Ji Mingxia picked up another teacup and compared it to the other one.
He found that Yu Ning was right; he had really mistaken his teacup for Yu Ning’s and served him tea in it.


Normally, it would be perfectly normal to drink from the same cup since they share a dormitory.


Ji Mingxia even shared a bowl of noodles with Zhao Zhuoye, and they’d eat one bite at a time.


Aside from that, he even shared the underwear he bought with the whole dormitory, so what’s a sip of tea?


But Yu Ning had specifically brought it up…
so it was different.


After all, Yu Ning was not familiar with Ji Mingxia even before this.
Furthermore, Yu Ning was not an ordinary boy, so maybe he minded this kind of thing?


Ji Mingxia was startled and hurriedly stood up, “Sorry ah, I didn’t pay attention …… I thought it was yours.
I will definitely look carefully next time.
I’m so sorry.


He reached out to take the cup from Yu Ning’s hand, intending to wash it, replace it with Yu Ning’s teacup, and then make another cup of tea, but to his surprise, Yu Ning moved his hand away, “It’s alright, don’t bother.
I’ve already drunk the tea in this cup.


“Huh?” Ji Mingxia stared at Yu Ning blankly, not understanding what he meant.


“I’ll just use this one.” Yu Ning said.


“Oh.” Seeing that Yu Ning had gone back to drinking his tea, Ji Mingxia sat back down.


In his hand was another teacup, which originally belonged to Yu Ning.


There were several tea sets in the couple’s room, but they were all small teacups that were suitable for entertaining guests.
There were only two large teacups for everyday use.


So now that Yu Ning was using his cup, he was holding Yu Ning’s cup in his hand, so the two of them would exchange cups in the future?


So would Yu Ning mind, or would he not mind ……


At this time, Yu Ning held the teapot and inquired, “Would you like some tea.”


“Oh, okay.” Seeing that Yu Ning had the teapot in his hand, Ji Mingxia nodded obediently.


Yu Ning poured the freshly brewed tea into Ji Mingxia’s teacup, and then he held Ji Mingxia’s teacup and sipped.


Although it was the height of summer, the air conditioner in the room was turned on sufficiently.


In addition, the various mysterious events at the hotel sent chills down the spine just thinking about them.


The fragrance of tea wafted out of the cup, refreshing the mind and calming the soul.


Yu Ning was quietly drinking his tea, and Ji Mingxia didn’t know what to do for a while, so he followed his example and drank from Yu Ning’s cup.


As he drank, the questions that had cropped up in his mind were soon forgotten. 


He didn’t like to use his mind, and in this atmosphere, the whole person sat lazily.


The afternoon sun shone through the leaves of the trees, and it did not feel so hot because of the air conditioning.


As Ji Mingxia sipped his tea, he occasionally admired the mountain scenery outside the window, looking so relaxed.


He didn’t notice that Yu Ning’s eyes had a smile in them from the beginning to the end.


With this interruption about the wrong cup, Ji Mingxia’s attention was diverted and he spent the rest of the afternoon leisurely.


It was late at night when he and Yu Ning set off for the restaurant at the centre of the lake.


They chose this place because they had originally come for Li Youzi and the blood-red ring she was holding, but after all they had encountered, they had not even seen any sign of her.


At present, Zhao Zhuoye had provided the only clue as he was the only one who had seen her so far.


He had seen someone who looked like Li Youzi in the restaurant on the first night they came.


The resort was pleasantly scenic during the day, with no pedestrians visible as you walked along the road, giving a sense of seclusion.


But at night, the large resort was empty, and although the streetlights were bright, it was still a little deserted.


The only thing that made Ji Mingxia happy was that he hadn’t seen any people or shadows along the way.


The last time he had come out of the dormitory before dawn, he had seen countless ghostly shadows on the road before he reached the school building, scaring him so much that he almost failed to make it to the building.


He had prepared himself mentally for countless things, but to his surprise, everything was much smoother than he expected, and the two of them reached the vicinity of the restaurant with ease.


The main entrance was closed as the restaurant was not open at night.


However, because of the scenery on the lake, some occasional customers might want to enjoy the moon at night, so a separate small door was left open for customers to enter and exit the corridor to the lake. 


Next to the small door was a security booth attached to it, and from a distance, they could vaguely see the security guard’s silhouette.


Considering that Zhao Zhouye had almost had an accident last time, involving ordinary people would not necessarily be of help but would rather add to the risk.
Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning took advantage of the security guard’s inattention to quietly bypass and enter the small door.


Yu Ning was light and dexterous, obviously an expert with long legs, and went in in a flash.


Ji Mingxia was probably too nervous, and when he got in, the hem of his coat accidentally tugged on the door handle and almost hit the glass door.


“Is everything alright?” Yu Ning, who was walking ahead, heard the slight movement and hurriedly turned back.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly glanced at the security guard in the distance.
Seeing that he hadn’t been noticed, he hurriedly pulled the hem of his coat and then trotted behind Yu Ning: “It’s fine.”


