It was only after hearing Yu Ning’s story that Ji Mingxia came to a realization.
The Yu Ning in front of him was not a paper man, but a living, breathing person who had grown up from a child and struggled to survive.


Of course, the author could not be blamed for this kind of thing.
Who would have thought that the world of fiction would come true?


For the first time, Ji Mingxia felt the burden that came with being the protagonist.


Even though there was a halo that kept him alive, everything he had to endure in the process of growing up was far more than anyone could imagine.


Ji Mingxia had used his mobile phone to search for news and pictures related to harvesting and cutting, so Yu Ning did not look at his phone screen out of courtesy.


When he recounted the past, he didn’t go into much detail about harvesting and cutting, and only mentioned “singing dogs”, so he didn’t know what was going on in Ji Mingxia’s mind after reading the news and pictures.


Seeing that Ji Mingxia was quietly looking at him, Yu Ning finished explaining about the Faceless Man and then smoothly returned the topic to the hotel.


Yu Ning was indeed a little surprised when he saw the faceless man at the spa, and it took some effort to overcome his inner fear.


When the Faceless Man failed to cause him any harm, it instead became a breakthrough for Yu Ning.


So based on the known information, Yu Ning had basically seen through the other party’s abilities and routines by that point.
His series of operations that followed were purely a performance to confuse the other party.


The topic came back to the hotel, and Ji Mingxia calmed down his emotions.  His attention quickly shifted along with Yu Ning and he concluded, “In other words, you had already anticipated what would happen next before we acted tonight? You were just waiting for the other party to take the bait?”


“Pretty much.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia no longer knew what to say.
He felt like an idiot in comparison to Yu Ning.


While he still thought that it was all related to Li Youzi, and that it was the second blood-red ring that he was going to deal with tonight, Yu Ning, had already made preparations to deal with the other mysterious item.


No, he couldn’t be blamed for that.


He had a normal thinking process and if he had Yu Ning reverse thinking, he wouldn’t be as simple as a plain supporting character.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia felt more balanced, but he couldn’t help but ask, “Then why was there a red light emitting from my body when you found me?”


“It’s the ring.” Yu Ning said, picking up the ring on the coffee table and holding it up in front of Ji Mingxia.


Immediately Yu Ning picked up the blood-red ring, it transformed into a red stream of light that wrapped around Yu Ning’s finger as it rotated back and forth like a living thing.


This was Ji Mingxia’s first time seeing the ring change form, and he was dumbfounded.


“It …it can also become like this?”


As soon as Ji Mingxia’s words fell, the red light transformed into two, one flying to Ji Mingxia’s hand and one stayed on Yu Ning’s finger.


After recognizing Yu Ning as its master, the blood red ring had unlocked various abilities, one of which was differentiation.


Although the differentiation would weaken some of the ring’s abilities, it would be able to protect Ji Mingxia at critical moments.


The bronze mirror’s ability was to use illusions to inspire fear within a person, thus breaking the person’s spirit.


This was also why Yu Ning did not reveal all the information to Ji Mingxia when they set out.


The more one knew, the more distractions there would be in one’s heart.


To Ji Mingxia, a second blood-red ring vs a brand new mysterious item, it was clear that the former was a little better to deal with.


As long as Ji Mingxia was not defeated by fear, he was safe.


Of course Yu Ning had left half of the ring on Ji Mingxia’s body, just in case.


If Ji Mingxia was accidentally defeated by his inner fear, this would be the final barrier to keep Ji Mingxia safe.


“So that’s how it is…” Ji Mingxia said, “When did you put it on me? I didn’t feel it at all.”


“When we entered the restaurant in the lake.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia thought carefully for a moment and then recalled when his clothes had gotten caught when they entered the restaurant.
At that time, Yu Ning had helped him tidy up his clothes.


Ji Mingxia only thought that Yu Ning was thoughtful, and did not think that Yu Ning was setting everything up at that time.


“So ……you relied on half a ring to take Tong Jing down.
Didn’t she suspect anything?” Ji Mingxia said in shock.


Yu Ning patiently said, “The principle of Tong Jing’s killing is to use illusions to deceive the mind, the best way to do that is to conquer fear and put fear in her heart.”


“To treat someone the way they treat others.” Ji Mingxia muttered.


He understood defeating ghosts no longer relied only on physical strength, using the brain was the key.


Look at Yu Ning, although he did not have the same physical skills as Pei Yuan, he had brains.


It could be said that all the participants in this incident were like puppets on strings.


At the beginning, it was Tong Jing who was controlling the whole situation, but somehow, Yu Ning, the person in the situation, became the manipulator by virtue of his intelligence.


At first glance, Yu Ning was disadvantaged in every way, and Tong Jing had lost unjustly.
But on second thought, it would be strange for Tong Jing to win under such oppressive intelligence.


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but feel a little sympathy for Tong Jing.


Not only did she recognize Yu Ning as her master, she even gave away her possessions.


Suddenly, a flash came to Ji Mingxia’s mind, catching something that he had almost overlooked just now.


“I remember now! I wondered why this bronze mirror looked familiar!” Ji Mingxia said.


Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia in confusion, “You’ve seen it before?”


