Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia intently, his gaze seemed to have a temperature and it was as hot as his breath.


Ji Mingxia's face, which was already red, turned even redder when Yu Ning looked at it like this.


Yu Ning's gaze slowly descended along Ji Mingxia's face, eventually stopping at Ji Mingxia’s sweet looking moist lips.


His Adam’s apple moved a little.


Just when Yu Ning was about to press forward, the shrieks outside the tent grew closer.


Bao Guangyuan ran to the tent but he did not dare to open it directly.
He knocked on it with his hand and shouted, “Yu Ning! Ji Mingxia!”


Ji Mingxia was startled and snapped awake.


Bao Guangyuan was already standing outside the door, just a cloth away from them! He moved his body to the side, his heart was thumping wildly.
It was so fast it felt like it was about to pop out of his chest.


He rolled over and faced the tent with his back to Yu Ning, covering his chest, not daring to look at him again.


The person he was about to kiss had turned his back on him all of a sudden.
Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia's back and then at the anxious Bao Guangyuan outside the tent, his face as gloomy as ever.


Bao Guangyuan was still yelling insensitively until Yu Ning walked up and opened the tent.


As soon as the zip was opened, the fabric of the tent lost its tension and it sagged, and a neat hole was exposed at the side.


Yu Ning took one look at the gaping hole before turning to Bao Guangyuan, “What is it?”


As the tent opened, the view from inside the tent was revealed.


Yu Ning was fine, but Ji Mingxia looked strange.
His upper body was dressed extremely thick, but his lower body was wrapped in a blanket, exposing the slender white legs.


The legs were long and white and although you could tell they were a man's, they were a little different.


It was probably because the skin was so good that it set off the whole person's jade like skin, and the soles of the feet were pink in colour, contrasting with the white smooth skin.


Unfortunately, only the calves were exposed and the rest of the body was covered by the clothes.


Yu Ning blocked the entrance, stopping Bao Guangyuan's line of sight.


Bao Guangyuan retracted his eyes.
He suddenly met Yu Ning's gloomy eyes and his whole body trembled and went cold.


He was a straight man, as straight as can be!


It was all the fault of this forest predicament that had wrecked people.
Let alone him, even a beautiful woman like Meng Xinyi had been tossed out of shape.


He had been living like a primitive man for days, and on seeing Ji Mingxia, with his delicate and tender skin, he couldn't help but look at him a few more times.


He didn't dare to look anymore, and under Yu Ning's intimidating pressure, Bao Guangyuan whispered, “Xinyi is missing, I've searched all over Love Mountain Spring but I can't find her ……”


Although his voice was low, the surrounding was very quiet so Ji Mingxia also heard it.


Meng Xinyi was missing?


They went to bed at midnight and it was only six o'clock now.
Did Meng Xinyi disappear in that six hour time period?


It couldn't be that monster again, could it?


Ji Mingxia was so shocked that he forgot about his embarrassment and suddenly sat up from the floor.


As a result, he got up too quickly and felt a buzz in his ears.
It was as if his ear canal was blocked by something, and his whole head was dizzy.


Ji Mingxia's body swayed slightly and he hurriedly used his hands to support his body and shook his head vigorously.


Yu Ning immediately noticed his condition and hurried over to support him, “Is your head uncomfortable?”


“No.” Ji Mingxia rubbed his hand over his ears, “it’s my ears.”


When they were at the Quanzhuang hotel, his ear canal had some slight inflammation after falling into the water.


After recuperating for a few days, they were almost recovered by the time they left the hotel.


Perhaps he had slept too late last night and hadn't rested well, so his body's immunity had dropped and his ear had flared up first.


This was not a big problem, but not a small one either.
Ji Mingxia was used to it and said, “It's fine, I often have ear infections, it will be fine in a while.”


Yu Ning looked at him and said, “How about I help clean your ears later.”


His voice was much softer than usual, and he didn't look at Ji Mingxia's face as he spoke, his gaze only resting on Ji Mingxia's ears.


“Okay.” Ji Mingxia agreed casually.


With Bao Guangyuan's interruption, Meng Xinyi's disappearance and the inflammation in his ear, Ji Mingxia's attention was instantly diverted.
His mind was filled with danger and monsters and he forgot those blush-inducing things.
So naturally, he didn't notice that Yu Ning's demeanor was slightly different from usual.


On the other hand, Bao Guangyuan saw the difference.
The originally sullen Yu Ning was in a better mood after Ji Mingxia agreed to clean out his ears.


When he looked at Bao Guangyuan, although he was still cold and aloof, he had regained his usual demeanor and did not look as if he was going to be silenced at any moment.


It was just a matter of cleaning out an ear ……
and it was not a strange thing, but that’s what made Yu Ning’s anger disappear?


Bao Guangyuan felt confused and he couldn't figure out what the situation was.


In any case, Ji Mingxia was not seriously hurt, and Yu Ning was back to his usual self.
Meng Xinyi’s disappearance was more important at the moment.


