Ji Mingxia pulled Yu Ning’s hand, preventing him from controlling the ring.


Without Yu Ning to manipulate it, the ring retreated at once, changing back to its blood-red ring form.


When Yu Ning took the ring back, Pei Yuan’s bell also floated back.


Pei Yuan had not extended his hand throughout.
The bell had sensed that he was in danger and suddenly flew out to protect its master.


With the threat gone, it automatically floated to Pei Yuan’s waist and hung on it.


It was obvious that the bronze bell was much more powerful compared to other mysterious objects.


Yu Ning watched Ji Mingxia grab his hand and he could barely control it; he turned his wrist and held Ji Mingxia’s hand instead.


His body temperature was low and his palm had little heat so Ji Mingxia’s wrist felt cold at the touch.


Ji Mingxia was stunned for a moment, and in the next instant, Yu Ning’s hand tightened its grip slightly before pulling him away.


Ji Mingxia also needed to talk with Yu Ning, so he did not struggle.


He smiled at Pei Yuan apologetically and wanted to say a few words, but Yu Ning did not give him a chance to speak as he quickly accelerated his pace.


Ji Mingxia could only shout to Bao Guangyuan, “You tell him about our situation ah……”


Yu Ning had already pulled him under a big tree before he could finish his words.


The sun was about to set and the twilight shone on Ji Mingxia’s face.
Ji Mingxia squinted reflexively and before he could react, Yu Ning was already standing in front of him, helping to shield him from the sun light 


Although Yu Ning helped to block the sun, he also completely blocked Ji Mingxia’s view of the sun.


It would have been better if Yu Ning was shorter than him, but Yu Ning was taller than him and his shoulders were wider than his, so he completely blocked the space in front of him.


When he was standing behind Yu Ning, his attention was on the plot and he hadn’t made a carefully comparison 


At this moment, he took a look at the difference in physique and height.
Yu Ning was looking at him so his head was slightly lowered and his eyes dropping slightly.


Ji Mingxia was instantly shocked.
Had Yu Ning grown a lot taller in this period of time?


Yu Ning was eighteen years old, and Ji Mingxia was eighteen according to his ID age.


But in reality, Ji Mingxia’s actual age was nineteen before he crossed over and he had just started his first year of university.


Although boys of his age could still grow taller, they were already past his peak development period, and it was reasonable that one could not have grown so significantly taller in such a short period of time.


Even if he was to grow taller, why wasn’t he the one growing taller!


Ji Mingxia was originally a little shorter than Yu Ning, but he had good body proportions, so it wasn’t too obvious if you didn’t look closely.


But now that they were standing face to face like this… he didn’t know how others saw it, but he felt a little out of sorts.


Yu Ning was staring at himself closely, but Ji Mingxia had nowhere to retreat because behind him was the tree trunk.


With so little room to move around, it was very difficult for Ji Mingxia to make any small movements or hide some small expressions.


Moreover, the close proximity made Yu Ning’s gaze particularly oppressive.


In desperation, Ji Mingxia could only be the first to speak and whisper Yu Ning’s name: “Yu Ning ……”


Yu Ning heard Ji Mingxia’s voice and he slightly restrained his expression, easing it by a few points so it didn’t seem so serious.


He said, “You know this Pei Yuan?”


Ji Mingxia said vaguely, “We’ve met before.”


“He’s not a good person, don’t trust him too much.” Yu Ning said.


“Pei Yuan is actually-“ Ji Mingxia was just about to explain a few words for Pei Yuan, however, Yu Ning, in a very rare move, interrupted Ji Mingxia’s words.


Yu Ning said, “These two Blood Red Rings, when alone, only have attacking power.
When they are combined, they will have a new function that will make many people swoon.
But in order to inspire this function, the master must kill enough people and feed the rings with a certain amount of blood.  Only after this can the rings be fused to become functional.”


“We’re not the only ones who suspected Li Youzi, the news that she came to the forest to kill people had already leaked out.”


This was Yu Ning’s first time mentioning this and Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning with wide eyes, “How did you know?”


“I found out while at the Quanzhuang Hotel.” Yu Ning quickly said, “The ring will only awaken after it has sucked human blood.
That is the reason why that mysterious man gave the ring to Song Yuelin and the others as “reward”.
He wanted to sacrifice the eight people to the ring.


“Li Youzi’s act of revenge was just what that man wanted, so as soon as he has the chance, he will definitely appear to recover the ring.”