Yu Ning looked Ji Mingxia up and down, then stretched out his hand and helped him straighten his clothes.


Only Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning were now standing in the large restaurant.


The distant lights shone through the glass, reflecting countless shadows on the floor.


Yu Ning led Ji Mingxia, and as he walked, he whispered, “Do you still remember how we got the ring last time?”


“Last time?” Ji Mingxia thought for a moment, “I sat in my seat and didn’t move, and you succeeded?”


Yu Ning nodded, “No matter what happens, you have to trust your first instinct.
The ghost’s primary target must be me, and only if I die will it come for you.…”


“Then you will not die!” Ji Mingxia quickly said.


Yu Ning had prepared several comforting words to ease Ji Mingxia’s inner tension and worry, only to be interrupted.


He turned his head and saw Ji Mingxia looking at him, his eyes shining brightly even in the dim darkness, as if he was filled with unwavering faith in him.


He pursed his lips into a very faint smile, “Well, we will succeed.”


After passing through the restaurant, they came near the corridor, and a lake was close at hand.


The wind from the lake blew with moisture, filling the already cold night with coolness.


Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning stood in the cold breeze for a while, and just as Ji Mingxia was about to change his position, the corner of his eyes caught a vague white figure.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly turned his head to take a closer look, only to find that a glass beside him had turned into a mirror due to the refraction of light and shadow, reflecting the scene behind him.


Because the lake and similar buildings were in front and behind him, and because the light was not bright enough at night, he did not realize that there was such a “mirror” beside him at first.
It was only when a woman’s figure suddenly appeared in the mirror, standing with her back to him, that he realized something was wrong.


The sudden sight of a figure in the middle of the night made Ji Mingxia feel a little shaken, but he couldn’t help but stare.


The figure was familiar, and it seemed that he had seen it somewhere.


The only woman in the Quanzhuang Hotel who could make him evoke a feeling of familiarity was Li Youzi.


Was it his turn to witness Li Youzi’s appearance tonight?


Although it was not his first time experiencing a supernatural event, Ji Mingxia was still a little nervous, and he hurriedly stretched out his hand in Yu Ning’s direction.


He and Yu Ning were standing very close to each other, so he could definitely touch Yu Ning’s clothes with his hand outstretched.
Ji Mingxia reached out his hand with great confidence, but to his surprise, he grabbed air…


Ji Mingxia was stunned and looked to his side…


He was the only one left in the corridor!


When did Yu Ning disappear? Why had he not heard a single movement?


With Yu Ning gone, not only was Ji Mingxia the only one left in the entire restaurant, it even felt like he was the only one left in the entire world.


It was as if Ji Mingxia had lost his biggest backer and reliance, and his whole body was unwell.


At the same time, the figure inside the glass moved slowly.


As if her body was itchy, she kept twisting, yet what she twisted were not muscles, but joints.


Although there was silence around him,  Ji Mingxia seemed to hear the “click” of her bones twisting and turning.


In the end, her muscles separated from her bones, and her elbows and knees, which should have been backward, turned to her front.
However, she was still standing with her back to Ji Mingxia.
She stood there twisted, like a human being, but also like an alien insect.


“Why does this look more and more familiar ……”


Ji Mingxia was crying in his heart as he struggled to find his sixth sense, hoping that he would make the right judgment at the critical moment.


However, that familiarity with this scene kept influencing Ji Mingxia’s thinking, and until he could confirm the identity of this woman, Ji Mingxia had no idea what kind of decision he should make.


Just then, the woman’s head finally twisted as well.


Originally, Ji Mingxia thought that her head would also slowly twist, but he heard a “click” and the woman’s head spun 180° like a ball.
In less than a second, her head had spun around, and she was now staring straight at Ji Mingxia.


“I go-“


The moment he saw that face clearly, Ji Mingxia almost let out a miserable scream.


He thought he was seeing Li Youzi, which was why he had a familiar feeling.


However, Ji Mingxia realized that this was not Li Youzi on seeing the face.
It was the ghost of Lin Siyun, whom he had met at school!


Yu Ning had taken Lin Siyun’s ring, and the ghost had long since dissipated, so why was he seeing her at the Quanzhuang Hotel, thousands of miles away?


Ji Mingxia’s heart stopped, and he simply wanted to swear.


But even faster than his mind’s reaction, was his body’s reaction.


The moment Ji Mingxia saw Lin Siyun, his body had already run away in the opposite direction before his brain even reacted.


As Ji Mingxia ran, the empty corridor was soon filled with the sound of his disordered footsteps.
“Tada tada tada” echoed everywhere.


Ji Mingxia ran frantically, not knowing whether he was reacting correctly or not.


Anyway, Yu Ning told him to trust his first instincts, and he adapted accordingly.

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