Ji Mingxia waited for Yu Ning’s reply with some trepidation.


He was really adding drama to himself, and although the beginning of the main story had not yet started, it was still drama.


His persona as a supporting character was really crumbling!


‘If Yu Ning refuses…’


Ji Mingxia thought in his heart.
'If Yu Ning refuses me, I will pretend that nothing has happened, and quickly find an excuse to leave.'


 He would not stay here where everyone would be embarrassed.


“Okay.” Yu Ning whispered.


Ji Mingxia heard Yu Ning’s voice, nodded, and nervously waited for Yu Ning’s answer.


It wasn’t until two seconds later that he reacted. 


Ji Mingxia suddenly raised his head.


Yu Ning was taller than Ji Mingxia and he looked down at him: “Do you want to go now?”


Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning in a daze, “Yes!”


'Unexpectedly, Yu Ning didn’t even ask, he simply agreed!'


Ji Mingxia was simply overjoyed and he pulled Yu Ning to go outside: “Zhao Zhouye and the rest have already set off, and they will arrive at the hotel in less than an hour.
I’ll call for a ride now, and we’ll be there in two or three hours, just in time for lunch…”


“Ji Mingxia.” Yu Ning was being pulled and he said helplessly, “I haven’t sorted myself out yet.”


“Sorting yourself?” Ji Mingxia looked back and remembered that they had all brought backpacks, and Yu Ning was not prepared for anything at all.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly said, “Then I will help you pack up.”


He walked over to Yu Ning’s desk as he talked, and put the pen and papers into the drawer.


As soon as he opened it, he saw a stack of worksheets in the drawer, full of words, all of which were Yu Ning’s notes.


Ji Mingxia saw the words “hotel” and “Lin Siyun” at a glance.


But in the next instant, Ji Mingxia’s eyes were attracted by something else.


Next to the worksheets was a wad of cash.


Electronic payment was so developed these days, and Ji Mingxia had not seen cash for a long time, so he said in surprise: “Hey, Yu Ning, you have so many banknotes in your drawer.”


Yu Ning was startled.
He stepped forward to take out the cash, and then quickly closed the drawer.


“It’s my scholarship for this semester.
The teacher gave it to me this morning.” Yu Ning said, planning to put the cash in his backpack.


Ji Mingxia quickly forgot the worksheets and the words written on them and immediately stopped Yu Ning’s actions: “You don’t have to bring money.
I invited you to go and you are helping me.
I can’t let you spend your money.” ”


Yu Ning was an orphan since childhood, and had always relied on state funding to go to school.  After the completion of the nine-year compulsory education, he has lived purely on scholarships.


Although this money was enough for Yu Ning to live, it was absolutely impossible for him to spend like an ordinary high school student.


This year’s consumption level had improved, and even if many high school students had begun to follow the trend of buying luxury goods, Yu Ning still had to budget for daily meals, let alone buying trendy brands.


The money in Ji Mingxia’s account was too much to be used up and he had long wanted to lend money to Yu Ning to improve his life.


But considering Yu Ning’s self-esteem, he didn’t dare to open his mouth.


Now that he finally had a perfect excuse, Ji Mingxia persuaded very actively: “If you are worried about spending money, you can stay with me at the hotel, and if you want to eat, come with me.
We are going for a few days to check out the ring and then come back.”


Ji Mingxia usually had a soft personality and everything was up for discussion.
It was rare for him to be this tough and Yu Ning was helpless.
At Ji Mingxia’s insistence, Yu Ning had to take out the cash and put it back in the drawer.


On pulling back the drawer, Yu Ning’s gaze fell on the worksheets inside.


These were the notes he’d taken in the past days.


No one expected that he and Ji Mingxia would actually have a relationship in the last few days of the senior year, and finally even sit at the same desk.


However, they were only at the same desk for two days.


With the advent of the college entrance examination, and the graduation of the senior class, everyone would return home after the vacation, and Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning would be completely separated.


Even Zhao Zhouye and the others could spend more time with Ji Mingxia than him.


They had agreed on a vacation a month earlier, booked a hotel, and went on vacation together.


At first, Yu Ning listened to them and only felt that it was none of his business.


But now, he regrets it.


So he listed what had happened in recent days, looking for a breakthrough point.


On the worksheet, Ji Mingxia’s vacation plan was listed in detail, the Lin Siyun incident a few days ago, and the end point of everything –


The ring in Li Youzi’s hand.


