Meng Xinyi was stunned, her body turned into jelly and she slumped down, completely unable to move.


Bao Guangyuan's reaction was faster.  He directly stretched out his hand, covered Meng Xinyi's eyes and pulled her to run in Yu Ning’s direction.


“Don't look at it, let’s go!” Bao Guangyuan pulled Meng Xinyi and shouted, “Xinyi, Meng Xinyi!”


But Meng Xinyi was so frightened that her limbs were trembling.
In his haste, Bao Guangyuan had pulled her so hard and so unexpectedly that Meng Xinyi's knees didn't lift, instead, she fell backwards and fell to the ground with Bao Guangyuan.


“It's over, I'm done ……
I'm done ……” Meng Xinyi's entire body was limp and she kept mumbling. 


The wind had stopped, the sound of insects and birds had disappeared, and the sound of water flowing from time to time was getting smaller and smaller.


Bao Guangyuan only felt that the temperature around him was getting cooler and cooler.
The more he dared not look back, the colder his back became.


It was so cold that it was as if there was an ice-like body pressed against his back, exhaling gusts of eerie cold air on his neck, causing him to shiver unconsciously.


He pulled Meng Xinyi again.


Meng Xinyi's body was as soft as mud, and no matter how much Bao Guangyuan pulled, he could not carry her at all.
She was usually so soft and fragile, but she was so heavy at this time.


He couldn't help but raise his head and glance not far away.


Yu Ning was still standing in the same place.


Neither the sudden appearance of the ghost nor Meng Xinyi and Bao Guangyuan’s terror had caused his expression to change by a bit.
He was like an indifferent spectator, coldly taking in the scene before him


Bao Guangyuan's grip on Meng Xinyi's hand unconsciously loosened a little.


Instead of stinging him, Yu Ning's indifference gave him hope.


Ji Mingxia said that he and Yu Ning had met Song Yuelin, and then also met the monster.


Under the double attack of Song Yuelin and the monster, Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia left unharmed, which was enough to show their skills.


Now that Song Yuelin was not there, it was just a ghost.


Ji Mingxia was injured and should still be resting inside the tent.
Yu Ning’s calmness meant that he had confidence.


If he could deal with the monster-like ghost once, he could definitely deal with it a second time!


Bao Guangyuan completely let go of Meng Xinyi.
He gritted his teeth and stood up, staring at Yu Ning and running towards him.


As long as he ran to Yu Ning's side ……
or, if he ran towards Ji Mingxia's side, he would definitely be safe!


Bao Guangyuan was so panicked at the moment that although he was still able to stand up and run, his entire body was staggering.


However, he had only just run two steps when a blurred figure appeared in the spring.


The thing seemed to have come up from the water, its body was translucent and a faint stream of water fell down its torso.


Something was attached to the top of its head, reflecting a very shallow light.


That light soon disappeared and the thing suddenly appeared right in front of Bao Guangyuan's eyes.


Bao Guangyuan was burly and chubby.
Although he was young, he has the physique of an adult male such that he was a tall male even if he stood in a crowd.


However, the tall and strong Bao Guangyuan actually looked a little small in comparison to the thing before him at this moment.


At first glance, that thing did not look like a human being, nor any kind of animal.


It was like a mountain of flesh put together from human tissue.


Countless pieces of broken bones and flesh were glued together and were transformed into a torso.


It had arms and legs but……
there were so many of them stretched out.


Decapitated, torn, human limbs of varying lengths grew messily around its body, and several human legs grew out from underneath, wriggling and walking together.


The section of the forearms and palms, along with the knuckles twitched spasmodically as it swayed.


If Bao Guangyuan had to describe this monster, it was like a humongous spider made of human tissue.


What was most frightening, however, was not its body, but its head.


The monster's head was oval in shape, with three sides in total, and on each side, was a face.


Each face had corpse spots with a greenish-white corpse aura.


As there were faces on all three sides, one could always meet the monster's eyes no matter which direction one was standing.


The eyes were blood-red, staring firmly at every living thing in front of it.


Once Bao Guangyuan saw what the monster looked like, a miserable scream unconsciously escaped from his throat.


At that moment, he finally knew why Meng Xinyi would be paralysed with fear.


Each face on the monster's head was so terrifying, but Bao Guangyuan could not look away.


Because each of those faces were faces that he and Meng Xinyi were extremely familiar with.


“Lu Liang, Shi Wei, Zhou Li ……”


Bao Guangyuan murmured.
Seeing the monster staring at him, Bao Guangyuan backed away in fright until his feet touched an obstacle and he came back to his senses.


Meng Xinyi was still in her original position.


Bao Guangyuan had let go of her and was ready to escape alone, but to his surprise, the monster suddenly appeared in front of him and he had stepped back until he returned to Meng Xinyi's side.


In contrast to Bao Guangyuan's disorientation, Meng Xinyi had gradually come back to her senses after so many minutes.


Although she was still on the ground, she had changed from a sprawling position to a crouching one.


Bao Guangyuan glanced at Meng Xinyi and saw that she had regained her composure.
He could not help but look behind him, but saw that there was nothing there.


In other words, there was only one of this monster from the beginning to the end.


It was originally staring at Meng Xinyi when it first appeared, but it suddenly switched positions somehow and came in front of him?


Realising this, Bao Guangyuan's heart went cold and he almost flew into cursing fit.


The monster had blocked Bao Guangyuan's way to Yu Ning, and it was now staring at him.
A wave of despair surged through Bao Guangyuan's heart, and he was afraid that he would have to die here today ……


From the first death in the forest, he had already prepared for the worst although he looked calm on the surface.


He just didn't expect that this day would come like this.


Seeing the monster squirming and walking towards him, Bao Guangyuan stretched out his foot and gently kicked Meng Xinyi who was on one side.


Meng Xinyi raised her head to look at him.


The monster was staring at Bao Guangyuan and he didn't dare to look away.
He gritted his teeth and said to Meng Xinyi, “Yu Ning is just ahead.”


Meng Xinyi froze, followed by wild joy.


Bao Guangyuan had dragged her downstream to the Love Mountain Spring and only after completely losing sight of Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning did they begin to discuss. 


The pair's initial intention was to avoid Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia in order to discuss.
Unexpectedly, they were caught off guard and ran into the monster.


Although Meng Xinyi had come to her senses, she knew that she and Bao Guangyuan were no match for the monster and by the time Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning rush over, they’d be long dead.


But Bao Guangyuan was now saying that Yu Ning was not far away?

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