Yu Ning had discovered the flaw in the ghost a long time ago.
The relationship between him and the ghost would have already come to an end if it weren’t for Ji Mingxia.

This time, he specifically invited Jun to enter the urn.
The ghost was naturally not Yu Ning’s opponent.

*to give someone a taste of their own medicine.

The ghost was already losing by the time Ji Mingxia discovered that Yu Ning was abnormal.

In order to survive , the ghost figure tried to attract Ji Mingxia’s attention to use him to get out of danger.

Ji Mingxia was shocked when he heard this.
“Help it get out of danger? What do you mean? I wouldn’t help it.”

Yu Ning reminded him: “Once interrupted, the ghost can escape.”

Ji Ming came to understand: “Oh! That ghost…
was actually quite intelligent?!”

The ghost had three characteristics: 

 It was only capable of attacking one person at a time; It is easily interrupted by external forces; It got stronger each day.

When interrupted by the outside world, the ghost would quickly disappear.

When humans are weaker than ghosts, this move can save them in time.
For example, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning chose to deal with the ghost in the classroom for this reason.

But what of when the ghost was weaker than humans?

If the human is interrupted in time, and the ghost disappears, how could that not have saved its life?

When the ghost found out that it was not Yu Ning’s opponent, it immediately decided to use Ji Mingxia.

As long as the ghost frightened Ji into doing something that could disturb Yu Ning, it could quickly escape with the interference.

With today’s lesson, they will be more cautious if they meet another ghost.

Considering the increasingly strong nature of the ghost, it would be difficult to know the outcome if it had managed to make a comeback.

Ji Mingxia was terrified: “No wonder the scene in the glass reflection was so frightening, but the real world was very normal.
If a normal person encountered that situation, he would either attack you or run away.
No matter the choice, it was likely to interrupt you, which was the ghost’s intention in the end.”

As Ji Mingxia said, he could not help scolding: “Damn! That ghost was too insidious!! It purposely sat on your seat and crawled towards me in the mirror! Did it read the Art of War before it died? Was that a countermeasure?”

Looking at Ji Mingxia’s indignant appearance, Yu Ning said in a slow voice: “But you were not deceived.”

“I… I realized  something was wrong and I took a gamble.” Ji Mingxia said.

Yu Ning reminded him, “and also reminded me to get this ring.”

“I… I didn’t think you could get it.
” Speaking of this, Ji Mingxia felt very guilty.

At that time, Ji Mingxia only cared about his life and death and gave Yu Ning a wave of critical information in advance.

He only wanted to save his life, but he didn’t think that Yu Ning could deal with the ghost.
He not only eliminated the ghost but even got the mysterious item.

I’m afraid the plot will be completely out of line, which might not be a good thing for me.

To prevent Yu Ning from asking more questions, Ji Mingxia quickly picked up the ring and looked at it.

Although he had read the original novel, this world was very new to Ji Mingxia.

This was Ji Mingxia’s first seeing a mysterious item.

The light shone on the ring, showing a strange blood color.
Ji Mingxia looked at it and suddenly noticed a detail.

“Yu Ning, Yu Ning, look, there are inscriptions on the inside.” Ji Mingxia exclaimed in surprise.

The inside of the scarlet ring had faint uneven lines.
Ji Mingxia turned on the flashlight of his mobile phone and looked for a good angle before taking a picture.

“Lin… Si… Yun?” Ji Mingxia slowly read out the three words engraved on the inside: “Lin Siyun? It sounds like a girl’s name.
Is she the ghost?”

Ji Mingxia tried to recall the appearance of the ghost, and various guesses flashed through his mind.
Suddenly, Ji Mingxia noticed that Yu Ning’s eyes were looking at him strangely.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning in puzzlement.

Yu Ning slowly said: “Half a month ago, Lin Siyun died in a car accident at the school gate.”

Ji Mingxia: “?”

Yu Ning: “You told everyone about this in the dormitory.”

Ji Mingxia: “…!”

This is embarrassing.

Who would have thought that ghost was my classmate?

This character appeared before the beginning of the story, it was not mentioned in the novel at all.
In addition, there was no Lin Siyun in Ji Mingxia’s original world.

(╯`□ ‘) (╯━┻)

Although Yu Ning was considerate enough to move his eyes away from Ji Mingxia after he finished, so as not to give him a sense of oppression, *three rooms and one hall were already cut out under Ji Mingxia’s feet.

*Extreme embarrassment.

At this point, Ji Mingxia could only brave an awkward smile and say: “is that so… I’m under too much pressure to study of late, and I’m a little forgetful…”

He redeemed himself with difficulty, and just at that moment, the bell rang.
Ji Mingxia immediately jumped up and rushed out of the dormitory.

As a result, he ran too fast and accidentally hit the door.

There was a loud thud, and Ji Mingxia almost fell.

“Be careful!” Yu Ning was startled and hurriedly caught Ji Mingxia.

After seeing several gold stars in front of his eyes, Ji Mingxia finally saw Yu Ning’s face come into focus and immediately came to his senses.
He quickly waved his hand and said: “I’m alright… Haha, I’m hungry, so I’ll go to eat.
See you at the canteen…”

With that, Ji Mingxia dared not look at Yu Ning again and ran away.

Yu Ning was left standing and watching him leave.
It was not until Ji Mingxia’s back disappeared that Yu Ning looked at the blood-red ring he left behind.

When Ji Mingxia took the ring, the ring was not abnormal except for its strange color.

But when Yu Ning’s hand touched the ring, the blood-red colour within the ring surged up and crawled onto Yu Ning’s finger as if it were a living thing.

His fingers were long and slender, with well-defined knuckles, and as the ring wriggled, it changed size and nestled right onto Yu Ning’s finger.

