Meng Xinyi was caught off guard, and was stunned when she got rejected.


One had to know that Ji Mingxia had never rejected anyone along this whole journey.


Yu Ning intended to hide the issue from him, and Meng Xinyi took the initiative to confess everything and show her heart to atone for her sins.
It was only logical that Ji Mingxia should quickly forgive them.


Why would he refuse? This was not in line with Ji Mingxia's persona!


Meng Xinyi's entire body was in disarray and she looked at Ji Mingxia incredulously, “Ming…Mingxia ……”


Ji Mingxia snorted coldly and directly said, “You discovered this Love Mountain Spring and since we don't have the same path, let's go our separate ways.
Whether we live or die in the future, let's each live with our fate.”


After saying that, Ji Mingxia also added viciously, “My injuries and the two boxes of puffs can be considered as being bitten by a dog and then feeding the dog.”


With that, Ji Mingxia turned around to leave.


Meng Xinyi was anxious and she could not help but stretch out her hand to grab Ji Mingxia.


Although Ji Mingxia was saying ruthless things with his mouth, he was extremely wary in his heart.


After all, while he and Yu Ning had been good to them, Meng Xinyi and Bao Guangyuan were having cruel thoughts.


Now that they were going their separate ways, they might lose their heads and do something.


So on seeing Meng Xinyi grabbing at them, Ji Mingxia's first reaction was to jump in front of Yu Ning and stand between Meng Xinyi and Yu Ning.


Ji Mingxia's hands were wide open, like a mother hen protecting her cubs.
He blocked Yu Ning behind him and shouted at Meng Xinyi, “What do you want to do to Yu Ning?”


Meng Xinyi: ????


‘Sorry, it's you I wanted to catch…’


She had just seen how Yu Ning had dealt with the monster, and although her mentally was slightly better than Bao Guangyuan's, it didn't mean that she wasn't scared.


Even if she was given ten points of courage, she wouldn't go and grab at Yu Ning!


Meng Xinyi's original intention was to catch Ji Mingxia, and she never expected that Ji Mingxia would go to Yu Ning to protect him.


She grabbed air and stumbled forward.
Meng Xinyi was about to fall and she simply knelt down, pleading with Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning, “Mingxia, Yu Ning, it's going to be dark soon, don't go ……”


If it were in the past, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning would have left, and Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi would have just gone back to their previous days on the mountain.


But the monster had come to the mountain.


The core purpose of this game was hide-and-seek.
Anyone discovered by the monster would be killed and become part of its body.


Even if you die, you will not be allowed to rest in peace.
Who wouldn't be scared of that!


Love Mountain Spring was no longer safe.


She saw how Yu Ning had forced back the monster, and Meng Xinyi knew that the only way to survive in the middle of this huge forest was to stay by Yu Ning's side.


But Yu Ning wanted them dead.


Even though Ji Mingxia’s words were fierce, he was the most soft-hearted of everyone present.


Meng Xinyi was like a person about to drown, clinging to the piece of driftwood.


Realizing that just begging for mercy was useless, Meng Xinyi knelt down and kowtowed.


As a modern person, who could bear such a big salute.
Ji Mingxia took several steps back in succession, directly avoiding Meng Xinyi.


Yu Ning looked at Meng Xinyi and Bao Guangyuan who were miserable over there, and then at Ji Mingxia who had an unforgiving look on his face.
Seeing that Ji Mingxia was still standing in front of him protectively, Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia, “Forget it, let's go tomorrow.”


Ji Mingxia turned to look at Yu Ning.


Yu Ning said, “It's almost dark and the terrain here is steep.
It's not convenient to go down the mountain in the dark.”


Even if Ji Mingcia wasn’t injured, the terrain of Love Spring Mountain was easy to climb but difficult to get down.


They had walked for a long time during the day, and if they went down in the middle of the night, there was a high chance that Ji Mingxia might accidentally fall down, which would be too much of a loss.


