After Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning came out of the bathroom, neither of them spoke, and the atmosphere in the room fell into a strange silence.


Ji Mingxia didn’t know if Yu Ning noticed anything strange.
He was originally not very talkative and he sat there quietly so Ji Mingxia couldn’t guess what he was thinking.
Besides, Ji Mingxia’s mind was now full of those special items and small toys.


‘Speaking of which, those toys were actually divided into men’s and women’s, and there were subtle differences in design.
There was a thin chain hanging on a toy for men, and I wonder where it is used –'




The more he thought about it, the more his cheeks felt hot.
Ji Mingxia hurriedly found the remote control, ready to turn on the TV to divert his attention.


He found a box on the bedside table, opened it, and there was indeed a remote control inside, but there were too many.


The box was divided into two layers and the lower layer contained a large remote control, which should be the TV and air conditioner, but there were two other small oval shaped ones in the box.
They each had a special logo, all which were symbols he couldn’t understand.


Ji Mingxia took out one and looked it up and down, but couldn’t figure it out.
When he raised his head and saw Yu Ning staring at his hand, Ji Mingxia smiled: “It looks so cute.
Yu Ning, do you want to watch TV?”


It wasn’t until Ji Mingxia put the small remote back that Yu Ning replied, “Okay.”


Ji Mingxia was afraid that unhealthy pictures would pop up when he turned on the TV.
Fortunately, the hotel kept its last integrity, and everything on the TV was normal.


Ji Mingxia casually clicked on a lively variety show, and watched it while lying on the bed with Yu Ning.


The indoor temperature was just right.
The sun was shining warmly, and because the hotel was located next to the suburban forest, the air was full of the fresh scent of green plants.


Quanzhuang was a five-star hotel after all.
They spent huge sums of money to make the scenic hotel high end.


Ji Mingxia finally understood what was going on after calming down and giving it a second thought.


This special limited double room should be prepared for couples who come here for vacation.


There were fewer visitors who meet the user conditions, and the price of limited double rooms was much more expensive than that of ordinary double rooms.


Although the room this room was in was better than the ordinary double room in all aspects, the advantages were not too prominent.


Even though it took the sex room route, it was very reserved.
If he hadn’t seen those little toys, Ji Mingxia would only think it was weird, but he wouldn’t think in a strange direction at all.


Moreover, it was expected that couples would sleep on one bed, but there were two beds here…


It was probably to take care of the sleep problems of two people and give them more choices.
However, for most couples, it was still a very tasteless design.


The planning and offering of the limited room in this summer is very unclear.
It was no wonder that when the other double rooms were full, there was a vacancy in the limited rooms.


However, these disadvantages turned into advantages for Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning.


As long as the small toys were thrown away, the roses could be regarded as ordinary decorations.


The room was exquisitely decorated and warmly furnished.
Although lively variety shows were being played on the TV, it was maintained at a balanced volume.
It gave a faint buzz that was not only not noisy, but also a little hypnotic.


Ji Mingxia had been in the car for so long.
Although he looked energetic, his body was still tired.
He lay down and fell asleep before he knew it.
By the time he opened his eyes again, it was already dark.


The TV was turned off at some point, the blackout curtains were drawn, and the room was a bit dark.


Ji Mingxia rubbed his eyes and sat up from the bed.
Yu Ning was sitting on the desk at the end of the bed reading a book.


The soft light of the lamp reflected him and the book in his hand, casting a faint shadow on his face.


From Ji Mingxia’s point of view, only half of Yu Ning’s face could be seen.
The side profile looked exquisite, and the eyes were somewhat enchanting and sharp.
Whether it was the surrounding environment or his appearance, all looked quiet and peaceful as he sat there.


Yu Ning seemed to feel something and he turned his head.
He found that Ji Mingxia was awake and sitting on the bed, looking at him in a daze.
Yu Ning immediately put down the book in his hand, got up, and poured Ji Mingxia a glass of water. 


“Thank you.” Ji Mingxia had just woken up and was thirsty.
He took the glass of water and drank it, and then asked curiously, “Did you bring the book over to read?”


“It’s the book from the hotel, which introduces the corporate culture of Quanzhuang.
There is also the historical overview and geological characteristics of the surrounding forest.” Yu Ning said.


 Ji Mingxia’s head grew big as he listened.


After finally finishing the college entrance examination, he felt sick just from the thought of reading a book.  Unexpectedly, Yu Ning would go on vacation and still read.


‘Sure enough, it makes sense that he is the academic tyrant!’


Speaking of forests, Ji Mingxia drank the water and also briefly told Yu Ning the past events that the driver of the commercial car said in the morning.


