Ji Mingxia hid in a corner behind the gazebo.
His eyes were tightly closed and he covered his mouth and nose  to breathe as lightly as possible.


The wind blowing by the lake was so cool that it made Ji Mingxia’s whole back end cold and chilly.


There was silence all around, no sound, as if he was the only one left in the world.
He tried his best to endure it as he squatted stiffly and dared to move.


After a long time had passed, Ji Mingxia suddenly noticed that the wind had stopped.


The temperature quickly warmed up, as if it was a summer night again.
There was the occasional sound of the lake water flowing, the lapping sound was a bit peaceful and calm.


Ji Mingxia opened his eyes and looked around.


He was still on the lake, the gazebo and the corridor were still the same, but that scary and eerie feeling had somehow disappeared.


Just then, the sound of footsteps came from the distance.


Ji Mingxia’s heart tightened and before he could see who was coming, a red light was emitted from his jacket pocket.


Ji Mingxia was startled and he hurriedly used his hand to block the glowing area.


The light was like a living creature, and although Ji Mingxia covered it, it sprang out from his fingers and twisted nimbly in the air.


The more Ji Mingxia looked at it, the more he felt that the red light was familiar, but before he could recall, the red light leisurely drifted aside.


There was a man standing there, and the red light fell onto his hand, filling up the gap in the inner ring on his hand, and the whole ring was finally restored.


Through the red light and the moonlight, Ji Mingxia could see the other person’s face at once.


“Yu Ning!”  Ji Mingxia’s heart sank with relief the moment he saw Yu Ning and he could barely contain himself from calling his name.


With calm restored all around, and the ring on Yu Ning’s hand, his intuition told Ji Mingxia that this Yu Ning was real.


He could hardly wait to get up and ran to Yu Ning.


As a result, he was in such a hurry to run that he didn’t pay attention to the steps of the gazebo and almost tripped and fell in front of Yu Ning.


The ring on Yu Ning’s hand was still glowing, and when he saw Ji Mingxia tripping, he hurriedly reached out to help him.


Ji Mingxia was caught and his face was buried directly in Yu Ning’s chest.


Although it was a little awkward, this physical contact made Ji Mingxia even more certain that this was the real Yu Ning.


He held onto Yu Ning’s arm and steadied his body.
He was just about to ask Yu Ning what he had just experienced, however, when he raised his head and saw Yu Ning’s face up close, Ji Mingxia was stunned.


“Mingxia? Are you alright?” Yu Ning held Ji Mingxia up and when he saw him dumbfounded, he quickly asked with concern.


“Ah? I’m fine.” Ji Mingxia said, looking at Yu Ning’s face with some uncertainty, “Yu Ning, your eyes ……”


Yu Ning’s eyes were originally one grey and one black, but he didn’t know if it was his illusion as both of Yu Ning’s eyes had turned grey?


Yu Ning’s grey eye had a very light pupil colour.
One grey eye was already quite scary, and these two eyes were both grey so it looked like there were no pupils, only a glittering grey light in the two eyes.
Coupled with Yu Ning’s delicate face, they looked very intimidating at night.


Fortunately, Ji Mingxia was already familiar with Yu Ning.
If he had seen this look when he transmigrated, his legs would have gone weak on the spot and he wouldn’t even dare to take a second look.


The expression on Yu Ning’s face stiffened for a moment.
He closed his eyes and opened them again a moment later, then looked at Ji Mingxia and said, “How about this?”


“They are back to usual.” Ji Mingxia looked into Yu Ning’s eyes and was surprised, “Your eyes change colour?”


Yu Ning looked at the ring on his hand, “It should be caused by using it.”


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning’s face and then at the ring, puzzled.


It had been said in the novel that Yu Ning had a special physique, but because he hadn’t received any mysterious items, he hadn’t unlocked any special functions at all.


Thinking back, every time Pei Yuan, the protagonist gong confronted mysterious items, he suffered.
He would either lose his strength or get injured, so Ji Mingxia hurriedly inquired, “Yu Ning, how are you feeling now, is there any discomfort in your body?”


Yu Ning shook his head.


Ji Mingxia saw that his entire body was intact.
Aside for his face which was habitually pale, it really did not look like he had been tortured by the ghost.
He thought for a moment and asked, “Then, can both eyes turn black?”


“It seems like they can’t.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia was afraid that Yu Ning would feel sad because of this, and he hurriedly said comfortingly, “It’s alright.
When we go back, we’ll buy a box of eye contacts, red and yellow and green.
We can match them to your mood, and we can buy whatever colour you want.”


Yu Ning smiled faintly at his words.


When he was young, he was particularly mindful of all the suffering these eyes had caused him.


But as he grew up, he had long since gotten used to it.


When he was young, he didn’t know that there were such things as contacts, nor was he in a position to buy them.
But when he grew up and could afford them, they were no longer necessary.


People feared him, loathed him, and the origin was these eyes.
However, it was not entirely because of his eyes, but also because of the various rumours surrounding him.


And these rumours were not all false; after all, he could indeed see things that ordinary people could not.


He was born that way, those who minded his eyes would not be close to him, and those who did not, so far, were only Ji Mingxia.


“Let’s go back first.” Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia.


“That ghost……,” Ji Mingxia pointed to the box not far away.


Yu Ning took out the trinket-like bronze mirror.
He handed it to Ji Mingxia and said, “It won’t appear again.”


When the changes that had just taken place, Ji Mingxia had already guessed that Yu Ning must have solved the one behind the scenes and they were once again safe.


