The bed was empty and there was nothing there.

The dormitory was quiet and peaceful, and because of the rain, the afternoon light was dim. 

There was no trace of anything else in the dormitory except for Yu Ning and Ji Mingxia.

The temperature in the dormitory had returned to normal and the chill had disappeared.

He was afraid that Yu Ning might mistake him for a liar, so he hurriedly pointed his chin at the bed and said, “She was hanging there just now!”

Yu Ning walked over to Ji Mingxia’s bedside.

Ji Mingxia got up in a hurry in the morning and went downstairs without making his bed.

At this moment, not only was the quilt unfolded, but there were all sorts of pajamas and underwear scattered at the end of the bed.

As they were all boys in the same dormitory, Ji Mingxia had become less particular after being in this world for a while.
He placed things casually as long as they did not disturb others.

It never occurred to him that Yu Ning would come to his bed one day and take a closer look.

It was not unusual for his bed to look like that, but it was the focus at the moment, and he felt it was a bit indecent to see his underwear so casually scattered.

Ji Mingxia rushed over and grabbed the underwear.
He shoved it into the cabinet and stressed, “They are clean! I just didn’t know what color to wear, so I took them out to choose.

Ji Mingxia was feeling a little embarrassed, and he could only *bite the bullet and add, “I ended up choosing black.
It matches our school pants, so you can also consider it next time.

*Make a brave decision.

'Argh, the more I talk, the more embarrassing it gets!

How come everyone laughed when he and Zhao Zhouye told these kinds of jokes? How come it sounded strange when it came to Yu Ning?

It must be because of the original book’s settings!'

The more he spoke, the lower his voice became, and he quickly put his clothes away in a flash.

Hearing Ji Mingxia’s last comment, Yu Ning controlled himself not to look where he shouldn’t.
His expression was a little unnatural, but he was much better at concealing it than Ji Mingxia, and his face looked very calm at the moment.
Ji Mingxia accidentally moved the sheets and Yu Ning quickly stopped him, “Wait.”

“Ah, what’s wrong?” Ji Mingxia stopped in his tracks.

Yu Ning pulled the sheet over, exposing one side to Ji Mingxia.

On the light, gray bed sheet were a few drops of dark red, sticky blood.

The blood stain looked recent and had not yet dried out.
He went close enough to smell it and found that it faintly smelled like rotting corpses.

Ji Mingxia sniffed it and almost retched from the odor.
His already pale face turned even whiter: “What is this ……Was it left behind by the ghost?”

Yu Ning nodded, and Ji Mingxia really felt like throwing up.

Although he did not have an obsession with cleanliness, anyone who saw this stuff on their bed would not be happy.

Ji Mingxia cried miserably: “But I saw it several times before, and it never left any traces.
Why would it leave this in my bed this time? “

There were a few days left before the college entrance exams, and he needed to stay at school until the last minute.  But with this stuff on his bed, he will have a psychological shadow when he sleeps here!

Yu Ning asked, “How many times have you seen it?”

“Including this time, three times.” Ji Mingxia wanted to cry without tears.

Yu Ning said, “Did you do anything to it the first two times?”

“I didn’t do anything.” Ji Mingxia said this, and he suddenly realized something.
The ghost suddenly changed its target and locked on him.
Could it really be because of the first two times?

The first time he saw the ghostly figure, he interrupted the ghost bed press, and the second time was even worse.
He used his phone’s flashlight and directly shone it left and right at the ghost.
He was engaged in battle and ghost *PK.

*Player Kill- a term used in gaming when a player kills a character. 

Before the ghost left, it moved from Yu Ning’s back and attached itself to his… At that time, it was fortunate that he fell and lured Zhao Zhouye and others to the classroom; otherwise, the outcome was unimaginable.

He thought of himself as a passerby, not involved in the main plot, and was only completing the task of secretly protecting the protagonist.
The ghostly figure was targeting the protagonist and would certainly not give him a second look.

But if you change perspectives and think about it from the ghostly figure’s point of view: this supporting character came out of nowhere and repeatedly ruined its good deeds…

Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia sucked in a  breath of cold air and looked at Yu Ning helplessly.

Yu Ning asked, “Is it inconvenient to tell me?”

Ji Mingxia was about to *cry without tears.
He saw that Yu Ning was about to turn around and hurriedly took Yu Ning’s hand and shouted against his will, “It’s convenient, it’s very convenient!”

*An expression of extreme helplessness.

With his back to Ji Mingxia, the corners of Yu Ning’s mouth twitched, but he was back to his usual expression when he turned back.

There was no one else in the dormitory, so Ji Mingxia found two chairs and sat face-to-face with Yu Ning.

Under Yu Ning’s gaze, Ji Mingxia struggled to briefly explain the situation of his first two encounters with the ghostly figure.

“I was so frightened the first time I saw it that I accidentally dropped the glasses and cups, and when I looked up again, it had disappeared.” Ji Mingxia said vaguely.

“The second time, well…… I forgot my homework, and I saw it when I returned to class.
I was startled by it again and I accidentally fell! It had disappeared by the time I lifted my head again.
“ Ji Mingxia said as he looked at Yu Ning guiltily. 

Yu Ning: “That’s it?”

Ji Mingxia: “Yes, that’s it.”

Yu Ning said, “What about today?”

