Hearing Meng Xinyi call his name, Ji Mingxia turned his head and said unconsciously, “Hm?”


“Did I scare you?” Meng Xinyi looked at Ji Mingxia and covered her face somewhat shyly, “You guys are still students, so you probably haven’t seen girls who take the initiative like me.”


Meng Xinyi then asked Ji Mingxia, “Have many girls confessed to Yu Ning?”


“Confess?” Ji Mingxia froze and said, “No ……”


Let alone confessing, Yu Ning didn’t even have any friends on the high school campus.


But when he went to university, he counter attacked and reversed his fortunes, becoming a heartthrob


The protagonist gong liked him, the supporting characters liked him, the cannon fodders liked him, and many, many more.
The passersby who met Yu Ning by chance or whose lives were saved by Yu Ning, were more or less attracted to him.


After all, he is a good-looking boy with good academic performance.
He is calm and sensible in any situation and attentive and considerate when taking care of people…


There are almost no flaws apart from not being very articulate!


Therefore, Ji Mingxia did not feel Menhlg Xinyi’s words were weird although surprising.


“So, you’re not a couple, there’s usually no one chasing him at school, he’s still single now, and I have a chance?” Meng Xinyi said happily, “Mingxia, can you help me create opportunities for me and Yu Ning?”


Ji Mingxia’s mind was in turmoil, and he didn’t know how to respond to Meng Xinyi’s request for a while, so he didn’t say much.


Meng Xinyi wanted to persuade Ji Mingxia more, but at that moment, Bao Guangyuan, who was not far away, sensed that something was wrong and walked over quickly.


“Xinyi, come here for a moment.” Bao Guangyuan stood not far away and interrupted Meng Xinyi and Ji Mingxia’s conversation.


Meng Xinyi sat in her original position without moving and looked at Bao Guangyuan curiously, “What’s wrong?”


“I have something to say to you.” Bao Guangyuan whispered.


Meng Xinyi smiled a little, “Say what you have to say directly, we are already friends with Mingxia, there is no need to talk behind his back.”


Both Bao Guangyuan and Ji Mingxia froze for a moment after hearing Meng Xinyi’s words, an embarrassed look appeared on both of their faces.


They had actually been in a state of complete unfamiliarity since they met in the morning, and could not be considered friends at all.


But when Meng Xinyi said this, whether it was Bao Guangyuan or Ji Mingxia, they naturally would not refute it.


Bao Guangyuan said awkwardly, “It’s not that I want to say anything important, I just want to ask how your wound is doing.”


“My wound?” Meng Xinyi glanced at her body, “I’m fine, ah, the medicine Mingxia gave me is still in my hands remember.”


When she replied like that, Bao Guangyuan didn’t know what to say all of a sudden.
He stood in the same place, anxiously scratching his head over and over.


At that moment, Yu Ning returned from washing clothes.
He saw Meng Xinyi and Ji Mingxia sitting side by side outside the tent, the two of them shoulder to shoulder and extraordinarily close to each other.


Yu Ning paused, and anyone with some eyesight could notice that Yu Ning was in a bad mood at the moment.


Bao Guangyuan’s face was ashen on the spot, and he hurriedly walked forward and pulled Meng Xinyi up: “Let’s go over there and pick some fruit to eat.”


“Now?” Meng Xinyi frowned.


“It will be dark soon, so let’s hurry up.” Bao Guangyuan said, pulling Meng Xinyi with him and leaving.


Meng Xinyi was a little reluctant, but after Bao Guangyuan pulled her away, Yu Ning walked to Ji Mingxia’s side, and it was no good for her to go back and talk to Ji Mingxia.


Before leaving, Meng Xinyi winked at Ji Mingxia, reminding him to remember what she had just requested, and then followed Bao Guangyuan.


 Yu Ning took the seat beside Ji Mingxia after Meng Xinyi had left.


Love Mountain Spring was a quiet environment.
Probably because it was afternoon, insects were nowhere to be seen, and birds were chirping less.


Yu Ning first dried the laundry and then packed up the things around.
He put all the main supplies into Ji Mingxia’s bag and all the useless rubbish, such as packaging, into his own bag.


Ji Mingxia sat quietly, watching Yu Ning’s busy routine.
Normally, he would have chatted with Yu Ning and helped along …… but Ji Mingxia’s hands and feet were stiff and he didn’t know what to do.
He was afraid that if he opened his mouth, he would reveal his inner thoughts.


Affected by Meng Xinyi’s words, Ji Mingxia suddenly realized that he had unconsciously developed feelings for Yu Ning that he shouldn’t have.


