When Ji Mingxia learned that Pei Yuan and Yu Ning might not live to be fifty years old, his face had turned a little pale.


But after listening to Pei Yuan’s words, his whole body trembled and he couldn’t even sit still.


Pei Yuan also did not expect that his words would deal such a severe blow to Ji Mingxia.


He hurriedly asked, “Are you alright?”


“I ……” Ji Mingxia shook his head.
He was about to deny it, but as soon as his head shook, a stabbing pain came from within his ear canal.


Ji Mingxia gasped, and immediately covered his ears, frowning as he endured the stinging pain.


The pain came so fast and unexpectedly that Ji Mingxia felt his eyes go black for a second.


Fortunately, the pain was not constant and it disappeared after a few moments, leaving only the residual pain to haunt him.


Ji Mingxia said patiently, “I’m fine, it’s just that my ear canal is a bit inflamed, I’ll just go to the hospital when we get down the mountain tomorrow.”


“Inflammation of the ear canal?” Pei Yuan thought for a moment, turned sideways and took out a bottle of eye drops from his bag, followed by a bottle of erythromycin ointment, “Try this.”


Ji Mingxia hurriedly said, “I’m fine, it’s just a slight inflammation, it’s not serious.
I have anti-inflammatory medicine and Yu Ning will help clean out my ears later.
All it needs is a cotton swab to wipe the medicine in.”


Pei Yuan insisted, “These are ofloxacin eye drops, a drop in your ear will relieve it so you don’t need to do that.
The liquid is cool and soft, which is more suitable for your current situation.”


With that, Pei Yuan handed the eye drops and ointment to Ji Mingxia.


The pain that came from time to time affected him and seeing that Pei Yuan had handed something he desperately needed at the moment, Ji Mingxia did not feel polite and took them with gratitude, “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Pei Yuan said, “I should have said sorry to you for the way I handled that incident …… back then, it was not quite right.”


Back then?


The way he handled the incident?


Ji Mingxia knew that Pei Yuan was talking about the past between him and the original owner.
Unfortunately, Ji Mingxia had no memories and had no way of guessing.
He was also eager to find out what had actually happened between Pei Yuan and the original owner.


With Pei Yuan’s character, it was absolutely impossible for him to do something bad or wrong to Ji Mingxia.


So he guessed that Pei Yuan intended to help Ji Mingxia, but things didn't go quite well.


The fact that Pei Yuan didn’t recognise Ji Mingxia when they first met meant that they had met at least two or three years ago.


At that time, Pei Yuan was less than twenty and Ji Mingxia was still in junior high school.
Adolescence was the peak of human growth and development, and within a few years, one can lose the baby fat and grow into the appearance of an adult.
He looked different from the way he was two or three years ago so Pei Yuan couldn’t recognize him.


Having established these points in his mind, Ji Mingxia weighed his words and said, “I know, you meant well, I should be the one to thank you.”


Pei Yuan did not expect to receive Ji Mingxia’s thanks and he laughed in surprise, “I only thought that you were not too young and should not decide on your future so early.
Now that I think about it, I was indeed too impulsive at that moment and I should have communicated with you properly.
Are you still together?”


Pei Yuan looked at Ji Mingxia inquiringly as he said that.


Ji Mingxia was still thinking about what Pei Yuan meant by these words, when he was suddenly asked a question.
He was a little confused and opened his mouth, but did not dare to answer.


Without knowing the details of the situation, opening his mouth rashly would probably backfire.
He can only muddle through by playing dumb.


Pei Yuan saw that Ji Mingxia was staring at him blankly, but did not answer, and he hurriedly said, “I am the one who is talking too much, you are already an adult, I believe you will be able to handle it.”


He spoke while giving Ji Mingxia full encouragement.


Ji Mingxia inexplicably received a look of trust and blessing from Pei Yuan, so he could only laugh dryly and nod randomly.


Pei Yuan’s words were so vague that he was unable to extract any useful information.


