The next day, Ji Mingxia was once again woken up by his roommate.

He got up from the bed in a daze and saw that his hair was sticking up in the mirror.
Ji Mingxia helplessly pressed his hair with one hand and started brushing his teeth with the other.

In his original world, his body didn’t react too strongly when he entered college from his senior year, mostly because of the long summer vacation.

He had no habit of waking up early and doing homework by rote.

But to be suddenly dropped from the first year of college and dragged back to his senior year, it wasn’t surprising that he’d have a pretty intense reaction.

After a full day of classes the day before, Ji Mingxia felt that his brain power was exhausted with the ghosts, the rain, and so on.
Ji Mingxia fell asleep immediately when he returned to the dormitory last night.

Luckily for him, the ghosts didn’t come back last night, so he was able to get a good night’s sleep.

It would have been nice if he didn’t have to get up early for class that day.

Ji Mingxia patted his face with cold water, barely managing to lift his spirits.

“Mingxia, hurry up, you’re going to be late!” Zhao Zhouye urged.

“Coming, coming!” Ji Mingxia responded.
He quickly changed and went downstairs.

When he passed by the dormitory manager’s window, he saw the dormitory manager sitting there flipping through the registration form, so Ji Mingxia let Zhao Zhuoye and the others go first, then turned around and asked, “Hello, is auntie there?”

She Guan looked up at Ji Mingxia, “She’s gone to buy food, what do you want to see her about?”

Ji Mingxia said,”I asked auntie to keep my campus card for me last night and said I would come and get it today.”

“I’ll look for it then.” Mr.
She Guan searched around but saw no sign of the campus card.

When he called, his wife didn’t answer either.

“We’ll just have to wait for her to come back and ask, or you can come back later when you have time.
She’ll definitely be there.” He said to Ji Mingxia.

Ji Mingxia had to agree, “Okay, please do.”

It was difficult to get around the school without a campus card.
So Ji Mingxia went out of the dormitory with the dormitory manager’s help and temporarily borrowed Zhao Zhuoye’s card to buy food from the canteen.

Fortunately, the roommates only thought that Ji Mingxia had forgotten his card and didn’t think much of it.

Because of the delay over the campus card, Ji Mingxia and the rest arrived at the classroom a little later than usual, almost stepping in with the bell ringing.

The teacher was already standing on the podium when he entered the classroom.

In the past, with a sunken face, he would have reprimanded a student if he had seen them step into class with the morning study bell.

But after seeing Ji Mingxia at the moment, not only did the teacher not have a cold face, but he gently let them into the classroom.

Only after Ji Mingxia and the others were seated did the teacher start handing out the test papers from yesterday’s quiz.

The papers were handed out in order according to the ranking of the results.

As usual, the first place was Yu Ning.

Ji Mingxia hadn’t gotten his campus card back yet, and felt a bit guilty when facing Yu Ning.

When he saw Yu Ning stand up to get his test paper, Ji Mingxia pretended to be busy and lowered his head to sort out his books.

He fell the previous day, and all the books in his drawer had also fallen out.
Although Zhao Zhouye and the others had helped him pick the books back up, they hadn’t been folded properly.

Ji Mingxia followed his old habits and sorted out one book at a time.
Soon, Ji Mingxia noticed that something was wrong.

No textbooks or workbooks were missing, but the content he had written in his plan book yesterday, how had it disappeared?

Although Ji Mingxia had transmigrated, the world was so similar to his own that he had grown accustomed to it, fully substituting it with his own life.

He was worried about what he might forget, and decided to find a way to record some key information from the novel, for the sake of his little life.

The internet was not very secure, and a detailed record on his phone would be disastrous in case someone accidentally found it or he sent it out by mistake.
It would be a small matter for someone to find out that he had transmigrated into the book, but it would surely be a pill that would affect the whole story’s direction and his fate.

To be on the safe side, Ji Mingxia recorded a part of the content on his mobile phone and another part in his plan book, and then marked each with special marks.

To understand the content, one would have to combine the two and cross-reference them together to be able to solve it.

