Yu Ning was about the same age as Ji Mingxia.
They were both boys who had just finished their high school exams and still had the body shape of teenagers.


However, Yu Ning was taller and his bone structure was a little broader than Ji Mingxia’s.
He had slender and well-proportioned limbs, and well-defined collarbones.


When he was dressed, his body shape only looked good, and even uglier clothes would not be as ugly as they could be when he wore them.


But now with his clothes off, the age of his body looked a little older than his actual age.
He had broad shoulders and narrow waist, giving the calm aura of a young man.


Especially with a certain oversized area, even if wrapped in a bath towel, it still bulged and really stood out.


Ji Mingxia was lost in thought.
All his body indices were above average, but standing face to face with Yu Ning, who was also fresh from the shower and wrapped in a bath towel, he looked as if he had not finished developing.
Even his aura was surprisingly weaker.


He kept reminding himself that it was rude to keep staring at that place, but he couldn’t look away.


In all his life, in his two lifetimes combined, he had never seen anyone bigger than Yu Ning!


He was so gifted that he probably couldn’t even fit into a size bigger than average underwear. 


He had been so guilty and worried that he had tried to comfort Yu Ning even at the expense of belittling himself, but it turned out that the other party was so much bigger than him!


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia’s heart was inexplicably sour.


He couldn’t help but pity himself in his heart.


Speaking of which, his role in this book was also that of a sufferer.


Why didn’t the author make him the same size as Yu Ning!


'We are all sufferers, how could the treatment be so different!' Yu Ning’s physical and intelligence attributes were already good, so they can’t favor one over the other and give him another outrageous gift! Ji Mingxia wanted it too, okay!


Seeing that Yu Ning was still looking at him, Ji Mingxia desperately tried to control himself and with difficulty, finally averted his gaze and said, “I didn’t expect …… you to be quite well developed.”


Yu Ning also did not expect that Ji Mingxia would be so interested in his body.


Everyone was afraid of him because of his Yin Yang eyes, so they didn’t even dare to get close to him, let alone look at his body.


Ever since he could remember, he had tended to himself, growing up on the edges of the crowd, like a plant growing in a shady corner, surviving with difficulty in a corner that no one cared about.


He sometimes hated his eyes, and his face and body was hated along with them.


As he grew older, Yu Ning began to calmly face all the resistance and disgust he felt directed towards him.
He gradually accepted that he had been born with a different appearance.


But never could he have imagined that one day, someone would admire his body and even be unable to look away from it?


And the person was Ji Mingxia!


Yu Ning suppressed the pleasure in his heart and tried not to show it as he said to Ji Mingxia, “You’re not bad either.”


“That’s right!” Ji Mingxia heard this and he immediately raised his head and said, “I’m telling you, I just thought it didn’t fit too well, that’s why I deliberately comforted you!”


“Actually, this underwear is slim-fitting.
It’s snug, but it is elastic, and when boys go out, it’s all about protecting yourself.
I had a hard time putting it on as well.
But maybe I’m a little thinner than you, so I ended up managing to put it on!”


Ji Mingxia painted a picture where he was endowed and had a tough time putting the underwear on.


To enhance credibility, Ji Mingxia added, “It’s just that there are times when it still binds to… alas…it’s really bothered me for a long, long time!”


Yu Ning looked at Ji Mingxia’s troubled appearance and could not help but shift his eyes downwards.


However, without waiting for him to judge, Ji Mingxia had already turned around quickly and headed towards the bedroom.


Yu Ning reminded him, “Mingxia, your pajamas and underwear are still in the bathroom.”


Of course Ji Mingxia knew that his pyjamas and underwear were inside.


The two of them had come back wet, so he hurriedly took a shower so that Yu Ning could take one soon.
He was so anxious that he hadn’t even put on his underwear.


But after lying to Yu Ning, how could he be willing to change his clothes in front of him.


Wouldn’t that be revealing himself.


Although he was not as small as he made it when comforting Yu Ning, standing next to him ……Ji Mingxia felt he still looked a bit pitiful!


This was a matter of his male pride, and he must not lose face in front of Yu Ning!


“I’ll change later.” Ji Mingxia said and hurriedly climbed up the bed in order not to reveal himself.


Due to the special mattress, the two double beds in the hotel were a little higher than normal beds.


As Ji Mingxia was a carefree person, he didn’t feel anything wrong when he laid down on the bed before.
But he was now wrapped in a bath towel and he couldn’t climb properly.
Under his tension, his right foot accidentally touched the button beside the bed.


The next moment, the originally calm bed surface instantly vibrated!


Ji Mingxia had only just climbed up when the bed shook, directly knocking his towel off.


