Ji Mingxia turned his head to look at Meng Xingyi in shock, “What did you say?”


“You and Yu Ning ……,” Meng Xingyi repeated.


Ji Mingxia only felt twisted all over, and without waiting for Meng Xingyi to finish, he hurriedly interrupted her, “Why are you suddenly asking this question?”


Seeing Ji Mingxia reacting so strongly, Mingxia slowly said, “I just feel that you and Yu Ning are quite special, so I'm a bit curious.”


“Special?” Ji Mingxia frowned slightly.


Meng Xingyi, however, did not go any further.
Seeing that Yu Ning and Bao Guangyuan had already returned and were walking in their direction, Meng Xingyi looked at Ji Mingxia tentatively and said, “So, are you two a couple?”


“Of course not.” Ji Mingxia had recovered and quickly denied it.


Meng Xingyi said, “Then do you like Yu Ning?”


Ji Mingxia heard the word “like” and the name “Yu Ning” together, and his heart suddenly jumped for some reason.


He was just about to answer when Yu Ning and Bao Guangyuan arrived not far away.


Seeing that Ji Mingxia and Meng Xingyi were both standing there and waiting, Bao Guangyuan hurriedly shouted at them, “We've found two thick branches, you two can try to see if they are suitable!”


With that, Bao Guangyuan shook the branches in his hands.


Seeing this, Meng Xingyi winked at Ji Mingxia and whispered, “We'll talk later.”


Without waiting for Ji Mingxia's response, Meng Xingyi stepped forward and picked up Bao Guangyuan's branch in advance.


Bao Guangyuan was rather fat, and with just a moment's exercise, a slight sweat had formed on his head.


While wiping his sweat, Bao Guangyuan said, “We only found two but I think this one is quite suitable for you.”


As he said that, he broke the branches and leaves around the tree branch to make a rudimentary wooden stick that he handed to Meng Xinyi.


The stick whose leaves and branches had just been broken off still had messy barbs.
The rough bark of the tree was bumpy and pockmarked with mud, dust, and a few small insects crawled in every now and then.


Meng Xingyi took it, slapped the dust and bugs away, and tried it out with her hands.


The stick was obviously the trunk of a small tree, and although it was a fair length, it was not hard enough because it was a small tree.


Meng Xinyi had no problem using it like a blind man’s walking stick to explore the road, but using it as a walking stick was impossible as it was too soft and would bend with the slightest effort.


At the same time, Yu Ning also handed the stick to Ji Mingxia.


Ji Mingxia had just been chatting with Meng Xingyi about strange topics, and before they had finished, Yu Ning had returned, causing him to feel a little strange when he looked at him now.


However, Yu Ning had worked hard to help him find a walking stick, so Ji Mingxia hurriedly said “thank you” and took it.


Bao Guangyuan walked faster than Yu Ning, and the branch in his hand was full of leaves, so it looked very conspicuous at first glance.


It was only when Yu Ning handed the wooden stick to Ji Mingxia that the difference between the two could be seen in the comparison.


Compared to Bao Guangyuan's humble sapling, Yu Ning's stick had clearly been broken from a large tree.


Before handing it to Ji Mingxia, Yu Ning had broken off the branches and leaves in advance, and because his hand was strong enough and he used some skill when breaking it, he did not leave any barbs on the branch.


Not only that, Yu Ning also peeled the bark off the tree, and the whole stick was light wood-coloured and slightly moist in the hand, cushioning the friction between the skin and the straight and smooth.


The stick looked slightly shorter in Yu Ning's hand, but when Ji Mingxia took it and tried it out, he found that the height was surprisingly just right.
It was completely tailored to his height.


“Your wound is on the left side, hold it in this direction as a support point.
It is labor effective if you hold it at this height,” Yu Ning waited for Ji Mingxia to take it and try it in his hand before walking over to him and whispering a few words of advice.


Ji Mingxia tried it out according to what Yu Ning said, and really found that it was a lot easier and less strenuous.
The wounds that had been easily pulled from time to time when walking around were instantly painless with the aid of this walking stick since the muscles were not pulled.


