Cole almost left Cynthias side to stop Eliana, as Jayden slowly brought her closer, his hand clasping around hers, the other hand going to her waist.

She felt a little small next to him, and his ever glowing personality, no matter how daunting.

”Eliana, ” He whispered, a little desperately. ”Please stop. You don even know him. ”

”Why does it matter to you? ” Cynthia asked, looking up at him.

He looked at his father, whose eyes were thinned towards him, then at Cynthia and he immediately withdrew.

Julian paid no attention to what was happening, and slowly stepped into the spotlight.

”I still don see why…you are doing this. You said its a deal, but…there is nothing in it for you. ” Eliana said, as his fingers filled the spaces between hers.

”But you accepted my offer nonetheless. That just shows how good you are at recognizing the things that actually matter. ” He said to her, just as the music started.

Caroline slowly walked to them, and placed a hand on Jaydens arm. ”Can we talk? ”

”It is rude to cut off a dance. Do you not agree, Caroline? ”

She sighed and backed off. ”I will arrange a room for her, then. And we will talk after that. ”

He wasn so sure he wanted to talk to her. He knew excatly what he was going for, and she was already in his arms.

The more gruesome details would come after fifty days and forty nine nights, and he could not wait.

Caroline backed away, as the music dipped, and Eliana twirled.

Cole brought Cynthia close and started to dance too, as other couples too joined in.

”I don know much about you or… ”

”Curiosity is never an attribute I appreciate. Much so in a person I can not discard. ”

She took the clue and shut up. He had a way of elegantly telling you off, and repeatedly making her feel even more alarmed by him. Weirdly, she was letting the considerably smaller, yet darker side of her take control.

It was ultimately time to switch dancing partners, and Cole came right behind Eliana, waiting for her to twirl into his arms. He would tell her to stop this madness she was doing. Julian was not even someone she knew, and she was agreeing to him?

He let Cynthia twirl away from him, just as Eliana twirled away from Julian too. He got ready to catch her, but instead of to him, she rapidly twirled away from him again, back to Julian.

”How… ”

Julian shrugged, then let her go. ”Excuse me, ” He looked up with a smile to everyone, then went away, climbing the stairs.

”Eliana. ” Cole said immediately she was free. ”Come with me. ”

She let him drag her with him, till they were out of the party.

”Eliana. I always knew you were so impulsive but I did not know you would throw yourself at just any man who offered to have you. What do you know about Julian? Why are you staying with him? ” Cole said, his eyes wide with anger.

”Don you think you are the more brazen one amongst us? You are the one who abandoned me when I thought we would get married. You are the one who shamelessly couldn even properly end our relationship before going to another woman. You are the one who is a filthy bastard, Cole. Hours ago, I didn think I would go through all the nonsense I went through tonight for you, but what? I have. ”

Cole bit down on his lips. ”You are being stupid, Eliana. That is all great and all, that speech…but Julian…do you believe he is just your average man? You will get sucked into his world and you will find yourself begging earnestly to leave, but you will not be able to, I promise you. ”

She knew all of that. She knew that when she let Julian walk away with her tonight, she will find herself in things she will probably never know how to handle. But it wasn worse than the heartbreak Cole had served her. Nothing could be worse than seven years of her life wasted.

Her eyes shifted to focus on a small figure appearing behind Cole. She watched as Cynthia walked slowly towards them, her face set in a frown.

Without thinking it, she turned to Cole. ”I know all of that, Cole. But I do not want anything to do with you anymore. I do not accept garbage. ”

”What? What are… ”

Before he could say something else, she pulled his face to her and kissed him, a kiss she had expected him to pull out of. But he didn . Instead, he wrapped his arms around her, his body immediately reacting to her. His hands held her hair as he pulled her closer, like he couldn get enough.

She almost stayed. She almost waited. She almost went back. But she opened her eyes and she saw Cynthia still standing there, her eyes now wide with surprise.

She immediately let him go.

”Farewell. ” She said again, and turned away, back into the party.

Julian watched as Caroline opened the chain doors and she walked in before him.

”Are you able to handle it? ” He asked her and she nodded.

His hand safely tucked into his pockets, he stepped foot inside the chain doors. The room was dark, and he slowly made his way to the smaller door. It was flooded with light and Julian smiled as he approached it, the guttural sounds behind the door exciting him.

”Should I open it for you? ”

”No…I want to hear it. Beautiful sound. ”

Caroline smiled. ”I won lie, it is quite refreshing. ”

Julians smile widened and he touched the iron door. The sounds immediately stopped.

”Still as sensitive as ever, ” he remarked, then took a step back.

Caroline stepped forward and opened the door wide, then stepped away again. This was as far as she could go. This was as much as her body system could take.

Julian stepped inside the room. It was filled with smoke, and he walked further in, his small smile unwavering.

”Why, you only come to me in a few hundred years. Your last visit was only a decade ago. ”

Julian turned, his smile widening. ”Is it so hard to believe I missed you? ” Sarcasm dripped in his voice, his body posture relaxed.

The man that had spoken walked closer, and his clothes immediately changed to what Julian was wearing. Black suit, gelled black hair, and a smile.

”I sensed it, Julian. Give it to me. ”

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