That afternoon, Ji Mingxia approached the students who were supposed to be on duty tomorrow and asked to switch their duty time with his.

The duty students were arranged according to their seat numbers, and Ji Mingxia’s seat number was among the last in the class.
According to the normal rotation, Ji Mingxia’s turn would come next month.

They were only a few days away from their exams, and they would graduate straight afterwards, so he would not have to return to school for day duty.

In other words, if they switched their shifts with Ji Mingxia, it was equivalent to letting Ji Mingxia take their place in cleaning up the classroom for free.

With the college entrance exams just around the corner, being relieved of duty was a great chance to get extra reading time or even some extra sleep in the morning.
Therefore, the students were not dissatisfied at all.
On the contrary, they were very grateful to Ji Mingxia.

Ji Mingxia smiled and said there was no need to be polite, but he was silently weeping in his heart.

He wasn’t getting enough sleep and he would also like to sleep more if he could.
However, he now had the same fate as the protagonist.
Only when the ghost was completely solved could he and Yu Ning take their exams without worry.

According to Yu Ning’s prediction, the ghost will appear before dawn the next day.

On campus, the classrooms were the most deserted places at around four or five o’clock.

This was also the darkest and coldest time of the day.
The ghost’s power was growing, and it was a golden opportunity for it.
With the right time and place, the ghost would not fail to appear.

The ghost was now haunting Ji Mingxia, and if he was not careful, he may be in danger.

The dormitory was crowded and prone to accidents.
Although, with a bit of luck, the ghost could be driven away by the strength of his roommates, that was not a long-term solution.

Moreover, Ji Mingxia had driven the ghost away twice and was entangled with it.
It was unknown whether the ghost would change its target again.
If Zhao Zhuoyue and the others are chosen, the consequences are simply unimaginable.

Although Ji Mingxia was afraid of death, he was not willing to involve others.
Compared with Zhao Zhuoyue and others, he and Yu Ning are at least well-known characters in the original book.
In terms of probability, the probability of survival is relatively large.

Therefore, after discussing the matter with Yu Ning, they decided that it would be best to avoid other students in order for their job to be done easily, which was why they decided to act before morning study.


It had been raining heavily for two days in a row, but it finally stopped today.

After the rain, the air was full of the smell of soil and plants.
The campus was heavily dewy at five in the morning.
It was not yet dawn, and only the warm yellow light of the street lamps illuminated the surroundings.

It was quiet all around; not even the chirping of birds and insects could be heard.

Ji Mingxia followed Yu Ning along the path lined with trees towards the school building.

Ji Mingxia was so sleepy that he couldn’t help but yawn frantically as he walked.
Through the haze of tears, he suddenly noticed a few clear black shadows ahead of him.

He had seen these black shadows the first day he attended class and thought they were his classmates.
He was almost scared to death when he discovered that Zhao Zhuoye and his roommates could not see them.

Since then, Ji Mingxia’s eyes never strayed when he was walking to and from the dormitory.

Ji Mingxia’s mind was full of dealing with ghosts before, and his eyes had unconsciously wandered to the dark shadows around him.

He wanted to look away quickly, but then he realized that something was wrong.

These shadows looked much clearer than the previous ones.
But most importantly, the more he looked at them, the more he thought they looked familiar, as if he had seen them somewhere before.

‘Where have I seen such familiar figures?’

The more puzzled he was, the more he could not help but stare and the more he stared at the black shadows, the clearer they became.  Not only could he see their moving feet now but there was even the sound of footsteps.

“Ta-da-ta, ta-da-ta ……”

Aside from Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning’s footsteps on the silent boulevard, the sound of chaotic footsteps gradually rang out, as if countless people were walking with them.

At that moment, Yu Ning, who was walking with Ji Mingxia, suddenly said, “Don’t look.”

“Huh?” He suddenly came back to his senses when he heard Yu Ning’s voice, and he looked at Yu Ning nervously, “What’s wrong?”

“You influence them the more you stare.” Yu Ning said.

Ji Mingxia looked at Yu Ning blankly.
At first, he didn’t understand what it meant until a realization came to his mind, and he suddenly realized why he thought the black shadows were familiar!

He had seen the black shadows at dawn previously and although it was dark because of the rain, the sun had started to come out.
So, even though he could see the black shadows, they were all vague and incomplete.

