The Greatest Beast Tamer of Earth

The first Contract Beast

Rishi soon noticed a golden-colored cat approaching the injured deer quietly. He was taken aback at first, but he quickly recovered and began to recall where he had seen this cat-like beast in Bestiary. He had a very strong memory, and his enhanced focus passive made it even better.

Rishi shook his head and gave up after having no memory of the cat-like beast. His gaze returned to the golden cat, who had appeared very close to the deer beast. The golden cat then leapt onto the deer and bit its neck.

The helpless deer tried to flee, but its fate was sealed when the golden cat got its neck. The golden cat ended its life. Then it Growled in joy and began to devour its prey. Rishi was once again taken aback by how quickly the cat had taken the deers life, and the Growl at the end piqued his interest even more.

Rishi was just considering how to learn more about this mysterious beast when he realized he possesses an active skill that can assist him in this situation. He laughed at his ignorance.

He then looked at the golden cat and said ”Analyze ” slowly so the golden cat wouldn hear him. As soon as he used his skill, a screen appeared in front of his eyes.

[Golden Tiger King (infant)]

Age: 2 months






MP: 20



Sharp Claws (Level 2): It increases the toughness and sharpness of the claws.

Beast Sense (Level 1): It increases all the natural senses.


Tiger Claw (Level 1): uses 5 mana per use to double the amount of damage dealt by claw attacks to the target for 1 second.

Rishi was taken aback when he saw the stats and skills of the cat-type beast, no, a tiger-type beast. His heart pounded at the thought of making it his first contract beast. He was very happy to find a suitable beast when he heard the Growl of the golden cat.

When Rishi looked at the golden cat, he saw it fighting the black serpent a Level 2 magic beast. He was aware of the serpent beast, as it was a beast well known for its ability to hide and its venom, which made its opponent weak over time, and based on the situation, it appears that it ambushed the tiger cub.

Its fangs were used in making antidote for many poisons and were considered as uncommon item.

Rishi now understood why he felt threatened when attempting to approach the deer; he now knew that this sinister beast was using deer as a bait.

Rishi watched their fight for a few minutes and noticed that the golden tiger was weakening over time. A chill ran down his spine as he saw the venoms effect, and he made a resolve to always carry medicine to treat venom and be careful while fighting someone Venomous.

He wanted to save the tiger cub but was afraid of the serpent beast, so he decided to wait for a chance to kill it. He also approached them so he wouldn miss his javelin, which he had aimed at the serpent beast.

After a few minutes, the poor tiger cub collapsed to the ground exhausted; the serpent beast was also in poor condition, with claw marks all over its body, but it ignored its injuries and hissed to scare away other beasts declaring his victory. Then it approached the tiger beast and opened its mouth wide open showing his long fangs it looked like it wanted to swallow the tiger-type beast alive.

Rishi cleared his mind and focused on his target, activating his passive and carefully aiming his javelin at the serpents wide open mouth, and then as the serpent brought its mouth closer to the tiger cub and was about to swallow it, Rishi released his javelin, which moved like a bullet and pierced the snake in its mouth and came out of the neck.

The serpent was stunned by the pain it was experiencing. Rishi stabbed the snake in the eyes with his dagger, ending its life without missing a beat. When the tiger cub saw the coward snake being killed in its own style, the tiger cub slowly roared in delight.

After killing the serpent beast, Rishi took out his javelin from its corpse and then went to collect the deers corpse to retrieve his other javelin. He then approached the tiger cub while carrying the deer beasts corpse on his back and tying the serpent beasts body as a belt to make it easier to carry them both while also holding onto the tiger cub.

He then approached the injured tiger cub slowly, as it looked at Rishi in fear, closing its eyes and accepting its death, but he soon discovered that Rishi was treating his injuries.

When the baby tiger opened his eyes, he saw that he was being carried away by this strange creature. Rishi discovered a hollow bamboo tree on his way back that was much thicker than normal bamboo, making it an ideal material for making a bottle in the jungle. Rishi created four water containers and used his serpent-body belt to hold them.

He traveled for a few minutes before returning to the stream. He washed the deers carcass first, then drank some water and filled his bamboo bottles.

He then washed the tiger cubs body and cleaned the area bitten by the serpent, which ended its sleep but when it saw water it didn complained and drank happily.

Rishi then returned to his shelter. He started the fire to cook the meat, then sat down with the tiger cub in his embrace and rubbed its head, making it feel at ease around him.

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