Just then, a hand touched the back of Ji Mingxia's hand.


Ji Mingxia trembled, and before he could speak, he felt that hand gently write on the back of his hand.


It was Yu Ning's hand and his fingertips were gently tracing Ji Mingxia's hand, one stroke at a time.


Ji Mingxia immediately maintained his posture, not moving a muscle, not even shifting his eyes, as if he had been completely frightened by the monster ……


Song Yuelin was hiding in a corner with bated breath, and when he noticed the monster staring at Ji Mingxia and coming in their direction, his facial muscles twitched slightly before he quickly closed his eyes.


The whole forest was dead silent.  Except for the sound of the monster walking around, there was no other more movement.


The sound of leaves being crushed was soft and crisp, and under the pressure of the monster, no one even dared to breathe hard.
They were so tense that they could even hear their heartbeats.


Song Yuelin silently counted the time in his mind according to the frequency of his heartbeat.
After about 30 seconds or so, he opened his eyes.


Compared to earlier, the sky was a little darker at this time.
Song Yuelin looked ahead only to see that the place where the monster was standing was empty.
In just thirty seconds, the terrifying behemoth had simply disappeared.


There were no more unwanted sounds within the forest, as if everything had returned to its previous calm.


A hint of suspicion flashed across Song Yuelin's face as he slowly turned his head and looked to his side.


Ji Mingxia, who had been hiding there had likewise disappeared, leaving only Yu Ning standing in place, looking at him coldly.


The person targeted by the monster had just disappeared?!


Song Yuelin froze for a moment, then his eyebrows twitched.
He was barely able to suppress the joy on his face, and Yu Ning's cold face made him quickly calm down.


Although this guy was lean, he was young and tall, a tough guy.


Men's body fat rate was lower than women’s.
Although the texture was not as filling as women's meat, it was also more soft because of less fat ……


Song Yuelin quietly stuffed the mirror in his palm back into his pocket.
He wiped his face with his hand, took a deep breath and adjusted his facial expression before looking at Yu Ning suspiciously, “What's going on ……
is something wrong? How come him and the monster both disappeared?”


Yu Ning did not say anything, but directly turned around and walked in the direction of the commercial vehicle.


Song Yuelin had wanted to check the situation, but he didn't expect Yu Ning to walk away without giving him much face.


Song Yuelin's face was cold as he stared at Yu Ning's back.
After seeing that Yu Ning had taken several steps out and was still unharmed, Song Yuelin eventually took quick steps to follow Yu Ning's footsteps and walked behind him.


Although they had been together for less than two hours, Song Yuelin had figured out Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning have distinct personalities and he has long seen through what kind of person Yu Ning is.
He forced himself to restrain his emotions, and while walking back, he could not help but take the initiative to speak up again: “I was just so scared that I closed my eyes.
I had no idea what was going on, and I didn't hear any sound…
…I didn't expect ……
the result to be like this.”


Song Yuelin moved closer to Yu Ning and looked at his face, “Is your friend alright? Was he dragged away by the monster? Did you see him die with your own eyes? If you didn't see it with your own eyes, maybe there's still hope for everything?”


Yu Ning didn't even look at him.


Song Yuelin was so angry that he could only change direction and continued through clenched teeth, “Allow me to say one more thing ……
if I didn't see him die with my own eyes, there is actually still hope for survival ……
maybe the monster just took him away and we can find him, really, even if he was cut up into pieces ……it’s better to find the remains to be buried in the ground.”


He had just finished his sentence when Yu Ning jerked to a halt and turned his head to look at him with a cold and stern expression.


Yu Ning had finally reacted and Song Yuelin couldn't help but smile.
He raised his hand to Yu Ning and said in a slow tone, “I guessed blindly, don't be angry.
Being trapped in this forest with no way to get out, having one more person is more reassuring.
I also hope that your friend is alright.”


“Is that so,” Yu Ning said, “I can't really tell.”