Perhaps because it was not yet dawn, the dark shadows were exceptionally clear.

The figures of the black shadows looked familiar because they looked like Ji Mingxia himself!

Ji Mingxia’s body chilled on realizing this, and he almost shrieked.

'It was scary enough to see the ghosts, but who would have thought that they could change to look like me in minutes?!

Sure enough, it’s not suitable to go out at this time of the day.
If it wasn’t a matter of life and death, I wouldn't have run around at such an hour!’

Ji Mingxia was wailing in his heart when his surroundings changed.

The chaotic sound of footsteps suddenly disappeared and the surroundings became quiet, leaving only Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia’s footsteps echoing.

The black shadows that had been moving around stopped at the same time, standing rigidly in place and watching them silently.

Although he couldn’t see their faces from a distance, he had an inexplicable feeling that he was being watched by countless people.

Swish, swish…

The night breeze blew against the shady treetops, making a rustling sound as leaves rubbed against each other.

The black shadows just stood there, blending in the gaps between the layers of trees as they silently peeped at Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia.

Goosebumps rose all over Ji Mingxia’s body at the sight.

He was originally walking alongside Yu Ning with a distance of about half a meter between them.
With so many dark shadows staring at him, Ji Mingxia’s heart was on edge, and he unconsciously moved closer to Yu Ning.

By the time he came to his senses, he was already standing beside Yu Ning with his hands clutching the hem of Yu Ning’s wide school uniform, following closely behind him every step of the way.

Yu Ning seemed to be used to this kind of scene.
Whether the black shadows were walking or stopping, it did not affect his pace.

Feeling Ji Mingxia’s nervousness, Yu Ning didn’t say anything, but he adjusted the hem of his shirt without a trace, making it easier for Ji Mingxia to tug on.

The boulevard was a shortcut between the dormitory and the school building.
The distance that seemed to be short previously now seems extraordinarily long.

Fortunately, although the journey was a strange one, it turned out to be a safe one.

With Yu Ning leading the way, Ji Mingxia followed from behind.
In less than two minutes, he was out of the black shadow’s line of sight and at the bottom of the school building.

The feeling of being watched faded away, and Ji Mingxia breathed a huge sigh of relief.

It was only when he let go of the hem of Yu Ning’s shirt that he realized that his palms were a little wet and that he had broken out in a cold sweat.

“It’s a good thing you warned me, otherwise I can’t imagine what would have happened.” Ji Mingxia mumbled as he wiped his hands.

Yu Ning said, “Those shadows have been floating around the school for years and very few people can see them.
As long as no one pays attention to them, nothing will happen.

“The law of attraction; it’s so important yet I completely forgot about it.” Ji Mingxia said with chagrin.

The original book was a horror copy novel.
Except for the subplots, the mysterious events were explained to a certain degree throughout the book.

The law of attraction, also known as the law of manifestation, meant that when the mind focuses on a certain area, people, things, and objects related to that area would be attracted by it.

In Ji Mingxia’s world, the Law of Attraction was somewhat similar to Murphy’s Law, which demonstrated a psychological effect.
Many people finally achieve their goals through self-hypnosis as they work towards them.

When this psychological effect is applied positively, it can often have a very positive effect.

However, when applied to the world of fiction, the power of manifestation is very frightening.

Once you start to encounter paranormal events, you can’t help but start to think outside the box, and the consequences are that more paranormal events are attracted.

That was simply endless!

When Ji Mingxia was reading the book, he saw the protagonists going through one subplot after another.
He didn’t feel a sense of terror or suffocation but only found the plot exciting and enjoyable.

‘I’s my turn to have an immersive experience and I want to cry.

Who designed this unethical worldview that prevents ordinary people from living a good life?’

Ji Mingxia, who was in the midst of a mental rant, did not notice Yu Ning’s thoughtful expression after hearing his words.

Ji Mingxia had been well-prepared to fight with the ghosts in the classroom.

As a result, he didn’t expect that he’d get off to a bad start.  He had been frightened by the dark shadows floating around the school before he even reached the classroom.

Fortunately, Yu Ning was the main force today.

He had to admit that Yu Ning’s calm and composed appearance gave him a sense of security.