Ji Mingxia began to ponder the matter after finishing his homework the previous day.
After tossing and turning all night, he only managed to record half of it.
What was recorded in the plan book was the main task that was less important for the plot of this world, but very important for Ji Mingxia himself—how to qualify as a love mentor for the main protagonists.

There wasn’t enough time last evening, so Ji Mingxia wrote it like an outline, only writing what was related to Yu Ning.
He hadn’t had time to mull over and write about the other protagonist, Pei Yuan.

He planned to take time to fill in the details that day, but when he opened it, the plan book looked as if it hadn’t been used, and the first page had inexplicably disappeared.

Ji Mingxia was dumbfounded.

If this was his original world, Ji Mingxia would have wondered if his plan book had been tampered with.

But in that world, it was hard to say.

During senior year, everyone was busy.
He was among the last to leave the classroom last night, and although he was a little late that day, he wasn’t delayed that much.

‘Who could have the energy to go through his books and take an insignificant page under these circumstances?

Well, if no one did, considering the world has all sorts of mysterious elements.…

They were spoilers, after all.
Wouldn’t it make sense if the mysteries of this world didn’t allow him to document these things?’

“Hey, Brother Mingxia, Ji Mingxia!” Ji Mingxia’s roommate at the back table poked him in the back with a pen.

“Huh?” Ji Mingxia quickly snapped back to his senses and looked back.

“The teacher is calling you.” The student in the back seat said.

Ji Mingxia looked up and suddenly bumped Yu Ning’s eyes.

In fact, not only the teacher and Yu Ning were looking at him, but almost the whole class was looking at him.

Looking at Ji Mingxia’s bewildered look, the teacher repeated, “Second place, Ji Mingxia, come up and get your exam paper.”

Ji Mingxia stood up in a daze, nervously brushing past Yu Ning.
He took the test paper from the teacher’s hand.

“You’ve made great progress.
You have overcome the weakness you’ve always had.
Keep up this momentum, and you’ll definitely do well on the college entrance exam.
” The teacher handed out the test paper to Ji Mingxia and encouraged him.

“Thank you, teacher.” Ji Mingxia said, and he went back to his seat in a flash.

“Shit, Ji Mingxia, jumping twenty places into second place, OK!”

“That was a one hundred-meter sprint!”

 Ji Mingxia’s seat was instantly surrounded by his roommates after class.

Ji Mingxia was thinking about his campus card one moment and the love plan page the next, so his entire mind was a little distracted and was vaguely uneasy.

Hearing what his roommate said, Ji Mingxia only laughed, “No, no, it’s a coincidence, a coincidence.”

“It’s not a coincidence.
You could solve all of the questions I asked you yesterday.
I was wondering why your score didn’t go up, yet you could solve the questions so well, so you were waiting for today.…”


“Are you secretly studying hard behind our backs?”

Ji Mingxia also did not expect to sprint so fast.


Although he had just gone through the college entrance exam and still remembered the general knowledge, he had returned to his senior year after all.


According to Ji Mingxia’s estimation of himself, it would be great if he could maintain the original Ji Mingxia’s standard, so he never hid his strength.


‘I didn’t expect to have such good luck and pop straight to second place.’


Ji Mingxia had no choice but to say, “Although it’s second place, the gap between the second and the top ten isn’t that big.
There are many points from Yu Ning.”


“How can you compare yourself with a person like Yu Ning?”


“Whoever touches him is unlucky, he sucks the luck out of others to make himself prosperous.
Ji Mingxia, you’ve been lucky lately so you should stay away from him.”


“Stop it, stop it, he’s looking over.”


When Ji Mingxia heard that, his whole body stiffened, “Is he looking at me?”


“Yeah, he seems to have been looking at you all morning.”


“You didn’t feel it?”


Ji Mingxia’s whole body felt a bit bad, “Really? I…I vaguely felt it a little, but I…”


His mind was so full of campus cards and love plan pages that he didn’t think Yu Ning was really looking at him!


‘At a time like this, Yu Ning’s sudden attention to me couldn’t be ……’


Just as Ji Mingxia was about to start thinking nonsense, Chen Zhen said, “It’s probably because you suddenly ranked second in the exam.”