But Ji Mingxia didn’t expect that Yu Ning had gotten another mysterious item.


Moreover, this mysterious item was not the ring in Li Youzi’s hand, but a brand new mysterious item that looked like a miniature bronze mirror?!


“This is a new mysterious item …… You actually got another mysterious item?!” Ji Mingxia said in shock, “Wasn’t it Li Youzi who was up to no good?”


“No, Li Youzi isn’t even in the hotel.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia was stunned at the words and he was completely confused.


Li Youzi’s Weibo post clearly said that she was resting inside the Quanzhuang hotel.


The first night they came to the hotel, they first encountered the mysterious incident and Zhao Zhuoye saw a ghost similar to Li Youzi.


But Yu Ning was now saying that Li Youzi was not in the hotel at all?


“What the hell is going on….” Ji Mingxia asked in shock.


Yu Ning was still holding Ji Mingxia’s wrist and their body temperatures were almost the same as Ji Mingxia had been hiding in the gazebo for a long time and was in the cold wind.


Yu Ning said, “It’s windy here, let’s go back and then talk.”


“Oh, okay.” Ji Mingxia was filled with a jumble of various clues, and after hearing Yu Ning say this, he nodded his head in a daze, obediently following Yu Ning away from lakeside and towards their room.


As soon as they returned to the double room, Yu Ning made hot tea for Ji Mingxia, then placed the ring and the newly acquired bronze mirror on the coffee table.


The yellow light in the bedroom was warm and inviting, as if all the strange events that had happened tonight had been a dream.


However, the two mysterious objects on the coffee table reminded Ji Mingxia that everything was real.


These two mysterious objects were small, but under the light, they were luminous and as exquisite as if they were alive.
They didn’t look like ordinary objects at first glance.


Ji Mingxia felt that this bronze mirror looked familiar, but he could not remember where this familiarity came from.


It had been less than a month since he had transmigrated and in just a few days, he and Yu Ning had gotten two mysterious items.


Isn’t this pace too fast?


I’m afraid that even the protagonist gong wasn’t this efficient.


Ji Mingxia looked at the mysterious items with mixed feelings in his heart, but his curiosity about what was going on here won.


Yu Ning saw Ji Mingxia’s face become rosy after a cup of hot tea, and only then did he slowly begin to tell the story.


On his first day at the hotel, they encountered a paranormal event, and both Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia reflexively thought that it was all related to Li Youzi.


After all, Li Youzi had released a real time location on Weibo, and Zhao Zhuoye had met the danger only after seeing “Li Youzi” with his own eyes.


It wasn’t until the next day when everyone lost their memories and Yu Ning encountered the Faceless Man, that he began to have doubts.


“The way the ghosts appeared, the length and coverage of the attacks, and even the way the ghosts manifested themselves, were all completely different from the first ring.
So I tried to contact the hotel and the hotel manager’s behavior confirmed my suspicions.” Yu Ning said.


Ji Mingxia carefully recalled all the details.


Immediately after the Faceless Man at the spa had disappeared, Yu Ning had dragged him to check the hotel’s surveillance.
He did have suspicions in his heart, but Yu Ning had quickly provided an explanation.


If he remembered correctly, all the suspicions had been summarized after returning from the spa pavilion.


First, they had confirmed that Zhao Zhuoye and the others were among the safe ones, and that those who had lost their memory would not be targeted by the ghosts.


Second, the ghost was very active, and the attack frequency was increasing after each time, so they had to act early in order to protect themselves.


So the two of them took the initiative to venture out to the restaurant on the lake in the middle of the night.


In Ji Mingxia’s view, it was just a short encounter with the hotel manager, and it was already very difficult to distill these two important facts.


To his surprise, Yu Ning was telling him that there was more information that existed, and Yu Ning had confirmed it in his mind.


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning in shock, his mind simply filled with question marks.


They had been glued together the entire time, and everything Yu Ning had experienced, he had experienced as well.
So why was it like he had lost his memory and had found no clues whatsoever!


Although it was an established fact that there was a difference between an academic tyrant and a mortal… this difference was too big!


“Besides those two points we discussed previously…… are there any clues that I haven’t noticed?” Ji Mingxia asked in a daze.


In his opinion, the whole thing was very clear and simple.
He couldn’t even think of any details he had overlooked.


Seeing Ji Mingxia’s confusion, Yu Ning explained, “First of all, it was the different attacking methods of the ghosts that made me suspect that there was a second mysterious item.”


Ji Mingxia nodded earnestly.


Yu Ning said, “The purpose of skipping the spa and going straight to the hotel to check the surveillance was to prove whether the amnesiacs were purely tourists only, or everyone.”


This was something they had discussed before, and it was also why they were able to confirm that Zhao Zhuoye and the others were safe.


Up to this point, everything was still within Ji Mingxia’s understanding.


Like a student listening attentively, he nodded again to show his understanding.


Yu Ning said, “So, why did the hotel cooperate with us so much when our actions were clearly unreasonable?”


“Huh?” Ji Mingxia did not expect Yu Ning to ask this question.
He was stunned for a moment and was instantly stuck.


This kind of reverse thinking had never occurred to him at all.


Ji Mingxia said, “Maybe it’s for the sake of the hotel’s reputation? After all, just the day before, guests almost drowned, and this next day ……”


Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia, “Mingxia, you’re forgetting, the entire hotel had amnesia, only the two of us had our memories.”





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