After Yu Ning heard it, he asked, “Only ghosts hitting the wall, and no accidents?”


“No.” Ji Mingxia affirmed.


He and Zhao Zhuoyue searched the news.
Although some reporters had confirmed the fact that ghosts hit the wall, there had been no accident from the beginning to the end.
This is also why the “ghost road” phenomenona ended up fading away.


Ji Mingxia said: “Since the establishment of Quanzhuang, the phenomenon of ghosts hitting the wall has disappeared.
People who come here have never encountered any supernatural incidents, but have given raving reviews and praise for Quanzhuang.
They also emphasized that this place is special.
It helps relieve the pressure, and they miss the place so much after leaving.
Most say they want to come back again.


“In the absence of a navy army, the hotel completely relies on running water, including many Internet celebrities who have stayed here.
They have taken advantage of this popularity.


“This kind of virtuous circle attracted more tourists.
Otherwise, with its location and prices, it would be impossible for the rooms to be full.”


Yu Ning listened carefully and nodded slightly.


At this moment, the screen of his mobile phone on the coffee table lit up.


His phone was muted, there was no beep, and there was no vibration.
At first glance, Ji Mingxia thought it was his own phone, so he picked it up and took a look.
When he found that it could not be unlocked by his fingerprint, he quickly said to Yu Ning: “Yu Ning, you have a new message on your phone.”


Yu Ning saw that his phone was in Ji Mingxia’s hand and said, “It should be from Zhao Zhuoyue.
The password is 4433.”


“Ah?” Ji Mingxia didn’t expect Yu Ning to just give him the password to unlock his phone.
That was a personal thing!


But the message notification was still there, so Ji Mingxia had to enter the password and take a look.


Yu Ning guessed correctly, it was indeed a message from Zhao Zhuoyue.


Everyone initially agreed to have lunch at the hotel together, but Ji Mingxia went back for Yu Ning, causing him to miss that time with the other roommates.


After resting for a while, they contacted Ji Mingxia but couldn’t reach him, so they had no choice but to ask Yu Ning.


At this moment, what popped up on the mobile phone was the conversation between Yu Ning and Zhao Zhouye.


Yu Ning told Zhao Zhuoyue that Ji Mingxia was tired after the car ride and had fallen asleep.
When Ji Mingxia wakes up, he would contact Zhao Zhuoyue again.


It was already seven o’clock in the evening, and when it was time for dinner, Zhao Zhouye remembered that Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had not eaten since the morning, so they should have a little dinner.


At this moment, he had sent a message, asking Yu Ning whether it was inconvenient for him to wake Ji Mingxia.


Ji Mingxia looked at the conversation messages of the two, especially Zhao Zhuoyue’s careful and rigorous wording.
He imagined Zhao Zhuoyue’s caution when sending the messages and almost laughed out loud.


Zhao Zhuoyue was a lively personality at normal times, and this was also reflected in the emojis when chatting.
He used the most emojis in the group.


However, Yu Ning’s conversation style was different from that of ordinary people, and his replies are concise.


Zhao Zhouye and Yu Ning were not familiar with each other, so they were forced to change their styles.


After Ji Mingxia finished laughing, he felt a little guilty.


He just wanted to take a rest, and knew everyone would just wake him up.
It was like this in the dormitory as well.


Unexpectedly, Yu Ning not only didn’t wake him up, but turned off the TV and closed the curtains to let him have a good rest.


Zhao Zhuoye’s room was far away from Ji Mingxia’s side, and as a VIP area, it wasn’t convenient to come over without someone to lead.


What’s more, Ji Mingxia was sharing a room with Yu Ning.
Although Zhao Zhuoyue and the others had gradually let go of their prejudice against Yu Ning, they were still a little afraid of him.


Therefore, he had been forced to ask Yu Ning.


On his first day at the resort, he had slept through the afternoon.
Ji Mingxia remembered that he had agreed invited everyone to dinner in the evening.


He quickly replied with Yu Ning’s cell phone: 【Ji Mingxia woke up.】


Then he quickly found his mobile phone and contacted Zhao Zhuoyue.


He had just opened the dialog box, and the page was directly swamped by Zhao Zhouye’s “Ma Jingtao roaring jgp” emoticon package!


Ji Mingxia: 【I’m here, I’m here, I’m ashamed fellow folks ! 】


Zhao Zhuoye: 【Do you know my mood when I chatted with Yu Ning!!] [ Ma Jingtao’s fancy roar jgp x10】


Ji Mingxia: 【I’ll treat you tonight, brother.
Everyone is welcome to slaughter at will! ! 】


Zhao Zhuoyue: 【Ma Jingtao shakes his fan.
jgp] [interesting! See you at the restaurant! I want to eat the signature dish! ! 】


Chen Zhen: 【Mingxia woke up? 】


Ji Mingxia: 【Mmmm, Yu Ning and I will be at the restaurant in twenty minutes! 】


After replying to the messages, he didn’t dare to delay.
He quickly got up and washed his face, then dragged Yu Ning and went out.


