When Li Youzi fell down, the blood-red ring slowly floated out from her neck, and floated in the air.


Li Youzi, who had her eyes closed, felt the blood-red ring leaving her body and snapped her eyes open, reaching out to clutch the ring.


However, the ring moved even faster than she did.


The ring immediately turned into a red light, breaking free from the necklace around Li Youzi’s neck and floating higher into the air.


It twirled around, twitching, moving to the left and right as if it were a living thing.


Everyone’s attention was instantly drawn to the ring, and Bao Guangyuan said to Ji Mingxia in astonishment, “What is the thing doing, is it trying to decide between the two?”


It was also Ji Mingxia’s first time seeing such a scene.


He knew that mysterious items were strange and some even had their own consciousness, but mysterious items that had self-awareness were rare and very powerful.


Although the blood red ring was special, it shouldn’t have that ability.


Seeing that the ring was still wobbling, trying to fly Ji Mingxia and Bao Guangyuan’s direction at one moment, and Yu Ning the next, Ji Mingxia could only say, “Don’t take it if it chooses you.”


That thing was too evil, except for the main character, supporting characters would probably die if they touched it.


“Of course.” Bao Guangyuan was startled by Ji Mingxia’s words and he glanced at the ghastly looking Li Youzi, “I definitely wouldn’t dare to take it.”


 Ji Mingxia was relieved to see that Bao Guangyuan was self-aware, and his hanging heart was immediately put down.


If neither he nor Bao Guangyuan took it, then the ring would automatically be Yu Ning’s.


Just as it was in the hands of the main character, Pei Yuan, the ring will be handled properly with Yu Ning as its master.


The ring wavered for a moment, and as if it had finally made a decision, it finally floated to Yu Ning.


Yu Ning stretched out his hand and gently caught it.


The red light around the ring disappeared, and it turned into an ordinary ring identical to the other ring in Yu Ning’s hand. 


The two rings quietly lay in Yu Ning’s hand, and no one would believe that the terrifying ghost on the campus, and the hideous monster in the forest were caused by them.


The ring was now Yu Ning’s, and the connection between it and Li Youzi was completely severed.


The pieces of flesh littered on the ground started rotting and drying at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Everything Li Youzi created also disappeared quickly.


Her eyes were originally white and her face was withered, looking as hideous as Lin Siyun the ghost.
But without the ring, the whitened eyes gradually returned to normal with black pupils.
Li Youzi, who originally looked like a ghost on the outside, unexpectedly turned back into a human.


Ji Mingxia thought that Li Youzi, like Lin Siyun, had stimulated the power of the ring after death, causing one mysterious incident after another in the forest.


But looking at Li Youzi, who had transformed from a “ghost” back into a human, Ji Mingxia could not help but wonder, “You didn’t die?”


These mysterious objects could only be manipulated by a special group of people.


With her death, Li Youzi would then have been turned into a powerful ghost by the mysterious object and creating mysterious events.


But she was obviously not dead yet she was able to kill people with the power of the ring.
Didn’t that mean that Li Youzi also had the ability to manipulate mysterious items?


It stands to reason that this kind of talent was rare in this world ah…


Although Li Youzi had turned back into a human being, she looked extremely weak, her face was as pale as paper, and her eyes, although they had returned to normal, looked to have completely lost their luster.


The golden triangular crest which flickered above the monster’s head before and was suppressing it, now seemed to feed on Li Youzi’s body.
It supported the weakened woman to stand up from the spot.


 Li Youzi stood up and immediately turned to glare at Bao Guangyuan hatefully, “Why didn’t you die? Why? Why didn’t you.…”


Bao Guangyuan was frightened and he took two steps back, “I-I don’t know?”


He was ready to die, but he didn’t expect the monster to let him go at the last moment.


Li Youzi looked at Bao Guangyuan’s innocent look and felt a great hatred in her heart. 


She gritted her teeth and rushed to choke him, but she stumbled before she could reach him and collapsed once more.


Bao Guangyuan was so tall and big that it was impossible for her to strangle him even in her most healthy state.


Bao Guangyuan saw Li Youzi rush towards him and he took a few more steps back.
He hid behind Ji Mingxia and shrank into a ball, not daring to look at Li Youzi.


With Li Youzi’s fall, the triangular golden crest dimmed considerably.
Without its power to support her, Li Yousi simply did not have the strength to stand up by herself.


She gritted her teeth and stared at Bao Guangyuan.
Her whole face twisted with pain and hatred, and she wanted to pounce on him and eat his flesh.


Not to mention Bao Guangyuan, even Ji Mingxia who was standing in front of him felt a little uncomfortable before such a stare.


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but look at Yu Ning for help.


He really did not know what to do, and delaying things did not do anything for the situation.


Yu Ning had also been watching Li Youzi.
On seeing Ji Mingxia look at him, he immediately put the rings away and walked up to Ji Mingxia, facing Li Youzi up close.


Yu Ning said, “What are the rules of this ‘hide and seek’ game?”


Li Youzi looked at Yu Ning and sneered, “All of them must die.”


Although she no longer looked like a fierce ghost, her face was pale and her eyes as sharp as a blade so she looked no better than a ghost.
Every word she uttered was like a curse, and it was frightening to hear.


Of those present, only Yu Ning’s face did not change.
Not only was he not affected but he even calmly made his analysis and conclusion.


“No, it’s the choices.” Yu Ning said, “Whether it’s the game of hide-and-seek from a few years ago or the hide-and-seek of the past few days, the core is the same as they all had rules that must be followed.
Whatever choices you make, the more results you reap.
In addition, the heavier the killing intent in your heart, the more you attract the monster and the faster you die.”


Ji Mingxia, who was standing behind Yu Ning, was stunned for a moment.  He replayed the scenes from the day he came to this world to the present, and he came to a realization, “So that’s how it is ……”


One by one, the previously incomprehensible details corresponded, and the whole thing finally came together.


A few years ago, Bao Guangyuan and the others accidentally participated in a game of hide-and-seek.
The game process was extremely bloody and dark, and since Bao Guangyuan and the others were just ordinary players, the final result was as expected, all six people failed.


They should have been punished, but the mysterious man who organised the game did not take any punitive measures against them, and instead presented them two blood-red rings.


The whole hide-and-seek game was a multi choice question against human nature.


Although they failed the “hide and seek” game, they still faced the multiple-choice questions against humanity.


The two blood-red rings looked evil at first glance and none of the six people present wanted them.
In the end, they decided to give them to their unsuspecting partners, Lin Siyun and Li Youzi.


At first, there was nothing unusual when Lin Siyun and Li Youzi received the rings.


But as the eight people went their separate ways and returned to their normal lives, Li Siyun began to notice the evilness of the rings.


Ji Mingxia had read Lin Siyun’s profile before.
Before high school, that is, before she got the blood red ring, Lin Siyun was originally an unattractive girl and was also very average in academic performance.


All of a sudden, her life changed forever.


Her academic performance, which could not be raised despite all her efforts, suddenly soared.
She moved from last place to a triumphantly high ranking student in the top ten.


What was even more bizarre was that Lin Siyun’s ordinary and common looks, completely changed within a short span of three years yet she didn’t do any plastic surgery.


Such an abnormal change may seem enviable, but in reality, the price had already been marked up in secret.

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