On the eve of the college entrance exams, Lin Siyun, who had been in the limelight for the past three years, suddenly died in a car accident.
Not only did she die in a miserable manner, but she was not even allowed to be free after her death.
She was influenced by mysterious forces and turned into a ghost to make random killings.


At first, Ji Mingxia thought that Lin Siyun’s abnormal changes were related to this blood-red ring but looking back, it must be that Lin Siyun could not resist the temptation of the ring and made perverse choices time and again in exchange for beauty and glory.  Eventually leading to the loss of her life to the ring.


Li Youzi’s life had also undergone considerable changes.


She went from being a video blogger with little fame to an internet sensation with a huge fan base that brings in countless amounts of money.


In contrast to Lin Siyun, Li Youzi was naturally beautiful and had good academic performance.
It may be that she did not have so many wishes so the blood red ring did not reap her life in exchange.


Upon realising that there was something wrong with the ring, Li Youzi, with her intelligence, must have associated it with her six best friends whom she met online.


Since playing that game and giving two rings to Li Youzi and Lin Siyun, those six friends of hers had become more and more fortunate in their careers, and had amassed fortunes.


They didn’t have the rings, but they had such luck so it was obvious that everything was based on the sacrifice of two.


As soon as Lin Siyun died, Li Youzi planned this forest holiday, and a group of people with different agendas gathered together.


A death occurred in the space of one night.


The first to die was Lu Liang, followed by Shi Wei.


Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning didn’t witness the two deaths and there was no way to judge the truth.


The third person to die was Zhou Li, who was killed by Song Yuelin.


Five days after Zhou Li’s death, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning entered the forest and met Song Yuelin by chance.


Song Yuelin introduced the rules of the hide-and-seek game to Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning: the monster comes at dusk to play hide-and-seek with the humans, and the first one to be found will be slaughtered and taken away.


When dusk came, Song Yuelin, Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia hid together.


Song Yuelin seemed to have good intentions, but in reality he had a different ambition.
After hiding, Song Yuelin deliberately exposed Ji Mingxia to the monster.


 However, the monster was not interested in Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning.
In addition, Yu Ning had two mysterious items to protect them.
In the end, Song Yuelin, who thought that he was very clever by leading the monster to kill Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning, ended up as the monster’s target.


To save his life, Song Yuelin sacrificed Zhou Li’s corpse to the monster and escaped.


Up to this point, there was one loophole in Song Yuelin’s words.


There were seven people in the forest, and the monster appeared at dusk every day to kill at least one person.


But it was Song Yuelin’s fifth day in the forest, and even Zhou Li, whom he killed, and Li Youzi, who was mistakenly thought to be dead, were added, the monster had only killed four people in total.


The monster had killed four people in five days, so what was it doing on the unaccounted day?


Song Yuelin fled, and only Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia were left at the scene so they had too little information to speculate on the truth.


What was certain at the time was that, apart from Song Yuelin and Li Youzi, there were two others alive; Meng Xinyi and Bao Guangyuan.
So, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning headed deeper into the forest with the hope that they’d meet up with those two.


They were lucky enough to meet Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi on the sixth day.
That afternoon, as Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi were plotting to steal Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia’s supplies, the monster uncharacteristically appeared early.


The time pattern of the monster’s appearance was once again broken.


In other words, the theory that the monster kills one person every day, was not valid.


The point that the monster appeared only at dusk was also not valid.


The rules of the game, as Song Yuelin called them, were completely overturned, but they still couldn’t find the pattern of the monsters’ appearance.


Until when the monster reappeared today.


This time, not only did it not appear at dusk, it even reappeared with two more corpses.


But the strange thing was that instead of killing Bao Guangyuan, the monster simply bypassed him as if it didn’t see him.


Li Youzi, who was hiding in the monster, wanted to kill Bao Guangyuan, but she could not go against the rules of the game.


And it was at this moment that Yu Ning’s words awakened Ji Mingxia.


The real rules of the game were not killing at dusk.


The rules of the hide-and-seek game a few years ago, and the hide-and-seek game in the present, were the same; the choice is in the hands of the person concerned.


The evil thoughts in their hearts would attract the monster, and it would stimulate its bloodthirst and killing intent.