Yu Ning is much better at this kind of thing than he was, he should let Yu Ning do it ……


Thinking of Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but turn back and glance in Yu Ning’s direction.


The sky was almost dark and Yu Ning was standing in the distance.
Ji Mingxia looked over and could not even see his expression.
He could only make out a blurred figure still standing by the tree.


“Pei Yuan, if Yu Ning is really contaminated, is there a solution?” Ji Mingxia asked in a soft voice.


He had wanted to ask this question for a while but was terrified of getting a negative answer.


After all, the professionals couldn’t live past fifty , indicating that with their current abilities, they simply could not do anything about this unknown energy.


But it was useless to run away.
This was a matter of Yu Ning’s health and safety, he had to get a definite answer.


He believed that Pei Yuan would help them as long as he had the means.


Sure enough, Ji Mingxia heard Pei Yuan say, “I can take him back to try.”


“Take him back?” Ji Mingxia looked at Pei Yuan in confusion.


“My elders and teachers are all in the capital and they are more experienced in this area.” Pei Yuan said, “The bronze bell gave a stern warning, causing me to be very wary of Yu Ning as well.
But according to what you have just said, the time you have been in contact with the mysterious items is actually very short, so perhaps I have misjudged and Yu Ning’s situation might not be that bad.”


Speaking of this, Pei Yuan said to Ji Mingxia, “It is inevitable to be contaminated by mysterious items when using them.
Everyone will be slightly contaminated and this is a very common phenomenon.
As long as the treatment is timely, you will be able to go back to normal.”


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but say, “Then what if he is severely contaminated, or even according to what you said, Yu Ning had turned into a mysterious item? How would that be handled?”


Pei Yuan was silent for a few seconds and slowly said, “I don’t know.
According to our previous experience, this kind of person would have already gone mad or died tragically before they were discovered or brought back for treatment.”


Ji Mingxia understood at once.


This thing was just like cancer, either it was discovered early and treated in time, or it went straight to an advanced stage and the person died before they could get treatment.


Yu Ning’s current situation was that he was suspected of having “cancer”.  If it was a mild case, it would be best to treat it and he would be back to normal.


Ji Mingxia’s fear was that it would be a serious case and not only would he not be cured, but he may also become a test subject.


If it was someone else, Ji Mingxia would have advised them to go for treatment.
It was most important to survive after all, but Yu Ning was different.


Yu Ning was the main character, even if the contamination is really “advanced”, he would not die.
His ultimate fate was ending up as a test subject until he was old…


The thought of this made Ji Mingxia’s heart break.


The Yu Ning in the original story was not bothered by such issues.


This current situation was entirely due to the butterfly effect caused by his transmigration.


From a certain point, he was the one who had brought Yu Ning to this point.


“I know.” Ji Mingxia whispered, “I will find a chance and speak to Yu Ning.”


Seeing that Ji Mingxia was in low spirits, Pei Yuan thought about it and told the other about his team.


They were officially recognised full-time staff under the Department of Mysterious Items Research.
The department had developed since the founding of the country and had already reached a certain scale.


However, because of the specific content of their work, everyone was exploring from the north and south of the world, and they rarely met or communicated with each other for long periods of time.


In the past, it was difficult for colleagues to communicate with each other for years, but with the internet, things were much more convenient.


If Yu Ning intended to go back with him, he would contact the headquarters when there was a signal down the mountain, and have a special officer take them back then.


While reading the book, Ji Mingxia had no interest in the background setting and he had skipped it after a quick scan.


Now that he was in the book, background knowledge was vital so he listened very carefully.
He made passing links to the plot as he listened, trying not to miss any important details.


Time passed unnoticed, and in the blink of an eye, night fell.
The last haze of the setting sun disappeared, and the glow of the moon reflected in the mountains.


Ji Mingxia and Pei Yuan were in the middle of a conversation when they inadvertently turned around and were surprised to find Yu Ning still standing in place.
Bao Guangyuan saw Ji Mingxia turn his head and hurriedly waved his hand at Ji Mingxia for help.


