“Boyfriend?” Yu Ning moved a little and suddenly asked.


If it was before, everyone would choose to ignore Yu Ning, but it’s different now.
They had relied on Yu Ning’s help to improve the score of their college entrance exams.


Now that the whole dormitory was out on a trip, Yu Ning and everyone were gradually getting along.


Perhaps it was their illusion, but after leaving the school, and even leaving the small county, it felt like the brooding aura that was wrapped around Yu Ning’s body had gradually disappeared.


When they looked at Yu Ning now, apart from noticing that the colour of Yu Ning’s eyes was not quite the same as that of ordinary people, they did not feel that there was anything different about him from ordinary people.


Even his looks stood out in the crowd as he was absolutely good looking.


So at this moment, Zhao Zhuoye replied consciously when he felt Yu Ning’s gaze, “We are talking about finding a boyfriend for Mingxia next summer.
It’s about his happiness for the rest of his life.”


“Finding a boyfriend?” Yu Ning asked again.


Everyone froze for a moment, suddenly understanding.


Although Ji Mingxia had confessed his sexuality within the dormitory, Yu Ning never participated in dormitory activities and neither Zhao Zhuoye and the others nor Ji Mingxia communicated with him.


Therefore, in the whole dormitory, only Yu Ning was unaware of Ji Mingxia’s sexuality until now.


In the past, Yu Ning was an invisible person, so it didn’t matter if he knew or not, and no one would tell him about it.


If anyone else had suddenly asked, everyone would have kept their mouths shut, but Yu Ning was different.


Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning were so close that he would know about this matter sooner or later.


It's just that Yu Ning looked surprised at the moment, everyone looked at each other, and couldn't help but feel a little worried.


This kind of thing was still relatively rare in a small county.


All four of them had accepted Ji Mingxia’s sexual orientation, but would Yu Ning be able to accept it?


Although Yu Ning himself was different from the norm, it was not quite the same as being gay like Ji Mingxia.


They were all grown up, so it wasn’t as if they had never seen homophobic people in all their lives.


For Zhao Zhuoye and the others, homosexuality was understandable and so was homophobia.


But if it was Yu Ning who was homophobic, then they couldn’t accept it.


Chen Zhen was the first to react.
He laughed a little and said in a light-hearted tone, “Our Mingxia is so cute that he is not suitable to be with a girl.
We need to find a boy to take care of him.”


After saying that and not waiting for Yu Ning’s reaction, Chen Zhen said to everyone, “I’ve seen all the boys in Funan, and none are suitable.
After you all go to university, pay more attention for Mingxia, if you see a quality one, you must introduce him to Mingxia.”


Zhao Zhuoye also followed suit and shouted, “Let’s make a roster and choose a husband for Mingxia!”


Another housemate immediately said, “I’m planning to enter a university in the North, so I’ll definitely introduce a Northern husband to Mingxia.”


“Yo, a northern man is nice, with good innate conditions.”


Everyone said one thing after another, and the discussion soon became heated once again, not giving Yu Ning a chance to respond at all.


In this atmosphere, Yu Ning could not find a chance to express his opinion, and naturally, there would be no chance of hurting Ji Mingxia.


Unfortunately, this thoughtful little detail was not appreciated by Ji Mingxia.


Because to his eyes, he was the straight guy in gay skin, and Yu Ning was the gay one.


Yu Ning was the one who was vulnerable and needed to be taken care of.


So listening to the various eager discussions, he just thought they were still teasing him.


Seeing that Yu Ning was not speaking, Ji Mingxia could not help but ask, “Yu Ning, what’s wrong?”


Yu Ning whispered, “I didn’t expect ……you to like men……”


Ji Mingxia, the straight man who had been forced to become gay: “….”


He gave a dry laugh and couldn’t help but say inwardly, ‘Yeah, I also didn’t expect that one day, I would transmigrate into a book as a shou either.’ o(╥﹏╥)o.


When Ji Mingxia was reading the book, he sometimes treated Yu Ning as a cub and sometimes as his good buddy.


Who would have thought that he would come to live with Yu Ning one day, and help his love life, not as father and son, not as a brother, but as a fellow shou! 



Ji Mingxia was so engrossed in his grief that he did not notice Yu Ning’s surprised expression and his red, burning ears.


Although Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning’s double room was a little fresher than a normal double room, the bedroom was only so big and there was no point in staying after the group had finished huddling.


They came over to find Ji Mingxia to go for lunch, and seeing that lunchtime was almost over, they hurriedly dragged Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning out.


The whole hotel was built next to a water system at the edge of the forest, with the  buildings built around the trees on both sides and the water in the centre.


After last night’s frightening incident, everyone was terrified at the sight of the water, so Ji Mingxia consciously planned to take a detour to avoid all the bridges built over the lake.


As a result, he had just turned in that direction when Zhao Zhouye called out to him, “Mingxia, the restaurant is on the left, why are you going to the right?”


“There’s no water over there.” Ji Mingxia said.


All the roommates looked at Ji Mingxia in confusion, and Zhao Zhuoye asked, “Are you so afraid of water?”


Ji Mingxia also looked at them in confusion.


They were the ones who suggested avoiding the water yesterday, had everyone completely recovered after one night?


When Ji Mingxia saw that everyone was ready to walk towards the left, he had to walk back too, muttering as he did so, “I thought that everyone still had a shadow about yesterday.”


“What shadows are there from yesterday?”


“Why do I feel that you are strange today?”


“This view of the lake looks great.
You should stand here and blow off some steam after spending all night in your room.”


The roommates looked natural as they walked towards the restaurant, passing by the boxes, and even leisurely standing by the lake, opening their arms to feel the cool summer breeze.


