It was the summer of June.
Ji Mingxia was awakened from a deep sleep by a gust of bone-chilling wind slashing against his skin.



He opened his eyes in a daze and was about to pull the *air-conditioning quilt to cover himself when his hand stiffened in the air.

*Also known as a summer cool quilt; a thin quilt suitable for use in air-conditioned rooms.
The fill-in materials are mainly hollow fibre cotton and silk.


A strange shadow suddenly appeared in the boys’ dormitory, standing directly in front of Ji Mingxia.

The dim light in the distance reflected into the boys’ dormitory.
In the darkness, the shadow looked a little darker than the night, with waist-length hair covering its face.


The shadow looked thin and bony, its arms and legs were long and thin, exhibiting completely abnormal body proportions compared to a human.


When Ji Mingxia saw it, it was holding out its hand, while its sharp nails like dead branches crawled across the face of the boy opposite him.


The poor, unfortunate little creature immediately uttered a groan of pain.


Ji Mingxia’s entire body felt unwell as he tightly wrapped the small quilt around himself and shivered.


'This…is this the live version of *the ghost press!'

*sleep paralysis caused by a ghost pressing over a person.



That night, Ji Mingxia had transmigrated into a book.


Four hours ago, Ji Mingxia was an ordinary 19-year-old otaku in his first year of college.


He accidentally fell down and when he got up, he had already transmigrated as Ji Mingxia, a male supporting character with the same name as himself in a horror novel.


Although it was said to be a book, it looked more like an alternation of a parallel time and space to Ji Mingxia.


Because he transmigrated into a body like his, with the pajamas he was wearing before, Ji Mingxia, a living person, blended into the world without any sense of incongruity, while the original Ji Mingxia was long gone.


He guessed that the original Ji Mingxia had gone to his world.


He was so envious that he cried.


His original world was ordinary without any supernatural happenings.


But the book world was different.
The original novel was a delayed danmei and horror copy text!


Yu Ning, the protagonist shou, was the unlucky child who was lying across from Ji Mingxia at the moment and being ghost pressed.
He was born with a pure Yin physique that attracted mysterious events.


From his childhood, he suffered a lot until he met Pei Yuan, the protagonist gong, at university.
That was when his life gradually changed for the better.


The story began when Yu Ning went to college.
The two husbands worked hand in hand to fight monsters while the horror copies occurred one after the other, never stopping.


Yu Ning and Pei Yuan fell in love with each other, but because of their introverted personalities, neither took the initiative to confess to the other.


At that time, Yu Ning’s high school classmate was accidentally involved in a horror event.


In the process of helping his high school classmate out, Yu Ning finally made progress with Pei Yuan under the guidance of that classmate.


That high school classmate was naturally Ji Mingxia.


According to the norm of transmigrating into books, Ji Mingxia should have transmigrated when they were already in college, and in correspondence to the development of the plot, instruct Yu Ning to understand his sexuality and encourage him to be with Pei Yuan.


However, Ji Mingxia had transmigrated on the eve of the college entrance exams when the plot had not yet begun.


‘Fortunately, I had just passed my college entrance exams and had not yet forgotten his high school knowledge……’


The book world’s Ji Mingxia was nearly identical to him in terms of appearance, background and life experience.


The only difference was that the original Ji Mingxia was one year younger than him, had a boyfriend and experienced love.


The young age was so that he could be a high school classmate with the protagonist shou, Yu Ning while the reason for falling in love and having a boyfriend was to pave the way for the identity of a love mentor.


Both of these changes were for the sake of the plot.


If there were no surprises, Ji Mingxia in the book world would encounter a horror event about two years later.


As long as Yu Ning did not die and the world proceeded normally, Ji Mingxia’s life would be safe even if he encountered danger two years later.


With that in mind, Ji Mingxia relaxed a little.
He laid down in the unfamiliar boys’ dormitory and soon fell asleep.


He just didn’t expect to be awakened in the middle of the night…




Ji Mingxia was stunned at the moment.
The dark shadow had completely covered Yu Ning.