He was shocked and his first reaction was to grab the towel to block his front and then hurriedly sit down.


Little did he know that after he sat down, the bed would shake even harder!


At the same time, the downlights hidden in the dark on the ceiling suddenly lit up, and the whole room took on a dim and ambiguous lighting effect.


“What, what’s going on?!” Ji Mingxia was dumbfounded.


It all happened so suddenly that Yu Ning was startled and almost failed to react.


It was only a few seconds from the time Ji Mingxia triggered the button, to the time the bath towel fell off, and then the whole person sat dumbly on the bed.
Yu Ning was watching Ji Mingxia walk back, and all of this happened in his full view.


At this moment, the room was ambiguously lit, the mattress was vibrating, and Ji Mingxia was sitting on the bed.
His skin was so white that it glowed, he was shaken by the bed, and even his speech was affected, trembling with the movements.


Yu Ning only felt his body burning.
The veins in his neck jumped slightly due to the rise and fall of his emotions.
The heat spread from the base of his ears all the way down, causing his torso to tense involuntarily.


He hurriedly averted his eyes, not daring to look again.
While Ji Mingxia was still distracted, Yu Ning hurried forward to find the oval-shaped remote control at the bedside and pressed it.


The downlights returned to normal light and the restless mattress finally calmed down.


Ji Mingxia stared blankly at the remote control in Yu Ning’s hand.


At this moment, Yu Ning’s shady thoughts were exposed to Ji Mingxia’s gaze.
His fingers tightened slightly and he was hesitating on what to say.


The next moment, he heard Ji Mingxia say, “So this remote control is used to control the mattress! I thought this mattress was for measuring heart rate, but it’s actually for a massage?”




Yu Ning was stunned and looked at Ji Mingxia with some surprise.


Ji Mingxia, however, felt a pang of fear.
The bed shook so suddenly that it had caused him to drop his bath towel.
Luckily, he was so responsive.  The moment it fell, he was resourceful enough to block his front even though he didn’t have time to wrap it around his whole body.


He had saved his male dignity in the nick of time!


Ji Mingxia was in a great mood, and while he breathed a sigh of relief, he curiously patted the mattress and said, “It’s not hard either, I didn’t expect it to move so much when turned on… but it’s quite comfortable.
I feel like I can consider buying a bed for my grandma.”


“Grandma?” Yu Ning repeated in a rare moment of daze.


“Yeah, my grandmother is back home and she’s used to living in the village.
She is old but she refuses to hire someone to take care of her.
She is occasionally unwell, but she puts up with it.” Ji Mingxia said seriously, “This should be quite suitable for the elderly, right? Just press when lying down and you get to relax and unwind before going to sleep.”


The look on Yu Ning’s face was very unnatural: “This is for the young……isn’t it inappropriate for the elderly?”


Seeing Ji Mingxia look over, Yu Ning said, “Maybe it would be better to go to a specialty shop and purchase one for the elderly.”


Ji Mingxia was instantly convinced: “You’re right.”


If he was to buy something for his grandmother, he should buy the best and the one that suits her the most!


Speaking of which, Ji Mingxia had crossed over and was busy with the college entrance exams.


He had just finished the college entrance exams and then Li Youzi’s red ring came up, so he pushed back his return to his hometown.


He also wondered if his grandmother in this world would be the same as he remembered.


It had been a long time since he had seen her and he couldn’t help but miss her a little.


Of course, what made Ji Mingxia miss her the most was his own grandmother from his world.


He would replace Ji Mingxia in this world and take good care of his grandmother.


He hoped that the Ji Mingxia with whom he swapped bodies would also be filial to his grandmother, please her more and take good care of her.


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia sighed and was so full of longing that he didn’t have much heart to think about all that had just happened.


Seeing that it was getting late, he said good night to Yu Ning and quickly changed his clothes and lay down on the bed to sleep.


Ji Mingxia was a good sleeper and fell asleep very quickly.
Within a few minutes, he was deep in his dreams, but Yu Ning was suffering.


When he closed his eyes, he could either see the image of their eyes meeting when he was about to give Ji Mingxia artificial respiration, or the way Ji Mingxia was sitting on the bed just now.


No matter how much he tried to distract himself, all kinds of evil thoughts lingered, and he could not help but look at Ji Mingxia who was already asleep.


In desperation, Yu Ning had no choice but to get up and once again pick up the book the hotel had given.


Finally, the boring contents of the book barely calmed him down.


Ji Mingxia slept straight through until noon the next day.


Apart from his ears, which were a little itchy, his whole body was refreshed when he woke up.


