The woman's skin was bluish white, her body was dripping with black blood, and her scarlet eyes were staring straight at Ji Mingxia.

Ji Mingxia felt his heart stop and he almost fainted.

Survival instinct made him want to get up and run out of the door.

He quickly turned his head and dared not look at the woman again.

The world in the glass reflection was horrifying, but the classroom in the real world was extremely quiet.

Ji Mingxia hesitated for a moment, but finally, he could not help changing direction.
He avoided looking at the side reflected by the glass and turned his head in the opposite direction to look at Yu Ning in the rear for help.

“Yu Ning, Yu Ning!” Ji Mingxia whispered to Yu Ning.

Yu Ning sat quietly at the table, still holding the previous posture and sitting motionless as he read with his head lowered.

As soon as he thought that there was a ghost in Yu Ning's seat, Ji Mingxia felt unwell, but Yu Ning wasn’t giving him any response.

There was dead silence in the huge classroom.

 Ji Mingxia was then startled.
The sound of his heartbeat and pants increased significantly, but it felt like only he was making noises, as if he was the only living person in the whole space.

Ji Mingxia was almost ready to cry without tears.
He wished he could just run out of the classroom.

But whenever he wanted to stand up, a voice in his heart kept reminding him: don't move.

Ji Mingxia grew up with no other skills, that is until he reaches a critical moment.
The more frightened he was in a critical situation, the more he could make the most correct response.

He didn’t know when this mysterious sixth sense would suddenly appear, but he had never made any mistakes.

By relying on it, Ji Mingxia survived the car accident in the third year of junior high school; he could also open the door immediately and escape that day in the dormitory.
And as expected, he ran into Yu Ning, who was standing outside the dormitory.

At this moment, his subconscious was telling him not to leave, so there must be a reason as to why he shouldn’t leave.

The classroom was as cold as a cold storage room, and the chill at the back of his neck seemed to be getting stronger.
Without even looking at the glass reflection, Ji Mingxia could imagine the situation at the back of his head, how the hanging hair swayed with each gust of wind.

Ji Mingxia held down his trembling hand and forced himself to calm down.

First of all, he could at least confirm that the person who entered the school building with him was Yu Ning himself.

After entering the school building, the temperature around them began to drop.

At that time, Ji Mingxia thought the indoor temperature had not warmed up in time because of the rainstorm, hence the cold of the school building.

In retrospect, he was afraid that the ghost had already appeared.

Ji Mingxia had been particularly timid after seeing the ghosts on the boulevard, so from entering the school building to entering the classroom, Ji Mingxia held on to Yu Ning's clothes and walked next to him.
He did not let go for a moment.

Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning didn't separate until they started cleaning the classroom.
And it was now that Ji Mingxia noticed Yu Ning's abnormality.

'So, I am 100% certain that I walked into the classroom with Yu Ning himself.’ Ji Mingxia concluded.

After confirming that Yu Ning was with him in the classroom, Ji Mingxia felt a sense of security.

Although he did not know what the situation was at this moment, he believed that there would be a way as long as he and Yu Ning were in the same space!

Ji Mingxia could not help but think of Yu Ning in the dormitory yesterday, summarizing the rules of the ghost's movements.

To force himself to calm down, Ji Mingxia immediately took out his homework paper and made a random list of forms, following Yu Ning's example.

He did not have a powerful memory or analytic abilities like Yu Ning, so he could only record the things that were determined in his mind at this moment.

At this moment, Yu Ning and I are in the classroom.

After recording, Ji Mingxia thought about it and soon recorded two other pieces of known information.

They were the key pieces of information that Yu Ning summarized through Ji Mingxia's experience yesterday:

So far, the ghost can only attack one person at a time.

When the ghost attacks, it is easily disturbed by external influence.
Whether it was me or Zhao Zhuoyue, it meant that ordinary people could drive the ghost away directly or indirectly.

Yu Ning's method was indeed useful.
After writing three pieces of known information, Ji Mingxia was now awake.
He stared at the homework paper, and his brain turned rapidly.

'So when Yu Ning and I were in the classroom, the ghost could only attack him or me.

If the ghost is attacking Yu Ning at this time, it should not be able to attack me; if the ghost is preparing to attack me, Yu Ning must be safe…

But the ghost had been present from the moment we entered the teaching building…’

Although Ji Mingxia felt the cold around him, he was not attacked from beginning to end.

That is to say, it was Yu Ning fighting the ghost all along, but Ji Mingxia didn’t know.

No wonder Yu Ning's behavior had gotten stranger as time went on.
He had been in danger all this while without Ji Mingxia knowing. 

