To invite Yu Ning, Ji Mingxia needed to find a legitimate reason.


After all, the plan was made more than a month ago and he suddenly wanted to add a person.
He needed not only to persuade their roommates, but also to consider Yu Ning’s situation.


Did Yu Ning have time? Did he want to go or not? How shall his expenses be solved?


Ji Mingxia wanted to pay for Yu Ning, but he had a feeling that Yu Ning would not agree.


For this reason, Ji Mingxia spent the next two days trying to find a way of inviting Yu Ning.


In the twinkling of an eye, the college entrance examination was over.


In just two days, the candidates’ fates for the next few years had been determined.


To Ji Mingxia’s surprise, this year’s exam questions were very similar to his previous exam questions.


In the past few days, after he transmigrated, he strengthened his weak points, and also shared some questions in his memory with the group.


That way, there was a certain probability that the students with good luck would have better results.


However, they were all ordinary people after all.
Even if there was such an opportunity, they could only make themselves slightly improve at most, and it was impossible to make a qualitative leap forward.


From what he knew about himself, the school he was going to apply to should be stable.


If there are no surprises, Yu Ning would get admitted to the top school in the country, which was in accordance with the direction of the original book.


The most recent small test had Yu Ning first and Ji Mingxia second and the gap did not look big.
But when the scores of the two people are put according to the province, Yu Ning’s score could be the champion in the whole province, while Ji Mingxia could only wander in the middle.


This was the gap between the academic tyrant and ordinary people.
Even if he had transmigrated with some memory of the questions, it still couldn’t change much.


Ji Mingxia had already looked into this and he didn’t mind.
His requirements for himself had always been low, and he only had to be steady.


The two days passed quickly, and after the end of the college entrance examination, both students and the school authorities breathed a sigh of relief.


The graduation ceremony of the seniors would be held half a month later, during which time, most of the seniors would return home to wait for their scores.


The hotel Ji Mingxia and the others booked was located next to the scenic area of the next city, Nanzhou.
Backed by a mountain, the hotel was equipped with hot springs, a golf course, etc.
It was a popular holiday destination in the past two years and the reviews on the Internet were very good.


Although it would take only two hours using the high-speed railway to the hotel, it was estimated that it would take five or six hours if they counted the time from the school to the high-speed railway station and then from the high-speed railway station to the scenic spot.


It would be much simpler if they were to drive themselves there, as it would take less than three hours to reach the hotel.


Although everyone was an adult, they had just finished the college entrance examination and no one had time to get a driver’s license.
In the end, they directly booked a commercial car since there were five of them.


On the day of departure, Yu Ning happened to be called to the office  in the morning.


When Ji Mingxia woke up, there were only five of them in the dormitory.
The driver would arrive half an hour later so everyone hurriedly got up to pack their bags.


They were all students, and they were still men.
They were just going on vacation for a few days, so everything was simple, and they were all packed up in less than ten minutes.


“Mingxia, Mingxia.”


Ji Mingxia had just picked up his backpack when he heard Chen Zhen’s voice ringing in his ears.


“What’s wrong?” Ji Mingxia asked.


Chen Zhen was in charge of contacting the driver, and when he saw Ji Mingxia look over, he shook his phone at Ji Mingxia: “I just talked to the driver.
This car has seven seats, and the price is the same even if all are filled.
There are six people in our dormitory which is more than enough.”


“Oh, okay.” Ji Mingxia nodded.


“The driver is still twenty minutes away from the school gate, do you want to ask Yu Ning to come with us?” Chen Zhen asked.


Ji Mingxia was initially listening absent mindedly.
When he heard Yu Ning’s name, he suddenly sobered up: “What? ”


“Don’t you have a good relationship with Yu Ning lately? Do you want to invite him?” Chen Zhen asked.


Zhao Zhouye packed his socks into his backpack and heard the conversation between the two.
He leaned over and said, “Is Yu Ning going? I thought he wasn’t interested because he didn’t speak up when we discussed it before.


“Nonsense, did Yu Ning ever talk in the dormitory?” Another roommate said, “If it was before, I wouldn’t want to go with him, but lately…”


“I got a method for some questions in the college entrance examination and I learned it from Yu Ning.
It gives me at least two points!”