When he sat up, Yu Ning also woke up.


Unlike Ji Mingxia who looked well rested, Yu Ning’s eyes were a little red, but his face didn’t show his fatigue.


While Ji Mingxia was brushing his teeth, Yu Ning made a cup of tea for him, so that he could have a sip of hot tea when he had finished washing up.


The hotel provided Longjing tea, so you could smell the aroma of the tea before you even tasted it.


Unfortunately, Ji Mingxia was not a tea enthusiast, so he drank it like a cow chewing on flowers, taking a few sips to warm his stomach first.


While drinking the tea, he opened his mobile phone to take a look.
He had not yet even unlocked the page when he saw the group’s messages bombarding him.


Ji Mingxia was stunned, and muttered how everyone was so energetic in the morning.
As a result, he clicked into the group and saw that everyone was frantically @ him.


[@JiMingXia, it’s already morning, why aren’t you guys awake yet.]


 [We went back to the hotel by nine o’clock, it’s noon now, how can you sleep all these ten hours @ Ji Mingxia.


[We’re not going to find Yu Ning again, are we? Hey hey hey!] [ Ma Jingtao roars.jpg! ! ]


[Mingxia, come out and say something when you see the message!]


[Fifteen hours without a reply! I’m so tired of waiting, aren’t you guys hungry?]


[We’re coming to find you!]


[Even Yu Ning can’t stop us!]


The messages in the group, which started in the morning, continued until noon.
Because Ji Mingxia had not replied to the messages and did not answer the phone, the roommates finally could not stand it anymore and decided to come over ten minutes ago.


Ji Mingxia looked at the messages in the group and felt a bit baffled.


“Yu Ning, Zhao Zhouye, Chen Zhen and the others said they plan to come over now.” Ji Mingxia said to Yu Ning.


Yu Ning gave an “mmm” and had no comment.


Before this, they had all lived together, and had been separated last night.
It was only natural for Zhao Zhuoye and the others to come over and look for Ji Mingxia.


“Why do I feel that something is wrong …… Aren’t they too energetic? Why are they so lively after what happened last night?” Ji Mingxia said strangely.


When they went back last night, although they did not explicitly say so, all the roommates felt a little down and scared.


After all, life and death were at stake, and if they were unlucky at that time, Ji Mingxia and Zhao Zhouye would have left this world forever.


They were all still young and had never thought that death could be so close to them.


So when they returned to their rooms, the always lively group was quiet and no one sent messages to chatter.


Ji Mingxia had expended a lot of energy in the lake and was so exhausted that he went straight to sleep as soon as he hit the pillow.


He thought his roommates were just like him.


He didn’t expect everyone to have such a strong tolerance, and once they woke up, it was as if nothing had happened and came straight over in a group with sharpened knives.


A few moments later, the doorbell rang.
Ji Mingxia got up and had just opened the door when Zhao Zhuoye rushed in first.


“Wow you two, you decided to ignore us because you’re living in a two person world in the VIP area!” Zhao Zhouye covered his face and theatrically cried out to Ji Mingxia, “You ungrateful, heartbreaker!”


Ji Mingxia: “……”


Ji Mingxia said, “How can that be? I was so exhausted that I slept straight through until now.
I haven’t even had breakfast yet.”


During the time he was talking, Chen Zhen and the others had also walked in.


When they saw what Ji Mingxia’s room looked like, they all sighed.


“Your room is much bigger than our double rooms!”


“The windows are big too, this view is absolutely amazing.”


“The beds also look good.
They look much more expensive than the ones we have.”


“Aigo this bathroom is worthy of VIP, ah!”


As soon as the roommates came in, they couldn’t help marveling, just like the first day they went out, they were so excited.


Although Ji Mingxia did have a feeling that their room was a bit better than the ordinary double room, he didn’t expect everyone to be so excited.


The group intended to look around casually, but with both Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning looking unbothered, they simply looked around the entire room since they were idle.


Everyone looked full of energy, having swept away the fear and fatigue of yesterday, which was a good thing in the end.
So Ji Mingxia didn’t say anything and continued to drink his tea slowly.


It was only when Zhao Zhouye and the others saw something in the bathroom, and the group of people who had been shouting and chattering fell into silence all of a sudden.


Ji Mingxia felt that something was not right and hurriedly walked over and asked, “What’s wrong with you guys?”


Zhao Zhouye and the others were gathered around the cabinet, and when they heard Ji Mingxia’s voice, they all turned their heads and looked at Ji Mingxia with an odd expression.


“ Mingxia, I didn’t expect you…to be quite knowledgeable.” Zhao Zhouye said.


