Rishi had read The Bestiary and knew everything there was to know about horned wolves. He was well aware that horned wolves excel at group combat.

He also knew that the horned wolves weakness is their low defense, and their strength is their agility. He initially ignored the other wolves and charged directly at their leader, prompting the other wolves to move towards their leader to protect him.

When Rishi saw this, he smiled. He then passed by a wolf and completely ignored him. He kept rushing towards their leader.

As other wolves gathered around their leader, they panicked and used all their strength to protect him.

Rishi smirked and leapt back with all his might, then turned and slashed the wolfs neck behind him. The wolf was surprised and perplexed when he noticed their prey shift his target from the pack leader to him. Before the wolf could comprehend what was going on, a bloody wound appeared around its neck, and its body fell to the ground.

Rishis cunning plan has already taken down one of the wolves after only five seconds. The other wolves became enraged and charged at him with all their might, howling angrily.


He said, ”Oh Shit, ” and ran to save his life, a fearful expression on his face, but as he turned around, a smirk reappeared on his face. He was able to execute this plan perfectly due to his passive enhance focus.

Everything is going according to plan, he thought to himself. He ran for a few seconds before turning around and attacking the leader of the wolves again.

The wolves were taken aback, but the wolves leader charged at Rishi to extract revenge for his companion. They traded blows as the wolfs claw landed on Rishis hand and his sword slashed the wolfs front leg, turning him into a sitting duck.

Rishi was about to celebrate when he was attacked by the remaining three wolves. With a few injuries all over his body, Rishi was barely able to save himself.

He sighed as he moved away from the pack. To protect their leader, the three wolves surround him.

Rishi went after one of the three wolves who were guarding their leader. For a while, he fought with all of the wolves in turns. Then he realized there were only thirty seconds left.

He began playing dirty by using the wolf leader as bait to finish all of them, and just before the time ran out, he pieced his sword through the head of leader of the horned wolves.

Rishi looked at the timer and smiled when he saw that he had finished the trial.

”I did it, ” he said, gazing up at the sky and striking the iconic victory pose. Hed barely finished his celebration when he heard Gaias voice.

[Congratulations on completing your beginners trial, challenger]

[Calculating rewards]

Then, from within his body, a black book appeared in front of him. It had a complicated magical rune in the center, and the title ”Book of Contracts ” was written in blue at the top. Then he heard Gaias voice.

[Please form a connection with the book]

Rishi was aware of the procedure, so he touched his bleeding hand to the book. It began to shine as soon as it came into contact with Rishis blood.

[Congratulations, challenger, on making a successful connection with the book]

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