The first time Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning encountered the monster was when Song Yuelin tried to kill them.


The second time they met the monster was when Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi were plotting to take their supplies.


The monster wouldn’t show itself unless they did not have evil thoughts in their hearts.


Meng Xinyi stole Yu Ning’s backpack last night and went down the mountain.
She must have encountered the monster as soon as she stepped off the mountain; or perhaps she met Song Yuelin at the bottom of the mountain.…


Whatever the outcome, these two people eventually perished at the hands of the monster.


Today was the seventh day since Li Youzi, Song Yuelin and the others had entered the forest.


Aside from Li Youzi, only Bao Guangyuan was left of the seven people.


In the absence of evil thoughts, Li Yuzu forcefully made the monster appear.
Unfortunately, she had no way to activate the power of the mysterious item, so she was vulnerable and fell under Yu Ning’s hands in a few rounds.


With her defeat, the blood-red ring couldn’t wait to leave her and find a new owner.


At this moment, Li Youzi was not losing to them, she was just losing to the rules of the game.


“Why is that? What does Yu Ning mean?” Bao Guangyuan saw the look of complete understanding on Ji Mingxia’s face after Yu Ning spoke and he asked him anxiously.


Seeing that Li Youzi was not a threat for the time being, Ji Mingxia relaxed slightly and explained to Bao Guangyuan, “We all thought that Li Youzi was dead and was transformed into the monster ghost by the ring to take revenge and kill people.
However, she is still alive and although we don’t know what method she used to activate the energy of the ring, the power she got is limited.
This hide-and-seek game, including Li Youzi, had rules to be abided with.


“The more dark and negative thoughts you have in your hearts, the easier it is for the monster to appear and the more convenient it is to kill people.
When you decide not to harm people, neither Li Youzi nor the monster can do anything to you.”


Ji Mingxia said to Bao Guangyuan, “In short, it means that you are completely safe.”


Bao Guangyuan was confused with the first part, but he immediately understood the last part of the sentence.
He was stunned and his eyes went wide, “Really?”


Ji Mingxia looked at him, and then at Li Youzi’s pale face, and he sighed, “You were just a junior high school student when you played the game back then.
You had no say and you lost your memory after the game so you were not among those who decided to give the rings to Li Youzi and Lin Siyun.
Let alone the fact that you lost your memory for all those years, you didn’t actively harm anyone when you came to the forest.  You are quite innocent-“


Li Youzi interrupted Ji Mingxia before he could finish his words.


“What do you know? You are meddling in our affairs but what do you know?!” Li Youzi shouted.


Although she was still alive, she looked like she only had a few breaths left, and despite her fierce and angry expression, her voice was not loud, but rather very sharp: “The most innocent people were me and Siyun! We had agreed to go to high school together, to go to university together, and after that, to support each other and stay together forever! Because of your greed, you went to the countryside to play a game despite the dangers and lost.
Then you had Siyun and I to take the blame for all this, why?


“We told all of you that the invitation was weird and came out of nowhere so it couldn’t have been arranged by the company, but you went anyway for the thrill of it.”


“Without the ring, Siyun wouldn’t have been tempted, she would not have used up her luck just to become beautiful and excellent.”


“She wouldn’t have died, and I wouldn’t have sacrificed my body and soul to the ring for revenge, becoming this monster that’s neither human nor ghost……”


Li Youzi spoke as she looked at her thin body that was about to run out of breath.
The corners of her eyes turned red: “But even after becoming this monster, I failed to didn’t kill everyone …… No one helped us when they harmed us in the first place.”


“Li Siyun always had nightmares of dying as a sacrifice, she hid and struggled for so long, but that day still came and she died so tragically.”


“The car rammed into her body, she dragged herself with her intestines out, and crawled far and wide.
Her blood was all over the ground, but who came to our aid, who came to our rescue?”


Li Youzi looked at Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia hatefully: “When innocent people were being victimised, you didn’t lend a helping hand, and now when innocent people want to use their power to fight back, you all jump out one by one, impatient to take the moral high ground.
Who are you to stop me?”


As she finished speaking, she suddenly gasped and coughed violently a few times, and the next moment, Li Youzi vomited out a few mouthfuls of blood.