Li Youzi was an internet celebrity, and she often updated her photos on Weibo.


She had worn that ring for many years and it had become her iconic object.
As long as one followed Lin Siyun’s life carefully, they could easily spot the ring that appeared on Li Youzi's finger  around the same time she got hers.


The scenic hotel where Li Youzi was going to relax, coincided with the one Ji Mingxia was going to.


Everything formed a perfect closed loop, and Yu Ning only needed to wait patiently for Ji Mingxia to find the clue, and he would definitely issue an invitation to him.


The only thing he needed to arrange was his financial situation.


That hotel was not cheap…


The scholarship for the senior year should have been issued to him at the graduation ceremony but he deliberately found a teacher to get it in advance.
He even promised to personally give his alma mater some publicity if the college entrance examination results came out and he was a champion.


So, for the past few days, Yu Ning had been busy over this matter, during which he also made all kinds of emergency plans.


Fortunately, he got the money this morning, and Ji Mingxia finally issued an invitation to him.


“Yu Ning, are you okay? I have contacted the driver and he is ready to come over.” Ji Mingxia said to Yu Ning.


“All right.” Although he promised not to bring money, he took advantage of Ji Mingxia’s lack of attention to bring the cash.


With a “click”, the drawer was closed and locked, and Yu Ning’s unseemly thoughts were completely hidden in the darkness.


Three hours of travel were not long nor short.


Ji Mingxia also thought that Yu Ning, like him, had never paid attention to Li Youzi at all.
So he quickly joined Yu Ning in the car and looked up Li Youzi’s personal information.


Just like Zhao Zhouye said before, Li Youzi’s real name is Li You, and Lin Siyun was her best friend from childhood.


Unlike Lin Siyun, who underwent earth-shattering changes in three years, Li You was quite good from childhood.


Since kindergarten, Li You had often performed on stage on behalf of the school, and even participated in some TV drama performances in elementary school.
In junior high school, Li You even became the school flower of their school.


Not only was she good-looking, but Li You’s academic performance was also very good, and she was already among the top scholars in the entire county.


With Lin Siyun’s changes, the two major school flowers walked together on the road and attracted everyone’s eyes.
They were simply eye-catching that there were CP fans of them on the Internet.


Li You was one year higher than Lin Siyun and was the first to be admitted to the university.
Lin Siyun also set a goal early, she wanted to be admitted to Li You’s university.
Although the majors were different, the two could complement each other.


These two people were about to become an inspirational story of the school, but everything came to an abrupt end not long ago.


Lin Siyun died tragically and Li You was devastated.
Even her psychological state was affected.


Her friends were very worried about her mental health and were scared that Li You would do something stupid.
So they took advantage of the college holiday to quickly drag Li You out on a trip.


Ji Mingxia opened Li You’s Weibo and showed Yu Ning her latest updates.


[The view here is beautiful, I am fine, the phone is temporarily turned off, see you in a few days]



[Location: Nanzhou City Forest Hot Spring Valley, Spring Village Resort.]


Ji Mingxia said, “There are several kinds of mysterious items, some of which are ordinary, some of which are evolutionary, and all kinds of strange things… If this ring is only one, it is nothing, but I did not expect that it was a pair.


“Will there be a one-plus-one effect if the rings are put together?” Yu Ning asked.


Ji Mingxia nodded, “Normally speaking, if the ring is a special mysterious item, it will definitely have unique abilities… But I’m not quite sure, I’ve never heard of mysterious objects coming in pairs.


In the original plot, this pair of rings did not appear at all, and Ji Mingxia could not guess what abilities the two rings possessed.


“We’ll familiarize ourselves with the environment after arriving at the hotel, and find Li You as soon as possible.
I can pretend to be a fan of Li You and mobilize Zhao Zhouye and the rest to help me pay attention to her.” Ji Mingxia added, “It is better to persuade her to give up the ring before she has an accident.” 


Along the way, the two sometimes chatted and sometimes refreshed their phones for information.
Normally, Ji Mingxia would feel dizzy and nauseous after sitting in the car for so long.


But the strange thing was that, after sitting with Yu Ning the whole way, he didn’t feel any discomfort at all, and even felt that the three hours had passed in a flash.


Quanzhuang Resort, located in the Forest Hot Spring Valley of Nanzhou City, was a newly developed five-star scenic hotel.


