As he saw the book enter his body, Rishi smiled. He then focused his thoughts on his left hand, and a complex magical symbol appeared on top of his hand like a tattoo in front of his stunned eyes. It looked like a complex magic circle.

He then infused it with mana, and a book appeared in his left hand.

”It actually works, ” he exclaimed in excitement.

He opened the book and was unsurprised to find it empty. He then summoned it back.

”Can I hide this symbol? ” he asked Gaia.

Gaia responded.

[By thinking about it, you can transfer it under your skin.]

Rishi gave it a shot, and it worked. The tattoo had disappeared, but he could still sense its presence. He wanted to experiment more with it when he heard Gaia again.

[You are rewarded with a golden lucky spin voucher for the active skills category]

[Would you like to use it? Please reply with either yes or no]

When he said yes, a spinning wheel hologram appeared in front of his eyes.

”Gaia, does it depend on your luck which skill you will get? ” he asked, hesitantly.

Gaia responded to Rishis troubling thoughts.

[It doesn depend on luck; it depends on your performance in the trial and the affinity you have for the skill]

Rishi was relieved because he had no faith in his luck. He then pressed the spin button in the hologram. The wheel started spinning.

After a few seconds, Rishi pressed the stop button, and the spinning dial came to a halt on number 69.

”Really, ” Rishi said, looking at the screen strangely, as if he was wondering if it was a joke. Then a card with golden borders and a large 69 written on it appeared in front of him.

The card in front of Rishi then grew larger, slowly turned, and the word ”inspect ” appeared on the card. The card then shrank and vanished inside Rishis body.

Rishi opened his status panel to look for a change and was surprised to see an active skill.


AGE: 12


HP: 350





MP: 15



Fitness Freak (Level 2): Your stamina will recover faster.

Enhanced Focus (Level 1): When you concentrate on one thing, you will be able to do it quickly and easily.


Inspect (Level 1): Consume 10 MP to reveal everything about the object or magic beast at the users level. The greater the difference between the level of the user and the target, the less information will be visible.

Rishi looked at his first active skill and was surprised to notice how OP it was. He jumped in joy; this skill gave him confidence he never knew he needed.

Then Gaia said.

[Healing challengers wound]

A golden light surrounded Rishis body and healed all his wounds, after which he heard Gaia again.

[Good Luck, challenger for your journey]

Rishi also showed an excited expression as he could now officially became a beast tamer.

[Teleporting challenger back to Earth]

Gaia has just completed her sentence when Rishi was teleported back.

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