The temperature in the room plummeted, and the scarlet ring fell on his finger, making his skin look even paler.
The light of the ring reflected in Yu Ning’s black and grey eyes, making him look even more bewitching.

Yu Ning did not tell Ji Mingxia that when the ghost entered his body intending to seize control, he returned the favour by directly devouring it.

That was also why Ji Mingxia could see the ghost shadow sitting in his place in the glass reflection.

By then, he had already devoured most of it, and it had long been impossible to distinguish between human and ghost; the ghost was simply using what was left of its sanity to ask Ji Mingxia for help.

This was also why the ring had changed with the ghost’s demise.

It was as if it was “surrendering its allegiance” to him.

“A mysterious item with special power ……”

Ji Mingxia’s words echoed in his mind as he examined the ring.
He pondered for a moment and then took it off.

With a “ding”, the priceless mysterious item was casually placed in a corner of his bookshelf.

He had taken the ring because he wanted to give it to Ji Mingxia.

Since Ji Mingxia didn’t want it, it was now useless.

On the other side of the campus, Ji Mingxia was walking toward the cafeteria, unable to stop beating his chest on the way.

This world was simply in the ultimate difficulty mode.

The world he was in was calm and quiet, with little drama, so the other Ji Mingxia must be better off than was.

Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia felt envious and could not help but sigh longingly.

It wasn’t until he was eating that Ji Mingxia’s attention was finally diverted.
He had nothing to do and had taken out his phone to search for news related to Lin Siyun, only to find some shocking information.

Not only was Lin Siyun in the same class as him, but she was also a legendary figure in their school.

In addition to doing well in her studies, she was also good-looking and was recognized as the school’s flower.

But what was most talked about during Lin Si Yun’s lifetime was not her excellence, but her near miraculous changes over the past few years.

Furnan County was a small county with a large student population and few schools, so they all grew up seeing each other.

Before high school, Lin Siyun was very unattractive and had poor grades.

She was lucky enough to get into the No.1 high school in the last place.

When she got into the school, the competition within the school was fierce and students with low grades were easily left behind, creating all kinds of psychological pressure.

But what they didn’t expect was that Lin Siyun would get stronger and stronger, and in her three years of high school, she triumphantly climbed her way from last place to the top of the grade rankings.

If this was all, it would not have attracted the attention of the whole school.

Most importantly, before she started high school, Lin Siyun had a darkened skin tone and was fat.
In addition, not only did she have thinning hair, but she even had a ground-breaking facial skeletal appearance.

This kind of appearance was even a little worse than that of a passer-by and was incomparable to a beautiful woman.

However, during the three years of high school, as Lin Si Yun’s grades got better and better, her looks also changed drastically, and she was eventually crowned the school flower.

To Ji Mingxia, Lin Siyun was a stranger.
When he first saw the various gossip, he didn’t feel anything, until he clicked on Lin Siyun’s photo comparison chart.
Ji Mingxia was shocked to find that this Lin Siyun had indeed changed a lot.

In junior high school, although she was dark, fat, and average-looking, she had a sweet smile and was sunny, healthy, and energetic at first glance.

After high school, she not only grew taller and thinner but also had thicker hair and snow-white skin.
However, the smile on her face had also changed, and she looked slightly more tired than before.

Her smile had changed, and she looked a little more tired than before, but she was still very striking because of her good looks.

If not for the two photos together, Ji Mingxia would have suspected that they were two people.

Although one’s appearance changes when one reaches adolescence, it couldn’t be like this.

Not only did her appearance change, but her behaviour and her facial muscle expressions changed as well.

Lin Siyun’s high school workload was so intense that she was exposed to everyone’s gaze throughout her life.
She attended classes every day and actively participated in summer and winter interest classes.

Not to mention that she didn’t have time for plastic surgery, they had also watched her change little by little.
The only way to justify it was to say that she had “grown up”.

She was a good-looking girl with good academic performance, so she easily attracted attention on campus, not to mention her special upbringing.
So many people treated her as an inspirational goddess and they looked forward to her performance in the college entrance exams.

Unexpectedly, half a month before the exams, Lin Siyun was on her way home from her evening studies when she was hit by an oncoming truck that had gone out of control just a short distance from the school entrance.

In an ordinary car accident, no matter how bloody, she would have died from serious injuries to her joints.

However, Lin Siyun was crushed by the waist and her body was split into two sections on the spot.
The upper half of her body dangled in front of the vehicle and travelled for dozens of metres before it fell off.

It was said that Lin Siyun’s body fell and she crawled for a few moments, leaving behind broken internal organs and scarlet blood marks all over the ground before she finally died clutching her school bag.

The scene was so tragic that many of the students who witnessed the crash at the time were shocked, and others fainted.

There were no pictures of the crash scene, and Ji Mingxia was in a cold sweat just reading the text description.

There are news stories about car accidents from time to time, but he had never heard of anything so frightening.

Either the news was fabricated or there was a special reason for it.

Considering that this was a world full of mysterious items, and that Lin Siyun had even transformed into a ghost after her death, Ji Mingxia was inclined to believe that the description was the real process.

On second thought, the ghost would appear either hanging, crawling or simply lying on a person’s back, which would fit Lin Siyun’s situation…

Intuition told Ji Mingxia that, whether it was Lin Siyun’s sudden improvement in grades, the appearance that changed like plastic surgery, or this terrifying death, there was a secret which was inseparable from the blood-red ring.

A living human being just turned into a terrifying ghost.

The shock was no less than when Ji Mingxia saw the ghost directly.

Once again, Ji Mingxia felt the danger and cruelty of this world.

Fortunately, the ghost was gone and the ring had been taken off.
Although there were many questions in this matter, the outcome was already set in stone.


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