The hotel was built on the edge of the forest, covering a vast area and designed in a Chinese garden style.
The internal structure integrated the local ethnic characteristics and it could be said that the hotel itself was one of the important landscapes of the scenic spot.


Before Ji Mingxia came, he had looked at pictures on the Internet.
However, there were too many photos to deceive nowadays so he kept his expectations low.


It was not until the car drove to the front of the hotel that Ji Mingxia was shocked.
No wonder so many Internet celebrities were giving it publicity.
It can be seen from the architecture that the scenic spot is indeed rich.


After the car was parked, the porter pushed away the luggage.
Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning, led by the staff, entered the courtyard of the reception.


Zhao Zhouye and the others had arrived at the hotel an hour earlier, and had now entered their rooms to rest.


Ji Mingxia first swiped the reserved room information with his ID card, and then said to the staff at the front desk: “Hello, I have a last minute guest, is it convenient to help upgrade the single room to a double one?”


“An upgrade? Okay, excuse me.” The staff said, checking the hotel’s check-in information.


At first, Ji Mingxia thought that it would not be difficult to upgrade a single room to a double room, but he was suddenly a little uncertain after looking around.


It was summer vacation, and this scenic spot was also a popular holiday destination on the Internet.
Although it covered a large area, it had a layout like a villa and few people could actually stay in each area.


In case the upgrade fails, he and Yu Ning would sleep together in a single room… but there was only one bed.


At this moment, the staff said to Ji Mingxia: “Hello, sorry, the ordinary double rooms are all fully booked, so the single room cannot be upgraded for the time being.” 


The staff’s voice fell, and not only Ji Mingxia looked over, but even Yu Ning on the side unconsciously turned his head.


Ji Mingxia didn’t expect his premonition to come true, and his face changed slightly.


However, he was the one who pulled Yu Ning over and promised that they would share everything.


The two could live in a double room together, but it is reasonable to say that living in a single room together was too uncomfortable.


Ji Mingxia’s sleeping position was not very good.
After falling asleep, he would roll around in the bed which was okay if he sleeps alone.
But two people… he didn’t dare imagine Yu Ning being pressed into a meat pad.


Ji Mingxia hurriedly said, “If there are no ordinary double rooms, are there other double rooms like business rooms and executive rooms?”


“Only the Presidential Suite, the Family Suite, the Children’s Room, and the Special King Rooms are available.” The staff said.


The hotel, whether it was its geographical location or equipment, was currently one of the best in the country and Ji Mingxia’s single room was relatively cheap.
Staying one night only needed a thousand yuan and he got a 20% discount after using the student ID.


Needless to say, the family suite had three rooms, including a living room and a separate balcony.
It was three times more expensive than a single room, while the children’s room and the special king room were no different from a single room.


Ji Mingxia heard this and was suddenly a little worried.


He hesitated on choosing a family suite or not, but before paying, it was best to ask Yu Ning first…


Just then, another staff member came over and whispered a few words.


At the next moment, the staff in charge of the front desk reception said to Ji Mingxia: “If you particularly need a double room, we also have a summer limited double room specially provided by the resort for VIP customers.”


“There is a limited edition double room that is empty, and we can upgrade you, but the price of this double room will be slightly more expensive than that of a regular double room.”


No matter how expensive it was, it could not be more expensive than the family suite.
Ji Mingxia did not hesitate, and immediately said: “Just it, thank you.”


“Minors are not allowed in the Summer Limited Double Rooms, and guests must be at least 18 years old, please present your ID.” The staff said.


Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning had both finished the college entrance examination, and they had already passed the age of 18.
They didn’t think much about it, and after submitting their ID cards, they walked towards the room together after the formalities were completed.


After passing through the reception courtyard, they came to a secluded lake view and the pontoon bridge served as a transition that connected the reception hall to the hotel courtyard.


Ji Mingxia’s single room was booked with Zhao Zhouye and the others so they were all supposed to live in one area.


However, the room was temporarily changed and it was a limited VIP double room.
The location of the residence changed, so they were now in the opposite direction to the rest.


Led by the staff, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning found their room.


It was a VIP room, so not only did the location of the room pay more attention to privacy, but the view outside the window was also more pleasant than that of the ordinary room.
One could see the corner of the primeval forest in the distance when standing by the window.


The interior layout was also different from ordinary double rooms.
It was not only more elaborate, but also…


There were also a lot of things that Ji Mingxia couldn’t understand.


“*Buy a cola? What do they mean?” Ji Mingxia asked as he looked at the three big characters on the carefully embroidered tissue box.