“But what about Yu Ning? Did the teacher call him because there was something wrong? ”


“I don’t know, I didn’t see him when I woke up.” Chen Zhen said, seeing that there was a new message on the phone, he hurriedly said, “Everyone hurry up, the driver will arrive soon.” ”


The driver of the commercial car arrived at the school gate ten times ahead of schedule.
In order to avoid making him wait for a long time, Ji Mingxia and others only hurried down the stairs and rushed towards the school gate.


As he walked, Ji Mingxia sent a message to Yu Ning, asking if he would be interested in going out with them.


Unfortunately, until the time they got into the car, Yu Ning did not reply to Ji Mingxia.


Since last week’s rainstorms, the whole south had returned to a clear, early morning blue sky and white clouds.
Everyone in the car was excited and they chattered along the way.


The driver drove quietly at first, but as he listened, he couldn’t help but join the conversation.


“It turns out that you are all students who have just finished taking the college entrance examination.
There are many fun places in Nanzhou City, how did you think of going there for the holiday?” The driver couldn’t help but ask.


Zhao Zhouye had just taken a photo and discussed it with everyone.
When he heard the driver’s words, he laughed and said: “We looked at the online recommendations.
The newly developed place has a good view, the hotel equipment is new, and although the location is a little remote, it is relaxing.
We look at people everyday in school so we want to change places and see the scenery.


 “So that’s the way it is, the new hotel is really good.” The driver nodded clearly, but after a moment, he still couldn’t help but remind, “But once you get there, pay attention to safety, don’t mess around.” 


“Well, we know.
The scenic area behind the hotel is a pristine mountain, and although it looks good, we certainly won’t go in.” Zhao Zhouye said.


The driver looked like he wanted to add something, but in the end, didn’t say anything more.


But Chen Zhen was observant.
He was sitting in the front passenger seat and on seeing the expression of the driver, he couldn’t help but ask: “Big brother, what’s wrong? Is the hotel not safe?”


“It’s not the hotel.” The driver glanced at the young man and pondered over his words, “It’s that place, it’s strange.” 


“Strange?” Chen Zhen was stunned, not understanding what this meant.


The driver said: “That area was originally the suburbs of Nanzhou City.
I used to drive trucks and you know big trucks aren’t allowed to take the roads in urban areas, you can only go to the suburbs.
So we used to drive through that area a lot.”


Everyone was silent for a moment.


Ordinary students would certainly not pay attention to such details.


But not long ago, Lin Siyun got in a car accident because of similar reasons.


Even if an ordinary truck hit a person, it would not crush the human body into pieces, but Lin Siyun was hit by a truck carrying a large number of goods that day.


The reason the truck passed through the school was also because there was a problem in the suburban road and it was temporarily diverted.


As a result, such a tragedy occurred.


The driver did not know about Lin Siyun, and he drove while immersed in his own memories: “Under normal circumstances, you can drive through it in half an hour during the day, but at night, you can’t go out for more than an hour.
We call that area ‘ghost road’, because there were incidents of *ghosts hitting the wall.”

*A phenomena where you can’t tell direction at night or in the suburbs, and end up going in circles.


“Ghost Road?!” Everyone could have listened unheedingly, but when they heard the words “ghost road,” they were not calm.


Any place connected to the word “ghost” was particularly frightening, not to mention it was the destination of their trip.


“Is it possible that the lights were dim at night and the roads couldn’t be seen clearly…” Chen Zhen tried to explain in a more scientific way.


“Impossible.” The driver immediately shook his head, “If I was alone in this situation, I wouldn’t have anything to say.
But it was not just me who faced that problem.
All the drivers have said the same thing and it didn’t matter whether it was raining or not.”


“It was one road, there were no forks and because of the lack of people in the area, there were very few traffic lights.
You could only go straight to the end.
Half an hour during the day and more than an hour at night, it is really….


The driver finished speaking and saw that everyone still didn’t quite believe it, so he added: “If you don’t believe it, you can search on the Internet, there must be some news there.
Some reporters came to interview at that time, and some even brought cameras to record but it was useless, and the result was the same.


Zhao Zhouye did not believe it and he took out his mobile phone to search.


They had actually searched the Internet long before booking the hotel.
The whole network had good recommendations, and they didn’t see any bizarre news at all.


At this moment, he searched for the name of the hotel again, and the name of the scenic area, and sure enough, there was no ghost legend just like before.


Suddenly, Zhao Zhouye had a flash of inspiration and changed the contents of the search column to: Nanzhou City, Ghost Road.