If Zhao Zhuoyue was the one being attacked at this moment, Ji Mingxia would be certain of his death.
And after killing Zhao Zhuoyue, he would be the ghost's next target.

However, it was Yu Ning who was being attacked.

Would Yu Ning die? Impossible.

Even if he died, Yu Ning couldn't die.
He’s the main character in the book!

After confirming this point, Ji Mingxia's whole body relaxed, and even the ghost staring at him in the reflection did not seem so horrible and eye-catching anymore.

However, at that moment, the ghost that had been sitting at the table and staring at him suddenly moved.

Ji Mingxia shuddered all over.

Although he didn't look at the reflection on his side, he had been paying attention to it with his eyes.

It was not because of curiosity, but of people's instinctive attention to the crisis.

When the ghost moved, Ji Mingxia's relaxed mood suddenly became tense.

To Ji Mingxia's horror, the ghost not only moved but even slowly climbed up Yu Ning's table and climbed along it towards Ji Mingxia!

Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning sat in the same row.
Yu Ning was at the last table, while Ji Mingxia was at the third to last table.

That is to say, there was only a table between Ji Mingxia and the ghost!

Ji Mingxia's eyes swept to the glass reflection.
His scalp went numb and he almost jumped out of his seat!

What is the situation? Why was it climbing in his direction?

Was Yu Ning already…?!!

The ghost's limbs were thin and bluish white.
As it slowly climbed, its bones moved backwards and the blood dripped along its limbs, leaving sticky traces on the classroom table and the ground in the reflection.

The ghost was already scary when sitting on Yu Ning's seat and staring at Ji Mingxia, not to mention when it was crawling towards him and moving closer.
The psychological pressure increased exponentially. 

Ji Mingxia was not a daring person at all.
He had just regained his senses when the ghost’s actions at this moment undoubtedly made Ji Mingxia uneasy again.

The heartbeat that had just been stabilized jumped out of control again.

He was not the protagonist.
Ji Mingxia was very sure that he was not the ghost’s opponent if it climbed on him!

Ji Mingxia was sweating all over.
He couldn't help looking at Yu Ning for help again.

But Yu Ning still sat quietly, and his posture had not changed from before.

In that case, there were only two possibilities.

In the first case scenario, Yu Ning had been killed by the ghost.
Ji Mingxia was the only living person left in the classroom.
Now the ghost wants to attack Ji Mingxia.

The second is…
Yu Ning's strength was too strong, and the host decided to give up and turn to attack Ji Mingxia, a soft persimmon.

If it was the second possibility, then Yu Ning must be right beside him even though the ghost was pressing from behind him!

On the left was the quiet and eerie real world, and on the right was the horrible and bloody ghost class.

Should he stand up and run away, or stay in the classroom and gamble?

This dilemma was simply not giving ordinary people a chance to live!

Ji Mingxia was almost crying without tears.
Seeing the ghost getting closer and closer to him, Ji Mingxia finally closed his eyes and sat on the seat like a quail, motionless.

He didn’t know how Yu Ning was now, but if Yu Ning was fighting with the ghost, he couldn't be of much help.
The least he could do was not make trouble for him.

With this thought, Ji Mingxia thought of the contents of the original book.

If it were normal, Ji Mingxia would definitely avoid it.
But it was a life and death situation now, and Ji Mingxia could care less.

Ji Mingxia closed his eyes tightly and said in a trembling voice: “Yu Ning, the law of attraction means that when people's thoughts are concentrated on a certain subject, people, things, and things related to this subject will be attracted.”

“In this world, there are countless mysterious items with unknown energy that we don't know about.
People's thoughts can be used as a medium to affect mysterious items, which then amplify and release people's thoughts and wishes to finally form horrible, mysterious events.

The ghost kept creeping toward Mingxia during his speech.

Although he could not see the ghost with his eyes closed, Ji Mingxia still faintly smelled the rotten odour in his nose as the ghost slowly came closer and closer.

Ji Mingxia clenched his teeth and quickly finished the rest: “This ghost must be someone’s resentment of someone before they died.
It was formed by accident when the resentment and the mysterious item combined.
So, its power source is its most fatal flaw.”

“Mysterious items need a special power to open the seal.
Neither of us has that power so the item will get destroyed, however, the ghost will surely disappear!”

This passage was the core of the entire copy of the original book.

Mysterious items amplify the hatred and resentment of human beings.
After the combination of human thoughts and mysterious items, they become tangible ghosts that produce various supernatural events.

Pei Yuan’s main job was to recover mysterious items.

To the reader, this passage was only a setting of the original work, and it was irrelevant.

