“Are you all okay? Just follow the path I've taken ……”


 Song Yuelin's shout suddenly came from not so far away.


Seeing that Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning didn’t respond, Song Yuelin thought for a moment, then turned around back.
He used his hiking stick to uncover the grass, walked back a few steps and reached Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia.


“The thicket ahead is the densest.
I hid in it twice without any trouble.
The three of us will be slightly crowded, but we should still be able to hide safely, you guys ……”


Song Yuelin stopped, seeing Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning both looking at him.


Yu Ning's expression was the same as always, but Ji Mingxia's expression was a bit unnatural.
When they spoke before, Ji Mingxia would always meet his eyes as they conversed, but at this moment, Ji Mingxia averted his gaze immediately their eyes met.


Song Yuelin keenly felt that something was wrong, and seeing that the dusk was getting closer and closer, Song Yuelin directly asked, “What's wrong? Is there anything I can help you with?”


Ji Mingxia had guessed that Song Yuelin wasn't a good person, but he didn't expect him to be that horrible.


No matter how terrifying the ghosts are, their nature can be seen with the naked eye.


However, Song Yuelin was different.


He stood in front of them like a warm-hearted big brother, in that one could never imagine that he was feasting on what was actually human flesh half an hour ago…..


This strong contrast caused Ji Mingxia's physical discomfort, but he hurriedly covered up his emotions when Song Yuelin looked over: “I'm just ……
a little nervous …..I don't know what to do.


“Nervous?” Song Yuelin looked at Ji Mingxia suspiciously.


Ji Mingxia looked around.
Although the forest was large, it was just full of trees and weeds everything that you couldn’t find a shadow even if you looked closely.


But when you really hide in it, it feels like there is wind everywhere and you will be exposed at any minute.


“If the three of us are together…..
wouldn't we be in danger if we are found.” Ji Mingxia said.


Song Yuelin smiled, his heart slightly relieved.
He looked at Ji Mingxia's young face and he said soothingly, “Don't worry, I've hidden in this place many times, and it's never let me down.
Even if we are unlucky and are really found ……
anyway, there were so many of us before and we didn't even hide, but the ghost only killed one person at a time.
It won't suddenly change and go on a killing spree now.”


Song Yuelin used his hiking stick to shake the grass around him.
He thought for a moment and turned his head to Ji Mingxia, “If you are worried, then you two can hide inside while I hide outside.
That way, I would be targeted first in case there is danger, okay?”


Ji Mingxia looked at Song Yuelin with some surprise, not understanding what medicine he was selling in his gourd.


However, the time was getting closer and Ji Mingxi did not argue since the other party since he had said so.
The three of them quickly went to the spot that Song Yuelin had prepared.


The place was not far from the commercial vehicle, only about 30 metres away when you walk in a straight line.
But because of the dense foliage and layers of obstacles in the middle, it was impossible to reach it in a straight line, so the three of them made a big detour before they could reach.


Song Yuelin was true to his word and he let Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning go in first.


In the end, Yu Ning was the first, Ji Mingxia hid in the middle and Song Yuelin was the last to hide in.


The forest was already dimly lit, and the dense thicket was even darker.


It would be dark here even at moon, let alone at this time of day.


As the sun set, day and night alternated, and the whole forest went into slumber.


Both Ji Mingxia and Song Yuelin stayed quiet and motionless, breathing lightly and not daring to make a sound.


The whole world was dead silent, except for a slightly brighter spot in the distance where the light of the outside world could be seen changing.


The dim yellow of the setting sun unconsciously turned into a fiery red, shining through the branches and leaves like a pillar of light, overlapping with the darkness.


Ji Mingxia watched quietly, taking stock of the change in time.
He watched the red light and the darkness entwine back and forth amd just when he was about to move his eyes away, he suddenly noticed that the light in that area was vaguely distorted.


Ji Mingxia froze for a moment, and suddenly realized that an eerie dark shadow had appeared not far ahead of him.


The sound of a tree branch being crushed came from not far away.


The dark shadow turned its back to Ji Mingxia’s direction, slowly stepping out of the darkness as it dragged it’s slightly heavy body forward step by step.


The whole forest was dead silent, and in the midst of all the silence, only the black shadow was moving around.


Every time it took a step, the light twisted and its body enlarged slightly.


Song Yuelin had shown Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning a photograph of the ghost that Li Liang, the photographer, had taken before he died.


The ghost bore some resemblance to the one Ji Mingxia had encountered at school, and Ji Mingxia even thought that was the painting styles of the rings was similar.


He was also prepared to face this ghost again.


But to Ji Mingxia's surprise, the ghost in front of him grew larger with every step it took, it did not look remotely human, but rather like three or four human bodies had been stitched together and were overlapping.


The light around him was too dim, and they were separated from the ghost by some distance, making it impossible for Ji Mingxia to see its full appearance.


It was only when the ghost emerged from the darkness, dragging its body forward, that Ji Mingxia finally got a good look at the ghost.


Contrary to the slim and thin ghost in the photo, the ghost in front of him was incomparably stout and large.


Its body was scarlet, with muscle tissue showing, so it looked like a human body that had been skinned.


The limbs were much longer than normal, and in addition to that, the muscles in the shoulders and back were faintly wriggling.


As it moved, the sound of leaves being trampled echoed.


The ghost slowly moved through the forest, and at first glance, it looked like it was looking for a human in hiding.


Ji Mingxia was prepared to see a female ghost, unexpectedly, he didn't saw a giant-like ghost.


No wonder it was said that Lu Liang and Shi Wei both unknowingly had their throats slit.


An ordinary human is like a small chicken to a ghost of this size, and it would indeed take a matter of minutes to kill.


If ordinary ghosts brought fear from fierceness and the unknown, then the ghost in front of him brought fear from the shock of power.


It did not look like a ghost to Ji Mingxia, but rather like a giant monster.


It looked like a giant monster patrolling its territory, unhurriedly walking around.


At first, Ji Mingxia was so afraid that it would come over, so he even held his breath, but after a few moments, he gradually noticed something strange.


Even if it was patrolling around so unhurriedly, why was its back turned towards them the whole time?


This thought had just risen in Ji Mingxia's mind when he suddenly remembered something and, with a start, turned his head reflexively.


Like him, Yu Ning was indeed staring at the monster with the same suspicion, checking its every move.


Ji Mingxia didn’t have time to think about it, his first reaction was to reach out and cover Yu Ning's eyes.


“You can't look, Law of Attraction!” Ji Mingxia lowered his voice and said.


As soon as the words left his mouth, a bright light suddenly appeared from nowhere and shone on Ji Mingxia's body.


Ji Mingxia raised his head to look ahead.
The monster whose back was facing them, suddenly had a face on the back of its head.


The face was blood red, its eyes were covered with streaks of blood, and its gaze was locked on Ji Mingxia's body.


Ji Mingxia only felt a chill run through his body, and his eyes became red.

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