It was dark inside the school building, and the temperature was particularly low for some reason.

As soon as Ji Mingxia entered the building, he was inexplicably a little scared.
Fortunately, he had already fully exposed his timidity and fear of ghosts in front of Yu Ning.
He simply needed to have a thicker skin and stick close to him.

Yu Ning walked from the ground floor of the school building to the classroom with Ji Mingxia following closely behind.

 Ji Mingxia was very nervous the whole way, fearing that a ghost would appear at this very moment.

They reached the classroom, and the lights were switched on with a “click,” and the bright light instantly illuminated the whole classroom.

They looked around the familiar classroom.
The desks and chairs were neatly arranged, and there were stacked worksheets and homework books on each table.

Ji Mingxia still had a psychological shadow about the fact that he couldn’t turn on the lights the last time he confronted the ghost in this classroom, and he was quite relieved on seeing that the classroom lights had been turned on smoothly.

He and Yu Ning came to the classroom in advance under the names of the students on duty.
So after the lights were turned on, Ji Mingxia and Yu Ning started to clean the classroom.

Ji Mingxia’s mind was full of ghosts, and he could not help looking around.
Unfortunately, they finished cleaning the classroom and sat down to read their books, but the classroom was still open and bright.
Aside from the low temperature, there was no movement at all.

The classroom was quiet, and although the lights were bright, they shone for a long time and somehow made people dizzy.

The wind from somewhere blew against the back of Ji Mingxia’s neck, causing his whole spine to stiffen.

Ji Mingxia would have thought that the ghost had appeared if the light wasn’t still bright enough and Yu Ning was still sitting behind him.

He looked at the time.
It was almost half past five, and it would be light soon.

Did Yu Ning make a wrong prediction and the ghost was not coming today?

Ji Mingxia couldn’t help but whisper, “Yu Ning, Yu Ning?”

“Yes.” Yu Ning’s response was not loud, and it vaguely came from the back seat.

With a vague feeling of unease in his heart, Ji Mingxia turned around and looked at Yu Ning.

Yu Ning was quietly sitting in his seat, reading a book.

In order to cover his eyes, his bangs were longer than normal.
His head was lowered at the moment, casting a faint shadow over his face and making it difficult to see his expression.

Seeing Yu Ning sitting so calmly, Ji Mingxia immediately felt more at ease and said, “It’s almost dawn.
Should we try again another day?”

“Okay.” Yu Ning responded.

Ji Mingxia felt that Yu Ning was acting strangely.
Although he was not very talkative at ordinary times, he was not like this.

Fearing that Yu Ning might be depressed because of his wrong prediction, Ji Mingxia thought for a moment and added, “Although I’m timid, I’m not afraid when I’m with you.”

At his words, Yu Ning’s body suddenly moved a little, but strangely enough, he did not respond to Ji Mingxia again.

In the gusts of the chilly wind, the temperature around him was getting lower and lower.
Not only did Ji Mingxia feel that something was wrong, but his body was so cold that goosebumps were formed.

He scanned the classroom again to make sure there was nothing unusual before he slowly turned around and prepared to continue working on his questions.

At this moment, the end of Ji Mingxia’s eyes accidentally swept to the window beside him, and he froze.
His blood flowed back the next moment, and he almost fell off the chair.

It was dark outside, but the light inside was bright.

The contrast of light caused the glass to become a natural mirror that reflected every detail of the room.

To Ji Mingxia’s eyes, the classroom was calm and quiet at the moment, with nothing out of the ordinary except for the cold.

The classroom reflected on the glass, however, was a very different kind of horror.

The white walls of the classroom were covered in blood-red handprints, and thick, dark hair covered the ceiling.  One of the strands had landed on the back of Ji Mingxia’s neck and was swaying slightly.

Every time the hair swayed, a small breeze blew a chill down the back of Ji Mingxia’s neck.

What terrified Ji Mingxia the most was that Yu Ning, who was sitting behind him, had disappeared at some point.

The person sitting there was now a woman with long black hair.

When Ji Mingxia looked at the glass, the woman was also staring at him through the glass.

When she noticed the look of fear on Ji Mingxia’s face, the woman slowly twisted her neck and turned her gaze toward Ji Mingxia in the real world.

Ji Mingxia:…


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