But for the protagonists, it was a crucial secret.

Therefore, in the original book, Pei Yuan only told Yu Ning about this secret.
Ordinary people couldn’t see ghosts, let alone know of mysterious items.

Ji Mingxia was also hesitant to tell Yu Ning this core clue in advance.

However, because Yu Ning was the protagonist, he was certain to survive a major disaster.

Second, Yu Ning told Ji Mingxia that he had already found the flaw of the ghost.

Third, even if Yu Ning knew the existence of mysterious items, he didn’t have Pei Yuan’s ability to open seals.
Therefore, he could not recover mysterious items at all.

Adhering to the principle that less is better than more, Ji Mingxia naturally concealed this key information.

But now he was about to die, and there was no point in hiding it.

He was not sure whether his words would be useful to Yu Ning.
Anyway, he said everything he should have said.
The final result depended on God's will.

Just when Ji Mingxia's last word fell, the ghost had reached behind him and it stretched out to Ji Mingxia’s hand.

Ji Mingxia's left wrist suddenly hurt in the next moment then—

A shrill cry, which was unlike a human being’s, came from behind him, and it made Ji Mingxia's eardrums ache.

About two seconds later, the shrill cry suddenly stopped.

There was a “Ding” as if a piece of jade jewellery had fallen on the floor, making a crisp sound.

Subsequently, the whole classroom was restored to calm.

A warm current came from all around, and the temperature of the whole classroom suddenly rose.

“Mingxia.” At this time, Yu Ning's voice came from Ji Mingxia's side.

Ji Mingxia had shrunk his neck, tightly closed his eyes and covered his painful left wrist, not daring to move.

He heard Yu Ning's voice and was stunned.
He wasn't sure that he had heard correctly, so he suddenly opened his eyes and quickly turned his head.

It was already bright, and the early morning sun shone through the window of the classroom.

Yu Ning was standing beside Ji Mingxia, looking down at him.

The sun fell on his face, giving it a soft halo.
Whether it was the eyes with different pupils under the long eyelashes or the arc at the corner of the mouth, it was all extraordinarily gentle.

Seeing Ji Mingxia staring at him blankly, Yu Ning called out again: “Mingxia.”

Ji Mingxia suddenly recovered.
He looked at Yu Ning and around him.

With the dawn, insects, birds, and human voices appeared one by one.
Everywhere was filled with the warmth of summer and the vitality of the morning.

All around was calm, and there was no ghost in the glass reflection.

What just happened was like a terrible nightmare.
The cold and darkness had faded away, and they were back in the world.

After confirming that the ghost had disappeared and that Yu Ning had returned to normal, Ji Mingxia even forgot the pain in his hand.
He jumped up almost instantly and hugged Yu Ning: “Yu Ning, you are finally back to normal.
You are not sitting there as if you’re dead!” Although the ghost appeared for a short time, it left a huge psychological shadow on Ji Mingxia.

Especially when Yu Ning sat motionless on the seat, making it as if Ji Mingxia was the only one left in the classroom.
The feeling of facing ghosts alone was really frightening!

Ji Mingxia howled and his eyes filled with tears: “You don't know how frightening that ghost was just now…
I've never seen anything more terrifying in my whole life!”!”

Yu Ning was caught off guard by Ji Mingxia, and the whole person froze.
Almost instantly, his ears turned red.

His heart beat particularly fast every time Ji Mingxia hugged him, and he didn’t know whether Ji Mingxia could hear it.
Yu Ning listened to the heartbeat in his ears, it sounded like a beating drum and it couldn't be hidden.

Yu Ning held out his hand somewhat unnaturally.
He wanted to push Ji Mingxia away, but paused after hearing Ji Mingxia’s wail.
Ji Mingxia’s forehead was also covered in a cold sweat, so Yu Ning’s raised hand remained in mid-air for half a moment before it finally landed on Ji Mingxia’s back gently 

“I’m sorry, it’s all right.” Yu Ning whispered.

“Fortunately, you were reliable.
In the end, you drove the ghost away and saved my life…” Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but ask, “By the way, you weren’t hurt, right?” “

Just then, the door of the classroom suddenly opened with a “bang”.

Dawn came at five o’clock, and morning study for senior students started at six.

At that moment, it was close to the time for the students to come to class.
The group of students who got up first, after eating from the canteen, rushed into the classroom on time, as usual, to prepare for the class.

However, when they saw the two intimate people in the classroom, everyone was shocked.

Isn’t that …
Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia?!

People: “What’s this situation!”

 (;  ̄O ̄)?!! 

Ji Mingxia, who was caught on the spot: 


“?!! W (* Д *) w! “

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