Bao Guangyuan looked at Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia anxiously, wanting to hear what they had to say.


However, Ji Mingxia suddenly noticed a strange situation inside the tent.


“Yu Ning, where is your backpack?” Ji Mingxia said.


They each had a backpack and before going to bed last night, Yu Ning had placed Ji Mingxia’s bag beside him, while his bag was placed in the corner of the tent.


But at this moment, only Ji Mingxia's bag was still in place, while Yu Ning's backpack had disappeared.


When Ji Mingxia asked, Bao Guangyuan couldn't help but look for it, but instead of finding Yu Ning's backpack, he found the cut on the tent.


Looking at the damaged tent, then Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia who were left with only a backpack, and thinking of the missing Meng Xinyi, he suddenly understood.


He was almost shaking with fear and he stammered, “You guys ……
this ……
could it be ……”


Could it be that Meng Xinyi did not disappear, but had left of her own accord, and had even stolen Yu Ning's backpack before she left?


Bao Guangyuan's legs went weak.
He simply didn't know what to say about this.


How dare she steal Yu Ning's backpack?


This thought went through his head and Bao Guangyuan was on the verge of passing out from shock.


However, after looking around and not seeing the missing backpack, and thinking about Meng Xinyi's character, Bao Guangyuan was sure that this was something that Meng Xinyi could do.


Meng Xinyi successfully stole the backpack and left, but he, who was left behind, would suffer.


He and Meng Xinyi were already no match for Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia.


Now that Meng Xin Yi had finished her bad deed and left, only Bao Guangyuan was left to face Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia.


This, this ……


Bao Guangyuan raised his head and sure enough, Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia were looking at him.


Forget about Yu Ning, he had always been so terrifying, but Ji Mingxia, who had always been kind, was also stern-faced at the moment.


Not to mention, his sullen face was surprisingly similar to Yu Ning's.


After all, to Ji Mingxia, it didn’t matter if Meng Xinyi had run away, she had run away and even stolen their supplies.


It was better to steal his backpack, but to steal Yu Ning's backpack was simply unbearable!


Meng Xinyi was not there, but she and Bao Guangyuan were partners.
Ji Mingxia had the decency not to curse, but it was impossible for him to smile like before.


Bao Guangyuan simply wanted to cry: “I really did know that she wanted to run ah ……”


Their treacherous plans were exposed in front of Yu Ning yesterday and although the monster arrived early, they at least survived with their lives.


At that time, Meng Xinyi knelt down and not only begged for mercy, but also pleaded with Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia to stay.
Bao Guangyuan felt that Meng Xinyi was being strange, but there were many times when Meng Xinyi was strange, and he was so frightened by the ghost that his soul flew away and he did not think much about it.


Looking back now, it seems that Meng Xinyi had the idea of stealing supplies and running away.


What he didn't expect was that right under Yu Ning’s nose, her simple and crude ploy succeeded!


He wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t seen it!


Even when facing the monster, Yu Ning was not at a disadvantage, so how could he have let Meng Xinyi get away with it!


Now that his companion had run away and he was left to face Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia alone, Bao Guangyuan could only say with a bitter face, “Can you guys forgive me.”


With those words, even Bao Guangyuan felt that he was shameless.


But he did not know what else to say, and could only stand with his head hanging in defeat, looking as if he was at the mercy of the king's scolding.


Yu Ning, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke up, “Why did you guys come to the forest?”


“Huh?” Bao Guangyuan did not expect Yu Ning to ask this question and said, “We came over to have fun.”


Yu Ning looked at Bao Guangyuan and did not speak.


There was silence all around, and Yu Ning's eyes were cold.


Bao Guangyuan's hairs stood up when he was being stared at like this and he suddenly realised that he had to answer this question properly.


Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia had not asked this question when they first met, nor when they were given food or even walked with them.


Even after he and Meng Xinyi had plotted to rob their supplies and Yu Ning had forced the monster back, they hadn't asked this question.


It was until now, when Meng Xinyi had stolen the supplies and run away, leaving only Bao Guangyuan alone, that Yu Ning suddenly asked.


Yu Ning wanted to know the truth, and he knew very well that Bao Guangyuan would not say it easily if he asked it at any moment before now.


For as long as Meng Xinyi was around, Bao Guangyuan would never say those secrets out loud.


Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia were, after all, people who had grown up in the modern world.
In addition, Yu Ning would never do anything underhanded in Ji Mingxia’s presence.


They wanted the truth, but they couldn't bully it out of Bao Guangyuan.. 


But it was different now.
He had no companions, no supplies, and the monster would come out at any moment.
There was no place for Bao Guangyuan in the huge forest.


Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia were staring at him, and Bao Guangyuan was almost powerless under the double pressure of guilt and fear.


He was silent for about two minutes before finally lowering his head in defeat, “Because a few of us played a game called 'hide and seek' a few years back…..”

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