She spat out dark red blood interspersed with blood clots and pieces of flesh, shocking Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan.


Unlike the crowd’s reaction, Li Youzi was not angry or frightened when she saw how much blood she had spat out. 


She laughed out loud, stuck out her tongue and licked the dark red blood from the corner of her mouth, smiling as she raised her head to look at Yu Ning, “So what if you take it away, the curse has already begun…”




It was not a good word to hear.


Even in the ordinary world where there were no supernatural events, everyone would feel fear when they heard of curses, let alone in this special world.


Ji Mingxia immediately thought of the blood-red ring Yu Ning had just taken and he suspected that Li Youzi had tampered with it.


He couldn’t care less about his fear of Li Youzi and he immediately rushed forward, “What curse, whom are you cursing?”


“I will curse whoever has caused me to become like this.” Li Youzi was content to see Ji Mingxia panic.
She grinned with a blood-stained mouth, her eyes looking crazed as she said to Ji Mingxia, “Didn’t you give me the ring because you wanted to use me as a sacrifice and offer me to the ring? Siyun was too stupid, she felt she was paying for her greed and would rather die than harm people but I am different.”


Li Youzi said slowly, “I made a deal with the ring, and the ring gave me it’s energy in exchange.
It wanted sacrifices so I killed and offered all the blood to it; it wanted souls so I offered mine.
I cursed all those who harmed me ……”


 Li Youzi spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood before she finished her sentence.


The blood was getting darker and darker, and the flesh was mixed with internal organs.


But Li Youzi laughed, and as if reciting a spell, said: “The person who holds the ring before me will suffer the repercussions and curses of me and the ring.
I curse his soul and his body to rot, and he will soon die.”


As she spoke, the triangular crest on her head grew fainter and fainter until it gradually disappeared.


Without the triangular crest to support her, Li Youzi seemed to have lost all her strength.
Her body went limp and collapsed to the ground.


The ground was covered with the blood and pieces of flesh she had spat out, the dark red blood stained her clothes and skin, and as Li Youzi lay in a pool of her own blood, she said: “All those who harmed me will not be allowed to die well, I will finally sleep with the one I love.


Her voice grew lower and lower, and she finally closed her eyes.


The moment she stopped breathing, the boundary around the forest broke with a crisp “bang” and it shattered like a broken glass.


The scene around them did not change much, but a breeze blew through the forest the moment the boundary broke open.


All the places that were hit by the wind swirled up with fine dust.


The limbs and flesh all over the ground seemed as if they had instantly passed their frozen freshness.
In the blink of an eye, they turned into long-decayed bones, and when the wind blew, they directly turned into dust that dissipated without a trace.


Li Youzi who had the only intact body also underwent a great change in that instant.


Her body was drained of blood, and her body deflated at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The originally pretty girl turned into a dry corpse instantaneously. 


The wind blew past and the dry body gradually turned to dust that rolled gently until it eventually came up to the water.


The water from the Love Mountain Spring flowed quietly, taking away the remains that had been reduced to dust, and with it went all the love and hate.




Li Youzi used her body and soul to place a curse on the ring’s previous owner, and from the moment of her death, the curse took effect.


 Li Youzi died in front of everyone, the forest boundary broke open, and a curse took effect.


The scene of her body shrinking into a dry corpse and then dissipating before their eyes was simply poignant and frightening, and for a moment, no one spoke.


Of the three, Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan were the most terrified by Li Youzi’s death.


Even after having experienced so many things and so many ghosts, it was Ji Mingxia’s first time to see a person die right in front of his eyes.


Watching the other person turn from a living person to a dead body and dissipate was a shock that sent chills down his spine.


Yu Ning was the only one who looked calm and unaffected.


Seeing that Ji Mingxia’s face was a little pale, Yu Ning walked over to him and called out to him, “Mingxia.”


On hearing Yu Ning’s voice, Ji Mingxia’s heart warmed and he suddenly snapped back to his senses.


The next moment, he hurriedly grabbed Yu Ning’s hand and said, “Yu Ning, this ring is too evil, it actually functions as a curse, it’s simply unheard of …… Do you feel anything? “

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