 Yu Ning’s face could not be seen in the darkness, only the sound of his rapid breathing came out from time to time and his voice implied struggle and pain.


Ji Mingxia grabbed the quilt nervously.
He scratched the blanket uneasily, his palms damp with sweat.


He didn’t understand why he had run into such a scene.


In the original novel, Yu Ning was an orphan with an appearance different from that of ordinary people.


Even in the big cities, such a child would not be well received, let alone in the backward county of Funan where the population was predominantly elderly and middle-aged.
The county’s atmosphere was even more closed and superstitious with almost everyone treating him like a disaster star and avoiding him.


Yu Ning grew up being ostracized and developed a withdrawn personality.


Before meeting Pei Yuan, Yu Ning had never experienced any care or warmth in his life, let alone having anyone to help him when he was in danger.


At that moment, Ji Mingxia wanted to help him, but he didn’t know what to do.


He had just transmigrated and it was his first night in the dangerous world.
So if he was not careful and did something that changed the plot ……


'The main protagonist has a halo, but he, as a passerby, did not!'


As a qualified supporting character, he should be quiet as a chicken and pretend to sleep, staying silent all the way to the end of the plot scene.


Ji Mingxia tried to convince himself in his heart.


Just then, Yu Ning’s voice suddenly disappeared.


The dormitory fell into an eerie silence.


A few moments later, the sound of human skin being sliced open resonated.


A faint smell of blood rushed into Ji Mingxia’s nose and he was stunned.
In the next moment, he felt a pain in his palm, as if the person whose hand had just been cut was himself.


He froze for a moment and used his other hand to feel his “injured” palm but found that the skin was smooth with no wound at all.


The pain was sudden and tolerable, but the problem was that the longer Yu Ning in the next bed was ghost pressed, the colder Ji Mingxia’s body became.


No matter how tightly he wrapped himself in the quilt, it was completely ineffective.


The coldness seemed to be emanating from his bones, with no way to trace it, let alone decipher it.


The fear of imminent death swept through Ji Mingxia’s body.
In the moment of life and death, he suddenly came to a realization and raised his head to look at Yu Ning across from him.


'The main protagonist is in danger, so the supporting characters can’t live either?


Why is this world so condemning and unreasonable?’  (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻


Ji Mingxia wanted to swear, but no matter how much he complained in his mind, he could not change the situation.


The black shadow was getting thicker and thicker, almost burrowing into Yu Ning’s body.
In order to save his life, Ji Mingxia had no choice but to grit his teeth and stretch his almost frozen, trembling hand out from the quilt and swung it towards the edge of the bed.


Bang! Bang! Bang!




Several decorative glass bottles, mugs for drinking water and bottled beverages that he had placed beside the bed were all swept down by his hand.


The sound of the bottles falling and breaking exploded in the dormitory like a thunderclap, waking up those who were still asleep.


There were six people living in the boys’ dormitory, including Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning.


The four boys, who were suddenly woken up in the middle of the night, all exploded and sat up from their beds grumbling and cursing on the spot.


“Who’s that? Are you crazy?”


“Which *SB doesn’t let people sleep in the middle of the night?”

*Son of a bitch.


“What’s the situation…”


Two of the boys reflexively took out their mobile phones and switched on the flashlight, flashing it in the dormitory.


The whole dormitory was lit up and the cold feeling disappeared.
Ji Mingxia’s body instantly regained consciousness as he quickly sat up to look in Yu Ning’s direction


The ghostly figure had disappeared at some point, leaving Yu Ning sitting quietly on the bed with his head slightly bowed.


Because there was a person with a mobile phone flashing light behind him, Yu Ning’s back was turned to the light.


His face was hidden in the darkness and his expression could not be seen, but the violent rise and fall of his chest confirmed that he was still alive.


Ji Mingxia wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, hurriedly saying to everyone, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was in a daze and accidentally knocked down the bottles and cups.”


He hurriedly got up and turned the lights on as he said this.


The bright lights dispelled the last bit of the chill in the dormitory.


He poured a glass of water for each of his five roommates, handing them out as he frantically apologized.