“Today?” Ji Mingxia was stunned.
“ I was so frightened when I saw it over my bed that I ran out the door, and that’s when I ran into you.
I thought it had come prepared and would do something big today, but I didn’t expect it to just go away.

Yu Ning nodded: “Mmm.”

Ji Mingxia felt that this “mmm” contained other profound meanings.
He looked at Yu Ning and asked, “Have you come to any conclusion?”

Yu Ning said to Ji Mingxia, “This ghost has been around for some time.
It was originally haunting me, and I didn’t expect that you could see it too.
The ghost must have noticed this and decided to avoid me for the time being and lock onto you.

“Avoid you?” Ji Mingxia caught the keywords.

Yu Ning said, “It wanted to possess me, but I found its flaw, so we were at a stalemate.”

Ji Mingxia was stunned to hear this, “Flaw?”

Yu Ning nodded to Ji Mingxia.

It took a few seconds for Ji Mingxia to respond, “So what you’re saying is that if it wasn’t for me, you and the ghost would have gone 1 v 1 and you wouldn’t necessarily have lost, let alone died?”

“I inserted myself between you two, and when the ghost saw that you were so difficult to deal with, it decided to change to a soft persimmon it could squeeze? Fearing the strong and bullying the weak, it decided to concentrate on me alone?”

Yu Ning continued to nod his head.

 Ji Mingxia saw this and his whole body wanted to jump!

It turned out that the protagonist’s golden finger was much bigger than he had imagined!

Although Yu Ning was still in high school, although he was miserable, although he was rejected by everyone, although he hadn’t met the young attacker yet, although he was still a weak and helpless protagonist, he had already mastered the skills ahead of time and could fight such a terrifying ghost!

And he, Ji Mingxia, although rich and well liked, had no way to fight back when facing the ghost.

So what was he doing for the past two days?

Ji Mingxia thought of his hard work in the past two days, he had also tried to live quietly and cautiously.
As a result, he was haunted by a ghost today.
Ji Mingxia almost questioned his life, and he couldn’t help but shout at Yu Ning, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

Yu Ning looked at him, “Tell you what?”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you had a solution!” He said angrily, “I wouldn’t have had to do all these little tricks!”

Yu Ning looked at him with burning eyes, and Ji Mingxia suddenly sobered up.
It seemed that he had spilt what he should and shouldn’t have said.

He deliberately broke the cups and glasses in order to help Yu Ning the first time he saw the ghostly figure; he pretended to come back for his homework to help Yu Ning drive away the ghost the second time it appeared, only to end up falling ……

He even confessed to giving Yu Ning his campus card earlier.

It was clear that he wanted to hide these things from Yu Ning, but how did he end up revealing them all in just a few moments!

Thinking of this, Ji Mingxia forgot his grief and anger and began to worry.

His behavior, if not coincidental, is too suspicious for Yu Ning to ignore.

 Ji Mingxia had only been here for two days, but he had pretty much tipped Yu Ning off and all that was left was to tell him about him transmigrating into the book.

If Yu Ning really dug deeper, he wouldn’t be able to hide it!

Ji Mingxia couldn’t imagine Yu Ning discovering the truth.

The protagonist would know that he was the protagonist before the plot had even started! This, this, this was even worse.
He doubted whether the story would even progress!


 Ji Mingxia’s face was getting whiter and whiter, and Yu Ning thought Ji Mingxia was just worried about the ghost haunting him.

In fact, he still had a lot of questions in his mind, but if Ji Mingxia didn’t want to say anything, he wouldn’t force it.
Yu Ning said to him, “The ghost is not difficult to deal with, I will definitely solve it as soon as possible.”

 Ji Mingxia was in a panic over giving spoilers.
In just half an hour, he had encountered one fright after another, his mind and body had been severely traumatized, and his IQ had dropped.  He could no longer keep up.

He stared blankly at Yu Ning and said, “Solve it?”

Yu Ning nodded slightly and turned to take a worksheet from the bookshelf.
He drew a quick table in front of Ji Mingxia: “This is the time and duration of its appearance over this period.

“The time of appearance is regular, and the duration of appearance is steadily increasing; based on your experience, we can deduce that the ghost can only target one person at a time and is easily interrupted by outside interference.”

“Previously, this ghost had no physical form, but as time went on, its physical characteristics gradually became clearer, especially the blood stains that dripped onto your bed sheet earlier.
This proves that its strength is increasing…”

Yu Ning then added in a slightly thoughtful manner, “Today’s appearance was liquid…… If there is no accident, it may be flesh, blood, or hair with a certain aggressiveness the next time.
According to past habits, it will probably appear before dawn tomorrow.”

Ji Mingxia looked at his table and analysis and listened in awe.

He could understand Yu Ning’s table, and he knew every word he said, but when he pieced everything together, he couldn’t quite understand.

Ji Mingxia’s understanding was in accordance with the original story.
Pei Yuan, the protagonist gong, was responsible for clearing copies because he had a special status and had undergone systematic training, while Yu Ning was responsible for cooperating with the plot.

This was why Ji Mingxia tacitly acknowledged that Yu Ning needed his help.

But in light of the current circumstances, it is clear that Yu Ning had his own way of dealing with mysterious events.

He had a clear idea of how to record, summarize, and analyze… worthy of being the school’s number one academic tyrant.

Ji Mingxia was confused, so he asked the most simple question: “Then what should I do?”

“Just draw it out,” Yu Ning said, “and leave the rest to me.”


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