident back then.
It was not quite right.”


—“I only thought that you were too young and should not decide on your future so early.
Now that I think about it, I was indeed too impulsive at that moment and I should have communicated with you properly.
Are you still together?”


Back then meant two or three years ago, when Ji Mingxia was in junior high school.


—'Deciding on your future…are you still together?'


He linked the passages together and came to a realization.  Could it be that …… Pei Yuan met the original owner and his ex-boyfriend?


This speculation made Ji Mingxia shudder.


The original owner and his ex-boyfriend got together when they were so young?


Wouldn’t that be two junior high school students having an early love affair?


The twenty-year-old Pei Yuan had seen two junior high school boys fall in love early and possibly even do something more out of the ordinary, so he couldn’t help but put a stop to it.
As a result, things became inappropriate and it triggered backlash from the original owner instead?


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia only felt unwell.


For a moment, he didn’t know whether to be surprised that the original owner had fallen in love early or that it was Pei Yuan who intervened in that matter.


But then Ji Mingxia reacted.
The focus of this matter should not be there.


His identity as a love mentor was not only for Yu Ning, but also for Pei Yuan.


Pei Yuan had witnessed the original owner’s puppy love and didn’t think too well of it.


According to the original plot, the original owner and his ex-boyfriend eventually got back together and made it right, and he even used his example to constantly encourage Yu Ning and Pei Yuan.


In other words, the matter back then was a foreshadowing.


If he were to go through the plot normally, he would have told Pei Yuan that although he and his ex-boyfriend had separated, they could always meet and get together again, feeding Pei Yuan with positive energy of love.


Unfortunately, Ji Mingxia was not the original owner and he knew nothing about the original onwer's past.
When Pei Yuan made an inquiry, he didn’t react at all, and simply played dumb!


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia was suddenly a little embarrassed.


He looked at Yu Ning and Pei Yuan in front of him.
The two were still sitting face to face with cold expressions.


Ji Mingxia lowered his head in thought.
The two of them were doing their own thing with no interaction.


It would be a miracle if they didn’t become enemies, let alone a couple.


Tonight, the four of them will be sleeping together, and they will be going down the mountain tomorrow.  They will probably need Pei Yuan to help with Yu Ning’s health issues.


The current state of these two was not good.
Even if they don’t fall in love for the time being, they could at least start as friends.


Just when Ji Mingxia was getting worried, Yu Ning opened a package of snacks, sorted out a few of Ji Mingxia’s favourite snacks and brought them to him.


Ji Mingxia took them and Yu Ning put away the rubbish in front of Ji Mingxia, wrapping it up for storage.


Meng Xinyi had stolen Yu Ning’s backpack and they now had no special place to put the rubbish, so Yu Ning went back inside the tent and took down some of the bags that had previously held clothes.
He then used these to carry the rubbish.


Because of his injury, Ji Mingxia had been well taken care of by Yu Ning over the past few days, so well that he was almost used to this kind of considerate care.


When he saw Yu Ning return into the tent, Ji Mingxia thought for a moment and said to Pei Yuan, “Although Yu Ning seems rather cold, he is actually a very attentive and gentle person.
He is also kind and shy.”


Ji Mingxia’s words coincided with Bao Guangyuan’s return, and when he heard them, Bai Guangyuan instantly showed an expression as if he'd seen a ghost.


Was the Yu Ning being talked about the same one he knew?

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