Ji Mingxia raised his head in almost some surprise and looked at Yu Ning excitedly, “Wow, Yu Ning you're amazing, how did you know you could use it like this?”


“It’s the systematic leverage of muscles and bones, simple human mechanics.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia looked at him in confusion, obviously not understanding what it meant, but it didn't matter.
It was just practical to practice it.


Because of him and Meng Xinyi, the four of them were moving forward at a very slow pace.
But with these walking sticks, the rest of the journey was much easier, and they should be able to reach their destination soon.


As Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning discussed the new walking stick, Bao Guangyuan, who was looking at it from the side, looked at Meng Xingyi, who was holding the sapling.
He felt inexplicably guilty as he whispered, “So ……
Xingyi, why don’t you try it too?”


Meng Xingyi looked at the stick in her hand and smiled at Pao Guangyuan: “I just tried it, it works quite well.”


“That's good, that's good.” Pao Guangyuan murmured.


Meng Xinyi said, “You guys have been searching for almost half an hour so this walking stick must not have been easy to find, right? It was hard work for you guys.”


Bao Guangyuan smiled and became more and more guilty as he confessed, “Yu Ning found it in a flash, I was the one who couldn't find it after searching for a long time.
Yu Ning saw how anxious I was and helped me get it.”


Meng Xin Yi raised her eyebrows slightly, “Mine was also found by Yu Ning?”


“Well, I selected a branch but couldn't climb it, so I asked Yu Ning to break it down for me.” Bao Guangyuan whispered, “He is amazing.
He did not even need to climb but just stretched his hand and grabbed it.
I am obviously about the same height as him, but his hand is much longer than mine, ah.
The fingers are not only long, but also very strong.  He just used three fingers and folded like this…it shocked me ah.


Meng Xin Yi looked at Yu Ning's fingers.


His skin was pale, the complexion of his hands was also a cold white.  Because of the slender knuckles, his actions are pleasing to the eye no matter what action he did.


Meng Xingyi listened to Bao Guangyuan's ramblings while looking at Yu Ning's hands.
When she saw Yu Ning place his hands on Ji Mingxia's shoulders and both Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning smile at each other, Meng Xingyi withdrew her gaze.


She didn't say much on the way back.


The spring water at Love Mountain Spring flowed down from the top of the mountain, converging into a pool halfway up the mountain, and then flowing down an underpass between the mountains.


To find the water source, one must reach the halfway point of the mountain in order to see it.


Ji Mingxia and Meng Xingyi, Who were injured, were walking fast since they had crutches, and the four arrived near the Love Mountain spring a little earlier than expected.


This was one of the more famous spots at the edge of the primeval forest, people who came to explore the forest would come to the Love Mountain Spring to relax.


The terrain around the Love Mountain Spring was steep and the stone monument at the foot of the mountain was in a dilapidated state.


Ji Mingxia did not have any expectations of this Love Mountain Spring as they had been trapped in the forest for several days, looking at all the trees and mud.


However, Ji Mingxia, who had low expectations, was instantly surprised when they reached the spring.


The water flowed down from the top of the mountain, and as there were quite a lot of rocks on the slopes, the bottom of the pool was extraordinarily clear.


From a distance, lush trees surrounded a clear spring, and the water reflected the light of the sky, making the surroundings extraordinarily bright.


On both sides of the spring was a thin, hazy mist of water in which a three color rainbow appeared.


Perhaps it was because of the water source, the area around the spring was so vibrant that frogs and birds could be heard faintly in the middle of the day.


The stones around the spring were white and had long been cleaned by the rain.


From a distance, you could see that some leaves had been artificially spread over the stones like two beds.


Bao Guangyuan said, “We slept there for the past few days.”


“It's a nice environment here.” Ji Mingxia couldn't help but say, “It must have been hard for you guys to find this without a map.”


“We ran this way to avoid that ghost, but we didn't expect a blind cat to run into a dead rat, and we decided to stay here temporarily.” Pao Guangyuan said, “We brought very few supplies with us, and with little experience, we wasted so much that the more we lived, the worse it became.”