“Does he feel threatened?”


“The class monitor has been watching you too.
After all, the college entrance exams are coming up soon and you’ve suddenly improved so much.
Everyone is envious.


“Never mind that, let’s do the questions together.”


That was a good reason and it made much more sense.
They were senior students above all, and their focus was on studying.


Ji Mingxia was clear about his level, and knew that even if he made more progress, he wouldn’t be able to go to a top college.
He planned to apply to the same college he had gotten into before, just maintaining his supporting persona.


With that in mind, Ji Mingxia felt a little more at ease.
As soon as the school bell rang at noon, Ji Mingxia nodded to his roommates and immediately hurried in the direction of the dormitory building.


He had no idea where to find his love plan page, but he had to get his campus card back as soon as possible.


Just as he walked into the boys’ dormitory, Ji Mingxia saw the auntie and he immediately went up to her, “Hello, auntie.”


The Auntie was eating fruit while watching a drama.
Suddenly interrupted, she looked up in a daze.
On seeing Ji Mingxia, she suddenly said, “Oh, you’re the student from last night, right?”


“Yes, yes.” Ji Mingxia smiled when he saw that the managing auntie recognized him, “Thank you for your help last night, my campus card ……”


“It’s a small thing, you’re welcome.
I’ve already given your campus card to your classmate.” The managing aunt waved her hand and smiled.


Ji Mingxia nodded saying, “Right, so did he return it to you after he took a shower?”


“No.” After finishing her sentence, the auntie suddenly reacted, “Sorry student, I suddenly remembered that I seem to have asked him to return it to you himself.”


“What?” Ji Mingxia was so shocked, “You told Yu Ning to return it to me himself?”


When Ji Mingxia saw Zhu Ming off to his dormitory last night, he found that the managing auntie’s kitchen lights were on, and that position was a blind spot of Yu Ning’s vision.


The trick of boiling water so that Yu Ning takes a hot bath was no longer feasible.


In order to prevent Yu Ning from catching a cold, the only solution left was to let him swipe his card to pay for hot water.


Yu Ning’s card did not have much money in it, but Ji Mingxia was very rich.


It so happened that Ji Mingxia’s campus card did not have his name on it, so he sneaked over and asked the auntie to give his campus card to Yu Ning temporarily.


Once Yu Ning finishes his shower, he would return the card to her, after which he’d pick it up.


Although the auntie thought that Ji Mingxia’s behavior was a bit odd, and there were also Yu Ning’s special circumstances, she couldn’t bear to refuse seeing Ji Mingxia so enthusiastic and well behaved.


They were all young students and it was a good thing to help each other.
So she readily agreed to do the small favor.


Unfortunately, both Ji Mingxia and the managing auntie misjudged Yu Ning’s reaction.


The auntie also did not expect that seeing Yu Ning in the middle of the night would be so frightening that she directly told him half of the truth.


Seeing Ji Mingxia look at her with a shocked face, the managing auntie also did not care to eat fruit.
She quickly stood up and looked at Ji Mingxia with embarrassment saying, “He refused to accept the card, and in order to make him go and shower early……I could only tell him that the card was lent to him by his classmate.
But don’t worry, I didn’t say your name, he certainly doesn’t know it was you.”


Ji Mingxia’s whole body felt unwell, “Then that means the card is still in his hands now? He doesn’t know whose card it is, and hasn’t returned the card to you …… then doesn’t that mean that there is no way for me to get it back.”


The managing auntie was confused by Ji Mingxia’s comment, “That …… uh, classmate, I think he might …… be able to give the card back to you now.”


Ji Mingxia was inexplicably cold as he raised his head to look at the managing auntie but found that her gaze was not on him.


Ji Mingxia turned around and he saw Yu Ning standing by the dormitory door.


The light from outside was shining in.
Yu Ning was standing in front of it so Ji Mingxia could not see his face.
However, he could clearly feel Yu Ning’s eyes on him.


Ji Mingxia: “……!!!”


‘My life is over!’

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