Chapter 71: Summer heat

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Translator: Soafp

TL: You don’t know how long I have been waiting for a chapter.
Also the author will publish a LN version for this series.
So expect a LN translation of this (from me of course).
It will be different than the WN.
In case you don’t know the names anymore here is the link.

 Bermuda Triangle, Nazca Terrestrial Paintings, Gates of Hell, Inunaki Pass, Pink Lake……etc

 Numerous mystery spots exist in countries around the world, both East and West.

 Are there really aliens in Area 51, who are the Sumerians, and what is the true existence of the Lemurian continent? Supernatural phenomena, sometimes dangerous, sometimes full of romance, and sometimes beyond human understanding, continue to attract people even after many years.

 And so, here I am, in the “Pool of You-Know-Who,” one of the most famous mystery spots in Tokyo.

 No, not a “spirit,” but an “You-Know-Who”.
It is true that spirits like to be in water, but I don’t want it to be called a “pool of spirits.” There is no way to get rid of the spirits.

 I am not a medium, psychic, yin-yang master, dispeller, spiritist, necromancer, sorcerer, or even an anti-magic ninja, but just a high school student.
My name is Yukito Kokonoe, a man who does not hold excessive expectations for undercover work.

 How did I end up in this situation? As I sat alone by the pool with my knees together, praying for world peace, I was visited by my mother and sister, the evil members of the family who seem to live for the purpose of destroying my peace day and night.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” (Yuri)

“Boys are so quick to change their clothes at times like this, right?” (Mother)

 They had no idea how I was feeling, and they were smiling nonchalantly.
Mom is wearing a fitted swimming suit with beautiful lines, and Onee-chan is wearing a …… Onee-chan–nngh!?

Vacuum Accessories The map is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Italian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.
∽Keung 鬥悶′縺ァ縺ァ縺ァ縺ァ? √⊇ ⊇ √? 縺昴≧縺ォ? ∽Kwangb, trapezoidal threads ← 縺昴←縺昴? ЈThreading machine (ЈThreading machine) Pincetta? Pins.
Trapezoidal threads Trapezoidal.
When the cabinet is damaged, the cabinet will be removed and the cabinet will be replaced.
The fittings are not included in the fittings.
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The back of the post-§? ↑Series?

[TL: He is having an error in his brain]

“And? You must be happy.” (Yuri)

“It was a little too much of a shock, I was going to say how I felt about it, but I guess it got all garbled up.” (Yuki)

“What was it?” (Yuri)

“I think it’s the compulsion of the world.”(Yuki)

 Dangerous, dangerous.
All I can do now is fool her, but if she can decode the garbled text, she might get the message.
I believe I’m just barely in the clear.

“You like this kind of thing, don’t you?” (Yuri)

“Don’t fabricate my preferences!” (Yuki)

“Haa? You said you liked it.” (Yuri)

“……Who told you such a hoax?” (Yuki)

“A spirit.” (Yuri)

“Spirit?!” (Yuki)

 Can you please keep quiet about that kind of thing, you invisible but guardian spirit-like person? For what it’s worth, this place may have strong spiritual vibrations.
Onee-chan has a spiritual sense…..

“All right, all right.
I’ll tell you the truth. To be honest, I don’t know if I like it.” (Yuki)

I’ll do something nice for you later.” (Yuri)

“Yay.” (Yuki)

 Mom looked at us with a troubled look on her face as I put aside my pride and accepted my sister’s pandering.

“Why are you dressed so vulgarly? We’re here to swim, remember?” (Mother)

“Don’t be ridiculous.
You’re saying this, but you’re wearing a more revealing bathing suit than usual.
You are a s****y mother, you know.
But I’m better than this old woman who is flaunting her age.
After all, I’m young.” (Yuri)

“How disappointing.
When did a little girl become so rebellious?” (Mother)

 In the meantime, I left the two of them ugly dissing each other and started stretching.
It is important to do careful preparatory exercises before swimming.
It’s dangerous if my legs cramp up in the water.
And also, I don’t want to get involved as much as possible, either.
My remaining time is not infinite either.

 But, as cruel as it may seem, that’s not allowed.

“Look at this.” (Yuri)

 With a thump of her head, she proudly pulled out a familiar piece of stationery that I sometimes use in math class.

“A protractor?” (Yuki)

 Why would anyone need a protractor to swim in a swimming pool? It is impossible to even guess.
Perhaps it is finally becoming difficult to communicate in everyday life.
We’re not getting along.

“How did you know that?” (Yuri)

“Of course I know it’s protractor, it’s supposed to measure angles.” (Yuki)

“Houhou” (Mother)

“The angle of how excited you—-” (Yuri)

“Are you an idiot?” (Yuki)

“It’s time for me and Mom to have a showdown.” (Yuri)

“Are you both idiots?” (Yuki)

“I’m still good at math and physics.” (Yuri)

“As expected of my child” (Mother)

“Are you an intellectual idiot?” (Yuki)

“Well well.
Since we have the place to ourselves, let’s swim as much as we want.” (Mother)

 My mother, who brushed off my sister’s heinous act, is, as expected, a mature and dignified woman.

“However, is it okay to let everything slide ……” (Yuki)

“Come on, help me stretch over here.” (Yuri)

“Me too, please” (Mother)

“Damn it…..damn it” (Yuki)

I manage to endure the irrationality that surges through the air, even though I feel like my heart is about to break.
For some reason, expressing regret has no effect at all on these people.
After all, a “regret gun” is only as powerful as this.

