Ji Mingxia walked up to Yu Ning, he looked Yu Ning up and down to make sure he was alright before looking in the distance.


“Is it over?” Ji Mingxia asked with some uncertainty.


Although he had been standing in place, he was separated from the commercial car by some distance.


It was not yet dark, but the dim light greatly affected his vision.
He looked carefully for a while but could only make out the shapes of the two men, and he couldn't hear what they were saying.


“It's over.” Yu Ning said, and led Ji Mingxia back to the vicinity of the commercial car.


As he got closer to the commercial vehicle, a stench of rotting flesh hit him, and Ji Mingxia was so dizzy from the smell that he almost couldn't move forward.


Ji Mingxia was full of admiration for Yu Ning who was standing aside as if he could not smell it.


Sure enough, not everyone can be the protagonist.
The stench was so terrible that he wanted to cover nose.


Although the smell was overwhelming, Ji Mingxia really wanted to know what had just happened, so he finally covered his nose and walked forward.


Although the forest was dense with foliage, there was still a faint wind blowing from afar.


The direction they came from was against the wind, so the stench was particularly strong as they walked.
When they stood next to the commercial vehicle, the smell was still there, but it was not as strong and suffocating.


It was dark by now, so Ji Mingxia got a torch from his backpack and shone it around.


Both the monster and Song Yuelin had disappeared, and only him and Yu Ning were currently left in the huge forest.


In addition, the items near the commercial vehicle had also changed compared to before.


The first and most conspicuous thing was the trunk that Song Yuelin had opened.


Song Yuelin used the contents of the trunk to attract the monster's attention and flee, so he didn't have time to close it.


At this moment, the trunk was open and the contents were visible. 


Ji Mingxia lifted his torch to check out the contents, but Yu Ning pressed his torch down: “Don't look.”


Ji Mingxia saw the scene inside the trunk the moment the torch was raised.


He saw a female body inside the trunk.


Although it hadn't been long since her death, the corpse had already changed because it was the middle of summer.


Her skin was covered in brown and green corpse spots, her limbs were swollen, and dark red blood was dripping from her eyes, ears, mouth and nose.


The flesh on her thighs had disappeared, and the wounds were covered with white maggots that were squirming wildly on the rotting flesh.


The corpse was so swollen and her appearance had undergone such big changes that it would have been impossible to tell her gender had it not been for the dress she was wearing.


Just one look at her and Ji Mingxia’s face went white.


He had guessed that there was a corpse when he smelled the stench.


But guessing and seeing with his own eyes were entirely two different things.


He had never seen a corpse in his whole life, let alone one that had been slaughtered like this and had squirming maggots that seemed to grow from it. 


Ji Mingxia's entire body took a step back, and he only came back to his senses when Yu Ning held him.


“This ……” Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning, barely able to speak.


“She must have been dead for two days, her mouth and nose are bleeding due to hemorrhage.
She was a normal person so she did not turn into a ghost after death, don't be afraid.” Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia.


Ji Mingxia reluctantly pulled the corner of his mouth.
This feeling was completely different from facing a ghost.


But seeing Yu Ning's indifferent look, it was probably the same in his opinion.


To avoid throwing up, Ji Mingxia hurriedly left the back of the commercial car and walked to the side.


Near the business car was a box.


When he was hiding in the shadows earlier, he vaguely saw Song Yuelin fiddling with something in this position.
The lid of the box was facing Yu Ning's direction, which also blocked Ji Mingxia's line of sight.
He was also some distance away, so it was even more impossible for him to guess what Song Yuelin was doing in the box.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia raised his torch in curiosity.


He saw a row of knives in the box.


The knives were of different shapes, from big to small, short to long, and were polished to the point that it shined brightly.
When the torch shone on them, the light reflected instantly and stung Ji Mingxia's eyes.


Thinking of Song Yuelin's previous actions, Ji Mingxia firmly believed that Song Yuelin already had the intention to kill although his mouth was talking to Yu Ning.


Fortunately, Yu Ning was resourceful and prepared early on.


Not long ago, Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia and Song Yuelin, hid deep into the forest, and the monster appeared a few moments later.


Ji Mingxia was targeted on the spot and was scared out of his wits.
It was then that Yu Ning wrote two words on Ji Mingxia's hand: don't move.


The fingers slid over the skin of his hand, gently writing out the words clearly.
Ji Mingxia only felt a tingle in his hand, and his attention was diverted at that moment.