Ever since he started reading this novel, Ji Mingxia had liked the character, Yu Ning, very much.


After crossing into this book and seeing his eerie appearance with his own eyes, Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but want to be close to him even though he was scared.


After getting along for this period of time, they had become more and more familiar with each other, especially after going through a number of life and death situations together. 


Yu Ning’s image in Ji Mingxia’s mind was no longer that of an ordinary paper man, he was becoming more and more three-dimensional, and his weight in Ji Mingxia’s heart was becoming heavier and heavier.


Ji Mingxia had gradually discovered that the real Yu Ning was not only as smart, perceptive and calm and collected as in the book, he was also a careful and gentle person, only that he was not good at revealing his inner self due to his special upbringing.


When encountering the ghost, Yu Ning would tell him to hide in a safe area, while he took the initiative to face the ghost and bear most of the risks; after he was injured, Yu Ning even took care of him with great care and consideration.


Only such a person was worthy of being the protagonist of the original novel.
It is difficult for the average person to resist his charms.


Ji Mingxia had long known that he wanted to be friends with Yu Ning, which was all very normal to him.


However, he never thought that this would change.


He had never fallen in love with any one in his two lifetimes combined.


When he transmigrated into the book, his duty was to act as the protagonist’s love mentor, and the protagonist was to consider him both a teacher and a friend.


As a result, before Pei Yuan, the protagonist appeared, and Ji Mingxia had not yet found the opportunity to start using his professional skills, he had already broken the rules and fallen in love with the protagonist!


He always thought that his feelings were appreciation, a fondness, but Meng Xinyi’s words were like an alarm bell that instantly woke Ji Mingxia up.


When he sees Yu Ning, his heart would beat faster, he would blush and he would be so nervous that he didn’t know what to do…this was not mere admiration, this was the rhythm of having fallen in love!


Although Ji Mingxia had never been in love, he had at least read a lot of novels and watched many dramas and novels.
He was not experienced, but he knew what was going on.


It was only because he was blinded, and he didn’t see it clearly until now.


With this realization, he could not deceive himself internally.


Yu Ning felt the abnormality in Ji Mingxia’s emotions and could not help but look at him.


Seeing Ji Mingxia staring blankly at him, his cheeks slightly red, but not saying a word, Yu Ning reached out his hand and touched Ji Mingxia’s forehead.


A cold hand covered his forehead, causing Ji Mingxia to wake up instantly.


Ji Mingxia’s entire body shrank back a little, avoiding Yu Ning’s contact.


“What…what are you doing?” Ji Mingxia asked, and realized that his voice was surprisingly a little huskier than usual.


Yu Ning looked at his coy appearance with downcast eyes and listened to his slightly hoarse voice.
His eyes flickered for a moment, but he said to Ji Mingxia with concern, “If the wound is not treated in time, the inflammation will lead to a low fever, have you taken the anti-inflammatory medicine?”


“I took it.” Ji Mingxia avoided Yu Ning’s gaze and said.


Yu Ning looked at his evasive appearance and leaned closer: “Your face is a little red, do you want to take a temperature test?”


“No, no, I don’t have a fever.” Ji Mingxia shrank back some more, his back directly against the edge of the tent.


Realising that if he retreated any further, he was going to collapse, Ji Mingxia hurriedly took a deep breath and set his sitting posture straight.


He tried to adjust his facial expression so that he looked no different from normal, and said to Yu Ning, “Meng Xinyi came over and said something to me.”


The corners of Yu Ning’s mouth narrowed for a moment, “What did she say?”


“She said that you were her type and that she likes you.” Ji Mingxia said hesitantly.


If it was a normal situation where an ordinary girl told Ji Mingxia about this and asked for his help, Ji Mingxia would never tell such a thing to Yu Ning, the person in question, even if  didn’t agree to help her.


But the situation was special now.


Four people were trapped in the middle of the forest, with monster-like ghosts showing up to kill people every day.
Many people had already died, while the reason why Meng Xinyi and Bao Guangyuan were trapped in the forest was still unknown for the time being.


It had only been a few hours since they had met the two, and at this time, Meng Xinyi had expressed a strong interest in Yu Ning.
It was something he naturally could not keep from Yu Ning.


After Ji Mingxia finished speaking, he curiously watched Yu Ning’s reaction.


Although he felt that Meng Xinyi’s words were somewhat suspicious, he had to admit that Meng Xinyi was good looking and a beautiful woman.


A normal man would react a bit on receiving such a loving confession from a beautiful woman no matter whether it was true or not, right?