As he said that, he suddenly remembered something and said to Ji Mingxia, “By the way, there is a very strange kind of tree growing behind the spring.
The leaves are particularly large and thick, and they are quite cool and comfortable when laid on the stones.
You can go and pick some over if you need to.”


“Uh, we ……” Ji Mingxia looked at the leaves and was about to politely tell Bao Guangyuan that they had brought their own tent for camping.


As a result, Yu Ning had already selected a place and directly laid out the tent.


Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia each carried a large bag, and although it was clear that they had plenty of supplies, Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xingyi never expected that they would even carry camping tents with them.


In order to save space, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had brought a simple tent, but in any case, it was a luxury to have a separate space to rest in this huge forest.


Ji Mingxia saw that Yu Ning had already brought it out, and could only say, “We had prepared in advance before we came.”


Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xingyi could only laugh dryly, “Very well prepared indeed, each person has a camping tent, huh?”


Although they tried their best to conceal it, the impact of the tent inevitably revealed a few sour emotions.


They had food and shelter, and in contrast to Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning, they were living like primitive people, and the difference was too great.


Yu Ning had taken out the camping tent, so naturally, Ji Mingxia couldn't just stand there and he hurriedly went over to help.


“Your waist is injured, don't move.” Yu Ning told him before he could even squat down.


Ji Mingxia smiled and could only hold onto his crutch as he bent down to whisper in Yu Ning's ear, “We've only just arrived and it's not even dark yet, why are we pitching them now?”


“The wound on your body needs to be treated as soon as possible.” Yu Ning said as he quickly unzipped the tent.


He was completely familiar with the structure of the tent, and it took less than ten minutes from unpacking to setting it up.


The tent they had brought with them was a double tent, which could be used independently, or put together to make one.


Previously, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had each slept in their own small tent.
Ji Mingxia was prepared to get into the small tent, but to his surprise, Yu Ning had combined the two tents into one.


After setting up the tent, Yu Ning quickly took out ointment and other items from his bag.


Ji Mingxia looked at Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xingyi, who were not far away, and then at the leaves that were spread on the ground and he couldn’t bear it.
Yu Ning picked the ointment and prepared to take him into the tent.


Ji Mingxia's words were on his lips before he could say them, he noticed Yu Ning’s actions and was immediately startled: “What are you doing?”


“Applying medicine on you.” Yu Ning said matter-of-factly.


Applying medicine?


Ji Mingxia froze for a moment, suddenly understanding what Yu Ning meant.


Although the area of the wound was large, it was not a serious injury.


It was only today that he had accidentally rubbed against it, traumatizing it, and in such a special environment like the forest, this small wound had directly affected Ji Mingxia's movement.


Yu Ning wanted to check his wound earlier but Ji Mingxia refused as he was injured at the waist and abdomen.
He didn’t want to lift his clothes in public.


Yu Ning understood what he meant, so he didn't say much.


However, it was obvious that this matter had been on Yu Ning’s mind this whole time, and he didn't delay for a minute when they arrived at the Love Mountain Spring.


Earlier, Ji Mingxia had been wondering why Yu Ning had set up the two tents together.
He did not need so much space to apply medicine.


And it was now that he understood.
Yu Ning combined the two tents into one, so that they could get into them together, and then Yu Ning would help him apply medicine.


However, if Ji Mingxia had been injured on the upper part of his body, then everything would have been fine.


But he was injured from the waist all the way down to his thighs!


To apply the medicine in those areas, not only did his shirt have to be lifted up, but his trousers had to be taken off too.


He and Yu Ning would get into the tent together, and he would take off his clothes and trousers for Yu Ning to administer the medicine; outside the tent, Bao Guangyuan and Meng Xingyi would sit bitterly on the leaves, looking at the two people in the tent every now and then..


Just thinking about the image made Ji Mingxia want to burrow into the ground.


Especially since Meng Xingyi had asked him not long ago if he and Yu Ning were a couple.


Just after denying it, he and Yu Ning were going to drill into a tent in the next second. 


Who would believe that they weren’t a couple?

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