Ji Mingxia said, “But didn’t Li Youzi say that she used her body and soul to make a pact with the ring to curse that mysterious man?”


“Yes.” Yu Ning said, “But that man doesn’t necessarily know about it, and besides, the curse wouldn’t take effect immediately.”


Seeing Ji Mingxia’s shocked expression, Yu Ning continued, “I was about to capture Li Youzi yesterday but she suddenly disappeared.
At that time, I suspected that it was all related to the mysterious crest on her head, and now it was confirmed that Pei Yuan put the triangular crest.”


Speaking of the ctest, Ji Mingxia remembered that there was a detailed record of Pei Yuan’s role with this crest in the novel.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly explained, “This crest is Pei Yuan’s signature move and it’s not just as simple as a tracking mark.
More often than not, Pei Yuan uses it to save people and his energy gets very depleted when using it.
In fact, Li Youzi was going to die that day but because of the crest on her body, she was able to survive with his power.  Today, the crest disappeared and Li Youzi also died so Pei Yuan actually wanted to help her …… “


Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia anxiously explaining for Pei Yuan and the veins at the back of his hand twitched involuntarily.


However, he restrained his emotions in time and said: “This crest was left on Li Youzi’s head for two days.
Pei Yuan could always sense it, but surprisingly, he got lost in the forest for two days and did not show up in those two days.
When the crest disappeared, Li Youzi died, and he suddenly appeared when the two rings could fuse.”


Ji Mingxia thought about it and could only say, “There was a boundary in the forest.
Pei Yuan was unfamiliar with the forest and had no ring to assist him, so maybe that’s why he was delayed for so long?”


“The slopes of Love Mountain Spring are steep and the terrain is treacherous, if Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xingyi hadn’t led the way here, the two of us wouldn’t have been able to find it that day.” Yu Ning said, “He was not familiar with the forest and had no ring to assist him, so why was he able to come straight to us?”


Ji Mingxia was stuck at Yu Ning’s rhetorical question.


“Also, I deliberately sneaked up on him, and he reacted quickly and was stronger than me.” Yu Ning said coldly, “With his ability, Li Youzi wouldn’t have been able to escape.”


Ji Mingxia was dumbfounded at his words.


He wondered why Yu Ning was suddenly so impulsive, directly wanting to make a move against Pei Yuan.


It turned out that he was testing Pei Yuan’s strength!


If Ji Mingxia hadn’t read the original story, he would have suspected that there was something seriously wrong with Pei Yuan after listening to Yu Ning’s summary, and might even have thought that he was the mysterious man who sent the invitations.


However, Ji Mingxia, who had read the original story, knew that anyone could be the villain except for Pei Yuan.


In a world filled with mysterious items and so many gods and ghosts, Pei Yuan was like a warm light that not only brightened Yu Ning’s life, but had also helped countless people who had lost their way.


The novel was very long, and Yu Ning and Pei Yuan went through many storylines and brushed many copies together.


In each copy, there were good and bad people and Pei Yuan appeared like a savior to save them.


As a reader, Ji Mingxia liked Yu Ning who was real and endearing because he had a personality and some character flaws.


A character with a perfect personality like Pei Yuan was not Ji Mingxia’s cup of tea at all.


So he had the idea of abandoning the book after seeing Yu Ning and Pei Yuan together.


However, this feeling was limited to reading novels.


The real world was full of mysterious objects, harsh ghosts appearing anywhere and everywhere.
Once a paranormal event occurs, human lives are like grass and supporting characters without a name or cannon fodder die in minutes.


A character like Pei Yuan, who had good looks and strength, was willing to protect the cannon fodder.
He gave a sense of security that could put people at ease beyond measure.


Seeing Pei Yuan in person, he was even more handsome than Ji Mingxia had imagined.
Coupled with his life experience, only a character like Pei Yuan was perfectly worthy of Yu Ning.


Therefore, although Ji Mingxia had no feelings for him, he couldn’t help but trust him and he felt that Yu Ning must have misunderstood Pei Yuan.


Ji Mingxia was struggling with how to explain to Yu Ning, when he heard Yu Ning say, “Let's find a chance to get rid of him.
If he wants to spend the night on the mountain, we’ll go down the mountain in the night.”


Ji Mingxia was startled and couldn’t help but say, “No, that’s not very good ……”


The protagonists want to go their separate ways immediately after meeting?! Not to mention the sparks of love, it’s good that they part amicably. 


This was not just a dereliction of duty, it was a huge sin!


If this fictional world had a consciousness, or he had a system or something, Ji Mingxia would have been wiped out on the spot!