Ji Mingxia looked at them in shock, unable to believe that after seeing a ghost and being in danger last night, everyone was acting as if nothing had happened today.


Zhao Zhouye, in particular, was even smiling as he studied the vintage architecture of the place and which dynasty it was modeled on.


You know, he had just seen a female ghost with half a rotten face in this box yesterday, and on the way back, he didn’t even dare to look at the box’s door frame.
But he was now leaning closer and studying it carefully?


“Zhouye, you’re not afraid of this box anymore?” Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but ask.


“What’s there to be afraid of in this box?” Zhao Zhouye was puzzled.


“Didn’t you see the dancing female ghost with your own eyes in there last night.” Ji Mingxia said.


Zhao Zhouye looked at Ji Mingxia in confusion, his eyes full of incredulity, “Mingxia, what are you talking about?”


Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but reach out and touch his forehead: “You didn’t get too frightened yesterday and simply lost your memory, did you?”


Zhao Zhouye took a step back in annoyance and hid behind Chen Zhen: “You’re the one with amnesia, you didn’t come to see anyone last night, and you slept all day today.
Now you’re talking about ghosts…… Did you sleep too long and took your dream for reality?”


When Zhao Zhouye finished, the other roommates thought of those small toys in Ji Mingxia’s room and once again pointed at Ji Mingxia and laughed mischievously.


However, Ji Mingxia didn’t have the heart to joke with them anymore.


Because the way everyone was acting was just too wrong!


Today’s roommates were like different people from last night.
It was if nothing from last night had ever happened.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly looked at Chen Zhen, who was the head of the group and the most stable person in the dormitory, “I’m not joking.”


Chen Zhen was also a little surprised as to why Ji Mingxia was suddenly so serious.


He looked around at his roommates and then at Ji Mingxia and said, “Mingxia, I don’t understand what you mean.
How could there be a female ghost in the box, let alone dancing?


Ji Mingxia said, “What about the fall into water? I fell into the water with Zhao Zhuoye last night and almost drowned.”


Chen Zhen said, “Falling into the water and drowning? We finished eating last night and went straight to our room.
You two were fine, so when did you fall into the water?”


Chen Zhen was now a little worried about Ji Mingxia.


The expression on his face did not look like he was joking or lying at all.
Not only Chen Zhen, but several other roommates also looked at Ji Mingxia strangely, and even worried a little that he was not feeling well.


 Ji Mingxia was looked at by everyone like this and he felt unwell.


It was clearly a common experience for the whole dormitory last night, yet he was the only one who remembered it!


It was noon at the moment, the sun was just right, the lake was blowing with a gentle breeze and the air was lightly scented with flowers. 


Everything seemed so real and calm, and in such a situation, the strange experience of last night seemed to really be a nightmare he had experienced alone.


But Ji Mingxia remembered every detail of last night clearly, even the feeling of suffocation and muscle spasms all over his body when he was submerged in water.  He couldn’t mistake such a feeling. 


To him, the puzzled expressions of his roommate at the moment were, on the contrary, even stranger.


Goosebumps unconsciously rose on his body and his limbs were so cold.


He took two slight steps back, and it was only when he leaned his back into a person’s arms and felt someone’s hand gently pressing on his shoulder that Ji Mingxia felt his body temperature rise back up.


He turned his head and saw Yu Ning’s stoic face.


Although they didn’t speak, Ji Mingxia understood the moment they looked at each other – Yu Ning hadn’t lost his memory, he still remembered!


“Yu Ning!” Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but say.


“Let’s eat first, and go watch the surveillance video later.” Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia.


He looked calm, and his slightly low voice was right next to his ear, causing Ji Mingxia’s heart, which had been beating violently out of panic, to calm down at once.


Although the roommates had a lot of doubts in their minds, they saw that Ji Mingxia looked a little pale and did not look well, so they chose not to ask any more questions.


After finishing their meal, the group went to the reception hall of the hotel together to reassure each other.


However, when Ji Mingxia asked to see the hotel’s surveillance, he was refused by the staff.


“Sorry, if there is no special reason, only the security department staff can view the hotel surveillance in order to protect the privacy of all the customers staying at the hotel.” The staff member said.


“My friend and I fell into the lake near the left bank while dining at the restaurant last night, I only need to view the surveillance that captured the two of us during that time period.  It will definitely not infringe on the privacy of other customers.” Ji Mingxia said.


The staff member looked puzzled, “You and your friend …… fell into the lake last night? Are you guys alright then?”


Not only him, but all the staff at the front desk turned their heads when they heard the conversation.


The expressions on their faces were all unanimous.
They looked incredulous with some doubt and suspicion.


“We’re fine, I just want to look at the surveillance and confirm the facts.” Ji Mingxia said.


A difficult expression passed over the staff member’s face, but under Ji Mingxia’s repeated insistence, he eventually contacted the surveillance room.


A few minutes later, the staff member helplessly said to Ji Mingxia, “Sorry, there was a problem with the surveillance equipment at that time last night.
We cannot provide the surveillance video you need, but we did find the footage of you and your friend when you were dining together in the restaurant.
Should we pull up that section for you to see?”


“No need.” Ji Mingxia said.


Everyone had a memory of the restaurant meal, and there was no point in seeing the surveillance.


And aside from the surveillance near the left bank, the only other place that was suspicious last night was when Zhao Zhuoye was looking for the washroom inside the restaurant.  He almost went to the wrong toilet and then met Li Youzi, and only after she reminded him did he avoid embarrassment.


However, there was absolutely no way that the washroom and the mother and baby room could have been monitored.


In other words, apart from Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning, no one remembered the encounter with the ghost and the fall into the water last night.


Whether it was human or physical evidence, all of it had disappeared.

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