“Alas, I have seen several of my friends die with my own eyes.
I was very scared when I first saw someone die.
My legs were weak, I didn't sleep all night and as long as I closed my eyes, all I saw were images of my friends dying…..
but, after seeing it a lot, I became numb, I hope you can forgive me.
” Song Yuelin sighed, “the most important thing now is for the people who are still alive to successfully get out of this forest.
Let’s work together to try to win a chance to live.
I'm sure your friend would also want you to live in good health.”


Song Yuelin talked as he walked.
Both of them were fast on their feet and soon, they had returned to the vicinity of the commercial vehicle.


Yu Ning suddenly stopped in his tracks.


Song Yuelin, who was originally walking behind him, was still talking and he unconsciously walked ahead.


Seeing Yu Ning standing still and not following him, Song Yuelin turned back: “What, you don't believe my words?”


They had walked out for so long without seeing Ji Mingxia, and the monster had completely disappeared.


Although Yu Ning did not explicitly say what had happened, Ji Mingxia, in all probability, had been taken away by the ghost.


Today’s hurdle ended like that.


Song Yuelin was relieved and his confidence was restored.
He walked over to the commercial vehicle, took a box out and fiddled with it.


Yu Ning didn't like to talk, but it didn't matter, he could talk on his own.


Song Yuelin said: “Although you look difficult to get along with, unlike that friend of yours, you should be a smart person.
No matter what the reason is, in any case, there are only two of us left now.
Either we kill each other or cooperate for mutual benefit, you should know very well which choice to make, right?”


Song Yuelin looked amiable and kind-hearted when communicating with Ji Mingxia, but at this time, he completely changed his face.


Although he was persuading Yu Ning, his demeanor seemed unhurried, as if he was in complete control of the situation.


This invisible aura, under the particular circumstances, would crush Yu Ning.


After all, Yu Ning was just a young high school student that had come to a strange environment, saw a ghost with his own eyes and lost his companion.
He had a strong heart considering that he was not breaking down.
But he was facing Song Yuelin, who had survived in the forest for four or five days, there was no way he would be a match for him.


The forest was quiet, and it was as if they were the only two living people left in the world.


It was as if Yu Ning was also slightly relieved, and for the first time, he took the initiative to voice his plea: “Why should I trust you?”


Song Yuelin couldn't help but smile when he heard the words.


Sure enough, he was still young and was so quick to take the bait.


He lifted his head and looked at Yu Ning, “I know that you and your friend have a good relationship.
A living person just suddenly disappeared so you must not be able to accept it at once.
You might even want to take it out on me, and I understand all these emotions you have.”


“In order to express my apologies, I can tell you one more thing, which is also considered as the sincerity of our initial cooperation.”


After Song Yuelin finished speaking, he slowly opened the box in front of Yu Ning.


The lid of the box was facing Yu Ning, so he could not see what Song Yuelin's hands were doing.


Song Yuelin had his head down and was fiddling with the box, so he didn't notice that although Yu Ning was facing him, his hands were also behind him.
So from Song Yuelin's angle, he also didn't know what Yu Ning's hands were doing.


Although they were facing each other, they each had their own thoughts.
Song Yuelin said, “Every evening, ghosts show up on time to kill people.
It's been five days now ……
Do you still remember what I told you, that seven of us entered the forest?”


Yu Ning said, “If it was one person killed a day, you would have two people left now.”


“Yes, but you also saw that the ghost which appeared had three faces…..
those three faces were all with the features of my friends.
Every time the ghost kills a person, one more face appears on its body, so I guess that only after seven people are killed would the ghost let us out.” Song Yuelin said.


Yu Ning said, “Without counting today, you have been in the forest for a total of four days, and the ghost has only killed three people?”


“That's right, that's the problem.” Song Yuelin looked at Yu Ning and said, “The ghost had to kill seven people before this nightmarish game of hide-and-seek can end.
But I want to live, and without me, that is one less spot.”


Yu Ning whispered, “So that's the reason why you harmed Mingxia?”

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