The area was quiet and the scenery was good.
Correspondingly, it was far from the restaurant.


Fortunately, the hotel was well planned and one could just follow the road signs on getting out of the room.
So there was no chance of getting lost.  


The hotel restaurant was located on the island area at the center of the lake.
It was surrounded by water and overlooked the mountains in the distance.
Not only was the scenery pleasant, but the interior design was also exquisite.
The chefs hired were a well-known team in the industry and several signature dishes were even more popular online.


Of course, with such good dining conditions, the cost was naturally high.


Ji Mingxia was a homebody and spent little money.
It was hard to come out for an outing and he has long been prepared to spend money.


What surprised him was that the signature dishes were really delicious.
Not only Ji Mingxia and the others, but even Yu Ning ate a few more bites.
Ji Mingxia saw it, and when he excused himself to go to the bathroom, he passed by the staff on his way and asked them to send a few more dishes.


“Mingxia, what are you doing?” Ji Mingxia had just finished ordering when he heard Zhao Zhouye’s voice behind him.


Zhao Zhuoye came over, and when he saw the menu in Ji Mingxia’s hand, he quickly said: “Are you ordering again? We have already stuffed ourselves full, don’t order more.”


“Everyone likes it, let’s talk about it after eating.” He said.


“Stop ordering, I can’t afford to pay.” Zhao Zhuoyue hurriedly grabbed him, “I really thought I was going to treat you in turn.
But this is spending so much money.
Have mercy on my wallet and stop your extravagant hand.”


With that, Zhao Zhuoyue quickly took back the menu and handed it back to the staff.
Without giving Ji Mingxia a chance to say more, he took him and left: “Didn’t you say you want to go to the toilet, let’s walk around.
This place is so big so let’s find it together.”


Ji Mingxia was dragged out of the restaurant and taken towards the corridor.
He looked at the ancient buildings around him and said helplessly, “The restroom is inside, why are you going outside.”


“That’s the women’s toilet and the mother-baby room.
The men’s toilet is in the other direction.” Zhao Zhuoye said.


Ji Mingxia didn’t expect such a design, but after thinking about it, it seemed suitable, and many problems could be avoided.


Zhao Zhuozhu couldn’t help but complain: “The women’s toilet and the mother-infant room are together.
When I saw women entering and leaving the mother-infant room, I reflexively thought that the other room must be the men’s room.
But I felt that something was wrong as soon as I walked in.
It was cold, and the walls were all pink.
It scared me…fortunately, a beautiful woman reminded me.”


He said and added: “By the way, that beautiful woman looked like Li Youzi, but the real person looks thinner than in the photo.
I don’t know if it’s the same person.”


Ji Mingxia’s footsteps paused: “Li You? You’ve you seen her?”


Zhao Zhuoyue was dragging him, and when Ji Mingxia stopped, Zhao Zhuoyue was also forced to stop.


He turned around in surprise, and when he saw the expression on Ji Mingxia’s face, Zhao Zhuoyue finally reacted: “Oh, I almost forgot that you are a fan of Li Youzi, and you just asked us to help you find her.


“I’m a little face blind, so I’m not sure if it’s her.
Anyway, she’s in this restaurant and you can look for her later.
You’ll definitely be able to see her.”


Ji Mingxia heard the words and was a little moved.


He didn’t expect to be so lucky.
They found her on the first day they came to the hotel.


And since Zhao Zhuoyue had seen Li Youzi, it meant that she hadn't had an accident yet, and there was still some hope.


The surroundings were cold and quiet around here, and the lake water reflected the lights.
Although it was not dim, there were no people, let alone the bathroom.


When he wanted to take Zhao Zhuoyue back, he found a staff and managed to get him to lead them there.
The next moment, he suddenly heard Zhao Zhuoye say: “Minxia, isn’t the person in front Li Youzi? “


Ji Mingxia looked in the direction Zhao Zhuoyue pointed, and sure enough, he saw a female figure with long hair not far ahead.


The restaurant had an overall ancient Chinese style.
The girl wearing the black cheongsam was thin and slender.
Under the light, her figure is graceful and the beautiful scenery of the lake gave her a unique charm.


When Ji Mingxia saw her, the girl had just turned a corner and showed her profile, which was vaguely similar to Li You.


Under Ji Mingxia and Zhao Zhuoye’s eyes, she walked into a box in the distance.

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