*Slang for “make love”.


Yu Ning heard the words, looked at the tissue box, and quickly looked away.


Ji Mingxia was also casually complaining and was not really looking for the answer.
After putting down the tissue box, Ji Mingxia looked at the two large beds in the room.


Although they were one-meter-five double beds, they looked much larger than ordinary beds.
Ji Mingxia looked around, and finally found a few buttons on the edge of the bed.


“This bed seems to have a sensor function.
Is it a mattress that detects heart rate? Worthy of being a VIP room, it is quite advanced.” Ji Mingxia sighed.


Yu Ning took a look, and after a few seconds, he looked away again a little unnaturally.
He simply turned around to unpack up his backpack.


Ji Mingxia didn’t know what those buttons were for, and he didn’t dare to press them casually.
When he saw that Yu Ning had begun to unpack, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands.


The washroom was next to the bathroom and the area was divided.
The layout was clear, and the overall structure was clean and refreshing.
A large bouquet of bright red roses was carefully placed on the washstand, emitting a faint fragrance.


Ji Mingxia sniffed them.
They didn’t have a floral scent, but more of a sweet perfume fragrance.
It seemed to be emanating from a heart-shaped card in the bouquet.


He couldn’t help but reach out and pull out the card to take a look.


The card was printed with stick figures of two kissing people, next to which were two lip prints.  Although they were not lip prints coated with lipstick, they had a wet effect.


Although the arrangement of the room looked good, Ji Mingxia always felt that something was weird.


It was not until he finished washing his hands and casually opened the bathroom cabinet that Ji Mingxia was shocked, and the whole person took a step back.


“This…what the fuck!! ”


In the cabinet next to the bathroom were various types of toiletries, but the top shelf and in the most conspicuous position were countless special supplies and small toys.


The hotel was very considerate, separating the male and female uses, and in the middle was a sweet little card with a line of words on it.


[Love Cabinet.
Erotic toys are provided by the hotel and can be used free of charge.
We wish you a pleasant holiday.


Ji Mingxia was seeing such things for the first time, and after the initial shock, his face suddenly turned red.


Just then, Yu Ning walked in quickly as he had heard Ji Mingxia’s shout: “Is everything all right?”


Ji Mingxia heard this, and the whole person jumped on the spot.
He panicked and removed all the items, quickly throwing them into the trash can and covering them.


The moment Yu Ning came in, Ji Mingxia quickly turned around and tried to seem calm: “No, nothing.” 


If it was Zhao Zhouye or Chen Zhen living with him at the moment, Ji Mingxia would have been screaming and pulling them to come and see.


Everyone was an adolescent boy, and they were actually full of curiosity about these aspects.
So there was nothing to be ashamed of in watching and discussing together.


But Yu Ning was different.


In the original book, Yu Ning and Pei Yuan knew each other for a long time and had experienced countless winds and rains.
If they were other people, they would have already confessed to each other but Yu Ning was unaware that he even liked Pei Yuan.


Finally, under Ji Mingxia, the love mentor’s guidance, Yu Ning realized his sexual orientation, but even then, he was still very passive emotionally.


At that time, some people in the comment area complained that Yu Ning simply exchanged all the emotional quotient of his past life in exchange for IQ in this life.


If Yu Ning had already met Pei Yuan at this moment, Ji Mingxia, as a love mentor, would have bit the bullet and tutored Yu Ning hard despite the fact that he had no love experience.


But Yu Ning had not yet met Pei Yuan, nor had he even gone to college yet.


He was ignorant and as pure as a blank piece of paper.


Ji Mingxia will stay with Yu Ning for the next few days, how could he let Yu Ning see these messes.


Ji Mingxia was in a hurry and his acting skills were really not good.
Yu Ning looked at him with some doubt, obviously not believing that nothing had happened.


In desperation, Ji Mingxia had to add a sentence: “I found that this bathroom was quite well decorated.
You look at the left and right mirrors, how clear… I just suddenly saw myself in the mirror, and I was quite surprised…”


Yu Ning heard this and looked around.


The front and back walls of the bathroom were paved with white marble, decorated with shells and brass carvings. 


On the left and right were two oversized mirrors and in the center of the mirrors were the shower and the bathtub.


Yu Ning’s gaze stayed on the two person luxury bathtub for a few seconds.
His jaw tightened slightly and he restrained his eyes to look away before finally saying, “It’s really good.” 

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