In the next instant, all kinds of news were listed, including some reporters’ explorations.


Sure enough, as the driver said, that area was very strange and evil.


Many people bumped into something unclean there, not only incidents of ghosts hitting the wall, but also all kinds of ghost passers-by, ghost fires, and so on. 


It wasn’t until the scenic area was developed and hotels and various leisure venues were established that these rumors faded away.
If it were not for the two keywords “ghost road”, the relevant paranormal news would not have come up.


They prepared a month in advance for the planned destination, but when they were about to arrive, they were suddenly told that there had been various urban anomalies there.


Everyone looked at the news, and the expressions on their faces were a little uneasy.


Finally, the driver saw that the atmosphere in the car was bleak, and he hurriedly said: “I am talking about the old times from more than ten years ago.
You don’t have to be too serious.
Isn’t it said that your school was built over a cemetery, but have you ever seen a ghost when you lived on campus? ”


He was worthy of being an old driver.
This sentence came out, and almost everyone breathed a sigh of relief.


“Yes, in the history of our country, people have come and gone, and no one has died from ghosts.” Chen Zhen said immediately.


“In addition, there was an accident at the school entrance and the grievances were so heavy.
We went in and out every day but had there ever been a ghost sighting? Don’t think about it too much.
We are five big men and the yang energy is so heavy.” Zhao Zhouye also immediately said.


The roommates all thought about it.
It was indeed the case, and they quickly returned to normal.


Only Ji Mingxia sat in place without making a sound.


He was one of the few who could see ghosts, and the first time he saw one was in the boys’ dormitory!


However, Ji Mingxia naturally did not pour cold water on them.
While listening to everyone talk, he took out his mobile phone and glanced at it from time to time.


Yu Ning had still not replied to his message, but in the WeChat group, everyone sent out pictures of various scenic areas in order to liven up the atmosphere and enhance the expectations of their vacation.


Chen Zhen, who sat in the front row, also shared photos with the driver from time to time, and even sold *Amway to the driver.

*Promoting or recommending something to the point where it is annoying.


“Since the hotel was built, no strange things have happened.
The online reviews are overwhelming and it is very popular with young people.”


“The hottest things are the hotel buildings, the hot springs, and the forest view that can be seen from the windows.”


“This blogger, Li Youzi, is also an alumnus of our school.
She has been in a very unstable mood lately, and is now on vacation at that hotel.”


The driver responded with “uh-huh” From time to time.


He was obviously not interested in the hotel’s Amway, and after looking at the picture, he simply said, “That is your alumni? She looks like a star and is pretty good-looking.
The red ring on her hand looks expensive.


Chen Zhen said, “Yes, she is good-looking.
Her best friend was also good-looking and they are all the school flowers of our school.
Their grades were also particularly good, but unfortunately…”


At the thought of Lin Siyun, everyone inevitably sighed.


However, Li Youzi had recently been in a bad mood.
She came to the hotel for a vacation with friends and has been safe until now.


The thought that someone they knew was also at the hotel made the last worries about the area disappear.


Ji Mingxia stopped waiting for Yu Ning’s reply.
He saw that the WeChat group had some new messages, so he casually clicked it.


A bunch of photos of the scenic area immediately jumped out, and the last one was a selfie of a web blogger.


Ji Mingxia looked at the watermark and realized that this was Lin Siyun’s best friend, Li Youzi.


Li Youzi was a year ahead of them.
She was admitted to college last year, and was a freshman this year.


She enjoyed taking photos and sharing selfies every day, and because of her good looks, she had hundreds of thousands of fans on the Internet.


Although it was not comparable to those big internet celebrities, she was still a celebrity to ordinary people.


Li Youzi fell into grief because of Lin Siyun’s sudden death, and her friends were very worried about her mental health.
So after Lin Siyun’s funeral was completed, they pulled Li Youzi to the scenic area for a vacation to relax.


This photo was released by Li Youzi two days ago.
The girl stood by the window, smiling slightly at the camera.
Although she looked good, she looked a little haggard, which was strange and distressing.


Whether it was Lin Siyun or Li Youzi, they were all characters in this world, and Ji Mingxia did not know them.


So after taking a look, he quickly closed the photo and exited the WeChat group.


But the next second, Ji Mingxia suddenly sat up straight.
He reopened the WeChat group and  clicked on Li Youzi’s photo again.