Ji Mingxia also understood that Yu Ning was worried about him and he directly said to Yu Ning, “I'm not afraid of the dark.”


Yu Ning took Ji Mingxia's hand: “I'm afraid.”


Ji Mingxia felt Yu Ning’s fingers touching his.
His low voice rang right next to his ear, and Ji Mingxia turned red all of a sudden.


Fortunately, the sun was setting at this time, and it was shining red.
The sunlight hit everyone's face so they all looked flushed.
Ji Mingxia hid his shyness in the sunlight, and he couldn't help but say to Yu Ning, “You, are just too kind, that's why you keep getting bullied like this!”


It was fine to be bullied at school.
It was for the sake of the plot and Yu Ning's future.


But to be bullied in the forest, what was that!


Yu Ning pursed his lips, but he couldn't hide his smile in the end.
The corners of his mouth lifted slightly and his heart filled with joy from the way Ji Mingxia defended him: “I can only rely on Mingxia to protect me.”


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning's face reflecting the sunset.
It looked pink and those watery eyes were like that of a little animal, twinkling as they looked at him.


Ji Mingxia's heart was like marshmallow, fluffy, soft and sweet, and his whole body felt like it was dipped in honey.


In the end, Ji Mingxia complied with Yu Ning.
The two decided to stay on the Love Mountain Spring for another night and leave the next day.


As for Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning did not care.
They could go wherever they wanted to go next, as long as they did not follow them.


After Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia agreed to stay, Bao Guangyuan dragged Meng Xinyi back to their leaf-covered sleeping area.


Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning also went into the tent.


With the tent up, Ji Mingxia's mood was finally less irritable as he couldn't see the other two.


Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia and said, “Does the wound still hurt?”


When Yu Ning asked this, Ji Mingxia immediately reacted.
He shook his head then looked at Yu Ning nervously, “You fought with that monster, did you get hurt?”


“No.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia was still not at ease and he checked Yu Ning's entire body.


Only after confirming that Yu Ning was intact, did Ji Mingxia feel a little more at ease: “That’s good.
But why did that thing appear earlier?”


Although Meng Xinyi gave a general account of what had just happened, the focus was on herself, and some key information was intentionally directed to distort Ji Mingxia's thoughts.


Yu Ning had personally confronted the monster, so he carefully told Ji Mingxia about it, including the strange golden triangular crest, and Li Youzi who was hiding inside the monster's body.


The amount of information was so great that Ji Mingxia was stunned for a few seconds after hearing it.


After a while, Ji Mingxia muttered, “So we can now confirm that this is all Li Youzi’s doing? She had the ring and is now hiding herself inside that thing, using this hide-and-seek game to kill people.
Your blood-red ring couldn't kill it, because the two rings are a pair.”


Ji Mingxia frowned, “It's normal for the monster to want your ring, but why did it give up on Nao Guangyuan and Meng Xinyi, who were within reach, and come after me?”


Yu Ning said, “Have you ever met Li Youzi?”


“No.” Ji Mingxia replied, but after speaking, he was unsure again.


He and the original owner were two people in a parallel dimension.
Their general experiences were similar, but the original owner was a supporting character in this book, and in order to serve the plot, there would inevitably be some differences between them.


For example, his roommates like Zhao Zhouye and the others, Yu Ning, and even Li Youzi, they all didn’t exist in Ji Mingxia's original world.


Ji Mingxia had definitely never met Li Youzi, but what about the original owner?


In the original book, the original owner was a minor supporting character.
He didn’t possess this ability to see ghosts, and could not, by definition, cause trouble.


But other than that, he couldn’t find any reason as to why the monster was after him ……


Ji Mingxia scratched his head irritably and whispered, “I always feel that there is some important information that I have missed.”


Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia's distressed look and said soothingly, “Take your time, there's no rush.”


