The red light of the Blood Red Ring completely engulfed Tong Jing.


Tong Jing was an intelligence derived from a mysterious item, and although she could take on the form of a human, she was not actually a human.


Therefore, after dying under the attack of the blood-red ring, there was no corpse.
She simply disappeared into the air, turning into an invisible ball of energy.


The moment her body disappeared, the scene around Yu Ning changed abruptly.


As if a thin layer of fog had been lifted, the dim lights that would have easily led one to get lost, the fine glass reflecting the light, and the messy interlocking corridors suddenly became clear.


It was the same view and the same buildings, but without the bewitching power, it suddenly became a normal landscape.


A breeze blew, causing a slight ripple on the surface of the lake, and a translucent bronze mirror floated out of the water in the centre of the lake.


Under the moonlight, the mirror looked even larger than the cool gazebo.


It seemed to be guided by some kind of force as it floated in the air and gradually trembled.


Yu Ning stood in the corridor a few meters away, looking at the bronze mirror with a cold expression.


Both of his eyes had turned an extremely light grey, reflecting the silvery moonlight and looking a few shades more translucent than the distant lake.


Under Yu Ning’s gaze, the bronze mirror’s shadow gradually changed as it gradually shrank.


The lake water was affected by this power and it continued to ripple.


The entire surface of the lake seemed to tremble, but although this scene was astonishing, it did not make any sound.


Everything was like a silent flowing painting.
Under the night sky, the bronze mirror spun in mid-air, and within a few breaths, it had shrunk to a silvery point of light.


With a light buzzing sound, the bronze mirror turned into a stream of light that flew towards Yu Ning and landed in his palm.


Yu Ning lifted his hand and gently caught the point of light.


When he spread his palm again, the silver light had already disappeared, and only a delicate, small, finger sized bronze mirror lay in his palm.


The mirror was of an antique bronze colour, with finely polished edges and a flawed surface that did not reflect anything.


Because it was so small and exquisite, it did not look like a mirror at all, but rather like a fine ornamental accessory.


“This is the evolved mysterious item?” Yu Ning looked at the bronze mirror in his hand and whispered.


Unfortunately, Yu Ning had erased the bronze mirror’s intelligence, and it was just an ordinary mysterious item now.
In terms of grade, it was now a step lower than the Blood Red Ring that could be put together as a pair of rings.


Yu Ning did not care about this, and he casually put the bronze mirror into his pocket.


The moment the bronze mirror recognized Yu Ning as its master, the topography of the entire Quanzhuang Hotel appeared in Yu Ning’s mind.


As long as he wanted to, he could use the bronze mirror to change any part of the resort whenever he wanted.


It was only now that Yu Ning realised how powerful Tong Jing actually was.


He originally thought that Tong Jing was parasitic within the Quanzhuang Resort, using illusions to deal with tourists and occasionally feeding to promote her evolution.


But now that he had become the bronze mirror's master, Yu Ning discovered that he could control the entire Quanzhuang Resort.
Although Tong Jing was cunning, she was indeed right about one thing.


She possessed an intelligence no less than that of a human, and it was not the first time she had worked with a human.


The entire Quanzhuang Resort was the lair that Tong Jing had constructed together with the cooperation of an investor.


The capitalist invests in the resort yo make money, and is responsible for daily promotion and operation;


Tong Jing uses her abilities to transform the resort, increasing its uniqueness and visibility.


It was true that the resort was built at a great expense, but it was a man-made creation after all, and even if it was built at a great expense, it was still a dead thing.


However, the entire resort was Tong Jing’s territory.


She used her energy to make up for the deficiencies that could not be achieved manually, which created a beautiful Quanzhuang hotel.


Not only was the building construction and scenic landscape partly to Tong Jing’s credit, but even a number of staff within the entire hotel were disguised by Tong Jing using illusions.


Tong Jing had a fixed identity, a fixed job title, and she even opened an account for herself, just like a human.


In other words, Tong Jing was not only one of the shareholders of the entire Quanzhuang Resort, but was even the actual controller of the resort.


After all, no matter how clever the capitalist was, it never occurred to him that what he was cooperating with through the internet was a mysterious object.


In this way, the entire resort was Tong Jing’s lair.
With enough capital to publicize and attract customers, Tong Jing did not even need to go out.
As long as she waited inside the resort, “food” would be delivered to her door at any time.


All she needed to do was eat people in different ways and let herself evolve slowly.


No wonder Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia and the others were caught in a dangerous situation as soon as they arrived.


By using illusions, Tong Jing had grown rapidly within the resort, and if she hadn’t gotten greedy and wanted to devour other mysterious items, the two, Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia, would never have discovered her existence from beginning to end.


Now that Tong Jing had disappeared, it was equivalent to the Bronze Mirror’s wisdom being erased and it was now an ordinary mysterious object that recognises Yu Ning as its master.


The bronze mirror was subordinate to Yu Ning, which was equivalent to the entire hotel falling into Yu Ning’s hands.


Who would have thought that Tong Jing, who had worked so hard for dozens of years, would end up *making a wedding dress for others.

*To work hard, only for others reap the benefits.


While Yu Ning was collecting the bronze mirror, the blood-red ring was not idle either.


After Tong Jing’s death, she turned into pure energy and melted into the blood-red ring bit by bit.


The red light was floating in the air like a long scarlet snake.


The light rose and fell as the long snake surged, swallowing the energy bit by bit as if it were feeding.


Mysterious items could devour each other.


Tong Jing intended to eat the blood-red ring, only to end up becoming the blood-red ring’s food.


After a while, the Blood Red Ring contracted, and it flew back to Yu Ning’s finger as if it had eaten its fill.


The physical manifestation of the blood-red ring was a ring.


However, only half the red light flew back to his finger.
It barely fit on Yu Ning’s finger and the inner ring was empty.


Although part of the red light became physical, the other half of it did not dissipate, and it was pointing Yu Ning in a direction not far away.


That was where the other half of the ring was, and where Ji Mingxia was at the moment.

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