However, Yu Ning did not react at all.
He didn’t even have a micro-expression, as if Ji Mingxia had casually said a normal trivial thing.


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but say, “Don’t you have anything to say?”


“No.” Yu Ning said calmly.
Seeing that Ji Mingxia was waiting for his reaction, Yu Ning asked rhetorically, “What about you, what do you have in mind?”


“Me?” Ji Mingxia did not expect such a question.


He thought he was just Yu Ning and Pei Yuan’s love mentor, but it now seemed that the scope of the love mentor also covered the protagonists’ love between men and women……


If it were usual, Ji Mingxia would definitely have something to say, and if conditions allowed, he could even give Yu Ning a specific analysis of the problem.


But now …… as soon as he thought of Meng Xinyi’s words, the first thing that came to Ji Mingxia’s mind was the way he blushed at Yu Ning!


The emotions that Ji Mingxia had managed to stabilize fluctuated all of a sudden.
He worked hard to control his emotions and tried to be a qualified and dedicated love mentor: “I ……I just think she’s a bit strange, and you guys might not necessarily be suitable…”


Leaving aside his own emotional problems, Yu Ning liked men, even if Meng Xinyi was an ordinary female without any problems and simply liked Yu Ning, there would be no results between her and Yu Ning.


In the original novel, the name Meng Xinyi never appeared from the beginning to the end, so she's an insignificant passerby.


This was a supernatural novel, adding drama is risky ah.


Ji Mingxia slightly changed the plot because of the book, which caused him to be completely involved in the scenarios.


In the original book, the character “Ji Mingxia” could only see ghosts in the middle of the book, but now he..


He had already encountered three different forms of ghosts!



If he hadn’t clung to Yu Ning’s thick thigh in time, he would have already died by now.


“We’re not suitable for each other.” Yu Ning mulled over Ji Mingxia’s words and said softly, “Then whom do you think is more suitable for me?”


“In your case, of course it’s…“ Pei Yuan.


Ji Mingxia's words came to a screeching halt and he couldn’t say the last two words.


If this wasn’t a novel, Ji Mingxia felt that he and Yu Ning were, in fact, quite suitable.


Yu Ning liked men, he liked Yu Ning; Yu Ning was an 0, he is straight and can be a 1.


Yu Ning has a lot of good qualities, and Ji Mingxia can try to catch up with him.
The two of them have been through so much, and so far, there have not been any conflicts.
They got along very harmoniously on a daily basis, and in some ways, their personalities even complimented each other.


The more he thought about it, the more he thought they’re perfect for each other!


However, this was a novel, the protagonist gong and shou had already been decided.
Ji Mingxia was even named in the book, he was to help the protagonist gong and shou, not to break them up so that he can rise to the top!


Just one change had made Ji Mingxia encounter so many more dangers.


If he rashly added to the emotional drama, moreover added it to himself, he simply couldn’t imagine what kind of downfall he would get!


Not to mention that …… Yu Ning would not necessarily like him.


Pei Yuan vs Ji Mingxia, one would choose Pei Yuan, Ji Mingxia still had self-knowledge.


The most suitable person for Yu Ning was Pei Yuan.


But Pei Yuan was a name that Ji Mingxia could not reveal in advance.


Ji Mingxia closed his mouth and averted his gaze with some disappointment.


As he turned, he saw that Yu Ning was tilting his head slightly, his cold eyes slightly curved and he had a brilliant smile.
Yu Ning was looking at him up close, waiting for his answer.


“Me and who?” Yu Ning asked in a low voice, his voice sounding like he was speaking next to Ji Mingxia’s ear because of the close proximity.


Not only did Ji Mingxia blush this time, the heat spread all the way from his face, and even his neck was flushed pink.


At this damning moment, Yu Ning even came closer and called his name: “Mingxia?”


When Ji Mingxia heard Yu Ning call his name like that, he only felt his waist go numb and his legs go a little weak.


His heart pounded frantically, and he unconsciously held his breath as his limbs became stiff from being too nervous.


Just when Ji Mingxia didn’t know what to do, the tent’s support behind him made a creaking sound.


It turned out that he had unconsciously leaned back and his back had touched the stand, causing it to creak as it tilted.


This creaking instantly woke Ji Mingxia up.


He jerked up from his position, and because of the excessive movement, he also pulled the wound on his lower back a little.


The pain caused Ji Mingxia’s expression to twist slightly, but he hurriedly said smoothly, “It feels like the ointment on the wound has almost been absorbed, I’ll go in and apply the medicine again, let’s talk about the rest later.”


With that, Ji Mingxia quickly slipped into the tent without waiting for Yu Ning’s response.

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