“Uh, not really.” Ji Mingxia shook his head.


He had transmigrated into this world not long ago, how could he have seen this bronze mirror before?


However, Ji Mingxia had seen similar descriptions in the novels.


Pei Yuan had a mysterious item in his possession later in the movel, a very rare evolutionary mysterious item called the bronze mirror.


The bronze mirror in the novel was a special item that the special department went through great pains to take in, and it could only be used at critical moments.
Even Pei Yuan needed special approval before using it.


In theory, this was a rather special point in the plot, and Ji Mingxia should have remembered it right away.


But the problem was, it was just a novel to Ji Mingxia at the time.


When he saw the main characters “attacking” and “suffering”, he was upset in his heart, so how could he go on reading the content carefully.


He wouldn’t look carefully, let alone remember it and convert the written descriptions into physical objects.


So when he saw the bronze mirror, Ji Mingxia only felt that it looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember exactly why.


It was only now that he realized that the bronze mirror might be the same as the one Pei Yuan possessed in the novel.


According to what the driver said, there were only incidents of ghosts hitting the wall a few years ago.


Currently, the bronze mirror has been using illusions to induce a person’s inner fear to deal with Ji Mingxia and the others.


This attack technique was a rapid improvement, which is fully in line with the “growth” property of mysterious items.


Previously, Ji Mingxia thought that Tong Jing was a ghost, just like Lin Siyun.


But what if Tong Jing was not a ghost, but an intelligence derived from the bronze mirror?


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia was instantly energised and excitedly told Yu Ning about his guesses.


“If this bronze mirror is an evolved mystical item, then its value is unimaginable.” Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning and said, “If Tong Jing is the intelligence derived from the bronze mirror, it means that it is growing very fast.
It already has the special ability to use illusions and change people’s memories, give it a few more years, and based on speculation, it would even have the ability to control time… “


Of course Ji Mingxia said this as a guess, but it was written like this in the novel.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but get excited.


Although the plot had shifted quite a bit, the mysterious item that originally belonged to Pei Yuan a few years later had now become something that belonged to Yu Ning.


But anyway, the gong and the shou were one, so giving it to Pei Yuan and giving it to Yu Ning were both the same.


Moreover, Yu Ning had gotten the mysterious item by relying on his wisdom to turn the danger into success, which was naturally what he deserved.


Ji Mingxia could not help but exclaim, “Yu Ning, evolutionary mysterious items are very rare, whether it is the Blood Red Ring or this Quanzhuang hotel, they are nowhere near as valuable as it is.
Getting it to recognize you as its master based on your strength is so impressive, worthy of being the academic tyrant of our school.
There is simply nothing that can defeat you ……”


Ji Mingxia said this as he lowered his head to carefully observe the bronze mirror.


However, after looking at it for a few seconds, Ji Mingxia quickly noticed that something was wrong again and asked curiously, “Huh, evolutionary mysterious items have transparent edges, why does this bronze mirror look like the blood red ring on the surface? It looks like an ordinary level mysterious item ah.”


An unnatural look flashed across Yu Ning’s face as he whispered, “Maybe it’s just an ordinary mysterious item.”


“That’s not right…there can’t be two bronze mirrors in this world, right?” Ji Mingxia said strangely, unable to resist turning it over and over, studying it carefully.


However, Yu Ning had already killed Tong Jing, the bronze mirror’s derived intelligence.
No matter how much Ji Mingxia studied it, it could never return to its previous appearance.


For a moment, Yu Ning did not know how to explain to Ji Mingxia that he was so enraged by Tong Jing’s behaviour that he simply did not care if it was worth a lot of money or not, and simply wiped her out.


Seeing that Ji Mingxia was puzzled, Yu Ning thought for a moment and said, “Actually, there is one thing that I have been thinking about for a long time, and I have never figured it out.”


“Ah?” Ji Mingxia raised his head in surprise to look at Yu Ning.


‘Could there be something that Yu Ning couldn’t figure out in this world?’


Ji Mingxia was really piqued and he looked at him curiously, “What could be difficult for our Yu Ning?”


Yu Ning said, “At the spa, I heard you and that technician talking for a long time.”


“Mmm.…” Ji Mingxia sipped his tea and thought about it.
It seemed like there was indeed such a thing.


That technician brother was rather talkative.
He chattered for a long time and said some inexplicable things.


Ji Mingxia’s attention was completely drawn to the technician brother, causing him not to even notice the extraordinarily silence on Yu Ning’s side.
It was only after the massage that he realized Yu Ning was struggling to deal with the faceless man.


Even though it was something that had already passed, Ji Mingxia was still a little embarrassed when he looked back.


Yu Ning always considered his safety in advance, but when Yu Ning was in danger, he had no idea.


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning and said, “Is there something wrong with that technician?”


Yu Ning turned his head slightly and looked intently at Ji Mingxia as he said, “He said a lot of things that I couldn’t figure out after thinking for a long time, what is “gong” and what is “shou”?”


“Cough–“ Ji Mingxia was startled and almost choked on the tea in his mouth.


Leave alone the bronze mirror, Ji Mingxia was prepared for that technician brother to be a ghost as well.
How could he imagine that this was what Yu Ning couldn’t figure out!

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