“I’ll treat you all to dinner tomorrow!” Ji Mingxia said.


“It’s you.……” The roommates had a good relationship with Ji Mingxia, so they were not so angry when they saw his apologetic attitude.


“What were you dreaming about, you’re so stirred up.”


“It’s not enough to treat us.
I still don’t understand the problem that was taught today, you can explain it to me tomorrow.”


“Let me borrow your shoes for tomorrow evening’s ball game, or we won’t forget this matter!”


Ji Mingxia nodded fiercely, “Okay, okay, I promise you!”


The roommates were relieved to see him forthcoming, so they all laid down again after drinking the water and went back to sleep.


With a sigh of relief, Ji Mingxia walked over to Yu Ning’s bedside and handed him the last glass of water.


By the time Ji Mingxia came over, everyone was ready to go to bed.


It was dark at night and Yu Ning’s back was lit the entire time.
It was not until then that Ji Mingxia saw his face.


He had read the novel and knew that Yu Ning looked different from ordinary people.


Even though he was prepared for it, he was still startled by Yu Ning’s appearance.


Yu Ning’s skin was extremely white and pale, as if he had lost blood throughout the year.


His facial bones were three-dimensional and his features, exquisite.
Every detail looked as if it had been carefully carved by God with no imperfection whatsoever.


Except those eyes; one pupil was black while the other was an abnormal gray.


Nowadays, foreigners were everywhere and beauty contact lenses were sold all over the street, so it’s not like red, green or blue eyes had not been seen before.


If Yu Ning’s both eyes were grey, it wouldn’t have been so shocking to people.


However, the black and grey pair of eyes was the result of a pair of *yin yang eyes.

*Eyes that can see what others can’t.
E.g: ghosts and spirits.


Such eyes matched his perfect and almost eccentric looks.
In the dim light, his delicate features only added to the points in making him more bewitching and unlike a living person.


Just one look at him sent a chill down his spine…


Thinking of the ghost figure from earlier made Ji Mingxia want to throw away the glass of water and escape back to his bed.


When Ji Mingxia read the book, he didn’t understand why Yu Ning, who was so good-looking was ostracized and couldn’t make friends just because he was an orphan and had a pair of strange pupils.


But now that he was in the book, he finally understood that although they were all dogs, they valued their lives.


People have an instinct for survival, and every detail of Yu Ning’s body screamed strange and dangerous.


Anyone who did not want to die would want to stay away from him.


However, Yu Ning’s movements were one step faster than Ji Mingxia’s.


Being aware that Ji Mingxia was looking into his eyes, Yu Ning tilted his head slightly, avoiding Ji Mingxia’s gaze and hid his face in the darkness once more.


Sweat ran along the corners of his forehead, wetting his hair and eyebrows, and the blue veins on his neck made Yu Ning’s complexion look even paler.


His whole body was shrunken, like a small, unattended beast.


At the same time, he looked a little lonely and pitiful.


Ji Mingxia was originally a little angry.


If something happened to Yu Ning, why should he be in danger too?


However, on seeing Yu Ning like this, his annoyance disappeared and was even a little upset.


He was a straight man, but he insisted on reading most of that horror novel only because of Yu Ning.
He liked the character and it was not until Yu Ning and Pei Yuan were together that the number of love scenes gradually increased.
He then felt so uncomfortable that he finally gave up on the novel.


After all, it was just a paper person.


However, supporting roles should have the self awareness of supporting roles.


In order to not add drama to himself, Ji Mingxia quickly put the glass of water on the table, deliberately ignoring Yu Ning’s injured left hand, and turned around to clean up the glass fragments on the ground.


During this period, Ji Mingxia vaguely felt eyes falling on him.
He didn’t know whether it was Yu Ning looking at him, or just an illusion caused by his own nervousness.


He quickly looked for an opportunity and turned back.


Yu Ning was still sitting there, maintaining the same position as before.
He looked so miserable that he didn’t even bother looking at him.


Ji Mingxia breathed a sigh of relief, completely relieved.


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