“No wonder you don’t even go on the group to talk, this room's benefits are so good…okay, we forgive you guys.” Another housemate laughed mischievously.


“What are you guys talking about?” Ji Mingxia was simply baffled.


The unusual reactions of the roommates not only caught Ji Mingxia’s attention, but Yu Ning, who was originally sitting on the side, couldn’t help but turn his head.


Ji Mingxia walked up to see what was going on, only to freeze when he saw the open cabinet.


There was a row of special items and small toys on the top row of the cupboard, and the same big “free use of erotic toys” inscription had appeared once again.


On top of that, there was an additional list, clearly stating yesterday’s usage and today’s additions!


Shit, he’d thrown it all away yesterday! Why did they appear again?! 


Ji Mingxia’s scalp exploded and his whole body was not well.


It wasn’t until he saw the bin to the side, and the bath towels that were laid out, that Ji Mingxia came to a realization.


They hadn’t put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign last night, and in the morning, the housekeeping staff had come in to clean it by default.


Not only did they take away yesterday’s rubbish, but they also refilled what had already been used.


The shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste and other items were all replaced with new ones.
He had thrown all the special items in the cabinet yesterday, so naturally, they were also replaced with new ones today!


Everyone’s eyes, including Yu Ning,  were looking at him.
Ji Mingxia only felt his face heat up and he stammered: “No …… it’s not me ……”


“Who else could it be if not you, it can’t be ….” A roommate glanced at Yu Ning.


They didn’t have these things in that double room, and although they knew about erotic toys, everyone was still young and had never even seen them, let alone bought them.


Just because they hadn’t used them didn’t mean they weren’t curious.
This was the most curious age for such things.


Anyway, they were all male, and there was a lot of talk about it when chatting at night, so they didn’t need to be shy at this time.


Zhao Zhouye directly picked up a small toy and studied it curiously.


Ji Mingxia saw this and was so embarrassed that his toes buckled to the ground.


If it were normal, he wouldn’t mind joining them, and it wouldn’t hurt to study and discuss together to gain some new knowledge.


But the problem was, Yu Ning was still in the room!


Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but take a peek at what was going on with Yu Ning.
If Yu Ning really couldn’t accept it, Ji Mingxia planned to ask his roommates to take all these toys away and study them, so as not to embarrass Yu Ning.


To his surprise, he was embarrassed over here, but Yu Ning over there looked very calm.


“Yu Ning …… are you not curious?” Ji Mingxia did not expect Yu Ning to be so calm and he could not help but ask.


Yu Ning looked at them, his expression calm as he shook his head, “I can’t use those.”


'Can’t use them?'


Ji Mingxia froze, not understanding what Yu Ning meant for a moment.


Was Yu Ning so pure that he didn’t even understand the word “erotic”, so he didn’t think he could use them?


Or was it that he already knew what these things were for, but he had no need for them and he felt he couldn’t use them?


The latter seemed more likely at the moment, after all, Yu Ning was no fool, so he must have understood what they were talking about.


Sure enough, he was an unenlightened protagonist who needed the guidance of a love mentor.
Even after that, he was still unresponsive, without any of the momentum of an adolescent boy.


Don’t talk about enlightenment, I’m afraid I can’t find a hint of it!


Ji Mingxia marvelled in his heart.


If he had known that Yu Ning was so slow, he wouldn’t have been so nervous yesterday, not only did he waste a bunch of supplies, but he was also scared to the point of almost having a heart attack today.


However, since Yu Ning was so calm, Ji Mingxia gradually relaxed as well.


Allowing Zhao Zhouye and the others to make a fuss, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning drank tea together, one left and one right, in a nice relaxed manner.


The women’s section …… As they were all single dogs in the dormitory, there was no use in studying it, while the section for men had nothing to do with them.


Zhao Zhouye and the others discussed for a few moments and eventually realized that it was Ji Mingxia who was best suited to use them.


Not only was it clean and hygienic, but it was also worry-free.


“The circle is chaotic nowadays.
Without us around at college, you should protect yourself, Ji Mingxia.”


“We’re all adults now, but you’d rather use this kind when you need it, rather than looking for men indiscriminately.
It’s said that there are a lot of people getting sick nowadays, so it’s better to be safe.”


“When you find a boyfriend, we shall pool money to buy you a big gift based on this package as reference.” Zhao Zhouye said with a wicked smile.


Ji Mingxia: “…I’ll die if you go a day without teasing me.”


He was helpless, but he knew that everyone was joking around and did not take it seriously.


On the contrary, Yu Ning, who had been Buddha-worthy from the beginning to the end, suddenly moved after hearing their conversation.



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