Yu Ning had stood for so long without moving and Ji Mingxia was a little worried.
He only said to Pei Yuan as he stood up, “Bao Guangyuan is looking for me, I’ll go over there first.”


“Okay.” Pei Yuan said.


Ji Mingxia had just walked up to Bao Guangyuan when the latter said with a bitter face, “Is…is everything okay between you and Pei Yuan?”


“Me and Pei Yuan? It’s fine.” Ji Mingxia said strangely, “What’s wrong?”


“Then why did you guys talk for so long? And Pei Yuan kept smiling at you.” Bao Guangyuan muttered, “Not to mention Yu Ning, I also couldn’t stand it.”


Ji Mingxia’s head was simply full of questions, “Weren’t you the one who said you didn’t want to talk to Pei Yuan and told me to go up and do it?”


Bao Guangyuan froze for a moment.
It was only then that he remembered this matter.
Ji Mingxia was on a mission to communicate with Pei Yuan!


Bao Guangyuan hurriedly said, “It’s my fault, it’s my fault, so have you guys finished talking now?”


“Almost.” Ji Mingxia said.


“Why don’t you go and talk to Yu Ning too.
He’s been standing there for a long, long time.” Bao Guangyuan said weakly.


Ji Mingxia glanced at Yu Ning who was not far away, “It’s true that he’s been standing for a long …… time.
Why didn’t you ask him to come over?”


“I don’t dare.” Bao Guangyuan urged, “You go, you go.”


Ji Mingxia looked at Bao Guangyuan’s abashed face and was speechless.


He felt like he was useless, but this Bao Guangyuan, was a million times more useless than him.


However, as an unnamed passerby in the original story, it didn’t matter if he was a bit useless.


It was different for him.
He was also useless but he had a mission to fulfill.


Thinking of this, an inexplicable light flashed in Ji Mingxia’s mind and an idea flew by, but Ji Mingxia didn’t catch it in time.


Bao Guangyuan was still urging him from the sidelines, “Mingxia, Yu Ning is watching you.”


“Okay, okay.” Ji Mingxia tried to think back but it was to no avail.
He had no choice but to first walk up to Yu Ning.


Yu Ning stood in his original position, and when he saw Ji Mingxia walking over, he slightly lowered his eyes to look at him.


As soon as Ji Mingxia met Yu Ning’s eyes, he recalled what he had confided in Yu Ning not long ago.


His face reddened a little, but fortunately, it was already dark and so Yu Ning could not see his embarrassment.


Ji Mingxia tried to pretend that it was business as usual, and briefly told Yu Ning about the conversation he had with Pei Yuan.


He explained the role of Pei Yuan’s crest, the role of the bronze bell, and the Mysterious Item Research Department……


For the time being, Ji Mingxia didn’t mention the possibility of Yu Ning being contaminated.


Yu Ning was already distrustful of Pei Yuan, and telling Yu Ning of such a possibility would just backfire.


Moreover, Ji Mingxia himself had not thought of what choice he should make.


Yu Ning quietly listened to Ji Mingxia’s explanation and said, “You trust him?”


This was a question that Yu Ning had asked earlier.
Previously, he didn’t know how to answer and stammered in defence, but he didn’t want to run away from it this time.


He was willing to trust Pei Yuan.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia gave an “mmm” and nodded his head.


He thought that Yu Ning would be disappointed by his choice, but unexpectedly, Yu Ning was very calm: “Okay, then I believe him too.”


Ji Mingxia did not expect Yu Ning to be so nice all of a sudden, and looked up at him in surprise.


Although it was already dark, the stars and the moon were shining brightly.


The cool moonlight reflected Yu Ning’s delicate and clear face.


His gaze had not left Ji Mingxia from the beginning and seeing Ji Mingxia raise his head, Yu Ning looked at him tenderly and whispered, “Because, I believe in you.”

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