Yu Ning said, “You weren't there when Lin Siyun died, and Li Youzi didn't invite you when she came to Quanzhuang hotel for his holiday.
So from the beginning, you've been an outsider to this game.”


Ji Mingxia calmed down a little under Yu Ning's reassurance.


It was certain that if Ji Mingxia hadn't transmigrated into this body, there was no way the original owner could have been involved in this matter.


Therefore, he must be an outsider.


Even if there was some mistake that caused the monster to come at him, it must be from the monster’s side.


Ji Mingxia put those distracting thoughts aside, and soon, a point of doubt quickly jumped out from the mass of suspicion.


Ji Mingxia accurately grabbed it and slowly said, “Why does the triangular crest sound familiar to me?”


“You've seen it before?” Yu Ning said.


“I think so ……,” Ji Mingxia with uncertainty.


All of his sources of information about this world were known from the novel, but he read it as a pastime.
It was impossible to remember everything.


But from another point of view, what he could remember was certainly not an ordinary thing.


“Could it be another mysterious item?” Ji Mingxia speculated.


In that case, many anomalies could be explained.


The monster had ignored Yu Ning's defence and had inexplicably disappeared after Yu Ning's attack.


If Li Youzi was holding two mysterious items, it would make sense as to why she was able to bypass Yu Ning’s defenses.


Yu Ning said, “Tomorrow is the seventh day, Song Yuelin, Meng Xinyi, Bao Guangyuan, and three others are still alive so it will have to reappear.
We just have to wait and see what happens.”


Ji Mingxia nodded, there were too many doubts at the moment and it was useless for them to guess blindly.
They could only wait for the monster to reappear and then make a judgement.


It was now completely dark.
Although it was just after eight o’clock, there were no lights in the mountains.
Once it was dark, the surrounding area was quiet and the night was cool.


It was a good time to go to bed and get up at dawn to catch up with the daylight.


Ji Mingxia took out his pyjamas from his backpack and was just about to change into them when he saw Yu Ning staring at him with burning eyes.


Ji Mingxia's movements stiffened: “Aren't you ……
changing your clothes to sleep?”


“Your wound….”


“My wound is almost healed, don't worry about it.
Hurry up and go to sleep!” Ji Mingxia hurriedly interrupted Yu Ning.


Yu Ning remained silent and didn’t say another word.


He was so quiet that Ji Mingxia became a little embarrassed and muttered, “The wound is so disgusting, why must you look at it?”


‘Why are you so persistent Yu Ning!’


Yu Ning whispered something.


Ji Mingxia moved closer to him, “What did you say?”


Yu Ning raised his eyes to look at Ji Mingxia: “You've seen it all.”


“Huh?” Ji Mingxia looked at him in uncertainty.


Yu Ning pointed at his own body, “You examined me without any scruples.
You looked at my entire body, every single place.”


Of course, Yu Ning was wearing clothes, so what could Ji Mingxia see no matter how careful he looked.


The clothes were not torn and there were no traces of injuries on Yu Ning's body, so Ji Mingxia looked at him and then let him go.


However, Yu Ning naturally didn’t remind Ji Mingxia of these details.


Ji Mingxia then remembered that he was so nervous when he learned that Yu Ning had repelled the monster by himself, and he had to make sure that Yu Ning was not injured before he could feel at ease.


He didn't even think about it at that time, he directly pulled Yu Ning and carefully sized him up.


Yu Ning did not struggle at all, but was very obedient ……


Ji Mingxia suddenly felt a little guilty.


He silently turned around and hugged his pajamas, trying to pretend that nothing had happened.


But the tent was not spacious enough for two big men to sleep together.
So no matter how much Ji Mingxia tried to hide, he could not avoid Yu Ning's gaze.


In desperation, Ji Mingxia could only put down his clothes and break the jar: “If you want to look, just look.
We are all men anyway, there is nothing to see ……”


What's wrong with taking a look, can he lose flesh because of it?


With this thought, Ji Mingxia did not fuss, and directly took off his shirt.

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