Rishi returned to his cave.

He then remembered his survival classes and started a fire.

He was thirsty, so he drank the wolfs blood and began roasting wolf meat to eat. He also used stones to block the entrance.

He then ate the wolfs meat.

He wrapped some cloth around all of his wounds. Then he started thinking about his next move.

”I should work on getting stronger first. ”

”Im not strong enough to survive in this forest. ”

He then started to think about ways to get stronger.

”The only way to get stronger quickly is to pass the beginners trial, ” he concluded.

”But Im not fully ready for it, ” he said to himself.

He then sighed, realizing he had no other option. The thing about a beginners trial is that it becomes more difficult with each attempt.

Rishi was well aware that few people had passed the trial while attempting it for the third time, but he didn have a choice.

It was his last chance which made him a little nervous.

He remembered the first time he had to face and defeat a level 1 magical beast under 5 minutes. He didn train much for his first attempt because he was depressed after losing his grandfather.

He was so unlucky that he was about to finish the magical beast when he realized he was out of time.

He trained very hard for his second attempt, but he didn expect to face two level 1 magical beasts.

He faced two Bisons and had only three minutes to defeat them. This time, he finished a bison in half the time, but the other bison started running away from him before he could kill it.

Hed just caught up to the beast when the same thing happened again, and he ran out of time. This was why Rishi was so afraid to use his third attempt. He was extremely unlucky.

He worked very hard to prepare for his third attempt, but he was unsure because of the difficulty of the third trial and his luck. He had trained keeping in mind to defeat a level 2 magical beast under a minute.

”Lets do it, ” he said as he tried to motivate himself.

”Awaken, ” he said after preparing himself.

He heard a ”ding ” sound and a screen appeared before his eyes as soon as he said this word.

[Would you like to take the beginners trial? Please respond with a yes or no]

Rishi gathered his courage and replied, ”Yes. ”

He vanished from the cave as soon as he replied.

Rishi then examined his surroundings and was unsurprised to find himself back in the battle arena. He examined his body and was relieved to discover that all of his wounds had healed.

Then, once more, a screen appeared in front of his eyes.

[Welcome back, challenger Rishi Rawat]

A panel appeared in front of his eyes, displaying his body stats.


AGE: 12






MP: 15



Fitness Freak (Level 2): You will recover your stamina faster.

Enhanced Focus (Level 1): When you focus on one thing, you will be able to do that thing easily and learn anything faster.


Rishi smiled as he examined his stats, which had increased by an average of 5 points, a significant increase when compared to the average person, who has all of his stats at 10 points on Level 1.

He had just finished inspecting his stats when he heard Gaias voice.

[Starting the trial]

[Kill every magic beast in one minute.]

When Rishi heard Gaia, he looked at the screen.

”This is going to be hell, ” he said and sighed as he prepared himself for the challenge, knowing Gaia well.

He took a look around and discovered five Level 1 magic beasts.

In his head, he heard Gaias voice.

[Select your weapon]

Various weapon holograms appeared in front of him. Rishi went with the sword.

In front of him, a sword appeared. He drew his sword, tightened his grip, and gazed at five Level 1 beasts, a pack of Horned Wolves.

”It looks like I and wolves are fated to be enemies ”

”Id better finish it fast or Ill be unlucky again. ” he said as he charged at the pack of Wolves.

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