He was scared stiff by the monster, but his attention was all on Yu Ning's writing fingers.


Yu Ning asked Ji Mingxia to hold still.


If this were someone else, Ji Mingxia would have cursed.
A monster was staring at him, and he was being told to stay still?!


But it was Yu Ning who was writing, and while Ji Mingxia was nervous, he was affected by the tingling in his hand, and his heart was beating faster and faster with an inexplicable stirring on top of the fear.


He and Yu Ning had gone through many dangers together, and he trusted Yu Ning 100%.


Ji Mingxia overcame his inner fear and his instinct to run away.
He watched the monster step towards him, and he gritted his teeth, stayed in place and didn’t move a muscle.


A few seconds seemed as long as a year.
The monster was about to cross the forest and arrive in front of him when a red light appeared, and in the next instant, the monster disappeared.


Ji Mingxia was so frightened that his legs went weak.
Although the monster had disappeared, Ji Mingxia was still so nervous that he was dazed.


At that moment, Song Yuelin opened his eyes and looked at Ji Mingxia.


Before Ji Mingxia could react, Song Yuelin's gaze crossed over him and fell on Yu Ning.


Ji Mingxia instinctively felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere.
Thinking of the two words that Yu Ning had written, Ji Mingxia continued to maintain his posture, even holding his breath.


Sure enough, Song Yuelin ignored him and started talking to Yu Ning.


Song Yuelin's attention was on Yu Ning, and when he made small moves, he only guarded against Yu Ning.
So Ji Mingxia could see the things that Yu Ning might not necessarily see.


He clearly saw Song Yuelin hide a small mirror into his pocket as he spoke.


This caused Ji Mingxia to instantly recall the moments before.
He was aware of the law of attraction and advised Yu Ning not to stare at the monster, but then a bright light suddenly fell on his face, ultimately causing the monster to discover him.


So on seeing the small mirror in Song Yuelin's hand, Ji Mingxia instantly understood.


Through the principle of mirror reflection, the light was focused on his face, attracting the monster's attention.


In this way, Song Yuelin did not have to touch him at all, would not leave any evidence, and would successfully sacrifice him to the monster.


The monster only killed one person every night, and after his death, Song Yuelin would be safe.


Ji Mingxia was still thinking of this when Yu Ning got up to leave.


Song Yuelin had wanted to search where he was, but the latter had no choice but to follow Yu Ning.


By this time, he was certain that Yu Ning had confused Song Yuelin's perception through the bronze mirror, making Song Yuelin believe that the monster had killed him and then disappeared at the same time.


As for why he did this, the purpose was simple.


While Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning currently knew very little about this forest, Song Yuelin had a great deal of information in his hands, but was a scheming murderer. 


Only when they let him achieve his goal would he relax and reveal more useful content.


From the very beginning, Ji Mingxia was the bait that hoodwinked Song Yuelin, while Yu Ning was responsible for consolidating the information.


Yu Ning lured Song Yuelin back to the commercial car in order to avoid Ji Mingxia from being revealed, but unfortunately, Ji Mingxia was some distance away from them and had no idea how Yu Ning was progressing.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia closed the box.
He turned around with the box and saw Yu Ning come out from behind the back of the car, holding a card-like object in his hand.
He took out a bottle of clean water from inside the commercial car and rinsed the blood from his hands and the card.


When the card was rinsed clean, Yu Ning held up it and said to Ji Mingxia, “The deceased is Zhou Li.”


Only then did Ji Mingxia realise that the card was actually an identity card Yu Ning had taken from the deceased.


Ji Mingxia shrank back in fright.


As expected of Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia once again felt how lucky that he was following the protagonist in these scenarios.


“Li Youzi's group had a total of seven people.
Every time the ghost kills someone, it adds a face.
Without counting tonight, the ghost had killed a total of three people, and there are only four people left.
Zhou Li didn't die at the hands of the ghost, and the time of death was around two days ago.
What Song Yuelin said was half true.” Yu Ning concluded.


Ji Mingxia listened in a cloud of confusion, but he understood some, “Then what things did he lie about?”


“They created that thing and it only wants to kill them, it has no interest in us.
Song Yuelin didn't know this and wanted to use us as test subjects.  That’s why he was ecstatic and overjoyed when he found that you had disappeared.” Yu Ning said, and followed up by telling Ji Mingxia what had just happened.

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