As soon as Ji Mingxia’s words fell, the ends of Yu Ning’s eyes were tinged with a bit of gloomy hostility.


His voice was a little lower than usual as he said to Ji Mingxia, “You chose to trust him even though you know he has flaws?”


Ever since their encounter with the ghost at school, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had been teaming up together.


From Lin Siyun to now, they had experienced so many dangers, and every time, no matter what Yu Ning said, Ji Mingxia had believed everything unconditionally.


This was the first time that Ji Mingxia rejected Yu Ning’s plans even though the flaws were all laid out and he knew the risks involved.
He stubbornly chose to stand on Pei Yuan’s side.


Sensing that Yu Ning was upset, Ji Mingxia hurriedly said, “I’m not trusting him, it’s just ……”


“Just what?” Yu Ning pursued.


“I just think …… he is not that kind of person.” Ji Mingxia just could not come up with a reason.


Yu Ning was obviously not convinced and Ji Mingxia was so anxious that he was sweating profusely.
In his haste, Ji Mingxia had to say, “Pei Yuan is very special, he is different from ordinary people, when I see him, it is like seeing you ……”


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning sincerely and said, “You two are special.
Even if you stand in the crowd, you'd stand out from the rest and cannot be ignored! You are the two most special and extraordinary people in this entire world!”


Ji Mingxia finished, hoping that Yu Ning could understand his hint.


But for some reason, Yu Ning seemed even angrier after listening to his description 


Yu Ning’s face was sullen and he said word for word, “So in your heart, me and Pei Yuan, are the same?”


Ji Mingxia wanted to nod and say yes, but the expression on Yu Ning’s face made it impossible for him to give a perfunctory answer.


To him, Yu Ning and Pei Yuan were definitely different.


He had liked Yu Ning when he was reading the novel, and after spending time with him, he liked him even more.


Although Pei Yuan was handsome and everything was perfect, Ji Mingxia was sure that if it was Pei Yuan who was adventuring with him all this way, he would not have been moved.


You know, he originally liked girls!


Yu Ning had directly changed Ji Mingxia’s sexuality which had been stable for nineteen years, with a single stroke of his own.


Was he that easily bent?


Unable to give a perfunctory answer and unable to reveal his heart, Ji Mingxia was so torn that he simply didn’t know what to do.


Seeing Ji Mingxia’s tangled expression, Yu Ning was silent for two seconds, and finally said, “I see, you don’t need to answer me.”


His voice was as soft as a feather, and it gently fell into Ji Mingxia’s ears.


Ji Mingxia could not help but look up at him as he heard his words.


Yu Ning, however, turned his head to the side, avoiding Ji Mingxia’s gaze.


He took a step back, making way for Ji Mingxia.


In the space of a few moments, the sun had already set, leaving only the afterglow shining on the Love Mountain Spring.


Now that Yu Ning had stepped back, Ji Mingxia’s vision opened up and he saw Bao Guangyuan and Pei Yuan not far away.


When Bao Guangyuan saw that they were done, his eyes lit up and he hurriedly waved his hand at Ji Mingxia.


Ji Mingxia took two steps forward.
He was just about to go to them, but he couldn’t resist turning back and glancing at Yu Ning.


Yu Ning was not looking at him, he was looking at the gurgling spring not far away, his eyes slightly downcast and all his emotions were hidden.


Compared to his previous expressions of either anger or gloom, Yu Ning was incredibly quiet at the moment.


He stood there, alone, like a small beast surrounded by silence and loneliness.


In all the time that Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had known each other, there had never been any conflict.


If there was anything Ji Mingxia wanted, he would speak to Yu Ning directly, and Yu Ning would always take care of Ji Mingxia in time; the two simply got along well.


This was the first time the two had a clash of ideas, and the end result was still a forbearing retreat from Yu Ning.


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning and he couldn’t help but recall a scene from a long time ago.


At that time, not long after he had crossed over, he had asked the dormitory managing aunt to lend his campus card to Yu Ning secretly, in order to prevent him from getting sick.


As a result, Yu Ning found out the next day.


At that time, Yu Ning came to find him, and under his questioning, he said something hurtful to him, and then fled, leaving Yu Ning standing there, all alone.


But he couldn’t do the same thing knowing full well that Yu Ning was having a hard time in his heart.


“You and Pei Yuan are very special, but in my heart, you are two completely different people.”


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but stumble and speak to Yu Ning on impulse.


“To me, you are very important …… you are more important than anyone else.”

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