“Oya oya, mother, don’t you have a little bit of extra fat on you?” (Yuri)

“You’re the one who needs to exercise, or you’ll be obese.” (Mother)

“Old lady.” (Yuri)

“Little girl.” (Mother)

[“Fufufu.”] (Yuki)

 They both look like they’re having a great time.

 The Kokonoe family is peaceful today because of my sacrifice.

“—–So that’s what happened.” (Yuki)


Trembling from fear, Sekka-san was indignant.
Oh, it includes both mother and Onee-chan.
For Sekka-san, Mom is her sister, and Yuri-san is my sister, so there is nothing wrong in calling them “stupid sisters.”

 On the last day of summer vacation, I was not busy with homework and had some free time on my hands, so I took advantage of an invitation to go over to Sekka-san’s house, who is also my mother’s sister.
As usual, I was treated like a VIP.
How generous.

 Her house, which is modest without being pushy, has turned into a healing spot for me, not a mystery spot.
My soul melts away and I become so depraved that I cannot get up from the couch.
In my analysis, it’s generating an intrinsic field effect.
It’s something aromatic.

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help, okay? I’m going to go beat up my sister.” (Sekka)

“I can’t take it anymore, so by all means, please!” (Yuki)

 I bowed my head in two words.
It’s a matter of life and death, so I’m pretty desperate.

They are bothering Yuki-chan.
Come over to my house.” (Sekka)

“That suggestion is very tempting, but I have a feeling 10 years or so will go by before I realize it.” (Yuki)

“You can stay longer if you want?” (Sekka)

“How seductive that sounds.……!” (Yuki)

 The last thing I want to do is get distracted, but I’m so spoiled by the coziness of the place that before I know it, not just a few years but a few decades will pass.
I would be a modern-day Urashima Taro.
However, my Lonsdaleite-like mentality will probably never open the balled-up box until the very end.

[TL: Urashima Tarō is the protagonist of a Japanese fairy tale, who in a typical modern version is a fisherman rewarded for rescuing a turtle, and carried on its back to the Dragon Palace beneath the sea.
There he is entertained by the princess Otohime as a reward.]

“By the way, a lot of things happened during the summer vacation, right?” (Sekka)

“Yes, it was kind of tough.” (Yuki)

 I was telling Sekka-san about this summer.
Sekka-san has always been a good listener.
Without any hidden agenda, I tend to talk about anything and everything.

 Unusual tiredness.
This summer vacation was filled with many events.
Above all, I feel like I have never been involved with so many people before.
I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Yuki-chan, did you have fun during your summer vacation?” (Sekka)

“Fun …….
What do I think? It feels somehow different than usual.” (Yuki)

“I see.
Maybe that’s still good enough for now.” (Sekka)

“Is that how it is?” (Yuki)

“That’s right.
There is still a lot of time left.” (Sekka)

 Looking back, I have met many people since entering high school.
There have also been reunions.
There were people I didn’t know and people I knew, people who should have crossed my path and people who almost did.
I am less alone at home, and I am still here with Sekka like this.

“…… I wonder if anything has changed.” (Yuki)

“It’s okay to go at your own pace, Yuki-chan.
It’s okay to take it slow, and you should have more faith in what’s going on around you.
Then I’m sure you’ll have more enjoyable days ahead of you.” (Sekka)

 It’s easy to dismiss someone as a nuisance, but I can’t do that, so I’m struggling with it.
I don’t know how to come to a conclusion with Suzurikawa or Kamishiro.
If I wanted to, my mother, sister, Himiyama-san, and even the lascivious president are also a source of concern, and I am simply worried about Mikumo-senpai.
Well, the refreshingly good-looking guy can get by with his good-looking compensation.
Whatever the case may be, there is no end to my worries.

“Everyone is selfish.
They push their own feelings as they please and annoy others by demanding answers.
But you know, I think there are feelings they want to convey even if we know that.
And I’m waiting for the day when I can get Yuki-chan to push his feelings to others.” (Sekka)

“Isn’t that selfish?” (Yuki)

“It’s okay to be selfish.
Become egotistical and self-indulgent.
But it’s still so much more than enough for Yuki-chan.
Follow your heart.
If it’s Yuki-chan you should say, [‘Follow me!’] it’s okay to be as forceful as that okay? That would be a step in the right direction, I’m sure.” (Sekka)

 It is very difficult to need another person.
The other person is not a puppet or AI.
We live in the same time, we have wills and emotions.
How much easier it would be if I were alone.
I don’t have to worry about anything.
It is so lonely, but so sweet and so free.

 Still, if I want to walk with someone, if I want to live with others, which is a natural dream for everyone, then…….

“Follow me!” (Yuki)

“Yes! Okay, I’ll do it.
I won’t let you go again! And I don’t think it’s fair that Yuki-chan only goes swimming with your own family.
I want to go swimming with you too, and in fact, I’ve even prepared a swimsuit for you.
Fuhaha.” (Sekka)

“I’m sorry, I was just getting carried away! Don’t drag me! So powerful! You are like my mother in that way, you know.
–So what’s with the swimsuit? I’m getting garbled again! But I’m happy inside, idiot idiot idiot!” (Yuki)

End of volume 5

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