Li Youzi stood by the window, one hand was hanging naturally by the window, and her left hand supported her chin.
Because of the posture, that hand was very close to the camera, and every detail could be seen clearly.


Ji Mingxia zoomed in on the photo and looked at it carefully.


“Yo, what are you doing Mingxia? Li Youzi is pretty, but going as far as zooming her photo?”


Ji Mingxia’s sudden move attracted Zhao Zhouye’s attention.


He had turned his head and found that Ji Mingxia was actually zooming in on Li Youzi’s photo and Zhao Xianxian couldn’t help but laugh.


“Don’t look at it, we shall be at the hotel in a moment and maybe you will be able to see the real person.” Zhao Zhouye laughed and said, “I didn’t expect you to like this type of girl.”


After carefully looking at the ring on Li Youzi’s hand, he looked at Zhao Zhouye and asked, “She is at the hotel, are you sure?”


Zhao Mingxia did not expect Ji Mingxia’s reaction to be so serious, and he was stunned: “Sure, she posted her location on Weibo.”


Ji Mingxia couldn’t sit still: “I have to go back to school.” 


“Why do you need to go back to school?” Another roommate asked strangely.


“I’m going to look for Yu Ning, you go first, I’ll follow up later.” Ji Mingxia said, immediately getting up from his seat, “Big brother, I’ll trouble you to pull over and park.”


Ji Mingxia’s sudden move immediately confused everyone: “What, how do you plan to go back?”


“We’ve been out for half an hour, going and coming back will take almost an hour.
I remember you got motion sickness from sitting in the car for a long time last summer, can you really do it?”


“Don’t go back if it’s nothing important.
Just call Yu Ning over.”


However, no matter how much his roommates persuaded, Ji Mingxia didn’t change his mind.


It was not clear whether Yu Ning’s phone had a connection, but this matter involved a mysterious item, and it could not just be said on the phone.


“I’m sorry, we’ll meet at the hotel in an hour, the fare is on me this time, and I’ll invite everyone to dinner in the evening.” Ji Mingxia apologized.


He insisted on going back, and everyone couldn’t stop him.


Anyway, he was just going to come an hour later and it wasn’t a big deal, so Ji Mingxia got off of the car in the end.


Seeing Ji Mingxia leave, the surprised roommates in the car gradually calmed down.


Chen Zhen said helplessly, “Mingxia actually wanted Yu Ning to come with him, but he was embarrassed to ask because of Yu Ning's situation.
I noticed that he has been struggling for the past two days, so I guess there was something that made him make up his mind.”


“If I had known this earlier, I could have directly invited Yu Ning a month ago.”


“Who could have accepted traveling with Yu Ning a month ago?” Another roommate said.


Everyone thought about it carefully and couldn’t help but nod their heads in agreement.


Only Zhao Zhouye was still in dispute: “He looked at Li Youzi’s photo, then said he will go look for Yu Ning… Is there a connection between the two? ”


Ji Mingxia got a taxi and went back to school.


Along the way, he was still worried about whether Yu Ning would be busy and how to convince him.


As a result, just after returning to the dormitory, Ji Mingxia saw Yu Ning standing by the table, putting away his books and homework.


Ji Mingxia didn’t think about it anymore, and he rushed up: “Yu Ning! I made a big discovery! ”


He quickly walked Yu Ning’s side, and directly showed the photo on his phone to him.


“This person is Lin Siyun’s best friend, Li Youzi, and this photo was taken by her two days ago.
Don’t you think the ring on her hand is very familiar?” Ji Mingxia said.


Yu Ning glanced at it and nodded slowly.


Ji Mingxia said, “This ring is exactly the same as the one on Lin Siyun’s hand.
Two days ago, the ghost disappeared and its ring is now in your hands, while Li Youzi has another.
I boldly guessed that these rings were probably a pair.
One for Lin Siyun and the other for Li Youzi.


“More than a month ago, Chen Zhen and I booked a resort hotel, and Li Youzi also happens to be in that hotel now.
Although there is no bad news at present, mysterious items are very dangerous to ordinary people.”


“If the ring in Li Youzi’s hand and the ring we collected are really a pair, then there must be a subtle connection between the two mysterious items.
It is unknown as to what kind of changes will eventually occur.”


After Ji Mingxia finished speaking, he looked at Yu Ning and said, “Do you want to go to the hotel with me to see?”

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